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AI: Summary © The importance of living in a prison and not getting intimidated by tests is emphasized in Islam. The speakers explore the pantheon of gods and the Greek culture, emphasizing the need to follow laws and regulations to avoid becoming a terrorist. The importance of dream interpretation is also discussed, where individuals are charged with using their power to interpret dreams and convince others of their existence. The speakers stress the need to present Islam to people in a way that is understood and brings them to the West.
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Valera Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Asha freedom ba will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa ala Uslu, send them to Stephen cathedra cathedra.

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From my brother, my brother and sister Hamdulillah, Allah subhanaw taala

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revealed the Surah Surah Yusuf and Allah subhanaw taala called it I said, will cause us a loss, right and I called it the best of stories. I think about this, that this surah is revealed, of course, it is revealed for us. But it is really revealed, for us to realize our salah, and Allah subhanaw taala is dealing with the life of this Nabhi who came before him in such detail. So Joseph is like a biography, like a biography of usable Islam.

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And that is because of the two things one is the number of tests that Yusuf al Islam

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underwent in his life, from the beginning, to the time that he became the governor of Egypt. And of course, even then, because lack of power is a test and power is a bigger test.

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Allah about that as preparing resources Salem and saying that this is what happens to those who are the Gambia of Allah subhanaw taala that they are tested. And each test, they come out on the test stronger, they learn lessons, and Allah subhanaw taala guides them and help them and support them as who is with them. So the message being given is a message of comfort to say do not worry about tests, don't get frightened about with tests, don't get intimidated by them.

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Tests are a sign of the special attention of Allah subhanaw taala on you that Allah subhanaw taala is testing you and preparing you and strengthening you for the task that lies ahead of you. The message for us is the same, which is that when we face difficulties in life, as the old Arabs saying goes, if the blood doesn't break your back, it only makes you stronger. And I think that is a thing to keep reminding ourselves and saying that Alhamdulillah the blood doesn't break our whack. It makes us stronger. And therefore we need to focus our attention on these and not get intimidated and run away from tests or feel depressed or in despair, because there are difficulties in life we say

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Alhamdulillah here Allah Cooley Hall, we thank Allah subhanaw taala in every condition that he chooses for us, then we are focused more on the fact that my rabbi who loves me more than my mother could ever love me.

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He is the one who chose this condition for me, which means what which means that there is beautiful higher there is blessing there is baraka there is there is

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all kinds of goodness for me in this experience, which in itself may be painful. And the example I always give myself and you is the example of bodybuilding, the example of physiotherapy the example of being in the gym, somebody has Take for example somebody who has knee surgery, what is the fastest way of becoming completely 100% Mobile, which is to move to walk. But obviously after knee surgery, that walking is excruciatingly painful, it is very painful. So the experience in itself is very painful. It's very unpleasant it is you hate it, but you do it because you know that this is the route to complete mobility. If I do not do this, if I just sit in my chair, then I am going to

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be in a wheelchair. And the whole purpose of having knee replacement surgery is defeated because I had knee replacement surgery in order to become mobile. But after knee replacement surgery, I became even less mobile than I was to begin with because I refused to go through the pain.

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This is the message that has been given that when there is a test when there is difficulty, Meg is the foreign doba turn towards the last monotherapy always keep focused on one thing which is what is it that pleases Allah and I will do what it pleases Allah subhanaw taala no matter anything else

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we continue with the story of usually salaam now he's in prison. He was in one kind of prison before and now is another kind of prison because his his life in the in the palace of the of Al Aziz was not a war not a good life. It was a it was a life of being in prison because he was being forced, or they were trying to force him they never they didn't succeed that in doing that, but they were trying to force him to commit sin. And when he resisted that, what happened?

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He got more and more tested. So that live there was full of stress that life was full of stress. It was full of hardship.

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because it is the stress of different kinds is not just physical stress, mental stress, emotional stress is even more painful. And you can't even tell anybody about it. And that's the situation he was here. And so he made dua to Allah subhanaw taala is there or love the actual the prison as in a jail is better than being here. So he Allah subhanaw taala heard is his dua and ALLAH SubhanA wa, and he went off to prison now in the prison.

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Allah subhana data tells us the story, that there were two men who were in jail with him. And they both they saw a dream that was right, that says, that entered with him two young men in prison. One of them said, Verily, I saw myself in a dream, pressing mine, so he was in a, he was making wine and pressing mine, you know, squeezing grapes in the matter of making wine. The other ones are very, I saw myself in a dream, carrying bread on my head, and birds were eating from that bread, which I was carrying on my head. And they say, please tell us of the interpretation of this dream. Because you are a pious person, you are from the Mercy No.

