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I just had on a show and then

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. I hadn't. And then

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in Lamar was how do

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I say?

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Hola, hola, la la la la

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brothers and sisters we've all had loved ones that passed away a mother father brother sister a close family member but one of the mercies of our deen is that with the right intention we can go ahead and continue to do good deeds on our loved ones behalf and what greater of a continuous good deeds sadaqa Giardia than investing on their behalf in the D center and Masjid in Naga Dawa center that will benefit generations to come in sha Allah. So click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you a Salam aleikum greetings of peace. Welcome to the de SHA media host my next guest Khalil Mitchell started thinking about the purpose of life which led him to start

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looking into Islam around the turn of the millennium. And he became stronger in his understanding of Islam properly when he moved to the Norwich Muslim community, where he himself witness so many people coming to Islam and saying their shahada is in Norwich, especially in the last six months. Now what is the Shahada? What is so fascinating about Islam even with the billions of dollars of negative media propaganda that is having these people like Khalil except it Let's waste no time and bring out Julio to find out what's going on in an orange community and hear more of his story.

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Allah, Allah

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and His final messengers, Muhammad peace be upon him? This is our religion, Islam.

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This is the dijo

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we're ready to talk about

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how much respect I have for the faith of Islam show Welcome to the show. That the show

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what equals Salam wa Rahmatullah libre cat Hello, how you doing my brother? Very well. How you doing? Good. Good. 100 Allah. It's nice to have you with us here. My pleasure. My pleasure.

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So you're in Norwich. Yes. Norwich, UK. Now, many people have

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usually an Arabic and Arab descent confused Norwich with Norway. Because they are Norway, Norrish. So when I say Norwich, they think I'm living in Norway. Norwich is north east of London. north east of London. Yeah. All right. Yeah. I want to Anglia, East Anglia. Yeah. So when I'm saying shahada, I want to see people witness some of these shadows and then we can break that down because that's what you ended up doing similar to this. And I don't know if you're in any of these videos, but I want to show this and then we can kind of kick it off from there. So people can have a proper understanding when they say when they say Shahada, so many people are taking the shahada what we're talking about.

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And ana Muhammadan Muhammadan rasul Allah, Su, eyeshadow, a SHA, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah illallah wa shadow, what should I do? I'm Muhammad, Muhammad, Rasul Allah

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Allah, Allah

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Rasul Allah.

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I shadow Allah

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wa shadow and Mohammed Madame

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Russell last Sapir.

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Allah hola hola

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so this is this is not you in the video right with longer here. It could have been

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more tender than I was No, I am now basically yeah, I became Muslim 20 years ago. So the internet

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didn't really exist. It was in its infancy,

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things were a bit more. But you you would have had to say and repeat what these people were repeating. And this is the statement declaring that there's nothing worthy of worship said the creator, the heavens and earth and Muhammad is Alaska funnel messenger and then accepting Jesus Moses, Abraham, all the other preceding messengers him just being the last and final messenger. So this is pretty much similar, which I mean, you this is exactly what you would have been you would have done to enter Islam. And you're seeing a lot of this happening. You will this friend of mine said there's something in the, in Norwich in particular, in the last six months, we've noticed many

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people moving to the community, many of whom most of whom become Muslim, but many generational Muslims as well. But in particular, there has been you know, it's getting to a point where on average, there might be a shard every every two weeks. So in my time in Norwich, there hasn't been this type of occurrence, something suddenly changing now, Mashallah. And we don't quite know what it is and why the timing is such but we are meeting a man tomorrow who's going to interested in the deme. There was another man a week ago, who is I got somehow his number and tried to make contact with him. He's interested in the Dean as well.

