Riad Ouarzazi – Stories of the Prophets episode 60 Uzair, Zakaria and Yahya

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to the prophets, including a new rule, a career, a message from Allah, a carrier, and a woman named Zecharia who wants to change her appearance. They emphasize the importance of being a carrier and not just getting married. The conversation also touches on the history of Islam, including the use of symbolism, and the need for change to happen by men and women. The segment ends with a discussion of the upcoming season of the prophets.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam aleikum, wa Taala Cata. This is Rosie we're coming up to the stories of the prophets. And we are with episode number 62. Then shallow Tyler would try to complete the Zakaria and yeah, I think he Mr.

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Zakaria and you're here paving the road for a Saturday Sit down. So we're almost done with the stories of the prophets. Today inshallah we are with episode number 60. Yeah, and he's 60 lectures, 60 sessions, all talking about the prophets. And then hamdulillah all these sessions are recorded on on Instagram, on Facebook, and also on YouTube, but mostly on YouTube, because apparently Facebook now they're, they came up with this new rule that

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no editing recorded, like videos and whatnot, would only remain for like 30 days, and after 30 days, it would be kind of like automatically, you know, erased. But anyways, hamdulillah we have these sessions recorded on YouTube,

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on my Instagram page as well on Facebook, so you can always refer back to them if you if you were to miss any of them Shama All right, yesterday, we were started talking about after the death of Avila, Hosea. And then

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again, Venezuela, he they started deviating again until Allah subhana wa tada sent them another profit by the name of zecharia Zakaria

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he was a conference Carpenter Zakaria

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from was a prophet who was sent to penninsula aid. And this man Zakaria had a very interesting story

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subhanho wa Taala. I mentioned Siemens and seven times. Zachary as I mentioned yesterday, after reaching an elderly age and his wife was was, was barren. And he made that to Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless him with with with the with a good offspring with a good offspring. So and we talked about the lesson there, right? That you could never and you should never and one should never despair from the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. In fact, zecharia is the one who also going to adopt Mary Medi MIT has said them and we'll talk about that story in shallow data as well.

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So yeah, is a career he made that

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he made that data Allah subhanho wa Taala when he, you know, felt that he was getting old and he needed he needed he wished what a son. He desired a son he desired a child, right he desired a child although his wife was barren and was old and he was old as well. So Allah subhana wa tada says in sought Miriam

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was that Carrie

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alaba onida and fluffy on our being in the wanna have more money wash down done on what sushi bat what style of sushi even when

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economy Bishop

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were initiatives to Melania moon was he working at maratea Hall for heavily mila cavani you Sony Why are you so mean? Yeah. Oh, but what you're under below the

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so he kept on praying asking Allah subhana wa tada Oh my Lord, grant me a good offspring, grant me a child, grant me a pious righteous side my bone have weakens he you know the way he made this die in a very nice way. First, he addressed his need by by by virtue of talking about how you know about that he was getting old, his bones getting weak. He's head was filled with gray hair. So as an advisor knows about this. So this is again when you're making data loss aversion. It is okay to talk about you know your needs but also to talk to our allies and to complain about your feelings as well. Who are you going to complain to if you don't complete Allah zildjian talk to him vent you

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know to Allah Xhosa pour out your your heart pull out your chest and talk to Allah Xhosa people are not there to listen to you unfortunately.

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Yeah, they are sometimes they know but they can only listen to certain you know point will at some point who can really listen and who can really grant what's your you know your wishes and make them come true. It is Allah subhana wa Tada. So it's okay to to vent out and to pour out your

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to heart and to talk about your feelings. Allah knows but Allah loves it. You love Akbar, Allah loves that you talk about your feelings, you have a B I am sick, you have a B I'm tired, you're a B I'm gay, I have this disease, you're a B, I've got this yellow B and he knows keep on going. And I cannot do this and I cannot do that. I find difficulty doing this online. I find difficulty doing that. My kids are doing this my husband my wife, my this my parents, my boss my talk, Allah knows but yet, talk to him some kinda to Ana. It's a way to not only event out you want to distress yourself, you want to get that anxiety out, talk to a surgeon in your Salah. And that's what Kenya

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was doing.

