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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the selection of a woman named Maria for the first time in Islam, who had spoken to the spirits and was purifying her actions with her father. The definition of a "med strict" person is based on their actions and not their appearance, and some people believe it is based on their actions and not their appearance. The importance of "med strict" in Islam is discussed, along with the need for individuals to call Jesus by their accomplishments and by their higher accomplishments. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being a great prophet and creating a "med strict" person, and provides examples of how being a great creator can lead to success and happiness.
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It was medium a female Prophet what even call it

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Allah Subhana Allah data says What if Pilate in Mala Iike to ya Maria mo in Allah has stuff Aki AutoHotKey or stuff Aki Isla Anissa in anime, Allah says all medium, Allah has chosen you and purified you and chosen you over all of the women of the world. So you'll notice that mighty mighty salaam was chosen twice chosen, purified chosen. So the first choosing is different from the second choosing. What's the first choosing ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada chose her when she was the only girl who would be in the service of invested in Uppsala. She was the one who Allah subhanaw taala provided with incredible spiritual nourishment as well as physical risk fruits would be provided for her she

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would experience miracles, she was someone who angel spoke to directly so she was uniquely qualified Allah Subhana Allah raised her this specific raising the specific care and generosity and benevolence from Allah Subhana Allah guidance from Allah. All of this is from medium it has synonyms first choosing she's the chosen one twice. And then Allah Subhana Allah says what the hierarchy Allah purified you. And remember was it mentioned that purity is four different types are four different levels. The first level, he says is purity from filth, so physical filth, so that's our basic Mahato. Then number two, he says it is purity of the tongue and actions from mistakes and

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crimes. So it's purifying your actions from since the third he says is purifying the heart from all sorts of evil characteristics and that's a higher level. And then he says the fourth is that a person purifies themselves from anything other than Allah Subhana Allah and he says that's the purity of the prophets and the civility, the highest level after the prophets which is the truthful and so many of my neighbors said, um, she purified herself and she was purified from all vices, and she was pure hearted in her devices. May Allah subhana data be pleased with her? Allah Subhan Allah, Allah says, Allah has chosen you, and purified you, and chosen you over all of the women of the

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world. Masala mean here could mean the world, but it can also mean her world. So she was chosen over all of the women of her world because Allah Subhana Allah datamine one of the understandings of anatomy is not just like a multiplicity of worlds, but that every generation is its own world. In other words, Allah Subhana Allah is saying that Allah subhana data has chosen her over all of the women of her generation. But definitely when it comes to the second choosing, ALLAH SubhanA data chose her over all of the women ever, because she's the only woman whom Allah Subhana Allah chose for the second choosing, which is that she would be a sign her and her son for all of the worlds to

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the greatness of Allah subhana Dawn and his ability to create by giving birth to a child without the agency of a man or without the agent of a man, Allah subhana wa Tada chose you

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and purified you and chose you over all of the women of the world she was chosen twice. Now. Some scholars considered that medium was a female Prophet, because she was spoken to by the angels. And they also said that the mother of Musa and they said the mother of his half Surah, were also prophets. And this position, famously is attributed to a Ibn has been under a seat, as well as to the amount of portobay as well, both of them are inducing scholars. Now, when you actually read, it even has Adams essay, or even hasm, writing on wuth and Nyssa prophethood of women, one of the things that struck me was that even hasm definition of what a prophet is, is actually different than

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our normative understanding of what profit so when you and I think of a prophet, you think of someone who's going out as a messenger to people warning people calling people to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah judging between people, that's the work of a prophet. If it hasn't actually doesn't define a prophet like that at all. He goes very, very technical. He says that everyone who receives a nova first of all he says, There are no messengers from the women because Allah Subhana Allah data says I'm outside and I'm gonna communicate Elijah Allah Allah subhanaw taala only sent we did not send before you have met except for men. So he's like, okay, that's that's clearly out. But number

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two, he doesn't define a profit according to what I just described to you. He's like, they're not going out and calling people he's he defines profit differently. He says, a profit is anybody who receives information from Allah Azza

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Have no doubt about something that will happen in the future, which literally is what we would call prophecy right? Even even in English we call that prophecy. So he says, Never is anything that is in the future. And so he says many Mia said I wish she given information on the future. Yes, Allah subhanaw taala angels came to her angels came to her and said that you're going to have a child, Sabra angels came to her and said, You're gonna have a child in the presence of her husband, yes. But angels came to her and told her something that will happen in the future. And the mother of Musa she was informed that your child is going to be brought back to you. And so all of them received

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information about what will happen in the future. So they would technically be considered to be prophets. But again, I'm saying this because a lot of times people just say it hasn't said that they're female prophet. And then you think of the normative view of prophets and they attribute that tape and hasm and I just want to clarify that that's not what even has a whole lot to Allah was purporting or arguing, and even then we can still say that we disagree with him. It has his position because number one, it's a it's an it's a very small percentage of scholars who held that position, but at the same time, it goes against what's clear in the Quran to give you an example, Allah

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Subhana Allah says Mr. Hoban, Umaria in LA Rasul, Allah Harlequin Kabila here Rasul

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Allah Subhana. Allah says the Messiah the Son of Mary is nothing more than a messenger there were messengers before him, what most of the occur and his mother is a sadaqa. She is so dia, what is so deep remember we talked about how severe is the highest level of of humanity after prophethood those who are not profits next level up is sodic. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in surah nisa that those whom Allah's blessings are upon when we make the answers that fat Hanway say, Oh Allah, Siddhartha Lavina and untidy him get us the path of those who use blessed, Allah says, Those who obey Allah and His messenger for all a command within and am Allah who

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they are with those whom Allah's blessings upon, meaning the being prophets highest category will sedated and the truthful was shahada and the murders was flooding and the righteous will have to know like if you're confident excellent companions are those so Abu Bakr Siddiq acerbic is the highest, obviously the greatest companion, and he's the best to walk this earth after the prophets and so many MIT has set up is being called us a deca, well, how does that prove that she's not a prophet, maybe she's a prophet. And she's also Debka, Allah Subhana Allah in this versus introducing a scientists that I mean, he's introducing Madame is not respectful, that when someone has a higher

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status, that you call them by their lower status, so you're introducing somebody and you're saying that Hamdulillah we have with us so and so. And we're happy to have him in our community, welcome, and so and so has a degree from Clearbrook High School, and their lair High School. I'm a doctor, what are you doing talking to me about my high school degree, this person has higher accomplishments, and you are calling them by something that is a lower accomplishment. That's disrespectful. The point here is that ALLAH SubhanA, Allah, Allah, if medium was a messenger, Allah subhanaw taala, to call her by that title, but Allah calling her so data indicates that that is the

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highest level that she achieved. And it is an incredibly high level. But I just want to make a point for Muslims, especially when they're engaging with Christians, and they're calling Jesus a prophet. When we say, Prophet, we have a lot of belief that is infused in that word. We believe that they're the best of people. We believe that they're infallible with regards to what they teach religiously, we believe that they are beautiful in their in their shape, in their features. We believe that they're beautiful in their character, they're the best in all of these things. When we say a person is a prophet, we're talking about the upper echelon, the highest percentage of human beings that

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have ever lived, we don't believe that they're divided. But we believe that they're the best that human humanity has to offer. But I've learned in my engagement with people who are Christian, or from Christian tradition. So for example, there's one Muslim brother, who, when he was a kid, he memorized the Bible, in his church. And so they used to locally in his church, they used to consider him a prophet. They used to call him a prophet. He was like eight years old, nine years old, and they're like, you know, just uncanny intelligence, incredibly talented, very connected with the Scripture. So they called him a prophet. And so their view of what a prophet is, could be very, very

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different from our view. And so when you turn around, then you say, Jesus was a prophet to us, too. Don't worry, Jesus, we don't believe Jesus is God, but we believe that he's a great prophet. That terminology may not resonate with them. And in fact, you might be doing a disservice as far as giving data to them because they might view that you've actually lowered Eastside as he says great status to something that can be achieved by somebody low

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Scalia in their community. And so what do you call Jesus then for me, I believe and I would love to hear your feedback on this if there are any particular titles that have worked for you, those of you who give Dawa I believe that you call him the Messiah. If I'm communicating to somebody because that was a title that's actually unique.

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The Jews were waiting for a messiah, he's it he's set up is the Messiah. It is a title that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada calls him and mercy medium in this verse that I just quoted for you. The last thing that I want to mention though, is what does being chosen require we talked that many mighty setup was chosen twice. When Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses you and Allah guides you what does that what does that what does that require from you? Many MIT has said I was told in that verse in Allah hasta fac Allah has chosen you and purified you and chosen you over all of the women of the worlds what now yeah muddy up open Otilia are big O Maryam have Knut to your Lord, be, be obedient, be devoutly

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obedience have devotion to Allah subhanaw taala was Judy and prostrate what came out working and bow down with those who bowed out. So when a person is gifted by ALLAH SubhanA data when Allah chooses you, Allah Subhana Allah guides you and of all of the people in this world. Allah Subhana Allah Allah turn the light on of iman in your heart. Allah left so many people in darkness and Allah guided you to Islam, Allah subhanaw taala gave you access to the book, Allah subhanaw taala made you study the Quran, Allah subhana data made you interested in learning more about the deed, your response to those gifts that Allah Subhana Allah has given you can't be that you that you carry

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yourself like you didn't receive those gifts, you have to respond with gratitude, you have to respond with worship, Allah Subhana Allah tells medium, be devoutly obedient to Allah, prostrate and bow down with those who bow down and we see that consistently ALLAH SubhanA data tells the private symbol like this and in ATHLEAN x and COVID we've given you a co author or Mohamed Salah like this and we've given you a co author What is it Goethe

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I'll call co author is a pool that on the Day of Judgment, the province of aleida synonyms or mo will drink from and those who drink from it will never be thirsty again. And so in Paradise will never drink out of thirst Inshallah, it will always be pure bliss. Now, some said I'll co author is Islam, some said co author is prophethood or co author of the Quran or the greatness of his nation, their numbers and population and some said that all of this can be understood, that Goethe it is simply great good and great good is exactly what the Prophet was given the raising of his remembrance or his sins that were forgiven or the blessing night of power, mankind being his

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mission, the entire Earth, a place of prayer, concise, expressive diction. promise them a license that I was given Jo, I'm and Kenny I was given concise, expressive diction. And all of these things were given total sort of loss of a lighting setup. And all of that is included and more in Allah saying in nothing I could go through Oh Mohammed, we have given you at Goethe. So what's the next verse? For suddenly lira become one hell, so pray to your Lord and sacrifice. When Allah gives you blessings in those blessings cascade from everywhere, the tongue should speak gratitude, and the body bow down in prayer. And when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would pray until his feet swelled,

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he was asked, ALLAH forgive you your sense, why are you praying so much? When Allah Subhana Allah like you're already secured the promise of the light as Adam said, I felt a call to adventure Cora. Shall I not be a servant who is grateful to conclude this video inshallah Tada, I want you to comment with what are some of the blessings that you're aware of that ALLAH SubhanA died has gifted you and how do you plan on showing gratitude? Let's inspire each other Java data, and I'll see you in the next video.