Humanitarian Catastrophe In Syria

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The conversation covers various issues in the Middle East, including missile attacks, sham of the legal system, and blessedness of the holy month. The holy month is said to bring the end of Earth, and the importance of learning from history and taking the right steps to avoid war is emphasized. The history of Islam is discussed, including its use in warfare and its connections to religion. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a book and song.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Allah,

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Allah Allah.

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Allah kita Baba kitabi wa Sharia Tabata Shariati Amano favela Hina Schaefer smilla rahmanir rahim Suhana Larry esperaba de la mina Merci de l'homme et al Masjid Al Aqsa

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Hillel masjidul axillary Baraka Hola Hola, Maria, Tina inna who who is Sammy almasi Sara Kala hula z m.

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My dear respected elders and brothers. In last week's ban, we had looked upon happenings in Nyssa and Egypt

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and it's spoken about those happenings, lessons to be taken and we will address the various issues surrounding missile in Egypt.

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It is such

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a tragic situation upon the Ummah today, after discussing what had happened in misser in Egypt, today, we would like to address and like to speak upon what is happening in our day Sham in Syria. And in this regard, I also recited it in the Holy Quran, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the blessedness of Sham and the blessedness of the pressings of mercy.

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And that Allah in the ayah, which I have revealed recited, speaks about nebia Karim Silva who Allah He was salaams

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journey to mastery exam and they're saying Alavi Baraka hola Whoa, that Nigeria AXA, the pressings of which we have made blesses and utter says the entire pressings of Nigeria. Allah subhanho wa Taala has made it a blessing and from the hobbies of our beloved Nivea cream sauce.

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We learn that this blessedness and pressings refers to what is known as a sham

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or the Sham means the land of Sham the land of Syria as it is loosely translated. Although when we take the name Syria today, we feel the country state of Syria of which Damascus is a capital, which is today ruled by Bashar Al Hassan. However, in the Quranic terminology, the word or the Sham is much more vast than that. It refers to the length of the Ambien a massage

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and would include what is the maskers include what is part of Syria today could also include what is today known as Palestine would include parts in portion of Jordan and would include parts of Lebanon. That is the entire Earth a sham which has been made possible by Allah subhana wa tada there are many other hobbies to this particular aspect

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of the Sham

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Nadia cream sauce alumna of the Sham kibarim a.

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Jasmine is

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it is made mentioned many times it may be a creme de la vida he was Salam. It said in one ad that one day nebia cream salsa was sitting with us and said what do you say about our vision?

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knows best. And then we are Karim Allah Azza wa sallam it says the angels spread the wings of mercy overshadow the angel spread the wing over the Sham and then maybe a cream sauce for me another added maybe a creme de la Hollywood sentiment said that Allah has made blesses the land between Irish and

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Irish is just on the border of Palestine right after ferok which is in Iraq, Libya cream sauce them etc. which appears in comes with a man that Allah tala has made blessedly the lane between Irish and Flora which includes much of what is known as what I've said

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and added maybe a cream sauce limited in obese which appears

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to be a cream sauce the myth said that the entire world would be destroyed 40 years before the Sham Sham would be the last portion of earth to be destroyed by Allah tala among the signs of karma, amongst the aspects with regard to the virtue and blessedness of a sham is firstly Allah has made it less it. Secondly It is

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therefore one of you cream sauce lamb speaking about Jerusalem

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City is not a spin of that particular land in which Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Has not sent the money and the movie did not make some form of some form of sister on that land. It is such a Mubarak and blessedly. So one is the aspect that it is blessing. Secondly it is a labor of

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As I made mentioned many times previously

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they are not as if they are the ambia of other religions they are our enemies. We are more closer posit masala Salaam, Mo cruciferous Ali salat wa salam more closer to

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Allah in any other religion

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ambia musataha ceram Italia Marquis

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Ramses Jada Karim? Hey, Ben is Becky odk.

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The reason why we are more close is because we have taken the correct teachings of the mBiA, Masato ceram and we have not taken the distorted teachings of them the way other religious groups have done. So when this lead is a lead of Serato Salaam, who will hold as revered personalities in the land in which they state the land which witness they challenges the tiles, they know what they preaching, in Weymouth, in that land be beloved to us. Why must the Midland be beloved to us? And then the third thing is that land would be the place where many aspects of chiamato take place. And we all know many signs of kiama to take place rounding up the Sham to the extent that as an East LA

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salat wa salam will make his money when he sallallahu wasallam come back into the earth, He will come in Damascus, when the jar will be killed, he will be killed in Palestine. And it is also made mentioned that the first signs of Tiamat in the blowing of the trumpet would happen near outputs. So these are aspects with regard to the other shop and

