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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. So he asked me some crazy questions about Jenna. So stay tuned, we'll discuss the answers Bismillah Alhamdulillah, Salam Alaikum, peace be with you. That's the best greeting that one can give. That's that greeting of peace. And this is what every Muslim is striving for peace, peace with the greater peace within himself and peace with our brothers and sisters in humanity. This is what the Muslims are striving for. That's right. And a Muslim is simply one who adheres to what God Almighty the creator toward the one God, the same God that Jesus worship, the same God that Abraham, Moses, all the messages of God, including the last and final message of

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problem, peace be upon, they all came with the same message. It's one God, one recipient, the recipient is mankind. And God Almighty didn't send religions, he sent one religion one way of life. And that's been that way of life has been there since time immemorial, Islam submission to the one guy, and that's how you get peace, you already learned something, you're going to learn a lot more. You're going to learn a lot more about Islam and Muslims here in the D show. So don't go nowhere. We have nomen alikhan, we're going to be talking about something that all the messages of God brought taught. We're going to be answering your questions, but I get kind of excited. We asked, we talked

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about the questions and whatnot. And I want to ask him about paradise. paradise. So we got your questions, and we got my question. In the questions. So don't go nowhere. another exciting episode of the deen show. We'll be right back.

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This is the

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this is the

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Salam Alaikum Peace be with you.

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No, man, Ali Khan, good to be here. It's like yesterday, I was saying that you were here in Time Is Flying and it's like it's gone. And what do we got? You know, Hamdulillah, we got some more time to do some more good inshallah.

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from us, I mean, I'm really excited that you're here. We're gonna get into answering that we did in our previous show some questions, we get some of the viewers who write in email in and from time to time we'll answer some of their questions. People like these questions, you know, answer and taking the time to ask somebody, but we don't do the fit questions, right. But we want to talk about just some basic things. But you know, before that, I just want to open up if you can, I've heard you myself. Talk about Jenna, paradise, you know. And I think before we get into it, can you just for me, you know, can you just spend a few minutes because every Muslim we know is one who submits to

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the will of God to the one guy, the same guy that Jesus Moses, Abraham did last in front of messenger prime mom is submitted to and they all came with the same message. do God's will not your desire. And they all came with the warning. Right? If you you know, follow your lesson desires, you turn away from God, you're heedless. There's a hot place for you. But then they gave this reward this paradise that if you do good, you stand upon good. You love God and for your heart or your mind or your soul. You do God's will you got paradise, and I heard you and it touched my heart. And you talked about paradise. You know? And before we get into these questions, sure, I think it'd be

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motivating, you know,

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to kind of uplift people's spirits and know why they're doing this. Why are we submitting Why are we doing this? You know, it's for paradise, isn't it? I want to say two quick things about Yeah, Hellfire first. Yeah.

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One of my favorite to favorite is in the Quran. One of them is my final love will be either become what's God getting? What's God going to get out of punishing you anyway?

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What a beautiful thing for a lot of things. That's what a lot of the craters said that a lot will be out what's he going to do punishing you? So it's not like he wants to punish you. He's not there to punish you. He terror people have this sister came to me one time and she said, Why does God talk so much about Elon Docker on his fire burning skin oil. This is why I'm so terrified of it. That's my problem with the mind with Islam because it's so much talk about hellfire. I was like, would you rather hear about it get scared and get your act together? We'll be in it.

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Isn't it a mercy that he told me about it before I have to see it. True. True. Yes. He He's scared me out of my mind of that place. And then he told me I didn't create you to punish you.

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And I'm letting you know look, there's a horrible please don't go to it. It's like you open two doors.

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And he showed me what's behind both doors.

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And then he says, look, you have a choice to take whichever door you want. Now you're blaming him for showing you both doors. If you only showed you Jenna,

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can you say it sounds nice but

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I'll take my chances. Right? And you were you and he never told you about hell, he never told you. But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Whether you like it or not doesn't change reality. You could say I don't like traffic, hate it. That doesn't change the fact that it's still there. You're still stuck in and Buddy, right? What do you know about Hellfire or not doesn't change the fact that it's there. It's coming.