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About being new and a lot more money. Oh my Lord, my wigs my bones have been have weakened. Allah knows but he's talking to a surgeon. He's telling him is complaining. My bones have weakened on my hair has turned gray Yeah, and history has become old.

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For them compared to a copy shop he never disappeared from the mercy of Allah making the art to him subhana wa tada calling upon him and invoking him. He never disappeared and yet he said we're in the crystal Noemi Wallah you will kinda similar idea also he complains the fact that his wife was barren, doesn't allow knows, of course Allah Subhana Allah no knows. yet he's telling him he's talking to Allah Xhosa and my wife is barren yet or Allah to heavily bestow upon me and good offspring

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to inherit, you know the prophecy from me.

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And then Allah subhana wa Tada, calls him or inspires him when he was in his Salah.

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Well, we'll call him when you suddenly feel my hub. You see, he was praying in the main hub in his house of worship. He was praying

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he's praying to Allah evoking him and then he hears you as a courier. Yeah, as a courier. oh zecharia oh zecharia So Allah says it is revealed to me as a carrier

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in non law how your best shilka be. So this is this must be set up as a carrier as a carrier. So as you said, you breed with a message What's it What is the message? Yeah, is that carry in Nala your bus shilka via Hiya, Allah gives you a lot tied in with the idea you wanted the sun a lot when visiting with the sun.

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And in another verse in solid and bhbia Allah subhanho wa Taala says with regard to zecharia was the carrier is Nevada,

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Anything oh my lord, don't leave me childless and You are the supreme inheritors. So Allah subhana wa tada granted his wish And granted, you know, his and his vocation and he blessed him with the hair in. In this other verse in silicon medium, Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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no, but you can call me lemenager Allah who will come to Samia.

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Samia, no one has been given the name of Yahya not only Allah has blessed him with a pious righteous son, but also the son My brothers and sisters. Nobody has ever you know gotten or you know have been named after the idea or a surname Yeah, and yeah, it was the very first person was being given that name. Nobody was being given that name before. Yeah. So sakarya ra Sam, he became so happy that Allah Xhosa has granted his wish of having a son he became so happy

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and then he wanted to sign he wanted a sign. Father Be sure only insalata Miriam verse number 10 on other be Johnny Johnny. Lord, I need a sign give me a sign

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on a a two color token lemon Santa, I mean what

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shall we

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so your son, your one, the sign the sign is that you won't be able to talk to people for three days. For three days, except you're in your tank. If you want to talk you won't be able to talk. You only will be able to make Nicola Xhosa. Just be that could be you know other than that you won't be able to talk you can only give science you know using science but you won't be able to talk that's these the for three days. He wanted to sign so Allah gave him a sign the sign is you won't be able to talk other than making Vicar of Allah subhanahu wa tada for how long for three days.

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When people will be talking to him, he'll be giving them signs. You know, go here, go there. Come here. I won't be able to talk you any making signs as he wanted a sign.

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And after three days, Allah subhanho wa Taala will bless you with a sign with it.

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So that's the sign that Allah subhana wa tada has given to zecharia Allah He said, Eliza should bless him with a beautiful boy.

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Beautiful boy, very righteous. This boy was known to love the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. And not to like women, not to you not to like women, but not to like being intimate with women. He did not want to be getting married, he did not want to have, you know, be intimate with women. And also he did not like when he was a kid, he did not like playing with boys. He did not he was he was very devout, devout, you know, son, and he used to cry a lot. Yeah, he used to cry a lot of the fear of Allah Subhana

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Allah xojo says,

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Yeah, who the lucky

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thing will hook masabi

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be one day he won me. Japan, Australia. Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah. Hold faster. The Scripture. Hold fast to the Scripture. Yeah, I need the book. I need the taller, hold faster. The scripture the Torah. For this Kitagawa, Tina, who took him out and we gave him wisdom while he was a child. Imagine you're here. Allah has blessed him with hikma with wisdom, while when he was a child, Allah, his Salah.