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So he's already said, I've obviously had some

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had some,

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I wouldn't say fame. But you know, he was known that he was

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that he knew some interpretation of dreams. And so people asked him for interpretation. And of course, he was a, he was a pious person, he was an IV. And they could see that in his, in his demeanor, and in his actions, and his conduct. Now, he says, See, let's see how he

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responds to this dream. I mean, he obviously knew the answer of this thing. And he could have told them, and this is what it means. And he mentioned he did tell them, but see how he comes to that. And what does he do with the process, the big lesson for us in how to present Islam to the world, he said, no food will come to you

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in wakefulness or in dream as your provision, but I will inform you its interpretation before the food comes, this is of that which by Arab taught me now,

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he says, In short, this means that he says that before they bring the food for us, so they used to feed them, you know, a couple of times a day in the prison. So he said before the next meal is brought, I will tell you the interpretation of this dream. And Allah subhanaw taala has taught me this interpretation of the dream. And then he said, Verily, I have abandoned the religion of people who do not believe in Allah, and are these believers in the hereafter. That is the people who are polytheist Egyptian volunteers, who used to worship the sun and so on and so forth. Egypt as we know, is, was known for a ancient polytheistic culture.

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The temples of Luxor and so on are famous to this day. The ruins of course, nobody is on that religion anymore, that religion has completely vanished and disappeared. And Egyptians are Muslim hamdulillah but in those days, they were the they were the Egyptians were non Muslim.

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they were all they were all Egyptians were were qualities and idol worshipers. And of course, there were some people like is very Sarah who were on the heat who were Muslim. So this is what a Salaam is saying. That this is what now they asked him for interpretation of the dream. But usually, when I was starting with the glory of Allah subhanaw taala, he started with the heat. Then he says, and I have followed, so I've left those that religion and I have followed the religion of my father's Ibrahim is hawk and Yahoo, is talking about his genealogy, his own his own descent, and never could we attribute any partners whatsoever to Allah subhanaw taala is that we are people who are here, we

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are people who believe in Allah subhanaw taala. And we believe that only and only Allah subhanaw taala is worthy of worship, and not anybody else. And so, we worship only Allah, we do not join partners with Allah subhanho wa taala. And he says, this is the grace of Allah subhanaw taala to us and to mankind. But most people are not thankful for this meaning.

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They are not they don't believe in Allah subhanaw taala they don't worship and they are not thankful that they have been given this guidance, they reject the guidance. And then he says, Oh, my two companions of the prisoner are many different guards, meaning this belief of of that there are so many different gods, is this better? Is this better? Or is belief in Allah subhanaw taala the one and the irresistible, Allah His or kaha Is this better? Which What do you think you're believing in so many in God have Son and God are more than God?

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Aaron got a water and got a fire and whatnot, whatnot. All of which is concocted out of all of which is what we have imagined. We have created God in our image. That is why the Egyptian gods were all they look like Egyptians think about this, the three or four major polytheistic religions in the world, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks, and the Hindus, the Indians. Now if you look at the the pantheon of gods, Egyptian gods they all looked at they all looked Egyptian, though there was nobody in that whole Pantheon, who was anything other than Egyptian. If you look at the Greek gods, they were all Greek men and women

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that have intended us to statues. Today, we can see that they're all Greek men and women, there's no Chinese,

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man or woman, god or goddess in the in the Greek pantheon. Right there is no African, there's no black god or goddess, there's all the all Greek, then come the Romans, who really inherited the religion from the Greeks, but they changed, they changed the gods, and the gods while we gave it over. Right, they will do you see that the old Roman men and women, they all were in togas, and so on. And then you take the Hindus take the Indians, they're all Indian men and women, all the gods, right? Except for, except for the ones who have annual heads, Harmar, and Ganesha and so on. But other than that, they're all Indian men and women. There's no non Indian man or woman, god or

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goddess. Now, what does this tell you? This tells you, it tells us that man creates God in His image. So we got two choices, either your worship the one who is really God, the One who is really, our Creator, and our Sustainer, and our maintainer, and our protector, and to whom is our return. This is one choice. The other choice is the new concoct and you make up whatever you want to make up and you worship them. In Islam, there is no force, nobody's forcing you, nobody's going to put a gun to your head and say, We believe in Allah. No, you can believe whatever you like, no problem. Absolutely no problem. You can believe in it, or you don't believe in it. But the reality the the

