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Henry Larabee Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad in rather early he was how the US Marine or God or salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato Welcome to Session number 11 In our Ramadan series, which we called the path, and again it's a commentary on the

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beautiful book by an imam. Gavin McInnes CRMO Allah Allah. His book is called Mokhtar sorrow in Hajj Cassadine. It's an abridgment of a book by eminent Josie called 100 Cos within we reached a new chapter where it says Babu bourbon filthy me Lila fugly. He was a superb in one of CLT lipidomic He went with Alec This is a chapter on standing up in prayer at night, the night prayer, its merit and the things that make it easy that help one really establish or

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engage with this act of worship. God Allahu Allah Tada renewable hum and in Maharajah, Allah says in surah such diverse number 16 The meaning of the verse that their sides they push their sides away from their sleeping

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from their mattresses from the sleeping places spot or maybe your solo it was completely empty leave and now double sided Hanaa publikum were all button it all become a filter in the car to Manhattan and if me

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What if ugly Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Take to the to praying at night. It is the habit or the practice of the righteous and the worshippers before you. And it is an act of an act that draws you nearer to Allah and it leads your sins to be forgiven. And it prevents you and protect you from sin. And there are many Hadith on the merits of praying at night. What kind of hustle bustle Yahama Allah who admittedly beneficiary and a shed Domina Salat if you do lead for people who matter most at dinner as soon as you will do one already and hello Bill ramen for Elbasan minuti foreign has mostly celibacy. I'm Allah to Allah. He said, I never found any act of worship

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that is more difficult, more challenging than waking up at night and praying. And we said to him what's you know, what is it about the people who pray at night that they are have the most beautiful radiant faces? He said because these are people who sought

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private time with Allah subhanaw taala and Allah gave them

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shrouded them with a light from him.

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This is a new section in under the structure Phyllis Peperomia Scylla TDP Emily so this section on the things that make it that help make the MLA or bring a nice easy LMNOP MLA lady Seibon in lemon will fit allegedly me be sure to hit my acidity level know that praying at night is difficult except in the case of those who are guided to meet the conditions and the prerequisites that make it easy for me that we have I don't know about some of these things that make it easy some of them are apparent and some of them are hidden some of them are inner some of them are outer

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for a memorial for endothelial ACULA as to the external obvious reasons that help you make it you know, praying at night easy is not to eat excessively cannibal him you're only I'm not sure on Meridian letter Kulu Cathy unfashionable Kathy Ron phenomenal Kathy Ron Fatah Sir Okay Thea, somebody if some of the early worshipers used to say

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or people who are seeking Allah do not eat excessively, because this will lead you to drink excessively. And this will bring about more sleep you will sleep more excessively and then you will lose in excess as well you will lose a lot. We now know your day benefits are hoping the how they will manage. And another reason is not to, you know push oneself or exert oneself physically, too much to a point where a person loses their energy. Women allow you to conclude that I've been half in a heartbeat or other family and also to seek to take a nap during the day because it helps you wake up to pray at night, while Manhattan extendible Ozar and also to avoid and stay away from since

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by the authority you hold him to play on the levy humps it should be them being authentic to who it was narrated from Sofian authority

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homologs that he said that I was denied and deprived of praying at night for five months because of a sin that I committed.

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I'm almost theological about in and as to the inner things that helped make family easy. So I mean ArcelorMittal only believing Muslim in among them is that you have a pure heart towards Muslims towards other Muslims or holy woman I'll be done and that your heart is empty of innovations, religious innovations, were all behind follow the dunya and that your heart is not busy with unnecessary matters of this dunya women household phone Allah lib years among Obamacare solid ml

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also having a dominant fear of

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not being able to utilize this life

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and fearing that one's life could end at any time. So being prepared for death, and fearing to miss out on the opportunity of worshipping Allah during this lifetime. warming the earth if I felt lucky me late and also to know the merit and the excellence of printing at night, women Aschaffenburg. Athena then IK and humbly Allah hit Anna amongst the most noble

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motivators to praying at night is loving Allah. Well over to Imani, but now is our common job.