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A girl approached us when we were sitting outside the coffee shop after Juma and said, Are you Muslims? And I said, and we said yes. And she said, Well, I'm thinking about becoming Muslim. This is all in the last two weeks. Wow. So it's not that knowledge is a particularly unique place, although we have the longest established community of people who've embraced Islam, from a European background, in in all of Europe, is the longest established community have seen people say reverts or converts, we say new Muslims, you know, it's the longest new Muslim, the longest established new Muslim community in Europe. So again, there's no answer to why people on the periphery of the

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community are looking into Islam other than Allah is giving them something. But when we look at you, you're not Arab. You're not a Syrian. You're not Asian. Your your background is you're from the you're born and the UK. Yeah, yeah. Born in Edinburgh. So you don't fit the stereotype? No, no, no, exactly. I mean, there is a cultural aspect to British Islam, which is not solely defined by race. It's very important to understand that people who are born and raised in the UK from whatever ethnic background, have the potential to find a British Islam that when I say the potential to find it, there is a certain form to it as there is a certain form to Arab Islam a certain form to the

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Pakistani Islam. So what we have in Norwich is a particular thing whereby it's possible for people who've become Muslim, to kind of find the deen in some respects and generational Muslims to find their footing in the deen and find it on their own two feet. That's really what we've got here. Tell me you're in your previous life before you started to look into Islam. What was what was your background your parents raised you in what religion or any religion initially Christianity. Church in July kicked up a fast when I was about 11 years old, went to church every Sunday.

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ostensibly I fell into the world of hippiedom and self discovery in teenage years.

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The premise of Christianity from a point of view of understanding that there is a bigger thing, the dynamics of that bigger thing, of course, differ between Christianity and Islam, that sent me on stage to find answers in some ways. So several things happened to me when I was growing up when I was younger, that kind of like, was Allah's way of separating me from the world. One of these things was the death of my mother when I was 11. So this kind of, in some ways, I look back on that as a tremendously spiritual thing. And I didn't understand what spirituality was, it wasn't it was active separation, you know, so I became Muslim when I was 26. It took quite a long time of many years of

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searching in between these, you know, the events of childhood and, and finding Islam.

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But it was quite clear for me on the outset that the people I met didn't have the same dynamicity as Muslims. The Muslims had the answers. People were telling me, this is what happened before we were born. This is what will happen after we die. Other new age religions and spiritual religions that I adopted, by default, didn't go into the same type of detail and they certainly didn't have the same type of confidence.

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What else did you indulge into? Experiment with we saw so your parents were a Christian? What was it there? That didn't make sense? You know, the theology God being a man, the Trinity these kinds of things that usually we'll hear that just don't make sense?

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And then they'll go ahead and just leave this and go experiment with other different manmade religions. So what was it at that point? At what point did you realize, okay, I really my fitrah my innate nature, my thoughts, my mind my heart or not with this I have to move on and look for something else. I've never really described it as such as the way you've asked me, I suppose it was kind of like a fairy tale, then with fairy tale people

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didn't seem real. So it just felt a bit superficial. It's like Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest.

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Stories of things that have happened, you know, it didn't seem tangible, the idea that a prophet existed called ASA, Jesus, and they say,

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you know, it didn't, the way in which I suppose, the heart of the person, relaying the knowledge determines what real knowledge gets through, it's all to do with the heart. So the Christian is teaching me these things.

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Obviously, by the nature of Christianity is a prohibition on connecting with Allah as one thing. They divide Isa,

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and the Divine Spirit and God into three separate compartmentalized things. There was something that I didn't understand any of this, but now I look back at it, it was just it came from a kind of dead zone. Now, wherever the people are educated in Sunday school, it wasn't really a kind of, it wasn't a tar heat. In the words in every word that was said it was it was just kind of fluffy. So I ran away from that when I was about 10, or 11. It just kicked up a big protest from a parent saying I don't want to go to church anymore, then fell into teenage years, and that had his own series of events and occurrences that some of which were prohibitive, in terms of finding truth, some of which

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were beneficial. But again, within that maelstrom of activity of teenage years, I met Muslims

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that I met stood out the way that they express themselves, the way they explain things, the manner in which they conducted themselves. And certainly with one particular man, who would be the means through which I found Islam,

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answered all the questions that I had pertaining to the nature of existence. What were what were some of those questions that you had, and that we hear this often, I've interviewed so many people over the years, and they have the same story that they go to their priest, and they go to the rabbi, they go to their learning people, and they have these questions. And usually, it's like, you just got to have faith, you just got to believe or things just don't make sense. They come to Islam, all those questions are answered. What were some of those questions that you can remember? Well, it took place over a year and a half period, living with the man that would be the means for me finding

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Islam, Allah guides people, but we are means not happening. So the times, when I just come in this room and say, you know, after having been aware of some, I don't know, some something that was made clear to me would say, do non Muslims at this time? Do non Muslims go to heaven?