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ultimate result will always happen. And that is that we will die one day, and we will meet Allah subhanho wa taala. This is there is no running away from this, right? I can't, I cannot say, You know what, I didn't believe in this. So I am free from the day of judgment or the Day of Judgment is reality to help it will happen. Whether you believed in it or not makes no difference. The only difference maker there's a significant difference

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is that if you believe in it, then you will prepare for it. And if you did not believe in it, then you will not prepare for it. It will catch you unawares in the back of the neck when you don't realize, right. And that is the choice. This is what you use what I said I was telling them, what do you think is better? They do think it is better to have to believe in some theory that you have concocted, or is it believed better to believe in the actual reality, which one day you and I will face? And then he says you do not worship besides Allah, but only names which you have named meme which you have created and forced you and your father's? For which Allah subhanaw taala set down no

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authority? Yeah.

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Is it used as one source god, this is God that is God, son, he's got more he's got this river. He's got the mountain he's got what is your daily? What is your proof?

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How did you discover this?

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Is this the truth? Right, Allah did not give you the authority to say this. These are things that you have invented you have created by yourself.

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And he said the command is only that of Allah subhanaw taala schemata judgment is for none other than Allah. He has commanded that you worship

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none but Him.

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And this is the true straight path and most men do not know. You need to look more into the law. Our Allah Darboux Illa iya Zelicah Dino Karim, when a kin accident Nancy Lera level,

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the whole the Amarok the health of the what is going to happen the control the authority the power is only with Allah.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who decides whatever is going to happen.

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And therefore

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only he has the right to be worshipped nobody else.

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He is the Creator is the maintainer is the sustainer is the protector. And to him is it to him is our returns Who do you want to worship? You worship him?

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You don't worship anybody else. And

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this is the true religion. And this is the religion of Islam. The same religion which came from either one is the love all the way down to Mohammed salah or the values of Salah. The only religion which is acceptable to almost 100 in, in, in Medina, in the lie Alyssa Verily the deen the religion that is acceptable with Allah is Islam.

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But most people do not know this is what is well it's me saying. Now, if you look at this

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The see how usable Islam is using a normal transaction will be equal. We call this in, in, in Leadership Training, we call it the teaching moment.

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He's using a normal transactional situation, to teach a life lesson. So here is the issue of the food which comes to them from

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the prison authorities that give them the food. Now he's saying that this food you are receiving is actually from Allah.

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The 4d receives from Allah, my knowledge is from Allah. And he taught me this knowledge, this is not something that I have to interpret dreams, Allah subhanaw taala showed me this. And then he leaves on the Dow, and mentions the religion of Egypt and tell them that he has abandoned it, and he does not follow it. He talked about following the religion of his fathers, because they were famous as the family of the heat. The religion of Islam was not widespread.

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But it was well known as the religion of the MBL. He was salam, as people who did not ask my partners to Egypt. So this is they asked him for interpretation of a dream, but he's telling them what Allah subhanaw taala and he's asking them a question about their head before it tells them the interpretation of the dream. So this is a good lesson for us to see and to understand how we can present Islam to people. You don't have to stand up there and give a lecture on Islam. You can present Islam to people in the West in the most beautiful way, using everyday situations. Right, we just need to have some have some creativity and some fresh thinking. But everyday situations you

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meet somebody, you talk to somebody you buy something, you sell something, you are you are in a meeting and so on. Islam is to be presented in that situation, in the best possible way. This is the best way of doing Dawa.

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Not in not wait for any special time and place to do that.

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Then the second lesson is that it's incumbent to follow the law of Allah subhanaw taala in all aspects of our lives in Luke more in Delila. He said the Hong Kong the AMA is only for Allah subhanaw taala and not for anybody else. And this is the winning of worship, to follow the law of Allah subhanho wa Taala and everything.

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They've been Hatem Ravi LA, no, he

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was before he became Muslim, he was a Christian. And one day he came to us was a Salam. And he was wearing a chain with a cross on it. Now wrestlers are seldom

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resided the ad where Allah said they worship their priests as as gods. So they even had him there jasola Salah Salem, we do not worship our priests.

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So this is the visa recited the Quran. So he is not denying it. But he said you know this, it is saying we worship preferred we do not worship. So as soon as he asked him, he said, Do they not make Halal what Allah has made haram and they make haram what Allah has made halal,

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he said, and he would have been nothing serious. That is true. Because if you look at the Bible, pork is prohibited is haram in the Bible.

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But the Christians, they eat pork, right? Adultery, and extramarital sex is privated in all religions, but today this has become acceptable, accepted, and so on and so on. Take us any take interest based banking is privated in both Christianity and Judaism, and of course, Islam, but the problem is the only only Muslims

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to some extent stick to that even Muslims seem to seem to have lost lost the plot plot. But they at least to the to a great extent, they stick to that.

