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Ramadan series by Sh. Hussain Yee title Remadan Reminders 1438/2017

2017-05-30 – Night 5


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The importance of sooner prayer for students is discussed, as missed prayer can lead to embarrassment and confusion. The importance of proper knowledge and conservative practices in Islam is also emphasized. The importance of reciting Islam's holy messages for peace and prosperity is also emphasized. The importance of protecting people from evil behavior is also emphasized, and participants are encouraged to participate in prayer.

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And all the good brothers and sisters

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the importance of having knowledge

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so that we have the right Eman And we will do the right among

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we are a lot of Allah Minh remind us I am quoting the same ayah while a duck for my laser like a bear in in Assam our masala wall for kulula Khanna and who masuleh

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meaning no one is allowed to say or to do anything about this religion without knowledge

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because you're hearing and you're seeing and your heart will be questioned by Allah horrible and I mean

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before at

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the sign of the day the hour

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let me share with you some adapt of solid Sunnah.

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There is a difference between Salatu Urdu and Salatu Sunnah

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and it's important for us to know the difference

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number one

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salado part of

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the rule is you must stand

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unless you are sick, then you can do while sitting

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and he will concede then you can do while lying down

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but Salah sooner you have a choice Even you are healthy, but you can choose to pray while sitting.

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There's a difference

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or neither reward will be half of course.

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Because the effort is half so the reward is about you are allowed to perform Suna prayer while sleeping.

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So if you come across people who stand for a short prayer standing and sitting

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down Don't say they are wrong.

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They can choose Yes.

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Number two salata. paradou

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there is more than two Raka and three and four, Maghreb Zoho asar and Asia.

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Any solid days to Tasha who

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then after the first Tasha hood,

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the third Margaret,

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author and Paul Zahara answer Anisha

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there is no more surah after Fatiha the surah only apply in the first and the second return after fattier

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but Salah to sooner

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if you pray Turo.

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Turo can have surah ab abrade three Raka retail trader have surah and the Prophet also pray with your five record continuously and five record have surah

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there is a different

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a lot of people when they perform Sona prayer they don't reset Surah Fatiha they say surah is sooner but they are praying sooner and they abandon sooner.

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And also in Sunnah prayer. If you are praying alone, you can recite long surah as long as you like.

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But when you're praying in a drama, that is where you have to show mercy to the moon, the elders this will hijack those

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who need to respond to the call of nature and so on those who are not well

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so when you are praying even sooner prayer in a drama The mom have

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to be

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kind to the mom

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Alhamdulillah our Imam has been very kind to others.

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He do read long surah

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May Allah bless him up and I mean

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and Sunnah prayer again.

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Compared with ferodo prayer,

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when you have a part of the prayer every one sitting

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every Torah at one sitting for for

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for Sona prayer you can do without first sitting like Margaret period.

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That a shot no key with a retriever cat only one seat

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If you choose to perform with your five record, also one city

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and you choose for that you can do with one sitting you can do with two sitting,

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you have a choice for sooner prayer.

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But for every one sitting, if you missed that, that shout out for for the student salary.

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By performing super savvy, then your prayer is valid.

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Without salary, then you have a problem.

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The profit do allow anybody who missed the dashboard, our data here at the shot our insalata ferodo. He just continued to the third and fourth, that before the end of the prayers talam history should add two more sudo known as sudo as suffering.

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This is a few differences so that our jamaa have some knowledge.

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If you come across people who do that you don't say they are wrong. If you don't have the knowledge, then you are starting to have doubts, then you are judging others. When you have knowledge than you know, and hamdulillah

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there is the difference between a people of knowledge and people who don't have knowledge. They have a lot of doubts.

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Now one of the signs that I like to share with you about what the prophet sallahu wa sallam said about the hour

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the first sign is about the coming of the Prophet and the death of the Prophet, we have shared with you last night.

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Second sign that has taken place, but continue to take place or it will continue to take place until the day of judgment.

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That is the appearance of lying that gel must say that gel.

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Who added that gel is

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the people who claim to be prophets.

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We know there is no prophet after Muhammad, Salah Mohsen, who are hotma Naveen, Allah, He is the seal of all Prophet, the last and the end.