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And correctly? He didn't really answer me. In as much as he said, he all he said was it increases your chances, massively increases your chances. And the two ends of that, of course, are that we cannot say that all non Muslims do not go into heaven, we cannot say that all Muslims do go to heaven. But he didn't go into that type of thing. He just said, it increases your chances. He had explained that the planets and the stars I was idolizing, and looking up to an understanding had an influence over my heart. And he said, it's a law that holds these things up Allah has the higher power, the higher the power of the stars, if they do have any I, you know, he said I might well be

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the powers within different things. Gravity is a power. So the idea of gravity of moons and stars and different things affecting us is logical. He said, it's a law that gives these things the power, whatever power they might have over you is a bigger thing. This bigger thing is he often referred to it as the bigger thing is there. So I will always kind of strange up leaders that I had that kind of bridged over a period of a year and a half to understanding La ilaha illAllah.

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You know, so that was one of many, many questions, things came up. I'll give you an another example actually, where you see, the thing that many non Muslims understand is that there is a bigger thing what they don't necessarily grasp is Muhammad Rasul Allah, the means through which the prophetic code in the embodiment of Islam leads to this awakening of the law. So one example where I did understand it was where I was walking in the street and there was like a kind of

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plastic sheet on the floor quite large. And I could see it was, you know, it was a peg. So it's like a piece of glass. And I lifted it up. And so I just said to myself, somebody could slip on this.

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Somebody could flip on this. And he looked at me with a kind of light. And so this is what the Muslims do. This is what this is a sinner. This is what the I don't think he would have gotten into it. But we ultimately this is what the the template the prophetic template of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, you're referring, you're referring to removing an obstacle from the road that someone can get harmed on and this is, this is illustrated by the last semester pro Muhammad peace and budgeting, but there's a reward even for doing that. Lila, well, I mean, this is what he highlighted to me. He transposed it in some ways, believing in Allah is one thing, but one has to understand the

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highest. The only way of arriving at that reality is through Muhammad Rasul Allah. And this is even with Muslims nowadays, is struggling with with adhering to this. The reality of Islam is not memorization of texts,

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as it already Allah. And I said about the messenger. So I said, she said that he was the Koran walking. So there's a reality to Islam. There's something in our beings that Allah gives us or not as Muslims, which is a kind of reality to a prophetic reality.

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No, Muhammad.

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Yeah, I want to just elaborate on that, you know, this is deep, like the first thing that you discussed people that question you because it's on the minds of many people, what happens to the person who doesn't hear about Islam, let's say the person is not officially a Muslim, but everyone in their nature is submitting to something. And they're born on that fifth era of believing in the Creator. So a person who's in the Amazon jungle somewhere, Islam didn't reach him, but he's on the toe heat. He's on the pure monotheism. He's worshiping God alone. That person, God Willing will be in paradise. But someone who maybe is born as a Muslim was not practicing Islam properly, they think

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they've just inherited it. And they're doing everything opposite to it, they can end up in the hellfire. So this is what we've got nowadays is thinking with something special.

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We've got to watch out for this. And it's obviously a human attribute to think too much of oneself. Even for me in Norwich with this amazing community. If I start think, attributing anything to myself, regarding anything that happens, there's a danger in that as you say, Nothing is clear. You know, we've no idea where we've come from I no idea where we will go to is this kind of juxtaposition of never really having certainty but hoping

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you know, crowfoot Cove Raja wants that with fear one step with hope. Yeah. And I And then you mentioned this hadith by the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him and alpha. Think about that, you know, when people try to malign Islam, and they tried to make it seem like something violent, barbaric, where why would a Muslim who's instructed to move something harmful from the road? What some, so greet each other with peace? You know, Muslims who are striving to worship the owner, appease the creator, the heavens and earth if they were looking to get a reward for something so minut as removing something as a nail or an obstacle, whatever from the road? Why would they? Why

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would they want to put themselves in a position to harm a human being and as a human being and end up in the Hellfire doesn't make any sense? It I mean, I think most non Muslims understand the extremist reactionary terrorist. The that is erroneous, completely wrong.

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They understand intrinsically that it's a misaligned Islam, that somehow the texts have been misconstrued. Most people understand that and, you know, it doesn't necessarily help when Muslims jump up and say a

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Koran has remained intact. You see, from a point of view of people the question of Islam, they think, well, you must be like the terrorists.