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But others don't. And their clergy have permitted that right. They have allowed them to say okay, you can do Kundry you can do, you can eat pork, you can

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use internet banking, and so on and so forth. Even though the Bible and the Old Testament they prohibit all of these things.

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So there's sort of a subset that that is worship, to obey somebody in opposition to Allah subhanaw taala is to worship that person or that entity instead of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala is a very important

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for us to learn and for us to remind ourselves about because this is ship this is the essence of ship. If you are following a law, which

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which makes halal, something which Allah has made haram, then you are falling into you're wanting to shoot.

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Now May Allah protect us, you know, we have taken the law Allah subhanaw taala and have legislated in it according to our own wishes and this is shot

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It is incumbent upon us to establish the law of Allah subhanho data in our in our entire lives.

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All our lives are lost relative as Ada, we're living in harmony with Hello, visit me further, Allah said we will believe enter into Islam completely and fully not partially. So it is important for us to

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establish the lava that's running today in our whole lives all our lives, and not only in one part of it, and then to try to, to keep doing that and to live by the law of us manage data for our entire life. If we are serious about escaping the punishment of the of the hacker, then

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usually salaam tells them the interpretation of the dream and he says, Oh, my two companions of the prison.

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The Yeah, so he went a year sideways Sujan.

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As for one of you, he, as a servant, of the king, will pour out wine for his rap meaning for his kin to drink. And as for the other one, He will be crucified and birds will eat from his head. Thus is the case judged concerning that which you do, which you both did inquire. So, this is the case these people, these two people were in the prison for whatever they had done. And then they would be they probably were

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the case would probably come up come up for judgment. And usable is that I was saying basically, that one of them will be spared, to one of them will be freed from the president. And he will go on to become the the wine bearer of the king, whereas the other one will be crucified, he will be killed.

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And then he said to the one who he knew we saved, he said mentioned me to Europe, meaning to your king.

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You know, tell him that there is an innocent man in prison, he has not done anything but he has been imprisoned, so that the king can

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can free him.

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But shaitan made him forget to mention it with Rob to

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to the king.

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And so he was overlays and I've stayed in prison for a few more years. Right now.

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In this case, the facility I've also said that shaytan also made use over his alarm to forget the remembrance of His Rob geladeira Lu and to ask for his help instead of others. So here the you know the tests for the Gambia are very severe.

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Normally there is no problem with asking somebody to help you. But in the case of this

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case, usually Sarah was in prison and he wanted to get out he should have asked Allah subhanaw taala but

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in this case usually salaam asked

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asked the man to to help him and inform the king and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada then caused him to stay in the prison for some more years. So as I was saying the test tests for the Gambia are the most difficult. There is a saying a court or a proverb, which says didn't give it to me. Hence Eva on Kosovo skillet Siva is exceptional. And to be exempted, both both are the meanings of of Siva, so didn't get rutabaga has Siva on Kosova Masekela the people whose ranks are exceptional for them to be exempted is is difficult. So, the Gambia are tested more than anybody else. And so, also was the case in use in the case of usable insula. So in in normally speaking, if you ask somebody to help

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you there is no problem with that you can ask them, you cannot you cannot ask somebody who's dead you can go to somebody's grave and say help me that would be shocked. But somebody who's alive you can definitely ask for help no problem. But in the case of the Gambia, in the case of Vickery salaam

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even though use of a salaam

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did not deny Allah subhanaw taala he asked the his prison companion he said when you go to and you and you, you know, you get this job with the king, then recommend my case, but with regard to because of who he was and his status, Allah subhanaw taala then call

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the situation became such that he had to stay in prison for

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for some more years and many years. We're talking we're not talking about days here. hamdulillah let's round that up.

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To us

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Doesn't matter trends, he's on BLM Salaam in different ways.

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Jumeirah salaam asked us for his alarm, who is the one?

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He asked him who is the one who saved you in several instances in your life? So how is it that you ask the king to save you instead of Allah subhanaw taala and he paid the price for that by spending a few more a few more years in the prison and this is our last Mandela corrects the situation and trains his MBA masala so that their message is left clear from everything that's a dividend Sam is is talking to his restaurant saying look, Allah's rather has saved us in so many cases directly. The Why did you ask the king here. So this is the you know, a with all due respect to them.

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And this is a mistake that he made.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala

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use that to train him in terms of the of seeking help only from him jealous. Now after a few years, so that was one reason I was still in this prison out of you as the king, he saw a dream. Now dreams are important to these people, they

00:26:17--> 00:26:25

they asked interpretation of dreams they had special dream interpreters whose job was only was to interpret dreams.