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I was asked by

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some drama.

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We have engaged some discussion with people of the book, their friend, the nesara.

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Why don't they extend Mohammed they say

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because they say Jesus said, there will be a false prophet after him.

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As it is true, there is false prophet, even the Prophet Muhammad one his people there will be a false prophet.

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So because of the general knowledge they have about the False Prophet,

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consider the the mercy that the jail the Antichrist, they call the Antichrist, so they don't accept other than Jesus.

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One of the sign of the hour is that that jar is a liar. Remember, that Gao is a liar,

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he will appear, they will claim to be prophets and they will claim that a new set of laws is been revealed to them

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which are different from the laws of Islam, we know that Allah Yamamoto lacantina come I have perfected the religion for you know more new laws is going to come

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but they will come with new loans.

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Now, that Jarl if you look at the word

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from dodge Allah means to lie to this thought and to make false claim.

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People who claim

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that this thing belong to them false claim is a worker

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who lie for dunya

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that Joe who will come at the end of time probably comes to mind.

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Now let us read some of the headlines.

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This in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did say from Hadith Abu hurayrah la takamasa Hatha Yoga that Jalan Boone curry bondman Salah Sina

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Yes. Oh Allah hora Sula, la

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raha Buhari and Muslim

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the hour will not arrive until almost 30 that jar liars

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sin will come not one that jar 30 the jars

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each of them will claim that he is the messenger of a law.

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We have seen some, but not all yet

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by a court they will never say I am that general No.

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They will say I am a prophet.

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The previous had is mentioned almost 30 that Jarl who is a liar.

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The following Heidi's mentioned a specific number again, Jose via one of the companion of our profits and loss Alam, who Prophet Muhammad Salam shared with him the name of the hypocrites manifest in Allah give the Prophet the knowledge about who are the hypocrites among his people at this time, and the profit share this name only to Hosea

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was a pie is a very unique Sahaba

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when people ask about the good thing he asked about the bad thing

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you want to know about the battlin

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Hosea narrated that Prophet Mohammed cymbala what are some Don't forget to meet Slava upon the Prophet se.

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p O. Mati Zaboo una de Botton wash Runa

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min whom are Roboto nisswa was in the Navy in the Navy Abadi

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raha Ahmed.

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In my nation now the Prophet is not talking about the digelar coming from the not yet Muslim. The Prophet is talking about the dagger will come among his oma Amati

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that's why I say p Mati in my mama.

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There are 27 Digital

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liars among them for a woman

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you have a woman or so

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and it happened in attend the Prophet you have masala and others

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and indeed now the Prophet made it very clear I am the Seal of Prophets

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were in near katamon nebby I am the seal of rolanda ba ba the

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you must have that belief

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that there is no prophet after Muhammad sallahu wa Salaam

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jabiru radi Allahu anhu narrated that he heard Prophet Muhammad Some have said in vain a PSA has been mean home saw Hebrew mama woman whom saw Hybels

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and see you mean who saw Mr. adhamiya amin home that Jawaharlal Zama home fitna indeed before the hour arrive,

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there will be 30 liars among them is one from Yeah, ma'am.

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The one for uncIe

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and then from Santa, and then one from him. Yeah, and one of them is that that Joel, who is the greatest of them in terms of fitna

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that mean the real that Jah will create great great fitna

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and that fitna is not easy for us to count that

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is very difficult. May Allah protect us from meeting that data?

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And that is why brothers and sister in our prayer father do and Sunnah prayer, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam remind his ummah, we have a very important to add is that the Shahada hadoken polyester is beloved

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in Aruba, fire cool

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Allahumma inni are also becoming as the jahannam woman as a bill cabri woman fitness mahaya one man, woman fitness, I must say, Charlie,

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these hobbies is a very important hobbies and a very important to our wish the Prophet have said any one of you who performs Allah do not end your Salah at the end of the last tashahhud except after reciting these four prayers

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There are many ways for you to recite after Salawat

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in the head

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of the inaka lotto level in Naka, Hamid and Majeed

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there is there's many Allahumma inni Allah de Krita washo Krita wa Hosni Abadi one of it.