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in his lifetime, used to speak about the blessedness and also tell the Muslims one day you will conquer there are many

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Muslim said, either Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala destroys the Roman Empire there will be no reawakening of the Roman Empire. It will be new here we can even with regard to the Roman Empire, I don't have the time to go and speak about how Muslims conquered a sham, how Muslims conquered this blessed land. But few lessons that we take with regard to how Muslims conquered so that we can internalize that message that what was the reason? How did they conquer? And how did they come in control of that Mubarak implicit land? And why today, that very blessed land today other people are making decisions with regard to the lessons learned today, despite the fact we can might be some

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sort of physically in control. But the reality is, other people are described in many ways. They are deciding the destiny of that limb, which may be a creamy sauce when is spoken about in his aggressive blend. This is something that we need to firstly when there's a very long I won't have the time to go into just one or two lessons. One thing that we learn with regard to it, he said the Muslims conquered Sham at that time, not because so much because of the physical and military might, but more so because of the commitment and determination upon the deen of Islam. That is the foremost and one of the most crucial aspects with regard to how Muslims kombucha. Mr. Maroney Joe Pataki,

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fortuitously Me Up next is Eman. caymus, Boudicca jazzi Allah tala tampopo, gigantic emergency. That is how Allah subhanho wa Taala granted them.

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And we give you many examples with regard to it. You see, one example that we can quote is that when Muslims were stationed around Jerusalem, Muslims were stationed around Jerusalem. At that time, part of the agreement was looking over Jerusalem, to Jerusalem to you, provided you bring your califia you bring your Muhammad he will give him the keys, because they wanted to see the description of

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what the description which is made in the scriptures. So that was it.

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And while they were waiting for

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the enemies said, Let us now try, let us try to mislead the Muslims who are here, so that

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assistance can go away from them, and that assistance can go away from them. So what they told them that they used to walk in a particular pathway to read Salah to the place. So they told the woman to seduce the Sahaba that seduce them. They are away from home for so many times. Maybe by seducing them they come at immortality, Allah transmitted to avoid from them. Historians narrate that when the Muslim people in authority came to know and realize what the plans were. They told us that don't

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See towards the charms and the beauties of the woman. And historians married that they used to pass by there in such a way that if there was a bird perched upon they hit, the bird would not fly away. But such dignity and what such control, they used to pass those type of seductions and aspects of immortality.

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It is about

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from from Medina to come and get the gates the keys of the Gates of Jerusalem, he met the Sahaba at a place called Java. Java is near Damascus, and from Java,

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into Jerusalem, and to go and get the keys of Jerusalem when he was there.

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People told him, they don't get trouble on the cameras, the people look down upon traveling on the camera, and he had torn and tattered clothes. And they gave him smart and beautiful clothes and said this would make you look now in such a way that was your way to get the keys of Jerusalem in that particular way.

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And then historians Nick mentioned that Maria Latino The next day, he got hold of the mural, the mural started stuttering, or you know, stuffing, or showing some pride. So

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keep your immune, give me back my camera. And then Maria gave this very, very beautiful words, not no Pomona zanella. We are a nation that Allah Allah has given our respect on the basis of Islam. If we see respect in any other thing other than Islam, Allah, Allah will take away that respect. That doesn't mean we did not take necessary proportion. It is amazing with regard to the proportion that they had taken, and the management with regard to how they had conquered these different places. And therefore they said that initially,

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he was the first person to make incursions into the Roman Empire into what is known as a sham. So when he did so,

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be careful of making such progress, if you leave your year uncovered, and you leave it for the enemies to attack, so have you been saddled with the same mistake. He went so far in they allowed him to go into the land of Sham, which was at that time governed by the Roman Empire, that they allowed him so and then they they send the forces to attack him from the back, and they had to make a hasty retreat. Part of the history retreat was, it was governed by a mob in Abuja, and at that time, as a

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solid means to go so far, that people will be able to attack you from the rear, take your necessary precaution, then

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gather all the different forces of the Muslims in the different parts, and brought them together in a central place. And that is where the famous incident and the famous battle of Yarmouk place, your Mukesh on the border of Jordan and Israel. And that is where this particular incident, and this petrel decisive battle that led to the conquering of Sham, and led to the fall of the Roman Empire. And that is why the front pages are in different places. For example, you know, some of the Sahaba in hymns in Isa

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era he was fighting against the Persian Empire, and leave Iraq and come in, bring your, your expertise, bring it here to the fight against the Roman Empire, and conquer sham. So he made a remarkable trip over five days, over such terrain in which was much not much water over desert, in that in itself was such a remarkable journey of corruption,