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And the strongest man and conviction that if he prays at night that he is actually engaging directly with Allah, or Allah who held little Hall I'm not sure who the one that Allah is present and Allah is watching for tomorrow, hello Niger to Allah 12pm. And this leads him to pray for long at night, Bible Study Manager or near him a lot lately if you leave him alone, and he left with that with him. Well, Ola ladle might have talked about quite a few Dounia

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also the mandolin you're gonna have a tablet when he said the people of the night who pray at night are having more fun and more enjoyment and more joy than the people who are pursuing you know the pleasures of this life

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when they are engaged in it when they are completely intoxicated with it. And he said Had it not been for the night I would have no love to stay in Estonia. Or if he's a Muslim and Nabi SallAllahu Sallam I call him Nephi lady Alyssa atan ly wife or Abdul Malik Muslim on yes ilaha illa atta who Yeah, well then equally Laila, Imam Muslim collected the prophets Allah sending them said

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that there is an hour in the night. Any Muslim who meets that night and makes asks Allah for something that is good, except that Allah will give this person what he asked for or what she asked for. And this happens every night. We're here or Lady malati I heard her and you're here Lena who Yeah, then you can Giamatti minister. So there are levels of engaging with the night prayer one is to pray the whole night. And this was narrated from some of the early generations a family and your co minister Lee Well, who am I we use Odin and Giamatti Mina Silla for us and what so but if you have any Annamma thoughts and or Willamina Leila Susan, do send a feel I mean, second level is to

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pray half of the night and that's basically by

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it's also narrated from some of the other generations and the best way to do this is to pray the first third of the night then wake up and pray and then take the last six of the night for sleep. That would make it

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a six and a third

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I believe that will be a half years a lot about yourself and your coma throws a lady for him very any anomalous fun. Uh, what was Susan here? What was the Buddha would only he Salaam. The third level is to

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pray a third of the night. So he prays he sleeps the first half of the night and sleeps the last six of the night between them he prays or she prays, and this is the preamp that was practiced by profit Dawood le SNM. Professor Haney a humble seletti Allah has a lot to do with killing animals. For Lavie. We are gonna go through the whole way and I'm also Lucia who.

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So in the cyber warrior Muslim, the Prophet SAW Selim said that the prayer that Allah loves the most and apparently this is after the obligatory prayers is the prayer of the wood probably the word he used to sleep half of the night, then pray third of it, then sleep, this last six of it, when, after the lady hasn't yet have will be entered in the receiving end. What do you mean by that? You can also ferrata who, and praying or sleeping the last part of the night is actually good because it removes the signs of you know, staying up

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and all the night

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so give some freshness to the face and takes away you know the pale color from the page from the face. And multimetal Robbia the fourth and the almost sedusa Lady are homeless Yeah, who would have thought I mean Derek McKenna fineness finger he overblown, your whole goal was to do so.

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So the first fourth level is to pray a sixth or a fifth of the night. And the best of this is to do that towards the end of the night, the later part of the night. And some of them said the last six of the night is the best to be prayed in this case. Fifth grade or level here is allow your ear to forgive in the moral academic assignment, not to have a fixed amount

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not to have a fixed amount because it's actually difficult.

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For my female friend, or a con Homer and your own I will lean in and you're ready Bohannon for you now I'm free them to buy a column for either available or no Now why should I hire them and it shouldn't be mokaba Hautala Kojima it myself.

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So he's saying there are two ways under this without not having a specific, you know, pattern or routine. The first one is to pray as much as he could at the beginning of the night until, you know, sleep takes over. So he goes to sleep. Then when he wakes up,

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he prays and once he comes, sleep takes over again. He goes back to sleep and so on and so forth. So whenever he wakes up, he prays whenever he says he becomes sleepy, he goes to sleep. And he's saying this is actually very difficult. This is a struggle, but it was the way of some of the other generations obviously behind him and hijiki Allisonville the Allahu Ganesh Hadoken Usher Oh another mechana show and Nevada sort of license saldi emulator in La Nina Womack gonna show another argument.

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What kind of the Allahu Anhu you're studying and lately Masha Allah had to say that Kelemen actually leaving April I know via Kulu SATA Salah in the SIBO Hari Muslim from the headache of Anatolia, lo and that the companions or the Alana, Mr. Say

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we would see the profit and loss and whatever, like the profit of some would sleep at night, and he will also pray at night. So basically, sometimes you'd find the Providence and then sleeping at night, sometimes you'd find him waking up at night. So showing that there is no specific system.

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Alma Radi Allahu Anhu used to pray from the night as much as he could.

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And when it was the last part of the night, he would wake up his family and he would say sola sola, we can force a lot.

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What kind of the halco adrak to a woman is the human I mean Allah if he said he had the Lehman Brothers Llodra biohack again, it's from the traveling he said, I witnessed some people who feel so shy, that they sleep a lot at night, they feel so shy of Allah, that they would sleep so much at night and not engage with a loss when I'm sad. They say second part or the second way style in again, having no specific routine, and the NMR would allow you to have the hominin normally on Tibet farm and Belfie.