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Allah mcfeely macadam, Kuru Tomas, Tomas Tomas rough to LA Arcadia, another da allama in Islam to enough sisal Manuka 010 sunova illa De Lima indika where Honey Nut and tell her for another

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allama Antara Bella Illa Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah deca, deca Masdar, Abu Dhabi Mathematica, Allah Buddhism we fulfill it in the hula feroza Nova illa Anta, another one,

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many, many you can recite. You can add, which the Prophet have taught us but this

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Allahumma inni also became in Azerbaijan woman as a woman picking up the Maja alma mater woman Pieter de Macedo is a command from the prophet to recite before your

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case your Salah.

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Meaning these are is a command the other is a Sunnah.

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And this is a commandment is logic to recite

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the god the Prophet command as the reason why, just to remind us

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to seek refuge in Allah from Paul thing mean as Bill jahannam we don't want to go to Jonathan. So keep us King Allah to protect you from Johanna azova. Cobra

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we don't want to be punished. Yeah, in our grave. As a lot of protective

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and fitna, when you are alive and fitna that will come after you die.

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Sometime when you are so powerful people do not say anything when you are alive. But when you are down six feet below collars,

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people will shoot at you people will curse you like hell.

00:18:13--> 00:18:14

That is not good.

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So we need to ask Allah to protect us that people will not talk that about us when we are alive and will not talk bad about us. When we die.

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Woman Pitt Nuttall mercy hit the jar and fitna of that jar.

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There is a great fitna because Allah give him

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knowledge that he don't give to a lot of all of us.

00:18:48--> 00:18:51

When he come up, and when he holds some dream

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maybe he'll hold the the drain on the left hand and the nudges on the right hand. But when you look at what is on the right hand, you look like is a water

00:19:06--> 00:19:09

is an illusion he making just the opposite.

00:19:10--> 00:19:17

So you want to drink but that is the nudges that you're doing. The one that you look like a nudges there is the water that you should take.

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He just make things so difficult for you to differentiate what is right and wrong, and that time

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but if that moment will appear brother and sister,

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whoever have the mean to save is a man. There is only two cities for you to go Makkah and Medina. That is a time we had to go to Makkah and Medina leave everything behind us.

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Because these are the only two cities that he can enter. We allow us and angels to protect these two great cities. Allahu Akbar.

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You know, he will come the great fit now

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that that point, the time the prophet in other Hadees say, those men who are aware of the jungle,

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they will change the a woman, if they have their mother, their daughter, their nieces, their sisters, your wife, all the woman they will change them, so that they will now leave the house because they will be the victim of the job.

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Woman easily can follow because of

00:20:38--> 00:20:44

the what called the illusion. We don't call miracle because this is all illusion.

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So the victim of the digital and the woman's that's why the Prophet said the man will change the a woman just to protect them from leaving the house so that they will not become the followers of that job.

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May Allah protect us from the great fitna of that germ?

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By remember by then sister the work of that job is a twist and turn life of the work of the year so don't lie.

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Don't twist and turn

00:21:20--> 00:21:29

you know what is white is white, black is bad, what is rebar is rebar or is business is business. Lastly, before we end we like to

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remind all the good brother and sister insha Allah our great

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the big event for Ramadan in this year before on the 17th

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of June.

00:21:46--> 00:21:47

We in June now

00:21:49--> 00:21:55

we are coming to the end of May, the 17th of June is the day where we we invite a lot of

00:21:57--> 00:22:00

our honored guests, the poor, the needy,

00:22:02--> 00:22:03

the will love

00:22:05--> 00:22:07

to receive their rights.

00:22:09--> 00:22:27

We have 200 over two 300 names with us now, this is the paper that we are going to invite. But from day one we have until today we have 40 people who walk in to ask for

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help in and we have been responding to them Alhamdulillah So anybody who would like to participate, who have time please join us and please let us know. So that we can do more to help the poor and the needy. May Allah help those who help those who need our help insha Allah And may Allah reward us for our patient in following our Eman And may Allah accept our prayer and also our cm m in Arabic Allah Min babyletto VIP kid that one hour from the level and I mean, so Hannah colossal Madame de sha Allah Allah Allah antastic Furukawa to Wally salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.