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in which he cut across the desert from Iraq, to come here to sham. And then eventually, the Muslims then fought against the Romans in Yarmouk, they numbered something like 25 to 30,000 against a force that was way in excess of 100,000. But Allah subhanaw taala granted the victory. So there was a big amount of planning also that went in, but that planning did not take away from the fact that the simple reason that anitra had granted them victory was because of obeying the commands of Allah tala. Another aspect with regard to why they were successful was the fought for the cause. They do not fight for personal ambitions, Sabbath quote, for the sake of Allah, they didn't fight for their

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own name to be put into the open. So many examples among us was a conqueror of Egypt. As I

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told him

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initially as I leave Egypt, go to the front and go and fight there. So he wrote an amazing thing. He said, Oh, I mean, I am the arrow. You are the archer. I am the arrow You are the archer. you deploy me wherever you want. You are the archer you take the arrow and put the arrow wherever you want. And that's what Allah will use us. I do not do it for any personal ambition.

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What a great general, the greatest general in the history of humanity, never mind Islam. And when people you started saying that hundreds of young

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Ultron is such a great channel wherever he partakes Islamic Muslim who gave victory

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was very worried about the statement because he wanted people to refer the victory of Islam to Allah, not to anyone else, as a member of a Latino removed

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from being the general removed, he said Why? He said people are saying Islam is gaining victory because of Khalid. I wanted to show that not because of Khalid, but because of Allah, Allah Allah grants victory to the Muslims. And when people to have him, he removed you without any reason. He removed him without any reason. Maybe three minutes ago to the ccma. He said no reason. Why did you do so? He did. What did he say? He said, even if you remove me so what I'm still fighting for Allah. I'm not fighting for MMA. People told him leave me Don't fight. I'm not fighting for I'm fighting for Allah subhanaw taala the same. After that. You see a movie daddy Java was the Supreme Commander

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of the Muslim army in Syria, which led to the conquest of Syria. Afterwards, they were different

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armies into dispatch. So have you been bullied was dispatched by

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and he brought about the conquering of the city of Hades, Roja, Antioch, etc. And when Omar came to know about how Khalid bin Walid, under the commander ship of Abu Zubaydah, Chara was still fighting and still achieving victory. He said, Our worker was a better Judge of human beings and what I am, what did he say? He was a better Judge of human beings than what I am. So, so they did so with the intention of pleasing Allah subhanaw taala for personal ambition. The other aspect was this great aspect of religious cohesion and certainty in the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the promises of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So they do not have the disunity that today we see prevalent

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the float for the sake of Allah aka Allah, akin to be a key Rasool

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Allah we have one another one Rasul one Quran. But why is it that we are fighting for different reasons, and we are so diverse and diverse, and so disunited, so they have this religious cohesion. Also, another aspect is that they hate certainty, but maybe a cream sauce from said they had certainty. And so what an amazing incident, the minute that he

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had given him no indication that Muslims will conquer Palestine. So Tamiya dari originally came from Hebron, which is today as a prime minister that wasallam was buried. So he told me,

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if we are going to come to that place, right, I come from that place, right, that particular land, I must be given a portion of that particular layer when Muslims eventually conquer Hebron and conquer Jerusalem. So in that particular way, when they did this,

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when morellato came in Concord, North Dakota keys immediately

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showed him the letter of Nivea cream sauce, the woman said, I will give you a portion of a portion of Hebron, I will make you the governor of the place, I won't give you the entire land, because the land also belongs to other people. And he gave him a small section of the land. Just imagine the yaqeen and conviction they had of our beloved to be a cream sauce. Now, another aspect of cassava, they were called they were victorious, because of tolerance and because of love for justice, irrespective of the people who they came into contact with. So we know the various aspects with regard to when Ilan was in Java. There is a group of horsemen who came in the Saba kata to defend

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and got ready for battle. And those horsemen never be with a Christian people who came from Jerusalem and they asked for safety and security.

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They're in danger via wrote agreement, in which he said, I will give you complete freedom while you are under Muslim Rooney. I will give you freedom, I will allow you to practice your religion. In fact, one of the last parting advisors of Uber of your mouth and no one is deaf did was look after the non Muslim citizens of the Muslim of the Islamic State because maybe a creamy sauce limited man either the Mian whoever, whoever gives inconvenience to a non Muslim citizen of a Muslim state. I will fight on behalf of the non Muslim citizen against him on the day of

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I said, I will fight against him on the deal. He said all over Europe and one day he was walking in the city of Medina, he saw someone begging who was an old person, why are you begging he sent me an old person I used to afford jizya in the early stages when I was young and I had means of income. Now all I can afford a text if you impose upon me, the text that was imposed by the Muslims over non Muslim citizen was because of the Muslims providing safety and security to the what people will not be able to give for the sake of safety and security in this country. So Muslims provided them with the safety and security. We saw him, took him to the bathroom and said What is it you

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of our justice, when we take when we take the wealth when they are young, and we cannot show mercy upon them when they are old. He then passed the law that anyone who is all from amongst the non Muslim citizens, the text must be deduced.