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It's a less favorite that he told us that it's there. And you notice he says in lamora hemara book when he daddy Kahala my second favorite about this subject, he says, except the one year master shows mercy to and by the way, that is why he created them in order to show them mercy.

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Allah says in this ayah the purpose for which he created us on his on our end the purpose of our creation to worship him on his end the purpose the creator so he can show us mercy Subhana Allah, what a beautiful, beautiful perspective on Allah. The first introduction we have to align the Quran is that he's extremely merciful. People think of Islam they start thinking of hellfire. First thing we should think is Allah wants excuses to show us mercy. Now how is he that Allah make our our Lord make us to earn paradise? How many opportunities but before you get into that you mentioned mercy how many time because it just popped in my head and not to take you off from the main question but

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you have a lot of opponents of Islam as they say exactly what you say that you know, a law is a vengeful god he just you know, he's not loving, you know, how many times is love actually mentioned in the Quran. Love is mentioned all over the place in the Quran. Actually, one time a Christian came to me and said, your God is in love or God is love. Show me in the Quran. Where's God love. I said, Okay, I opened it up.

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Allah says is extremely forgiving, and he's extremely loving.

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He just walked away, like, Where's the love brother?

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Right. But the idea is, it's it is there. And this is it is a central concept in our religion. But Allah calls it a two way street. Like everything else, don't take advantage of it, how many people are in a loving relationship, but at the same time, it's abusive. They, she loves him and he abuses her, but she still loves him. But that love is abusive.

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And on the other hand, also, there are parents who get used by their children out of love, right? It's an abusive relationship. Allah doesn't allow us to abuse our love of him. It's a mutual exchange. I've heard I know, we don't like in the creator to his creation. But I've heard an analogy made of a father, you love your father, but you got some fear there. You know what I mean? That's what keeps you in line. But it's not that your father, he loves you and you have this fear just to keep you on track. And on the idea of making comparisons between ourselves in the Creator, we don't compare anything to the Creator, but the relationship we have with the creator can be compared. And

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Allah did that himself, which is okay, to me relationships can be compared. But then we say the way Allah does that is an infinitely superior to this. Yes. This is what we can imagine how much more is allowed, you know,

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not talking about paradise a little bit. You know, the thing that personally fascinates me about Paradise is just one thing. I mean, there's so many descriptions of gender in the Koran, right? There's rivers flowing and cups being offered. I used to wonder why are cups being offered? And the lessons, what are cups that are placed? What's the point out that you ever throw a barbecue? You ever go to somebody's backyard and they're throwing a barbecue? And they buy those cups from like Walmart and Costco and they're serving drinks or whatever? Right? That's a little, you know, homely party. You have to go for your own drinks. You ever go to an expensive restaurant? Like a really

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elite restaurant? You got to pay 50 bucks just to sit down? What do you see on the table before you even get there?

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comes? This is 1400 years ago, Lenore? How we? How we think Alyssa is water flowing rivers flowing? You ever been to the lobby of a very expensive restaurant hotel? What do they have? You ever been to the CEOs office of a corporate executive top floor in New York City? What do they have? artificial waterfall. Something I'll describe every single commercial where they take you to go take a vacation in the Bahamas or take a vacation in you know, Hawaii or something escaped a paradise it says what do they show you a palm tree? Water drinks, relaxation. This isn't a verbatim Word of God. This is these are the pictures they show you on TV commercials, right? Yeah. What does it lead describing?

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This is what but this is what a law is the way

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describing water flowing trees, fruit drinks, people reclining and relaxing, enjoying each other's company.

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And you're looking at that and going wow, these guys made a commercial about escape to paradise.

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And it's like they read the Quran and made that because Allah knows what he's talking to. He knows what we want. He knows what we want. Now look at this. I don't even care about what religion you are. Everyone has to get especially men and even women as they get older and older. You know what there's one thing in our head, we can it's programmed. We can even get rid of it.

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A love of a beautiful house. You go through a nice neighborhood, what are you going to do?