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You see, there's a chance of this kind of thing happening. So I learned to explain to people that the

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misinterpretation is the is the key factor. The texts are one thing but they can be misinterpreted. The texts have not changed. The terrorists don't follow a different Quran. they misinterpret the texts that are there. How much were you influenced by much of the negative like I when I open the show, I said billions of dollars are spent by the hate machine pushing this propaganda creating this fake news that's out there. How much were you? How much were you affected by that before you accepted Islam or did that keep you at one point of turning away maybe and then coming back later? How much were you affected by that? No, I learned to

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To stand the power structures that were responsible for this tidal wave of information, and I learned to understand the dynamics behind that. So this

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narrative is understanding of the occurrences in terms of what's happening in the world was a form of the deen that I was raised with. And many Muslims don't actually know what's going on in the world, they fall into this and you guys funds this Democratic Republican thing quite a lot. It's a liberal, the left wing and the right wing thing here. So it's not really it. You know, it Muslims, in Britain who advocate joining the Labour Party,

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I've really missed the point. Because power does not lie within political parties. And ostensibly, the type of thing you're describing is indicative of something a lot more powerful. It's in, you know, in a so called unbiased media Well, who's dictating what these people are saying, Why are they saying these things, what power groups are behind the media, so it's very important to understand that the so called democratic government isn't entirely it doesn't contain power, it doesn't have absolute power, there's other power structures, then there's a danger, you fall into conspiracy, which we cannot do either.

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One has to look at the power structures and how they got there historically. And obviously, finance is a massive part of that. So the man that introduced me into Islam, explained Islam from a point of view of the economic climate of the world, and the Muslims having the answer economically, in terms of by metallic, intrinsic value currencies, as opposed to these worthless paper notes. This is the thing that got me activated when the guy that brought me into Islam explained to this very political man who believed in the left, but the true left, and didn't believe in the right. He said, neither of them are irrelevant. He said, the people that control paper money supply, have more power than

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these governments. So again, not to go off on a tangent. But what I'm trying to say to you is that, in answer to your question, I freed myself of the propaganda by understanding, to some degree why these people were issuing these propaganda stay was why they were anti Muslim. Why not acted as $1? Because it's only through the Sharia that we understand that the deme can be established in a civic manner.

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And we hold that in our hearts. It's not that we're trying to overthrow governments, of course, we're not trying to do that. The what we're doing is, by default, trusting in Divine Law, and divine law has to be the solution, you see, to the world's problems. So again, just to not to go off on a tangent too much. But all of these sorts of backgrounds explain that I wasn't affected by the negative media because I understood a where it was coming from why it was there, and B, that Islam has the societal answers, as well as the individual answers.

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There's some interesting notes when you say these hot words, you know, that sometimes strike a chord with people should he I usually explain to him this is like the 10 commandments, it was given to Moses. It's mentioned over 200 times in the Bible. This is divine revelation from the credit of heavens and earth. So don't get spooked by certain words that you hear when you get to know the meaning and it's kind of opens you up. Tell me what opens you up. Finally, how long did it take you now of investigation being talked to someone's giving you Dawa, observing the Muslims researching that you finally ended up realizing that this is the truth? I got accepted.

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There's different stages in the UK prior to the man that I mentioned earlier. My name is Tarek and I traveling to Syria. So the final thing was Damascus. Now again, that's if you want to look at Spinward as a dangerous thing to say now, what people are thinking What took you there? What took you to Damascus? Okay, so disclaimer, everyone disclaimers, there was no terrorist activity, nothing going wrong with the overthrow attempted overthrow of the nation state, ISIS were not envisaged at that point. It was bear in mind, this was 2001.

