Hajj ProTips – 21 – The Journey Back

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. For today's touch pro tip we'll be covering the farewell of Medina Manoa and the journey back home. Now, as your time in Madina, munawwara begins to wrap up, it's important that you begin to feel a sorrow of the departure of Madina, munawwara as the companions felt that sorrow when they left Madina, munawwara the famous stories that belong to the loved one and live in Japan or the last one, are, are known to everyone. And amongst all the other companions, the sorrow they felt when they left Madina, munawwara trying to build that in yourself and make dua to Allah, Allah allow us to visit this holy city again, and again, I mean, Europe,

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insha, Allah and Aziz. Now on your journey back, it's important once again, you keep yourself busy, you don't want to wash away all the spirituality you've built in the past 20 odd days, you know, all the great sacrifice of arriving in Makkah the law of Hajj and everything, what happens is people lose it. The moment they leave Medina until they arrive home, you know, on that journey, you could be in the plane, again, you're looking at things that are haram and the T on TV while you're sitting in a plane. And, you know, looking at things that are doing things that are Haram, you don't want to do that. So protect yourself, watch out for that tax of shaytaan. Now, one thing that I would

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definitely recommend to do on the way back home, is to write a journal, or write your thoughts. Put your thoughts together, you know, when you get back home, people are going to ask you, how was your hunch? Everyone's gonna ask you this, your co workers are gonna ask you, your family members are going to ask you, and how you answer that question is very important. You can say it was great. And that's it. You're not going to motivate anyone to make that journey. You're not going to inspire anyone. Or you can say the hotels were great big deal Americans got bigger, better hotels, bigger and better hotels. So that shouldn't be the core of your discussion, the food, the hotel, the

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accommodation, the group, you should be talking about your spiritual journey, you know, so you might want to just keep a little journal how you felt when you first saw the Kaaba? What emotions did you experience while you're doing the life of the Kaaba? How did it feel to stand in front of the grave of the puffs awesome. What did it mean to be an autofab. So write that down. And if you write that down and share with other people, maybe send us an email, post it up on a blog, talk to your friends about it. These will be key points that you can refer back to when you're sharing your thoughts with people who come when you get back home, and inshallah you may be able to inspire someone to go for

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Hajj, and you'll get their reward to inshallah. Now, the second thing is, make an intention to change. If you're someone who's struggling with the hijab, this is a good time to take that step. If you're someone that's struggling with the beard, this is a good time to take that step. And these things are Sunnah. And these are important things, not only the hijab and beard, I just gave those two examples. It could be anything, any sooner as a brother, any sudden as a sister that you're lacking in, make an attempt to make yourself more religious. If you're not punctual with your prayers when you go back home, be punctual with your peers. People at home are expecting you to

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change. When you come back home and you don't change. What you're saying to them is that I went on hide and hide is not really a big deal. It really doesn't do much and I'm back to being that same person. Rather than motivating people to do hij you may end up turning them away. So that's today's hedge pro tip. We encourage you to practice and convey on to others as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh