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Whenever it would be nice

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to sit down and say you know

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what I said oh la la liga comes up we need to

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watch that.

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That a man or

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a woman

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a woman is minute and then let me see let

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also the subject me never been able to see from what I've seen a couple of times, though just focus

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on Atlanta Yeah, you have been having a lot of coffee

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the morning. So

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we begin by praising the last panel, let's add a bearing witness that no one has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for himself. And we asked him to send his peace and blessings upon His messenger, Mohammed sama, love it to send his family, his companions and those that follow until the day of judgment and we asked him last time to try to make us amongst them alone that have been the brothers and sisters a loss of capital john assessment or an wamena, nasima, Josefina, mindu Milani, another, you should bone up on Camilla welder these Valentina Avenue

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Villa that vary from amongst those who took partners besides the last panel to add up their ships or their their way of associating partners with the last panel It was not that they worship something besides the last kind of went to China, but they love that something as a last time without it shouldn't be loved. When that being said do.

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And those who believe love a last kind of more than anyone else can love and anything else. And this is an extremely powerful AI because the last category to Allah tells us two things in this book, number one, in this idealized was emphasized that there is a sense of civic that is simply mahabhava, which is the Civic of loving something the way you should love a loss of counterpoints Allah.

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And number two, that no matter how much you love something besides the loss of Hannah Montana, the one who has experienced the joy of loving and being loved by a wasp was

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the one who has experienced the joy of this salon is prayer, the one who has experienced the joy of talking to a loss of habitat in giraffe, the one who has experienced the joy of living a life of purpose and that only purpose is to fulfill but a loss of power to Allah has made has made blessing and to leave when the loss of parents Allah has commanded him to leave all whoever tastes that blessing of having a true meaningful relationship with a loss of time and what's added hazard relationship like no other relationship in this world. And let's face it, you know, there it's one thing to do what a loss paddleboats Allah commanded you to do. It's another thing to love the loss

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of kind of what's out. There is the difference between obligation and punishment. And loving the last panel in Thailand, I'll give you this example. Some people come to salata Juma to get Juma out of the way, just come to the hook, but get it out of the way so I can say I got my drummer out of the way throughout the time I'll just hear a nice little bedtime story and take my lunch nap might say Luna and Jamal just taken up, but I got out the way come to die fulfilled Juma? You know, I'll show up at the end what people's cars have to, you know, hang out in the back and then I'll pray it.

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Whereas some people come to Juma with a sense of purpose, understanding that Allah has given you an opportunity to be forgiven for the past week come to Jamal with a heart that is missing the last panel ready to absorb what he was saying whether he's a boring speaker or not ready to hear the remembrance of the last panel and to act in accordance with it. Some people pray five times a day some people do their Salah, but

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even the hypocrites used to pray. But what's the thing about the hypocrites

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when they get up to their prayer, they get up lazy, angry, you know Posada tesam doesn't just mean laziness and he's agitated. Like, man, I gotta do another prayer. We just pray with the students mind change the Salawat to close by. When they hear a command from a lost count of one to add up. If they can't find a loophole, then they'll do that command but they'll do it with mediocrity. There's no real love of the loss of Hamlet's alley. And so the purpose of those good deeds which is to bring the servant close to a loss of power without is not being realized. So allies are exalted.

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tells us something about loving him.

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And I want you to listen very closely to this. It's a very beautiful Howdy, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, In this hadith bootsy, from ovaherero, will be a lovely

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man and that he will he

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will have whoever it takes one of my earlier, one of my beloved as an enemy that shows hostility towards me find them to be happy, I will wage war against him. Think about them. Now, usually, whenever whenever the you know a person is lowering status in a relationship, they are the ones who boast about that relationship, right? A person who's not that attractive marry someone who's very attractive, they'll boast about having the relationship with the child, a person of low status has relationship with one of a high status, they'll boast about having that relationship with the one with high status. Right a person who's portable boasts about having the relationship or having

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having a connection with one who is rich, rarely do you see that the one who is higher boasts about the relationship with the one that is lower. And there is no greater discrepancy. And no greater distance in status. And in anything that there is between Allah subhana wa tada the creator and the Hulk and just us creation. Right? Allah Subhana Allah created us from nothing. Allah owes us absolutely nothing. Allah subhana wa tada could have just told us look, do this or you go to hell, and that's it. It's his rights and how to hoods.