00:26:26--> 00:26:29

So this king saw and saw a dream. And

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I will tell you about the dream in a minute. But the thing to understand here also is that Emilio Salam was sent with miracles with special characteristics, special strengths, special powers, which were relevant to the time and place and to what those people what they were impressed with it what was important to them. So in the case of the of the people of usually salaam, the Egyptians, for them dreams and dream interpretation and so on was very important. And so they they had these, they had their

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their duties and their astrologers and so on, whose job was this they interpreted dream for kings, and this is what they did.

00:27:23--> 00:27:43

So Allah sent us over A salaam with this power to interpret dreams. And because usually Salam was getting this interpretation understand that divorce was a loss from analysts around data, he could interpret dreams that nobody else could interpret and his interpretation was all were always true. So for each parser for each system, and last round of data since

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Gambia with those powers, the Egyptians of the time of Busan, Islam, for example, were big on magic so Musa Hassan was set with miracles which looked like magic but they were not magic and the magician was the first people to recognize that the people have have easily said they were big, the the the the Jews of the time. They were big on

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their learned medicine from Greeks, and they were big on medicine or on curing of diseases and so on which Europe was very backward at the time the dark ages of Europe, they couldn't they didn't they didn't have medicine and so on the Jews of Jerusalem and that area, they were famous so so Allah hunters and easily salaam, with miracles of curing lepers bringing giving eyesight to people who are born blind and also raising the dead. This is the ultimate with nobody could do that. The people have frozen salad the Arabs of the time, they were big on language and they were very arrogant about the Arabic language. So Allah subhanaw taala central source Salam with the Quran Al Karim, which is

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a eternal miracle in the language itself, apart from being the divine

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message and Columbian speech of Allah subhanaw taala the Quran is a miracle of Arabic literature itself and there is there's nothing that compares to it and then nothing which gave which is similar to it. So in this case, it was what Allah gave him, this miracle of,

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of being able to interpret dreams, so that people can see that the power lies with Allah subhanaw taala. So the king of Egypt now he said very he saw a dream and he said very Lee, I have seen a dream. seven fat cows home seven lean cows 10 Cows are eating up. So there are seven fat cows and there are seven lean cows 10 Cows who are eating the fat cows and I've seen seven green years of Con and seven dry years of cod is are this dream in which is all these two things and then he says to his people he says Oh my No my nobility my notables, my astrologers and so on so on, explained

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My dream to me, if you can interpret dreams,

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and it's an honor, this is all false.

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This is all positive. This is just something that has no meaning. And anyway, we are not we are we have, we have no interpretation for this, and we are not the, we are not skilled in the interpretation of dreams. Then, when this combination was going on

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this man who was the, the cup bearer of the king, obviously, he must have been around them, because this whole conversation is happening in the court of the kings of this man is there. So, this man says to the king, he said, I know somebody, and I will find out the interpretation of this dream, if you permit me to do that, the king sent him so he came to the present. And he said to us over a syrup, or you saw the man of truth, explained to us the dream this king, which the gains are explained by this dream of seven fat cows, whom seven lean cows are devouring, and have seven green years of corn, and seven others which are dry, and that I may return to the people and that they may

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know so I can go and tell the people. This is what I said I've said, the meaning of this dream is that for seven consecutive years, you will saw as usual, and you will harvest

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what you reap what you take out, you will live in the years itself, it says you will not take the seeds of the corn out of the

00:31:36--> 00:31:40

corn cob, leave the car seat in the car,

00:31:41--> 00:32:02

except take a little bit just for you to eat. And then after that will come seven hard years, which will devour what you have laid by in advance for them all except a little which you have guarded and stored and then thereafter will come a year which people will have abundant rare and which they will press wine and oil.

00:32:04--> 00:32:16

So usually around this time, he did not bargained for freedom billions anything they asked him for, for the interpretation he gives into British he did not use that opportunity for anything else.

00:32:18--> 00:32:50

It's the the last IR which is in this case, for my team embed your daily carbon fee, your awesomeness off he already saw thereafter will come a year in which people will have 100 And which they will press wine and oil this is not part of the dream. This is the idea of Allah subhanaw taala which Allah sent us when he set up and he knew the king was very pleased obviously with this whole thing. And he ordered us for a syrup release and that he made him

00:32:52--> 00:33:00

and he said I will make him my advisor. more of this later inshallah was Allah Allah will kill him early. He was I mean maybe I want to go