The INSPIRATIONAL Story of 13 year old Haala

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So in 1955, in Syria, there was a family of five, a mother and a father and three daughters, who decided to flee the country flees Syria, and head to America. Now the father was the father, what told the wife and the three daughters, listen, I'm gonna go to America, I'm gonna go to California. I'm gonna get everything set up. And then three weeks later, you and the three daughters come meet me in California. So the father flies to California is getting everything set up. Three weeks passed, the mother takes three daughters and they had, you know, from Syria to America. Their first flight was from Syria all the way to New York City, where they had a layover. Now, when they landed

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in New York City,

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the customs said, Hey, you guys are here and you went to New to America, you need to take all your jobs off for the Green Card photo, so that you guys can you know, stay in America. So the mother being by herself, not really knowing the English language is nervous and scared. She said, okay, she took the hijab off and took the photo, put it back on. Next oldest daughter did second oldest daughter did. The third daughter, a 13 year old girl named Hala teak said when it was her turn, hijab is part of my faith. And I don't want to take it off for this photo. And the security, you know, they kind of went back and forth with them. They said, Well, listen, little girl will send you

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back to Syria, if you don't take your hijab off for this photo. And she said, I would rather go back to Syria. And this is a young 13 year old girl who flew all the way from Syria and New York, in a foreign country. They're in a foreign country, you know, I mean, she should be scared, you know, she doesn't know what's going on. She said, I would rather go back to Syria than stay in this country. If you guys are going to take my religious, you know, rights away.

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Security came management came, they put her in a back room, they made each older sister go to her separately and talk to her. So they had the mother go talk to her. Then the 13 year old girl said I don't care who you bring back here. I will not take my hijab off for this green card photo. After two and a half hours passed. The whole security's their management's their cops are there. They finally said, Hey, little girl, you can keep your hijab on you can take the photo, and I have the photo. It's a beautiful photo. It's a black and white photo. Now the mom is super upset at this time because she's nervous. She's She's missing her husband, Syria to New York is not an easy flight. And

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she's like, You're so stubborn. Why don't you just take Why don't you just listen to me. So they grab their suitcases and she's like, pissed off at her daughter, and they run to their next gate. They miss their flight. So now this family who spent all their money, they're like, you know, Syrian refugees. They're now like, even more scared and even more worried. And the moms like now what do we do? They go to United Airlines, they talk to them, they they negotiate. They're like, well, we can't do anything. You guys are making it difficult. Finally, they mutually agree. That will put you on the next flight to California. They get on the next flight while they're flying to California. The

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mom is yelling at this 13 year old girl like the entire time like You're so stubborn. I miss my husband, I'm tired. They land in California. And their husbands the father's there and he's in tears and he's crying. And he's like, you're alive. You're alive. And he's like, they're like, why wouldn't we be alive? The flight that they were supposed to go on American Airlines number 191. Crash and 295 people was the biggest crash in American Airlines history. And the young girl harlot. 13 year old holla looks up at her family and says her job saved