Dangerous Tactics of the Devil

Mufti Menk


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Islam, including the forgiveness of wrongdoers and the need for forgiveness. They also mention a woman named Malran who talks about being "overruled" by Allah's actions. The speaker concludes by reminding people to be forgiven and grant them the strength to stay away from sin.
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He He kept on making you do sins for many, many years you did so many very, very bad sins. And then when you one day, turn to Allah with a warm tear rolling down your cheeks, Oh ALLAH forgive me, I have wronged and so on and US you feel so good and so nice and happy and you feel clean and calm. And trust me, there is no way that you will not be forgiven. If you are sincere. Allah will always forgive you. Even if you go back to him 100 times he will forgive you 101 times

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shaitan comes again, what does he say? Hey,

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you remember the sins you committed? Yes. Well, they were so bad, worse than all other people. Okay, are you sure? Yes. You asked for forgiveness. But Allah won't forgive you. Not you. Me not forgiven. Yeah, they were bad since look at our Chez Panisse talking. They were bad. Now you start thinking Maybe Allah did not forgive me that may be is a problem

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that Chopin.

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Allah says why are you entertaining that was wasa again. Why are you entertaining the devil? Again?

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La takana to Mira Mattila.

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Allah says don't ever lose hope in the Mercy of Allah and you are losing open the Mercy of Allah. It means you have not recognized that Allah you don't know who is Allah? Does Allah need your ibadah? Does Allah need your obedience? No. Does Allah be affected by your sin? Is Allah affected by your sin? No, you are affected.

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When you do good, it's for you, man and Milla Sally Han funnily enough, see, Allah makes it clear in the Quran woman Assa Allah, whoever does good, it's for them not for me. And whoever does bad, it's against them, not against me.

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That's why Allah says Allah mu and fusarium, those who wronged themselves.

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Those who wronged themselves because you are wrong in yourself. Subhanallah

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so remember, do not let shaytan come back to you and make you think I'm not forgiven. Right here right now sitting in this beautiful hall in Jakarta. We can actually all be forgiven. You just need to spend the moment Oh ALLAH forgive my shortcomings. The sins I know the sins I don't know. Oh ALLAH forgive me. Oh Allah grant me mercy. Oh Allah, I admit my sin. I regret it. I will not do it again. Forgive me and grant me the strength to stay away from it. Amen.

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Forgiven. Start a new leaf

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and see how Allah will open your doors.