What If You Could Get An Angel Of Allah To Make Dua For You

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AI: Summary © Speaker 1 is asking Speaker 2 if they have ever said a certain statement to someone. Speaker 1 then asks Speaker 2 if they need a specific deed to get an act of praising a Muslim, to which Speaker 2 responds that they need a 10-year streak of praying for their brother in their absence. Speaker 1 then asks if Speaker 2 needs a specific extension from the Quran or a deed to get an act of praising a Muslim.
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Brother please make dua for me. Have you ever said that to somebody, please make doc for me. Let me ask you this. What if you could get an angel of Allah subhanaw taala to make dua for you. What if you could say to an angel of Allah, please make dua for you, and the angel does. So what does it take to get that angel to make dua for you? Do you need to have some specific supplication from the Quran? No. Do you need a super righteous deed to get that angel of allah.no? Do you need a 10 year streak of praying fetcher? No, the Prophet said Alana said and said the DA of a Muslim for his brother in his absence will certainly be answered every time he makes $1 of good for his brother,

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the angel appointed for this particular task says and mean and may the same be for you too.

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In case you missed that, let me say that again. Every time you make dua for your brother or sister in Islam, the angels of Allah say and mean and then they proceed to make the same dot for you. This is Muhammad Sharif and that's life by da