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We ended up going to Syria by default, because we initially envisaged going to Pakistan, because of Terex ancestry and there's relatives out there, that didn't happen. We were looking at somewhere else to go. We knew somebody else had gone to Damascus. And Damascus sounded nice. It just kind of had a resonance to it. You know, it sounds like a musical name. And it's got the deep meaning. And it's of course, you know, historically, it's got an important relevance. So for some reason or another, we both decided to go to Damascus, and said, well, we can't go to push our NWFP. We'll go to Damascus instead. And we ended up in Damascus and then you know the rest

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Since history,

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I quickly engaged I'd already started praying incident is something that you might want to eat. You already started praying. Were you officially a Muslim? Had you taken your Shahada? No, no, it's you were praying. I started praying because I needed to pray because I looked at everything else that life could give me and I didn't really need alcohol. I didn't need other things that the West was making available for me to consume. I needed to pray. So I didn't know how to do it. So I walked home in the I staying in somebody else's house. I wasn't token I weren't living together. But at that point, we weren't. And I just needed to pray. So I found a compass in the bedroom of the man's

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room whom I was staying in. And he wasn't there.

00:25:45 --> 00:26:22

He was he as it happens, he was an antiques dealer. So there was compasses and all these things lying around. So I find a compass like I just showed myself because I knew Muslims are clean, and I put the tile on the floor. I worked hard to find Mecca, and I worked out where Mecca was before becoming Muslim, you know, is basically south southeast so and I put a towel down and stood there my boxer shorts and put my head in the ground saying Allahu Akbar, I didn't know how to do the prayer. I started doing that for a week before even telling Tarik that I was doing it was immensely personal thing, you know, it's finally connecting. And then he said, We didn't he didn't congratulate me

00:26:22 --> 00:27:01

didn't say, Oh, well done. He said, Well, you need to learn the prayer. So you know, it became a thing. What did that mean to you at that time when you said Allahu Akbar, because someone here in it for the first time, they're like, oh, boy, here we go. These Moslems now Allahu Akbar. So as they think of a war cry, you know, these Muslims coming to get you? That's the term they use? What did it mean for you at that time? Did you understand the meaning when you said Allahu Akbar, the bigger thing is greater than what we have around us than ourselves. And what we see in front of us what we desire, the bigger thing is greater, the bigger thing is greater. So this bigger thing that

00:27:01 --> 00:27:09

determines all things happening that holds every molecule in its place, is greater than whatever is holding me back.

00:27:10 --> 00:27:33

That was the final thing. Just prior to prior to becoming Muslim. I looked at what was holding me back and I thought, Allahu Akbar. So I applied the meaning of that. And I thought, Well, God, Allah is greater than the thing that's holding me back. And that was right before saying shahada that was in Damascus. All right. So now you're you're Wow, this is deep. So finally, okay. You,

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you're you're taught is todich. He's saying now you got to learn to pray before that. Now you're ready to take your shahada, you've been you've pretty much you've done your investigation. It was it's in your heart, you're ready to go? He didn't say any of that. No, he didn't say I had to become as material in your it was something that was there to do. It was there just from me? Yes, it had to come from, you know, we met other Muslims who spoke English while we were out there. And you know, one guy kind of put The Frighteners on me by telling me. So don't don't jump right into it. People often go right in and right out again. So that kind of freaked me out a little bit. That wasn't

00:28:09 --> 00:28:43

something I need to hear. He didn't mean to do that. But that was like a dent. And then then the delight had to kind of re occupy myself. In the days following. I looked at the things that were holding me back and said, Allahu Akbar, God is greater than the things that are holding you back. What were just a couple of things that were holding you back that people can because I'm sure to so many other people that could be watching this right now. And there's something holding them back. And it might be the same things that were holding you back family may be what's he or she going to say worried about others? will mean it's a very personal thing. But something that does face man is

00:28:43 --> 00:28:45

this fetishization of women.

00:28:47 --> 00:29:20

And the desire to do whatever one wants to women, unhindered, without any kind of responsibility is deeply embedded in us. So you just hit a spot. I was just listening to someone the other day also. And in an interview, and he was saying the same thing. This is a well known personality, and he was saying, look, he was kind of insinuating that he still wants to play with the ladies. Well, it's very profound. And it's very deeply embedded in men. It's one of the you know, it's pre alcohol free, whatever it is, you might have taken

00:29:21 --> 00:29:28

is a deeply embedded one that comes in through Hollywood, predominantly. And yeah, you could say in some ways, it's the heightened

00:29:30 --> 00:29:40

heightening of desire for the opposite *. It's a heightening of that it's brought into an unnatural thing. One way of describing it is that the desire for women

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in this respect has been turned into something spiritual.

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Like it's like it's like an idol in some ways. Now, of course, we miss them. They love women and remembers them when we love men. So I think denying love, you know, and the context behind that. But this thing has been knocked out of proportion.