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That's nice. Yes. Look at that yard. Oh my god. Oh my god, did you see that one if people can't help themselves, I don't care what religion what background you're from. Everybody has desires to save up and have a stable place to live. They don't want to live on rent, they want to own a place. They want to have a nice Island one and just the way they like it. What does a law firm paradise?

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It's incredible. He says, I'll give you a house. And it'll have what's the most expensive real estate in the world? beachfront property. Manhattan is one of the most expensive cities in the world. What's the most expensive part of Manhattan? Anything that looks over to the water? Yes. And the higher up, the higher up, the more expensive and a lot of what smart houses on top of mountains, mansions, they overlook the entire garden. They overlook the waterfall. These are things that we'll put inside our psyche, he wants us to desire these things in this world. So that when he talks about these much the much superior version of that in the next world, that we're truly motivated, we say,

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if this mansion can exist here, oh my god, what does it have? For me there? Is this beautiful vacation spot? The oceans in California, the beaches in California, the canyons in Arizona? You know, the waterfalls in Arkansas, if that can exist here. What does Allah have for me and in the author? What is it what what amazing thing is you're going to give me you know, amazing, amazing we're going to I'm getting very excited. I love talking about Jenna paradise. We're going to talk some more and we promise to answer some questions of yours here in a deep show. Don't go nowhere. Okay, you put your dream home and you've got your dream car, but you're going to get old and things

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are gonna happen to you in your life. And then what have you got at the end of the day, it's an empty dream that has no real Foundation, we are going to die and we're going to meet our Lord and He is going to judge us in becomes an obligation for each single human being to find out what the Quran is. Islam is telling us to stay away from things which are bad for your person and bad for the society.

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It's killing of innocent human beings.

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human life is precious.

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Back here on the deen show with the CEO of bainite Institute.

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Norman alikhan. On the dean show back on the dean show, he has his own private section at the deen show calm hamdulillah You're back. I love you.

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I didn't even know that. I'm really excited. And come to LA inshallah, you got to every time in Chicago. Hopefully we can we can continue having you back. We got it.

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Okay, so listen, I'm very excited. Like I said before, that you know, every time every every breath is a blessing that the Creator has given us and I love talking about gender paradox. Before we go to the question just just tell us so to get gender to get paradise? What are the simple things that we do something really that complicated? If you think about what are what do we have to do to achieve? eternity? bliss, perpetual happiness? Does it ever get tired? Do you ever get tired? bored in general? No, you don't ever get bored in general. That's one of the joys of jhana you have beautiful company in general. You know, over in this world, when we take a vacation, especially we take a

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vacation with the family. Kids might love it. It's a nightmare for parents, right? Because it can take care of everything and this and that. When people get together for a break. Like you know, Christians get together for Christmas break. Maybe families get together for a break or something. Fights break out arguments happen. This must be a time of celebration at the best celebration, but celebrations but we're with others and what happens. arguments, right?

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This was a happy time what happened here, you know, people cry and get weddings and things like that. Right? The year Allah says in June now one of the great joys of it First of all, boredom is taken away. Second of all, you get whatever you want. Third of all, this ill feeling towards each other is eliminated. We're not even capable of it in Ghana. You can't even say something that hurt somebody else's, you know, more xenix is gone. It's gone. So you only have this beautiful relationship. You know, sometimes husband and wife get into arguments, and they don't even know where it came from. But they're both confused. Like, how did we end up here? How did this

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conversation even start? Why did it get so nasty? That Allah will take that ability away from us? In July, we can only have wonderful conversation. I have something I'm looking forward to like peace being at peace all the time. You know, when when people are happy, they're sitting Man, I wish life could be like this all the time. And they know it's not going to be they know, around the corner of problems coming. migrants come in like this. Something's coming. Whether it's physical, emotional, something's coming. Just to know that there is nothing problematic coming. You know, one of my favorite favorite places in Japan and mentioned in Paradise is this guy who makes it to paradise,

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sort of the sofar he makes it to paradise. And he notices his friends sitting there and they're all this Hey, man, you made it do and they're kind of congratulating each other you'll be having those talks. Yeah, do you like oh my god, you know, from there, you know from there and we're just getting to know each other all over again.

