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All of us know you thought you'd be revert to Islam and everything obviously I know, video.

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How's your life change in any way? How'd you feel? I mean, it's been a bit of a while now. You feel like change you feel a bit.

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The Brotherhood is amazing. Yeah, that's the first thing I will say you want to cure racism as long as there's racism is totally like, it's it's amazing. The Brotherhood, that's that's certainly there. I certainly do feel more relaxed. I feel like I always had faith to a degree. So it's not like I'm brand new to the idea of faith. But I certainly feel more relaxed. I feel like a lot of the things which I knew were degenerate, but especially when you're you kind of get to a weird fame was a weird thing to also answer your question. When you're kind of on your way up to fame, or you're getting famous, or you're quite famous, you want to be in the place you're supposed to be right. And

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then you get to a level of fame, where you just don't want to go anywhere. It's just like, but a lot of things. It's, it's great to look at things that previously I would have felt like for work I should be at or for social, cause people I know I shouldn't be at and just just go around

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around town staying. So that's good. What's the hardest thing so far is anything nothing's been hard. I've quit alcohol hasn't been difficult. But I've always had insane willpower. So I can I can do anything I want. I just feel like it's a journey, there's a lot to learn, it can be quite daunting. You know, like even even the language even, like it's very hard to learn. So I'm just on a journey like everyone else, and I'm trying to study it. So so give us some Arabic words.

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Oh, I know so far is philosophy.

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But yeah, it's very hard. So I'm doing my best with it. But

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I think like I've explained before on other podcasts, it's the only religion that that's left on the planet worth that has serious boundaries. I saw actually, Islamic sky, an Islamic podcast, I don't know who he was, who said Tate reverted to Islam because it's intolerant or because its degree of intolerance is because of its strict lines. And people are trying to walk away from it because of its strict lines. But Tate understands the beauty of strict lines. And that's exactly what it is. You need to have boundaries in life like everything we just discussed. If you remove boundaries, that it becomes a Free For All right, so you need to have now that's a very good point he made

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because I'm not seeing that. I like to watch that because I see young I speak to guys about Islam all the time and young boys and I see them trying to chase that Western kind of way of life. I want to be this that when you've all got who has it all. In this world. Like you say, he comes Islam, so to all young guys feel ashamed, like Don't feel shy or embarrassed to be what you are and I'm Muslim, I'd be proud like I've always been, I could be in a meeting. Anywhere. Everyone knows me. I won't touch alcohol. I'll pray in the corner. Brothers and sisters the same way we're going to have to check out of a hotel if we're staying at one and the same way we plan for our trips here we got

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to plan for a trip more important to the Hereafter. And what better way of planning and investing for your hereafter for your general brothers and sisters and investing in the dissenter, help us to establish the first Mega data center in America with four acres five buildings 35,000 square foot property we're very close to reaching our goal go ahead click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you