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And it's like, you know, this thing that's come in where you think every every new girlfriend that you have is going to provide some sort of spiritual fulfillment.

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And it's an idol. And it's somehow been encoded in us think of it these things, all these Hollywood films we've watched, you know, even the relatively innocent ones where the woman kisses the man, and all this wonderful Wagnerian music plays is a powerful spiritual thing, where the man and the woman kiss, you know, all of this stuff has been put in our head 1000s of times, it's understandable that the average unspiritual person might start to think, well, maybe as a spiritual love match, I've got to get, I've got to find my soul partner. And, you know, that is the meaning of life. That's the meaning of life, you see. So, you know, again, the right up until I said, shahada, the idea of just

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having a sort of Romans, you know, unhindered romance

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with people and just, you know, ending up with them in that way. You know, in a deep way.

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We won't go into detail. But again, that was the thing that was kind of holding me back is so called freedom. That is not really a freedom, because people have to be dealt with in certain ways. Yeah, so Eric had to explain to me, he said, Look, he said, Nikka translates his marriage, but it's not marriage and the way you see marriage, that's it. What do you mean by that? And he said, Well, okay, it's not until death do us part. You make the intention to stay together with your partner. But if things really didn't work out, you know, you have to separate.

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And it was that kind of thing. And he said, it's more similar to having a girlfriend with a contract, as it is to marriage in the way you see it with your warped Christian ideals. Ideals, where you're forced to stay together, marriage. Well, you know, nowadays, people don't even want to say they've got a boyfriend or a girlfriend, let alone. That's how much they shun this idea of having any formalities to the relationship. Yeah, when any formalities through a relationship, they want this, they might well stay together for decades, but they don't want this label of, you know, this person, you know, they might seem it's my partner,

00:32:16 --> 00:32:58

boyfriend or girlfriend, and then I grew up, it's kind of like you say, I'm seeing somebody I'm seeing, I'm seeing her. It was your girlfriend, you know, but you wouldn't ever want to say girlfriend because that was too serious, let alone wife. So this is this unhindered desire, this unrestrained element of attraction that's been put in our heads. That is the idea. It's not the attraction itself. It's the it's the kind of thing of having it on top. As it were, I'm sure right now that's something that a lot of people can relate to. That desire now that holds people back. It could be desire for alcohol, desire for gambling, desire for all sorts of for

00:32:59 --> 00:33:24

committing adultery, Zina fornication, you name it, the list goes on. But you said, Hold on God Almighty, the creator is greater than this. And you submitted and you accepted Islam, along with other desires, I Subhana. Allah with a handy there was other desires I had to overcome. I mean, I realized that was the last one. And it's deeply ingrained in men, you know, if you might have to give up the things you shouldn't want to you know, you don't your idea, comfortable with the idea of not drinking,

00:33:26 --> 00:33:32

you know, you're comfortable with the idea of not things other things, that kind of thing was the last thing

00:33:33 --> 00:34:13

that left me it was kind of coupled with the also one other aspect of it again, you can't really give up things when or knowing where you're aiming to. So you don't look at what you have to give up. The person that tries to give up alcohol, looking at the fact that not drinking alcohol will never give up alcohol, you have to go somewhere else. And we put our heads on the floor five times a day, as a means to turn somewhere else. So these things, we're not looking at the things we've given up, we're not looking at these things. We're not sitting in a room on our own, looking at the floor, rocking from side to side, thinking about how I need to, I really want to drink we don't think about

00:34:13 --> 00:34:33

the things, you know. So the key thing is where you turn to where you turn to in other words, you don't reflect on what you're giving up. Look at the context to where you're actually going. Right. So okay, the example with women is I met wonderful Muslim women. And I realized these Muslim women were not like other women I

00:34:35 --> 00:34:54

and and it wasn't necessarily one, it wasn't like I was wondering to mind one of them or anything like that. They were there and I realized the missing women that I knew that I had met fleetingly. You know, we don't you know, hadn't really got to know any, but they had something that I wouldn't be able to get. I wouldn't be able to go anywhere near unless I was Muslim.