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But a loss of Hannah Montana is proud of this relationship with one of his beloved, even though the one that he loves is much lower than him. So cottonwoods out of there's no greater distance and no distance, can can describe how different a lust patterns out of his creations. But you know what most of us likes and tells us, when a love loves a person, it's an actual event. It's an event to a love, something happens, a loss kind of went out also loss Iceland says in Gmail law.

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If Allah loves someone, now that you believe allow calls to be already set up, and he says, God, you believe in me, I love that person. So you should love him too. So to me it Sam loves him too. and gentlemen, it calls us all of the inhabitants will be having success in the life

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of this person, you should love him too. And then our last panel, which then allows that love for that person to be to be to be transferred to the hearts of the people of the earth, your level of acceptance and love is granted in the people's hearts for that person. Allah subhanho wa Taala treats it like an event when a lot loves a person to Allah subhana wa, it's added that relationship is very special. It's very sacred. It's not It's not about, you know whether he's going to do as much as I did for him. It's not about that, because that's impossible. It's that this person is going out of his way to please be although he doesn't see me. And I want you to think about

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the love that a person has from last time was kind of a What effect does it have on the one loves the Los Angeles ad? For one thing, it's no longer a relationship of just obligation and prohibition of reward and punishment. It goes much further than that.

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He said that there was a righteous King, who used to say that he loved his general more than he loves his kids. And his kids told him why, you know, why do you love your general more than you love us? You know, this is just the guy that works for you. Why do you love him? More than you love us? We do everything for you. You know, we we take out the trash, whatever it is we you know, we bring in food we do everything we're supposed to do you tell us to do something to do it. You know, we're respectful record children. And he said Come with me. And he took him out on an expedition. And the Mandalay Bay Mahima said that the king stopped. And he looked like this. He looks forward. And he

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looked at a level of water and the general rent to that level of water to bring him a glass of water.

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And he said to his kids, that's why I love him. Because I would have to tell you to do that. So how to love that he had such a relationship with him that he just knew that that is what would please he didn't have to be told, go get me water, go fetch me the water. He just saw that the king's eyes fell upon that well, and he immediately went and got that glass of water. That it's a much hot love does things that's the kind of love you know, the obligation prohibition cannot do as I've met him in our family a long time and he said that the lovable loss kind of looks out of brings out of the service.

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Even when kids have a lot of answers, it makes him do things that even the plan does not because he starts seeing things, and he tries always to please the last parameter. And he sees everything as an opportunity to get closer to a loss of Allah. Why? Because a lot means everything to him. It's an event. It's an event in his life. It's something it's serious to him. Right? It's something that's so sacred to him, that he would do anything for the object of His love, which is a lost kind of hope to Allah. Because that's a sign of love. It's very easy to say, I love you. But you know what a true expression of love is, I would take a bullet for you. Right? I'd do anything for you. That's why

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this problem and they sent to the province license, that you know that we love you more than we love ourselves. And you remember when the delegation from boys came, and they saw the label, so father treated the prophets, I seldom said No way. You know, we've seen Caesar we've seen, we've seen kislak, we've seen all of these rulers, no one is more loved by his people than muscle muscle a lot more, even though he doesn't give them you know, high salaries, the province doesn't have them. You know, sitting in palaces in the province, my son has them struggling as they're risking their lives spending all of their money for Los Alamos out and they say to the province, that you are more

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beloved to us than our own selves, it shows in effect, it shows whenever the province isonem is attacked, at least bahagia throw themselves on the problem

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was back becoming littered with arrows. So bear with me a long time I'm trying to catch the arrows as they're coming up the problem, so a lot of you so that's, that's something that cannot just come out of obligation from the mission. It's something far greater than that. It's love

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and a loss kind of mentality. Same to us.