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And that's to sleep at the beginning of the night and the early night.

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And when the person takes the what they need the sleep that they need, the person wakes up and prays with the rest of the night Hydrosphere authority in them I hear a woman oh my god then to better for them to battle.

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Lamb Apple, Yanni lamium Alam Aquila. Okay, so So you should say, you know, I would just take the nap at the beginning of the night and I would just sleep then when I woke up that's it. I would pray. I'm done with sleep. That's it. And remember to say this Anupama metadata autobiography had attained a winner and intermediate solo so let me know. So Lumina, Laylee solo urban Salatin and Hadith This is a weak Hadith okay.

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That the person prays to raka or for Raka or to raka an equal to Hadith which is a weak Hadith from the Prophet ceremony he said pray at night are the four or to

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officially meet me that we are also licensed I'm gonna state for them and illegally we're here for them right off Sunday. Jimmy handle Kathy iniquity bear.

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Leila to eliminate Declan Allah hug if you don't want Dacula This is authenticated, Narrated by Abu Dawood in a big merger.

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The prophets Allah sallam said, Whoever wakes up at night, then he wakes up his wife and they pray together to raka these people would be written among those who remember a lot in abundance. What kind of toptal had sought refuge LBT I mean, they were called solo rock attorney in the Salah to videos related to help with Pearl Harbor muscles with Muhammad Allah used to command his family, his wife and his children.

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It would say pray to rock out at night because praying in the middle of the

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night you know removes sins for how the hippo orcas Metaline failure to fail Murray Dorian FCMs relief and sober PM Well if you're super late for a number and you feel a bit here Mr. VaynerNation he will help the corner for him and photography anyway the Mr. Timothy sabya saying these are different approaches styles to praying at night, let the person choose you know, whatever is easy for them

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and it becomes very difficult to pray in the middle of the night, then a person should

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not waste the time between mother Manisha and pray the beginning of night, and then wake up before Fajr

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pray and do that so that the person you know has dhikr and prayer at the beginning of the night and at the end of the night anything this is a seventh level, which is the least so the levels are our audit from the top to the bottom.

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First long female female female solitary hit the how to fill lead. This is a section on a personal finds it difficult to make her look at night. And as you remember at that time as well, they didn't have tap water. So they had to during the day go and you know, carry the water that they needed from the day from a spring or a creek or whatever, they would collect the water and bring it home. They would have it in some sort of a jar or a container.

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So it's not easy. It wasn't easy as it is today. You're seeing for a moment Sabaton a pilot of a lady with Nikola Tesla his celebrity Angeles must have to be a little trivia with Karela to Allah will lead you further in the Middle Ages forget Oklahoma budget as to someone who finds it very difficult to wake up and you know, get the water ready and and make Waldo and then pray. So there's this person sit up, face the fibula and make dua as much and remember Allah spends as much as possible and if he's unable to sit up, even if he when he's lying, you know the person makes your indica woman cannula who wouldn't follow normal affetto Phil yet TV back just a lie to her and

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whoever has a routine of praying at night and they missed it one night. Let this person pray that prayer after oblah meaning during the before noon,

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at one of the dedicated Hadith this was mentioned in a hadith from the Prophet Solomon this authentic when we had our Mala who I am and Lady in your truck Uh huh. So if you say honey, and the person who develops a habit or routine of praying at night Let them not give up on it or leave it if you say Haney and Allah's Will license Allah makan. They observed in electrical Mithila Falon Kinnikuman Leila photography Amelie prophets of salaam said to the companion Abdullah Mohammed Al de la hora

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do not be like so and so he used to pray the night and then he stopped or gave up on it

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another section here is on fossil and free by any lady when a Yemen father

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so there's a section on special days and nights for prayer and remembrance and Malayalees muscle site we visited facilities to Abu Hamza I shot Elena as to the nights that are special for more remembrance and more prayer there are 15

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what I embedded in Meridian F Falanghina they are now either offered a treasure almost immediately for material and the person who seeks Allah should not grow heedless of these knights because if if a merchant or a salesperson you know misses the season high season you know when are they going to make profit? I mean how did he lay on the subway and feel madonn Elena to Serbia to Ashleigh

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these are the from these are the seven nights in Ramadan the 17th night

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what while he ality can also be hard to hard work it but during now I'm not sure why he's recommending this

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again I'm not sure where he got that from and what what does that mean but I'm just read so I'm just reading but

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yeah, and I don't think this is something I'm not aware of anything from the Sunnah of the Prophet Solomon about the 17th

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night of Ramadan that there is special worship other than you know the rest of Ramadan

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we're sitting about the hotel will usher in again so there are seven nights in Ramadan. Right one of them for him for him is 17th Night. Again we said I don't know what you know.