00:34:57 --> 00:34:59

So do you see we don't look at the thing that we do.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:15

I have to leave behind we look at where we're going to, we're looking at the look at the greatness that's the secret of understanding how to overcome certain things and how to leave certain things that one might feel that are emotional attachments or feelings and

00:35:16 --> 00:35:32

things. You know, we have a desire for alcohol because we like the feeling, it gives us a feeling of the prayer of, you know, the calming feeling of the prayer it again, it's, it's not, we don't think we don't advocate the idea of like, we're not getting drunk. You know, we don't feel spiritually high off the prayer.

00:35:33 --> 00:35:40

But it's a calming feeling that feeling is where you a and that when you are married, through the dean,

00:35:41 --> 00:36:21

the light that comes from that relationship, you know, because it's a contract imbued with La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, it's a contract with the dean, and your partner is facing a lot and you're facing Allah. And you know, it's like this as opposed to people being facing in different directions. And, you know, so that kind of thing is the the reality of it from a point of view of, you know, you have to look at where you're going and answer to your question. So before we conclude, so we started off Norwich, that's where you're from and you are witnessing so many people accepting are these videos that we showed this is from Norwich, also. It's from the Asthana mosque in Norwich,

00:36:21 --> 00:37:06

IHS a mosque in Norwich. It's been there for 40 years. It's the longest established mosque set up by people who became Muslim. It's lasted longer than other mosques historically, like the Quilliam mosque in Liverpool. It's been around for longer. They were there first, and other mosques in the UK. So go ahead, finish. Sorry. Yeah, so we have a very strong Islamic community. Many of the top scholars, you know, in America, many of whom are from America, spent their formative years in Islam. In Norwich, it was seen as a kind of when you became Muslim, you ended up in Norwich and 30 years ago, with no internet, there was wasn't any superficial interface where people could sort of become

00:37:06 --> 00:37:40

part of something who became Muslim. So you had many great men of Allah, who, again, are fairly renowned nowadays, many of which you'll, you'll know, many of them spent their earliest years in Norwich. And they were made into something known as a place of making people. It's a place of giving people the deen. You can become Muslim, but you have to find the deen. And Norwich is a place where this happens and you find who you are. And you find your place in the world. Many people nowadays who become Muslim thing, they've got to become a scholar.

00:37:42 --> 00:38:12

Of course, we have to learn the deme we've got to learn the elements. But they've got this kind of bizarre thing or they want to become like, you know, whichever Sheikh on YouTube, this guy on YouTube, you know who this guy became Muslim 40 years ago, and I've got to become like him. The secrets are a lot put in us that I've only found in the context of community. And community is not lots of Muslims living in a city community is something completely dynamic. So we have an Emir in Norwich, we have an Emir who takes responsibility for everyone. We have

00:38:13 --> 00:38:35

a community, the women have their zone of engagement, and men have their zone of engagement. And when you come in, you'll find your place within that without even changing, you're not required to become something else, you know, you'll find who you are. And no matter who you are, if you enter into this community, you'll it's kind of like the pieces of a watch.

00:38:36 --> 00:39:06

All the pieces are there, before they're put in, they have to be shaped. But once the watch is there, the watch is perfectly functional, wonderful Swiss watch, that keeps your time so accurately, all of the elements are essential. But you know, you could go in saying I want to be the hands but everyone wants to be that no, you be something else within the interface of the watch within the sorry, the interior of the watch, that you'll you'll you'll become part of that. And that's what Norwich is about.

00:39:08 --> 00:39:44

It's very unique, this place. I want to thank you all the way from Norwich coming into the show and sharing some highlights of your story. Inshallah, this can be a motivation, encouragement for others, we're also searching for the purpose of life and they see all of the ills, the social ills that are being pushed on them. And you see how Islam preserves this. The most beautiful thing about Islam as a direct connection with the Creator of the heavens and earth, pure monotheism. And they can go ahead and look into it just like you did. And that could be a source of great peace and prosperity for them as has been for you. Wonderful to meet you face to face. Maybe if I'm happened

00:39:44 --> 00:39:49

to be in your neck of the woods, I can pop into your studio, we can continue the conversation and go into other areas of discussion

00:39:51 --> 00:39:59

to happen. That'd be nice inshallah. She's like, Well, hey, thank you very much, my brother. Thank you for having me. Okay, so we thank you. Bye bye. salami. Bye

00:40:00 --> 00:40:37

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