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A person who loves a loss of cattleman to Allah is far more willing to do things for a loss of continents either has a much stronger relationship in connection than any other person, any other human being. And I want us to just transfer this to our own lives.

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When you love someone in this world, you love them for some quality, you love them for something about them, right, some qualities that they have. As soon as those qualities are absent, the love disappears. And that's why marriages fall apart, that are built on superficial reality, right? You married someone because they were attractive. And then guess what, they weren't attracted to you anymore. The love disappeared because you didn't love the person you love the quality. Right. Whereas if you love the person's insides, if you love the person's Hello, you love their character, and the character is going to stay the same. Right? The character will still be there that

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interviewed he will still be there. But usually when you love someone, you love them for something. And when that disappears, you no longer love that person, the object of your love changes. Now with a loss of how to hunt, I want you to think about this with a human being when you truly love them. If that person told you, I'm not happy with what you're doing, but I'm gonna let you do it anyway. I really hate what you're doing. I dislike it, but I but I'm gonna let you do it anyway. If you really love that person, would you still go out and do that? No. But whenever we hear that something is right, it's just disliked. That's not how often I heard I heard a scholar say it's just, you know,

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don't worry about it. scholar said.

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Don't worry about it. You're literally saying to a less powerful Tyler. Oh, well, I know you hate this, but I don't care. You didn't tell me not to do it. You didn't commend me not to do it. Right? Or when someone that you love tells you that you know what I'm not. I'm not saying you have to do this. But I'd be very pleased if you didn't do it. I really appreciate if you did, if you really love that person. Have you ever seen him? At first it looks like when they first get engaged. Right? She says john, he says how high? Right? That's that's the same? What if you really love versus, you know, you're not gonna wait for the person to say, look, you have to do this for else. What

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are the messengers?

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Show us something that is used to have

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to recommend it allows parents to punish you if you don't do it, but it's recommended. Will you do it? Or will you say

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it's just the pseudonym? Do you really think this habit would have ever said it's just so numb? You know, those types of things we say now, it's just

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never say that. Because you're seeking a lot of love. you're seeking something higher than that. Or someone you know, as if you came across something that may or may not break your relationship or sever your ties with the one that you love. And you can't get a clear cut answer you don't know you're in a situation. She might hate this or she might not. It's you know, 5050 would you take that risk?

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severing that relationship with that person. No. But what's the last pattern? What are the messengers of allies left something in the gray area?

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And you still engage in those same struggle? Have you still engaged in those same dumpster fires? Well, hey, look, it's not alone for sure. No one has really sent it around for sure. That's not the way that a person who loves the loss of habitat acts. In fact, that's not the way that a person who loves another human being acts.

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What do you love Allah subhanho wa Taala what happens to you? And you know what the problem is, is that we read in the lives of the Sahaba we read it the lies of the south and it's like okay to really love the last panel Tada, I need to be robbing someone's house. And then Adam yet Nina, Nina, Elena, Natasha absolutely indicative that needs to be revealed. By Sunday, and Easter needs to come down upon me, I need to be riding in a car, my car needs to flip 20 times. And then I need to hear a bird reciting a poem. And then you know what, that's how this person became religious. That's when I'm really gonna fall in love with the last panel, right there waiting for some miracle to happen,

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some extraordinary thing to happen. And you know, that was

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that whenever the servant loves the last penalty, I don't want that to

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happen, have already begun live my thoughts on it. My spirit doesn't come close to me with anything more beloved to me than the things and the obligations, we realized the goals through the means praying five times a day fasting, all right, giving us a cap, we're realizing the goal you're getting lost.