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Like I said, even with kids, he did not like to play. He was a very profound thinker and devout worshipper. How did he set up well above rung? bydd Allah subhanho wa Taala says, verse number 14, he was very obedient to his parents. Yeah, he was very obedient to his parents, you know, as a courier and, and his mom. So zecharia he was doing what he was doing, calling people to the worship of Allah azza wa jal cannabis law. He, until that day, when Benyus law he again decided to kill him as they have killed many other prophets before him. So they wanted to kill Zakaria right they wanted to kill zecharia Zakaria ran away from them. He along the way I think he said that he ran away in

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the It's been said that he ran away in the forest as he was running away in the forest, a tree and the the the the financial aid were behind him they wanted to kill him. A tree opened up and called him Zachary as a courier he saw and he saw a tree caught in him the tree opened up in half. So he went inside to hid or to hide in that tree as he went inside to hide in that tree Subhanallah so the tree closed on him as to hide him need to hide him and to protect him from the colors and shape that was behind him as well. So when the tree closed up, you know it goes up after opened up and Zakaria went inside and then the the tree you know closed up on him shaitan pulled from his behind he pulled

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his no dress or he's whatever he was wearing and then left a piece of it outside so he's inside the tree but shaytan pulled you know like his job from behind and he left a piece of it you know hanging so when the soldiers when basically we're looking shaped on you know turning to you know, appeared in the form of a man and he called you know, the better slot there is he's hiding inside the tree is icy ninja is hiding inside the tree that they saw the his cloth coming out from the tree. So they brought a saw

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men shop

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they brought a saw,

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you know, like a saw like a moon shot and they chopped the tree in half.

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Look what they have done.

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That they're, you know how many prophets they've killed.

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Allah associate has spent over 124,000 profits. The majority of these profits were sent to Venezuela. They killed so many profits. Zakaria went hiding why would you want to kill him you don't want to believe in Him dominate anymore? Why would you want to kill him? So as Zachary Ali Sam was hiding inside the tree with his plot, you know, with a piece of cloth out, they came and they brought a saw and they saw they they they they they chopped off that tree. And yeah, exactly it set up was cut into half as they were cutting him as they were carrying your hair was making Zachary was making the sound like he was in pain. Of course.

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He was in pain. You know this has been cut in half he was in pain. So he's making the sound. Allah subhana wa tada devita zecharia Zakaria because of your pain, I'm going to destroy the whole town. So zecharia kept quiet. Allah He said Allah, fearing that Allah will destroy the town.

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He kept quiet. being patient as he was cut in half. He did not want to, you know, scream of, of pain of being cut in half, just so Allah does not destroy the town.

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So he got it. He kept that pain inside his salon, and they killed him as they split or they cut the tree in half for the year to be left. So this is how zekeriya his ceram shakalaka you know what was killed? He was chopped off in half or a Sarah.

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So, yeah, kept doing what the job of what his father was doing. He kept on you know, calling people towards the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala Of course, talking to various law, he you know, conning them with hikma with more that?

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He said

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the King that was ruling Venezuela at the time, right? He

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You know, he was he was not actually you know, he was he was not a very, you know, God obedient King. And he wanted to marry a woman from his king. He wanted to marry a woman from his skin. And yeah, and he said, um, forbade him. He told him, No, you cannot marry your sister or your wife. She was a cousin or something I know from his skin, maybe an atom, but they don't describe, you know, this woman who she was exactly, but she was very related to him in such a way that he could not, you know, have married her. So yeah, I just told him that he should not, you know, marry that woman, you know, in the Division of Venezuela. He should not marry that woman. And that woman, she held it

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against your hair. Elisa. She held it so much against the idea that one day, you know, she put in her Xena. She put in her Xena and he she, she put her you know, beautiful clothes on her makeup and whatnot. And then she went to the king and the king saw her and he got seduced. As the king gets seduced and approached her. She says, I'll give you myself.

