How to Deal With My Non-Muslim Family at Christmas

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Somebody can walk into law. When a Muslim has family members who have celebrations and Christmas and Easter and other festivities to do with other religions, the Muslim faces a number of challenges if they are your family members, you're constantly invited to participate and to to be part of that celebration. So what do we do as muslims? Do I simply participate in their acts of worship not wanting to offend them? Or do I hold my Islamic identity to tell them what it means to be a Muslim, and that not participating in something doesn't mean that I'm disrespecting you, but this is who I am now. And I think the best way to get through this is to explain to our family members with

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wisdom, being respectful, what it means for you to be a Muslim with us celebrating means that it is part of your of your worship. So we have either fitted and aided and this is what you follow, and that at all other times of the year when you want to be good to them and serve them and because they of course they are your family members. It doesn't mean that when you don't participate with their celebrations you are disrespecting them. I think this is one of the best ways to get through these difficult times is to educate them what it means to be a Muslim and alumnus