Taraweeh Truffles Day 12 Protect the Eggs

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The story of Noah Hollis and his son tells a story about a parent losing a child and a child rejecting Islam. The story also tells the story of a teacher giving a teacher a teacher's certificate to help students learn the basics of Islam. The message is to help everyone learn and understand the basics for future generations.

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truck rolls.

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I want you to picture the pain of a parent that loses a child. Okay? Now imagine that they've lost their child. There is a pain that is more intense than that. And that is the pain of a believing parent whose child doesn't worship Allah subhanaw taala a child who rejects the worship of Allah. Which brings us to today's verse, The Story of Nurhaliza with his son, Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran we're here to God be him thema Odin kanji Benny wanna dunno pony burner who are gonna FEMA azul we're gonna Vemma Xenia guna your gum welcome Marina wanna

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feeding on us? We Isla Janda Annie Simoni Mina

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Bala Sleeman, Leone I mean,

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II love him, while Halaby nomon Mon jufa gan I mean, unmolding

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know how they said I'm gathered together all these animals and you built the ark. And then the floodwaters came pouring down. And no Holly said, I'm called his son to get on the boat to be with the believers to follow the ark that had the Mercy of Allah on it. But no, Hollis. And I'm son rejected that. He said to his father, that I'm just going to find a mountain that the rainwater can reach. And no Holly Sam said to him, lousy milliohm him in a Manila Illa Mara him and no Hello, Sam said to him, la Halsema leiomyomas emitted ly Illa Morahan that there's nothing that can protect you today from the decree of Allah, except those whom Allah subhanaw taala has mercy on and then the

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wave came between them, and no son was one of those who are drowned. I need you to understand something, there is something to be said about the basics about the ABCs. When somebody goes to school and they learn the ABCs, or you go to a karate class and you learn the basics of you know, hand chops and kicks, wherever you go, you have to learn the basics. Now, when it comes to our youth, or anybody at whatever age, whenever they're coming back to the dean, sometimes they get thrown into the deep waters, they get thrown into the deep waters without learning the basics, without somebody teaching them the basics, or without a proper, creatively innovative way for those

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basics to be ingrained in our youth or these newcomers, again and again and again, every so often, or whenever somebody is ready to learn it. It needs to start again fresh from the beginning. And just a footnote right here that if you're ever looking for a dour project that you want to do, you want to help people try to find creatively innovative ways to teach the basics of Islam in a way that can recur again and again and again, for whoever needs and wants to learn it. Now this is the story of Noah Hollis and him and his son. But if you look in the Quran, you'll also find that the opposite can be true in some situations, a son trying to give doubt as father like the story of

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Ibrahim alayhis salam and his father who was an idol worshiper, Ibrahim Ali Salam gave him Dawa, tried calling him to Allah tried to protect him from worshipping che Thun. But you'll see Ibrahim's father rejected him rejecting not only the message of his snap, but also even rejected his son Ibrahim and kicked him out of the home. So whatever situation we're in, whether we're the younger ones trying to help the older or older ones, trying to help the younger, whatever situation we're in, we have to help each other learn and understand the basics and take it to heart and this needs to happen recurringly again and again and again for every subsequent generation or coming of age of

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people that come into our communities.