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In hymns and inessa. As I made mentioned, the Muslim is gathered in your move to fight against the Persian Empire. They had to they had to relocate and come out of hymns. When they went out of hymns, the non Muslim citizens were crying, why are you crying? These were these are Muslims who come with you. He made it to the Roman Empire your fellow fellow Christians. They said, You are like angels who came in like angels who are leaving Washington because

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that is the that is the reasons why Allah subhanaw taala granted victory. He didn't come just in a vacuum. He didn't come by slogan, slogan alien. It came about by these type of justice, tolerance commitment to the cause. lafonda is a sutra Allahu Allah wa sallam, not for personal ambition. These are the reasons why Allah subhanaw taala granted victory to Muslims in other Sham and Allah subhanho wa Taala had kept the Muslims in there for a long period of time. Now we come to a situation very briefly that we make mentioned with regard to it. We all know what has happened. Nowadays, Allah subhanaw taala make it easy in these blessed lands by the respect of others, what is happening to

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the women and children, people who have been there eyewitness tell us that small small children have been killed the chemical weapon, which most likely it is the Assad regime, which is key young children through the means of chemical weapons. May Allah subhanaw taala take him to task with regard to whoever has done it, or to deal with them appropriately. Allah has his wisdom, we cannot fathom it. We don't question the decision of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But we make our law the way they have done.

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You take them to task with regard to what they have done, you deal with them appropriately. But this particular aspect of, you know, this Mubarak Lin the woman have been violated. We hear such stories that I don't want to make mention of it because the situation is dire enough for us to make mention of these types of incidents. To illustrate the dire situation, we all know the dire situation. There are 1000s and close to hundreds of 1000s of our woman and children who are in refugee camps. They are in such a pitiable condition that people who see them, they tell you that they are prepared to accept anything. They are even prepared to accept assistance from non Muslim missionaries, who are

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going in great numbers to take them away from Islam. May Allah Allah keep them steadfast upon Islam. And then of course, we have the situation where the western superpowers are the powers of the world today, they want to go and invade Syria, or they want to bomb Syria. And they what what is the reason they give, they give the reason because of chemical weapons, because of chemical weapons use, which is against international norms and laws. Therefore, we want to invade Syria, they have not done so they do not want to do so because they have love for the people of that country, or they want to protect the people of that country from any type of oppression. No, they are doing it for

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their own vested interests. It is a well known situation, if they were so worried about chemical weapons, then in 2003 and 2004. United States use chemical weapons against Fallujah, and up to know that people

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are complaining with regard to the diseases that have come because of the chemical weapons used in Fallujah. In December 2012. It was widely reported that the regime used chemical weapons weapons against the people of the Israeli government use phosphorus with regard to the Gaza invasion in 2009.

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This is something that is well known. In fact, one of the most essential ingredient with regard to chemical weapons was supplied to the Assad regime by the United Kingdom Government.

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And these are historical facts, which people now writers are making mention of. So we are not going there because of the chemical weapons that have been used. They are going there because of vested interest. We also don't even wait because assets are they want democracy because we know what happened in Egypt.

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We know what happened in Egypt. They topple a democratically elected government. So we're not going there anything because of that, it is an aspect with regard to what you and I should really consider. It is our weakness by the respect of others. The these people today who are deciding the destiny of the woman that has realized our weakness that a style come out of a weakness, assessment and set a time will come when the nations of the world will gather around you. Will you get around a plate of food in Sabah sathyaraj Sula will be literally number themselves who said you won't be little but you'd be great amount of a number. You will be more than them. They said yoshua Why? He

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said love for this material world and dislike for death. Because of me Allah subhanaw taala make us realize but never let us lose sight of our the status of the school in front of Allah subhanaw taala via cream sauce. Tomato tomahto Akuma Lisa

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is made mention of this hadith

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This is an omen which Allah has mercy upon. Now you will see ways of Mercy. Mercy would have been victory over the

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definition of mercy, Lissa la Terre by enlarge this woman, Allah will not punish it in the after.

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inshallah Allah says, In this Allah

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Allah will not punish the spoon but in the

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00:25:25--> 00:25:28

is in this world and kitten will attend

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and what will be the other of this in this world, fitna trials tribulation healing and earthquakes look at the situation with regard to Muslims being in the separation more than anyone else. This is upon us if only we can understand why. Because Allah tala want to purify us, inshallah to put us in touch Allah that has realized this and others keep in mind our weakness and never lose sight. The eventual success belongs to those who have human yet in an AMA lasagna welcome.