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I remember you, and then you wonder what happened to my best friend. I don't see him here. So he from way back in the day, back in this world, he remembers his one friend missing from this group. And he goes, would you like to know what happened to him and nobody else volunteers, but he wishes to see his old friend. So imagine this Indiana law opens a window so he can see his friend in hell.

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Okay, so this is a scene described in the 37 surah. So it looks the guy burning in Hellfire, his best friend, you get to see this. Now you see, you get to see this from Jana. Because in general, you get anything you want. Right? So he wanted to see his friend. Wish granted, you get a view into Hellfire, and you see your friend burning? And he says, Nikita Jordan.

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You almost made me fall off the cliff to man. He looks at his friend does is it you? Okay, can I pull you out? He doesn't say it. I said, Man, you almost took me to the party with you. That was the guy trying to take him to the nightclub? That's correct. He goes you made me almost got me. You're the one who used to make fun of my religion says are you too extreme? What do you mean, we're gonna go back to paradise? Or there's gonna be a hellfire. You're the one who used to crack jokes with me about religion. You know that he was that guy. And then now imagine this guy who's in jail now looking at this and saying, Oh, thank God, I didn't listen to you. Because for a second year, I was

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thinking about it. Right? So he other windows closed. But this guy has just seen hellfire. Do you think he's shocked and horrified? He would be even though he's in Jannah. He just saw hellfire. So he comes back into Jana. And it's like he just got here for the first time. The words in the Quran are amazing. I find that No, man.

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Are we not going to die anymore, really.

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But we already knew that he's in Ghana. But when he saw a glimpse of Hellfire, the most beautiful thing you can appreciate about gender first and for like it's a reintroduction agenda was the first thing he says. I can't die anymore. Except that first death we already tasted.

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You know. And then the second thing you appreciate what I want you to imagine what is the second thing he says that he loves about gender? Now imagine trees, mansions, friends, waterfall, all the food, you want amazing things around him? And what's the number two thing first thing we're not going to die anymore? What's the number two thing he says this is the most amazing thing ever? Number two reason we're not going to be tortured. There's no more pain.

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Does the second thing he appreciates Why? Because he just saw what pain looks like. Somehow Allah has done. Amazing, amazing. So it just came to my mind before we answered some of the questions. Someone from the outside, you know, everything makes sense in Islam, you know, but certain people are trying to confuse people to get them off that path of reaching of submitting to the crater. So they throw out certain allegations against Islam, a lot of false things statements, and one of them is that, look, your God is just creating this paradise. And all you guys are just seeking pleasure. It's all about pleasure. And have you heard this argument? What do you say about this? I said lots

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of things about that. So

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that was the first thing I say about that. So there's pleasure for you run after pleasure here and you're telling me I'm a criminal because I'm running after pleasure that God gives me for earning good deeds and pleasure is something a lot put inside me. Do you deny there's such a thing as a pursuit of pleasure? Nobody does. Everybody's looking for pleasure in this world. God is just Shall we put the brakes on act ethically and act decently in this world? And I will all the things you held yourself back from I will let you have I say why not? I used these to argue that Islam is you know, you might have a younger audience that Islam offers such sexual rewards in paradise. That's

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one of the you know, and it's you know, this beautiful women and this and that. I say to you, you have a young man who goes to college in this country who goes to campus in the middle of the summer he sees half naked women all around him and he guards his eyes. He doesn't make they make small talk with him. He doesn't make small talk back he knows he keeps telling himself always got better for me allows God better for me. It was got better from she looks beautiful, but I'm not gonna look I can't. I can't I know Allah has better. I know. You know how hard that is for a young man to do.

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And a light at the end of the day says Bravo You did well, you know what you deserve something.

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Everything you've held yourself back from here you go.