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In one condition. I'll give you myself in one condition is that you bring the head of Yeah, to me on a platter.

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I'll give you myself

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in a condition that you bring the head of your hair to me on the platter.

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So just like it happened to the Father. Right? Just like it happened to the Father. The Father, you know, they was cut in half now. Yeah, the center came the turn of the sun. Yeah. And he said

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they came to him as he was praying. They came to him as he was praying it he sat down.

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And then they chopped off his head. They cut off his head. They put it on a tray. And then they took it to the king. And then the king offered that head the head of it said to the woman do that not prostitute woman to that, you know, evil woman.

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And then it's been said brothers and sisters.

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As she saw the head in one duration, she became happy for them fairly head. And as she became happy, you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala opened up the earth and it swallowed her up in when the ration you know, and she was screaming, enjoying the afternoon and her mom was watching. Her mom was dead watching her you know the earth swallow in her daughter slowly and slowly and slowly. And then the mom was screaming help. My daughter helped my daughter. They tried to bring her out but they couldn't before their eyes. Allah subhana wa tada destroyed them and destroyed this woman. The earth swallowed her up with a doula and Yes, yeah, and for you, they can do as well as they have killed

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his father, you know, chopped him off in half. They chopped off his head. He said.

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This has been a slight as Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in Surah Baqarah verse number 87 by the wilhemina ship honorable Jean of acquittal, Mr. Kumar. So don't be mad at us Malaga for su como stick bottom for Faria Kung

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Fu, Allah subhana wa tada says, isn't it that whenever a prophet was sent to you,

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and if whatever they will came to you, you know, like a messenger.

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With what yourself if we did not, if you did if your self did not desire what that Prophet was calling

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For you either, you know this believed in some profits or killed others as the less penalty Allah clearly mentioned in the chat, he says, a cooler measure can also be Magneto and full circle isn't there is it isn't it that whenever a profit was come to you, which you yourselves

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desire not desired not you know in the translation says, desired not Meaning, if a prophet was sent to you that you did not agree with that you did not like what he was preaching, you know, you either, you know, disbelieved in that prophet or killed, give others Yes, they killed so many prophets and they disbelieved in others whether he had to be led

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brothers and sisters Yes, a lot of prophets got killed

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in the time of the Prophet Mohammed as I said them they tried to kill him as well. They killed lots of hobbies.

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They actually tortured lots of hobbies. They tortured the dad they tortured a kebab they torture so women so many women's I have yet the troll troll. Yeah, yes, sir. Yes, and you know yes. And his mom and he I mean his wife and their and their and their mother, their son. No Islam this Deen did not come easy a lot of people you know, like I said prophets, there were some prophets who have been killed. The the Sahaba has been killed are being disobedient or being

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tortured or persecuted. Just so that Islam or this Deen will come to us and we'll come to you and I my dear brothers and sisters, but Allah subhana wa Taala said in the end for spell came out sabella oral as women are also last panel fatalities Prophet Mohammed, be patient First we'll come on somebody who hasn't. Oh, Mohammed, be be be patient as other prophets have been patient. There's so many prophets like Moosa has been patient like like a Brahim has been patient like no has been patient. Like, like, like yourself has been patient like Adam has been this will come out support has been awesome. You know, you know, be patient as other prophets have been patient.

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Pro Sahabi came to the Prophet Mohammed Al Bab a hubbub no complaining in terms of the Prophet Mohammed Aslam after he's been tortured, and the way he's been tortured is they they they took off his shirt and then they they dragged his body against very hot charcoal, hot charcoal so much so that his skin the skin, you know, came off and you could see any deep any holes in his back because they were putting his back against that chart in hot hot charcoal so much so that his skin came his skin came out. So the Sahabi came to the Prophet Mohammed salado and one day says Allah so Allah Don't you see? Don't you see what's happening to us? Make don't have to Allah subhana wa Tada. Look