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You know what happens? you've tasted the sweetness of your prayer, is that

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what you've tasted the sweetness of your prayer. Now you want to pray for me, you're not just getting up because you have to, you want to pray more. you've tasted the sweetness of fasting, you want it to fast, you know, Mondays and Thursdays, we'll find some other days to fast, you've tasted some giving for the sake of the last panel. Now you want to give some of them you went to how do you know when you come back from how some people say they come to life in this house, I'm never coming back. I'm done. That means your house probably wasn't an accepted hedge. But if a person finishes hands and says, as tired as they are as beat up as they are, say, I can't wait to come back to a

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local hedge or something, I need to see the house at a loss. I can't wait to

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taste the sweetness of it. So you start getting close, you start developing with a no alpha hat, until I love him. Until I love him. That's what I love really loves you. When you're making that kind of effort. You know, when you start tasting the sweetness of things, and you know what, you do things because you want to do that you feel motivated towards them. you're realizing that in your slot, you're taking your time with your prayer, right, you know, much of the short we can develop. We just took time in our prayer. Right just took time to focus on what we're we're saying focus on what we're doing. Focus on the moment. Allah subhanaw taala sees that effort from you. And then you

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know what a lot. I cannot wait to meet you.

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As excited about meeting you. As he says to a lot of

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books that Allah azza wa jal has said that he

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loves to meet me, I love to meet him I can't wait to the last panel to either wants to meet you. A lot of panels out is looking forward to that standing in front of them. And we also want to be a last time we went to Ireland, although we fear a loss of

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loss that when you fear any creature, you run away from it. But when you fear Allah, you run to him. Right? It's the opposite effect. Why the vena

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cava, although I know

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I love us, I can't wait to meet

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can't wait to stand in front of a loss of animals. I can't wait for that momentous occasion. Why? Because it's not just about this, this, this, that it's not just about obligation and prohibition, although you cannot realize that love until you're fulfilling the obligations and avoiding the prohibition. So there's no way to attain that love otherwise. But it's so much more than that. It's a willingness to adjust your lifestyle. It's a willingness to do things because they're pleasing to a loss paddling out enough because you have to. It's a willingness to, you know, to lose some friends, sometimes it's a willingness to be looked at as a strange human body. It's a willingness to

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be socially awkward. Why? Because I want a loss of power.

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And the amount of people the loss of that the level of the loss of power, is the only thing that will protect a person from being corrupted with is corrupted from his evil knees. Right? You're not gonna fall into how often things of that sort knowingly that Allah subhanaw taala tells us tells us that what

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they don't do

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They don't commit sins against the last amount of time they don't do what displays the last. No, you're not gonna do that if you're if you're loving the loss of parents out if you have a personal relationship with a loss of having my data, right, but you know what you're telling the lost parents either when you sin and you know that you're about to commit a sin and you don't stop yourself Anyway, you just go forth with with it. You're saying, Oh Allah, I know you don't like this, I know that this angers you. And I know that you told me not to do this, but I'm going to do it anyway. That's why sin is so detrimental to your relationship to the loss of habitat. And then on the other

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hand, your righteous deeds, how does the love of the law protects you from your good deeds? Because what if you're doing your good deeds, but you're doing it to show off? What if your good deeds are for you, or what if they're developing pride, they're causing you to develop given pride, whatever they're causing you to develop the urge to, you know, be fascinated with yourself, and then it's all worthless. But if you love the loss of data, I don't care if this person thinks that I'm good, I care a lot thinks I'm good. I don't think I'm better than this person. Because I know a lot much better advice than me. There's no comparison between me and the last panel.

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It protects you from your good deeds, and it protects you from your bad deeds. Because it's personal. It's more, and I'm going to leave you with one thought as I sit down.