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It is not that we get these, you know lustful rewards in paradise. It's actually that you guarded yourself against the most strongest urge a man can have. How many psychologists talk about how many times a man thinks about sex in a day. You know, I mean, some even count like every 30 seconds or every 40 seconds or so. Psychologists call it 30 4062 minutes even to be seen how much this thought runs in the mind of a person how much it can add to that we're living in a time where pornographic images filthy ads shameless is constantly being bombarded in our face how much even more and in the face of all of that a man guards his chastity, a woman guards herself. why shouldn't they? why

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shouldn't they be given the best reward the most beautiful spouse ever imaginable? why shouldn't they be given that they'll both

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have whatever their heart's desire, whatever their hearts, man, and when anything they want, they can have agenda. That's correct. Okay. And if you know, if you think well, what I'm going to want is going to be evil, evil itself is removed from your heart. So whatever you want will be good anyway. Whatever you want is good in and of itself and you will be so pleased with it. Because when I say good, it doesn't just mean it will be boring, it means it will be good, it will be pleasing to you and good for you. How many things in this world are pleasing to people, but they're not good for them? People find pleasure in drugs, don't they? Yes, but they die from them too. People find

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pleasure in alcohol, they get sick from it too. They get into car accidents, from it to pleasure, something pleasurable and something good for you is never the same. Except in general. In general, it's going to be good for you and pleasurable for you, while at the same time. How about seeing the face of our Lord? Is that one of the things that also is the ultimate, that's the ultimate seeing Allah, our Creator, I'll give you a comparison. I know, Allah has the highest comparison. But you know, if you're just a small employee in this huge company with hundreds of 1000s of workers,

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you just started working there as an intern, you'll never see the CEO sees on the news. You know, you work at a post office means you work for the government, you're never gonna see the president. But imagine you got invited to the White House, the post office worker, the clerk got invited to the White House, and he's got a private one on one meeting. And instead of you extending your hand, President extends his hand it says welcome. He honors you. And then he pours a drink for you. How on earth would you feel? Oh my god, what are you doing? For me? That's a human being that we think has honor. Now imagine the slave of Allah among billions of slaves on this earth from the beginning of

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humanity to the end of it. how insignificant would he be before Allah? And Allah says Salah mon cola Raja Rahim, Allah The masterful, the Merciful master is going to be saying Salaam to him. He's going to be saying peace to him. He's congratulate us saluting him. And then he says takahara busaba hora. Their master will give them to drink. Imagine Allah offering you to drink

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these scenes that are described in Jana there. They're beyond our imagination. But when we hear of these scenes, you know, one time somebody asked me what's what's the big deal by paradise anyway? What do you get? I just told them drinks.

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What's in my mind? is Allah giving me drink? More? Can I ask for amazing? Don't lose your place. We're going to take a break and we'll be right back God Willing with some more here on the deed show? I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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They will always be someone that will be there to say something negative, but at the same time, there'll be someone there to say something positive. Also, just hold on to the woman with everything in this universe rely and need a last minute answers don't kill women don't kill children don't kill the old people don't attack the civilians. This is what the prophet Mohammed told us

00:23:28--> 00:23:31

that the prophets are solid never ever start a war against anybody.

00:23:36--> 00:23:41

And if we're going to worship something, I figured I might as well worship the creator instead of any of the creations.

00:23:42--> 00:24:00

Now it upon investigating the religions, I remember finding out the meaning of what Islam is what a Muslim is. Those who surrender their self to God is a Muslim. Those who submit submit to God, God's will that Islam was pure, it was just you just pray to God your Creator.

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Back here on the deen show, some came I was gonna tell you off air but i thought you know, why not share it with with our viewers also, as I was thinking, so, inshallah, if we make it to genda if we strive and we do what our Creator wants us to do, and we please him before we meet him, and then we're in genda, and we can be talking about remember we're on the deen show, talking about jedna

00:24:30--> 00:25:00

Allah grant the agenda, and all those that are striving to to be good to be upon good to please the creator before they meet the Creator, and to do His will not their desires. And we I mean, we can't we got to tell the truth. We said we're going to ask some questions. I got taken away with the topic genda I know I love talking about it. So and hopefully inshallah, some of these questions now can be already answered because the person who's saying I want to be religious, but something is stopping me. Hopefully they heard about motivation. This would be a motivation, Bad Company. Maybe it's laziness. Maybe it's your addiction to enter