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what they have what they're doing to us and your polish. Look what polish is doing to us. hirasawa ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for the help. And then the Prophet got upset, where can they come come with the statue don't he says you are rushing your hasni You know, you're hassling the the the victory of Allah subhanho wa Taala Be patient he told him Be patient, like look, other prophets have been patient, people used to become the term of the Prophet says from before as they used to bring in people and these to dig a hole and put them inside the hole and they used to cut them in half. They used to cut them in half and they would not they would not leave their religion. They would not

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leave their religion. So the Prophet told this man, be patient, be patient. So this comes the end to Zakaria and his son. You're here at a Hema center. Yes my brothers and sisters Zachary It is something interesting as well. You know say carrier it's something you know interesting in what way it is the carrier at the center who will

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adopt marry of medium or a slim what's going to happen? What's going to happen sisters and brothers is this woman.

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This woman we don't even know her name because her last now what happened is that Korea died. Yeah, he died. So now business law he Allah subhana wa tada will have to send other prophets to them, you know, and years later, again, they deviated they went astray. Lots of things were happening lots of bloodshed was happening. Lots of evil not was happening. So Allah subhana wa tada has to set another prophet but before Allah subhana wa tada said, Prophet this time, Allah pave the road for another prophet to come. Allah pave the road.

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For another prophet to come, a woman looked around, seeing how, you know, the the the land was filled with with wood and justice. And then she, she wished for a son. She wished for a son to come and change, you know, and make a change. She wanted to change, basically, you know, the Romans used to have at the time, they were also causing lots of bloodshed. So she wanted a change. And she thought that the change can only happen by means of a boy or a man. So, and she was an old woman. She was marrying a man by the name of a Milan, a family that used to live with British law in a righteous family, pious family. You know, this woman and her husband, her husband was old man.

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And they just, you know, this woman she wished for baby as well. Just like, is it Carrie Allison, this woman wish for a baby. So she made an oath.

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She said the hour before to become pregnant, I would dedicate that which is in my womb, to serve you and to serve the Muslims in beta macness, and to serve the worshipers in, in beta and Magnus. Imagine what kind of dedication she dedicates. She says, Oh Allah, I want to become a pregnant she wants to have a baby. And that baby, she says, I want to dedicate to that which is in my womb, in the service of the worshipers in the beta Magnus. She had an intention. She wanted again to cause a change, she wanted to change. And she thought this woman that change can only happen, you know, through men. So she became pregnant and old woman became pregnant again sisters and brothers said we

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can never despair from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala Yes, a person like zecharia Zakaria his wife she was barren. His wife was barren yet Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless them with yahia so this woman was old. This woman was old, she became pregnant. I'll be in Nina Delta laka Murphy budoni Mahabharata in South LA Milan. Oh Allah idk that which is in my womb in the service of the worshippers.

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Further Mahabharata and then when she gave birth, imagine now she's pregnant and then she's given birth this woman I think she gave birth to a girl. I love being nice to her.

00:27:34 --> 00:27:36

No matter what but what else said

00:27:38 --> 00:27:44

that we're in nice a metal harmonium or Allah I give birth to a female

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I give birth to female what it is you make dua to Allah says that he wanted to have a you know, you wanted to have a child so Allah subhana wa tada answered your call you you know you got pregnant and then you're giving birth. here's a here's a child you want to decide is a chart. She says, Allah I gave birth to female

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doesn't allow No, of course Allah knows.

00:28:10 --> 00:28:17

How come she's saying Allah I give her I gave birth to female. What is the Quran and male are not like female.

00:28:18 --> 00:28:20

Male or not like female.

00:28:21 --> 00:28:25

Allah knows. And Allah gave her the girl for the purpose.

00:28:26 --> 00:28:43

You wanted to have a boy, she thought that maybe change can only happen by means of boys. Sisters, I hope you're listening. This woman she thought that change can only happen by verse by by virtue of boys of male allies, those in order to prove her wrong.

00:28:46 --> 00:28:49

That change can happen also by women.