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My son says to have a vocabulary a lot of time. He says to obey

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me to me, because a lot of habits Allah has commanded that you recite to me read the Quran, Anthony Hussein. Allah has commanded me that you recite and obey didn't think to himself, was

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asking me to read to him. Wow, he didn't think to himself, you don't wait till I tell this habit that you know, I was with us last night, the other day. And he said a lot told him that I should read to me. He didn't think of that. You know what he thought, you know, he says to the wrestlers.

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They don't really say my name.

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A lot. thinking of me, I'll also have a dad mentioning me, a lot really said my name.

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That's a person who loves the law, who has something personal, a secret between him in the last over the last 10 minutes. Something that is so personal, that not even their family members know about a secret charity, perhaps the secret prayer secret do have something between that person and last.

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Nobody knows where some people have the secret since secret disobedience is that they're ashamed from the sight of the people, but they're not ashamed of the last panel to

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develop that relationship with the last

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talk to a loved one. There is no excuse for anyone to talk to Allah. Because you know what the language of love is not Arabic. You don't have to speak Arabic to talk to a loss. You don't have to you can speak to a lot any way that you want. There's no prerequisites to speaking to a loss patterns. Make your relationship personal with the loss of data so that when you meet a loss, on the day of judgment, it's a reunion, it's happiness, we asked the last panel to be pleased with us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to love us

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to make us love and hate for him. And we asked the last panel to bring us close to every good deed with every deed that brings about his love in our lives.

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What our economy,

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brothers and sisters inconclusive. And I want you to think very deeply about this. Where do you stand with a lot? If you were all alone in the middle of nowhere? Where is your relationship with the last panel? When's the last time you spoke to the last panel alone? When is the last time you did something for a lot alone? What is the last time you sat there and you've imagined the day that he would stand before a loss pattern what

00:24:22--> 00:24:56

what is the last time that you thought to yourself, I have to meet alone whether I like it or not. And that's the wonderful thing about human law. Some people will need a last panel to add and it would be like like long lost relatives right? It would be like a family reunion coming together and some people will meet lost parents, like slaves who have escaped from their master. And they're brought back on that day. How will you meet on last panel time at the moment a lot. He says very beautiful. He says a certain different dunya mintaka dunya come down to

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

the one who truly gains happiness in this life is the

00:25:00--> 00:25:18

One who abandons the world before the world abandons a say the man bla bla bla, and you're the one who's happy in this world, the one who truly has happiness and joy in this life is the one who builds his grave before he even resides inside of it was a different man, our body.

00:25:21--> 00:25:25

And the one who truly has happiness in this world is the one who pleases his Lord with

00:25:26--> 00:25:33

pleases sets the stage for that meeting with a loss of power to have its 50,000 years of standing dear brothers and sisters, but also last

00:25:36--> 00:25:48

Timothy, that further believer has been so here for the believer, the day of judgment will be like the time between luminosity Piece of cake, you're meeting a must

00:25:49--> 00:26:30

and allows them to make that momentous occasion, but talk to a lot alone wants you to talk to him a lot wanted to do things for him, do things for him, because he loves them, do things for him because you can't wait to see them. And even if you can't put together a fancy new app, even if you can't read Arabic, even if you can't, you know, do to have joke all night, and all you can do is just make a little bit of drop to the last payment. Until the total loss of data just seeking His forgiveness. That's enough, because it'll solidify so upset a lot is more happy, more pleased with the Toba with the repentance of his servants than a man who lost his cannon in the desert, and that Campbell was

00:26:30--> 00:26:43

his means of living. And he was stranded and then he finds his camera. And he calls on to a lot. What does he say? 12 law? Yeah, yeah. Rob, oh, my lord, oh, my Lord, You are my slave.

00:26:45--> 00:27:13

slave and I'm your Lord, not because he meant it. But it was a moment of intense love. And he mixed up the words. And I was happy with that. I was pleased with that, because it was a true expression of love. Call upon a loss in your moments alone, and have something a secret between you and him that you'd like to come up only on the day of judgment that no one else knows about. And we asked the last panel to add to make us a monster. It is true only those who are truly beloved and those who truly love