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Anything from the prophets of salaam specifically about this, but the other six in Ramadan. On the Otago national here these are the odd nights in the last 10 days in Ramallah

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if you Hinata collaborate with each other because labor for pleasure is expected to be in one of them. A mathematical Hall as to the remaining eight nights

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From the 15th

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for a world leader to minimum huddle on the first nine night of the month of how wrong the first month of the history calendar, well, a little Ashura and the night of the 10th of huddle, right the actual word relative and Roger and the first night of Roger, were a little miss Freeman ovulated to Savannah machine me know, for inhalator to me, Raj, were a little miss lemon Shaban are able to offer when he returned, he then offered Vologda Salawat to learn about the hair, the lady who is if he had a good, saying there are some

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mention of prayers there but he's saying well as if he had if there is nothing authentically traced from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, not authentic narrations ON PRAYING anything specific about these nights? Okay, so and that's personally that's what I recommend, is not actually to engage with any special acts of worship during these nights. Apart from the odd nights in the last 10 nights in Ramallah, and the last 10 nights in Ramadan, altogether, a million will follow. If it is a Dasha Yeoman, as to the special days, they are 19.

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So I'm just going to mention them, as you mentioned them, you're more alpha, they were Alpha yomo Ashura,

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we almost have anyway cinnamon Blodgett

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the 27th Night of Rajib again, this is I think he's he's many this is a slight word about it. But again, there's no specific merit. There's no even confirmation that this was the start with my lunch pennyweights. So I would recommend skipping this. While we all may have autophagy rate I'll never use a low so now, the first day that Gibreel came down to the prophets of salaam again, we don't know.

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We don't know we know that. Gibreel came to the prophets of southern Fest in Ramadan. We almost have Shalom and Ramadan again, we all miss fame in Shaban

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we all want drama. We all want to eat eenie. So Friday, I would I would just mention the recommended ones Friday the days of read

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the days of the Nyjah

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which are the read Ebola epidemic.

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And the day of Hajj, okay, woman for the aim for the sport. Among the dates that are have merit in during the week, Monday and Thursday, Anthony will commit a yam will be up on the white days. Or if you have problems with Korean FIFA FIFA law, it is so awesome. And obviously, they're recommended to be fasted FL keytab. And a lot of our effort led by that will be light off here. So this is the end of this section of the book. If you remember the book is divided into four sections. The first section is on a Baghdad on worship. And this is the end of this section second section of the book, second fourth of the book has to do with again with etiquettes and

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things that have to do with everyday life.

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So we're going to stop here today and again.

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Tonight is

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25th night in Ramadan. As the night of Juma tomorrow is Friday Juma and this is a very special night. It was narrated from immunological Henneberry Rahim Allah to Allah

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that any of the odd nights in the last 10 days in Ramadan, happens to be the night of Juma it's actually most likely to be a little puddle. We don't know exactly but again the chances are great that this might be late. So

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we should utilize it benefit from it worship Allah subhanaw taala.

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Again act of worship that you can do is the prayer at night is the prayer reciting Quran remembering ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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giving sadaqa.

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You know,

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could be other things that are not usual something like making a resolve to fix a mistake that you have done repenting to Allah subhanaw taala for example, one of the greatest act of worship, resolving to fix a problem that you caused.

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Resolving to make a change in your life. That is important, but it's positive. So

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anything that is good

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could be an act of worship, freeing your heart clearing your heart of any graduate any hatred or any envy or jealousy towards anyone. This is something that's also great. It's considered to be an act of worship and these inner acts of worship that have to do with purifying your heart. These are sometimes the most influential and the ones that received the most reward. So again, this is a special night. I'd say don't take any chances by missing out on it, utilize it benefit from it.

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and do things from your heart and ask Allah for acceptance and hope in His mercy and His forgiveness. Hope to see you in sha Allah

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which is the 27th night in sha Allah we have.

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Brothers and sisters, this Ramadan by the permission of Allah subhanaw taala we're going to launch the largest philanthropic initiative in the history of Canada. As you know, the pandemic and the shutdown has made given our extremely difficult so we thought what better way to give that hour than giving a copy of the Quran to as many people as possible. I used to be an atheist but from interacting with Muslims, I bought a could N and fell in love with it. Halfway through the book, I knew this was the truth. So I became a Muslim. Actually I became Muslim without even reading the Quran. A big reason was because of Islam pure monotheism.

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