00:25:00--> 00:25:34

attainment, turn the thing off, erase the games off your phone, for God's sake, get get a life really, oh, people are so addicted to entertainment now. And then they say, I can't feel anything in prayer. Well, what a surprise. You have to get off of the screen, you just have to get off. You know, it's ironic, we're going to be on the screen. But if you're gonna be on the screen, be there for something productive, you get motivated to play the Xbox and then win the game and beat everybody at it. Yep. Right. And then you turn into a couch potato at the same time, right? It takes, it makes you less of a human, it really does. And the only thing you can compare people

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playing video games, what what other creature can sit in the same place for hours and hours and hours and not move? What animal on the earth can do that even a snail is slowly trying to move from its position, right? This is a really pathetic state for a person to be in to sit for two and a half hours before a movie. And the only time the muscle moves is for popcorn to go into the mouth. You know, this so it What a surprise. You're not motivated. You know, this is one thing bad companies, another, a company that's in itself addicted to entertainment, what's it going to do for you, you have to be around people that are intellectually stimulating, that are doing good things around you.

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And a big thing also is to not be alone, especially for young people. When you're alone, you are shaytans lunch, you're done. You're gonna end up doing the wrong thing. I guarantee you. You need to be around in a safe environment, you want to be alone, go to the machine and be alone. Go to the machine. Go sit in the library. Don't be alone. Don't be alone, especially not in your home. But you have an internet connection at home. I don't need to say more.

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Don't be cruisin for a bruisin. is so that's correct. Yeah. I didn't know they said that. But yeah.

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So you get motivated and you win the NBA championships you put your mind in it. And now you're like Michael Jordan, and you win the game and you sit there wasting your time. Okay, you get motivated to get a diploma right? Even a GED you get motivated, right? You get motivated to go chase that lady or that man? What about motivation to seek the pleasure? The one who created you, you know, this, this question was asked also by one of your other writers, I can't find a balance between this world and the next Dean. And then yeah, now,

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I said there is no struggle. Everything we do in this world is for the author if your intention is right, if you're going to work for the right reasons, if you're staying away from evil deeds, if you're remembering a loved one you're supposed to, if you're eating what you're supposed to eat, if you're saying what you're supposed to say you can live in this world and have a great time and still learn your agenda. A lot of them want you to have a horrible time in this world. You know, we I don't know why we have this concept that we have to kind of cut ourselves off from this world to earn gender. No, no, no, you have to make the most of this world to earn Ghana, we have very little

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time on this earth. I mean, most of my half of my life is spent sleeping and the the few hours that I'm awake, take away the time I have to relieve myself get dressed for work, steam commute to the job, put in the eight hours at work. And come back what I have two, three hours of free time technically free time that I actually have some control over. How about I make the most of that free time, you know, that that could change my life, those few hours that you have free after work, or that commute to work instead of listening to useless news. You know about the weather and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. I want you to listen to something productive in that time. Listen to some

00:28:22--> 00:28:56

moron, listen to something that will increase your knowledge. Listen to you know a good discussion that will help you understand things better. memorize those at that time, do something more productive and in your free time do do good things. Make a routine out of going to the masjid regularly. You know, every OSHA you catch every OSHA before you start your workday and catch every fudger in the machine may add some small good routines in your life and how much good will come out of your life is amazing. Another of your listeners asked how can I improve my character? Step one, do no harm. Stop doing bad things. Don't talk about adding good deeds until you get rid of bad

00:28:56--> 00:29:33

deeds. You know, you can't talk about giving this patient medicine until you stop the bleeding first. It doesn't make any sense. You know? So you got to stop the entertainment addiction. You got to stop the watching the filth, you got to stop. You got to start lowering your eyes when you're walking down the street because you're becoming less of a human. Every time you stare at a woman and you stare at her like she's a piece of a piece of meat like she's an animal. That just means you've lost respect for a fellow human being. That's all that means to you. That's nothing nothing but you're looking at her like an ape looks like a female ape. You know like a dog looks at a female

00:29:33--> 00:29:58

dog. That's all you've turned into an animal. regain your humanity first and then embellish beautify your life with good deeds. use simple small things. Get perfect your prayer, memorize a few supplications try to you know, be honest in your workplace. Be kind to your mother. These are not complicated things. This is what the creator wants from us. That's all What if someone says why'd Why does he want this for me? What What is it this is benefiting him?

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00:30:01--> 00:30:07

Everything Allah wants from us is one of his name is Ronnie, what do you mean someone who doesn't need anything.

00:30:08--> 00:30:36

And he told us that in an IRA in which he basically told us to do certain things, and he's full of money, and he's free of need wondermill for karate are the ones that are bankrupt. Now, in that IRA, he doesn't need anything, and we need everything because we're bankrupt. And then he told us to do a few good deeds. And if you do a few good deeds, he will make you money, he'll make you free of need, he'll give you shower you with blessings. Not only are good deeds beneficial to us, because they in and of themselves are like medicine.

00:30:37--> 00:31:08

But they bring with them bonuses in this world and the next world, you'll be kind to your mother and you never know, you were looking for a job forever. And you're also mean to your mom, you start being kind of your mother and mysteriously you get a call back. I want you to come in for an interview, the blessings of being kind to your mother, one good deed will open up other doors for you. This is what a lead does in this world, whoever becomes conscious of Allah, Allahu Maharaj. And he starts making the doors open for them, making a way out for them. When you're in high school if SAP starts providing him from where you couldn't even imagine, all because this person became

00:31:08--> 00:31:41

conscious of Allah. Right? That's all of us asking us and he's asking us, for us to make our life better. last comment. Allah says, you know, people say what does God want? It's a really fundamental question. What does God want? There's a few out there. Tell us the answer. One of them as you read the law, who do you have a Franco well, holy Paladin Sangha, Allah wants to lighten your burden. And the man and human the human being was created weak. You think you're making your life easier by partying, you're making it harder I want is for you, I want to take the burden off of you, you just don't understand it, you're too weak.

00:31:42--> 00:32:04

You know, how Allah so paradise, that's the GPS what we should have it set for get there. The the the the game plan is obeying God before we meet God, and obeying Him is only going to bring goodness in our lives. Any any closing comments, anything else? We have to wrap it up? That's it, what do you what else you for the viewers now,

00:32:05--> 00:32:13

for my viewers are and the viewers of the show. First of all, congratulations on this fantastic effort. I really, really respect this effort. And I recommend it all the time and

00:32:14--> 00:32:50

bring a lot of good from it to me to people all over the world and accept all of these these from us, for every second that is viewed in the viewer, be rewarded with the people that are involved in this program be rewarded. And schelotto, this becomes our ticket to paradise. I mean, we collect the checks later and shall have the other so that that's one thing I really wanted to share. The second thing I wanted to share is that, you know, this kind of effort, it should inspire even the viewers that are in our audience, to become more motivated to do good deeds, how small efforts think things like YouTube, how they've transformed the world, right? Things like small things like Twitter, where

00:32:50--> 00:33:23

you just put a little hashtag and can create revolutions in the world now. So don't underestimate the value of small deeds. You might think it's just an hour worth of effort, 20 minutes worth of effort and out you know, but when Allah empowers that deed, it can change the world. You know, so don't underestimate the power of the small things that that you do. And ask Allah to empower them with his butter COVID his blessings army thank you very much May Allah the Creator of the heavens Earth reward you thank you very much. My pleasure being here. And that was my brother and your brother, nominally can give me some great advice, a great description of Jenna paradise, what every

00:33:23--> 00:33:58

human being should be striving for, before you meet your Creator, work to please your Creator, and you have one shot to get it right. This is the test the test of life. And God Almighty, He sent the verbatim Word of God the Quran, that's the instruction manual, and the last and final message sent to mankind the problem of peace be upon them. It's all there. It's all there. So don't waste time. Get to know this beautiful way of life. And then you'll see the beautiful fruits that will come from doing this way of life Islam submission to the one God and this is how you get peace. Pick up the verbatim WORD OF GOD call us at one 800 662 Islam. Until next time, peace to you.