The Mom of 2 vs 7 Kids What’s Your Story #Shorts

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What's your story and what's really going on. So here are some examples

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of some stories that you guys might have. They're very common. If you're a human being, you probably have this story in some area of your life. Number one is, I don't have enough time, for whatever reason.

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I don't have enough time because of children, I don't have enough time because of, you know, work. I don't have enough time because I'm so tired or whatever. They're all just stories that we tell ourselves, and and maybe you believe the story. But there's somebody who has a harder time than you that doesn't believe the story and is thriving. So the person, for example, who has two children, and is you know, a mess, see somebody else who has seven children, and is able to go for swimming classes and learn how to swim right there. You might say that, well, I'm not strong. And then you see somebody else that doesn't have arms, doesn't have legs, and is able to go to the gym

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consistently, and be a public speaker and doing all these amazing things. There's so many examples of that, that it's just a story that we tell ourselves and the thing that's holding you back is the story and you want to rewrite the story.