00:28:50 --> 00:29:07

change can happen also by female so Allah blessed her with a girl and from that girl, another man will come. So that girl another man will come in sha Allah who tada and that man that is Isa so for a great man you need a great woman

00:29:09 --> 00:29:15

for a great men to come for the great men to come. Yeah aisa unit a great woman.

00:29:18 --> 00:29:21

So Allah subhana wa tada Blitzer with a woman

00:29:24 --> 00:29:25

who is this woman marry.

00:29:27 --> 00:29:59

Marry, medium. We're in nice a maid to her Maria. This is amazing. This woman she thought that change can only happen with men. She gave birth. When people give birth when women's work people when women give birth emanated happy. Yeah, I've got a baby that happy. This woman so Pamela she gave birth and then she was kind of like disappointed. She was kind of disappointed. She was kind of sad. Yeah, that'd be I gave birth to female. I wanted the male

00:30:00 --> 00:30:33

I want to demand because I want to change I wanted this I IDT gated for, you know, for this male to serve the most to serve the worshipers, you know, so how can I have a female I have female yuppie you wanted female, you wanted a boy and I'm gonna give you a female. I'm gonna give you a female to prove to you that change cannot only happen with Matt can also happen with women. And then with this woman, as she will grow up, she will be you know, serving the worshipers in beta like this. Then people will come fighting who is going to adopt her? Because she needs a father.

00:30:34 --> 00:30:35

She needs a father

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She needs a father.

00:30:47 --> 00:30:48

Father wasn't there.

00:30:53 --> 00:30:54

So what's gonna happen?

00:30:56 --> 00:31:01

How is she related? This woman to say Korea or to your hair?

00:31:03 --> 00:31:04

How are they related to one another?

00:31:06 --> 00:31:14

Because the carrier eventually is the one who's going to adopt marry a marry. Why is it adopted her and how is he going to adopt her anyways?

00:31:15 --> 00:31:22

It's been said that whenever is a carrier enters better luck this Mary is Miriam. she's she's praying.

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And then when she's praying, you know he Bri wants to bring her food. And then he finds we know that she's already having food. She used to have no in the summertime. in summertime, she would have no provisions like food of the winter and the winter time she would have food that only goes in the summer. Huh? Yes.

00:31:46 --> 00:31:51

Winter Kenya would bring her food. She will already have food there. And if it's summertime,

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she will have food that only grows during the winter. And if it's winter time, she will have food that grows during the summer. How come? What happened?

00:32:03 --> 00:32:05

How was that Korea adopter?

00:32:06 --> 00:32:16

What would be what would what would Mary be doing in that house of worship? What would Mary be doing in beta macness? How would she be serving? How old was she?

00:32:18 --> 00:32:19

How old was she?

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and then her mom

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or a mom

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in Milan, what happened to the Father?

00:32:34 --> 00:32:39

And then Zachary and then yeah and then and then Lisa will come? How would they come?

00:32:42 --> 00:32:45

What would Mary do? What would he do?

00:32:46 --> 00:32:57

When you slide what would they do? When they know about about Mary and when they know about you know Zachary and when they know about you know about about when would they know about about ASAP

00:32:58 --> 00:33:28

so brothers and sisters I wanted to save this. I wanted to save the very final episode of the stars of the prophets for next week inshallah tada so we can talk about the wife of Iran. We want to talk about Mary and we're talking about you know, a sad hymns celeb or in one shot in Sharla. Who Tada This woman, Allah subhana wa tada made one chapter in an under her name, the name of La Milan, a woman who changed history.

00:33:29 --> 00:33:45

A woman who changed history, all the Christians have under the the the book of record of one woman, you know that a woman of Milan, in the in the toilet or in the in June. They said her name is is

00:33:46 --> 00:34:28

Hannah, Hannah, but in you know, we call her Milan, the family of Milan. This man in Milan and his family what was so special about them that Allah subhana wa Taala had one you know, name 1111 chapter in the under the name of Emma, they were special. They must have been special. What was so special about them to deserve one one verse 111 champion in the end one soul to be under the name. Not only that, sisters and brothers, Allah subhanho wa Taala favors them how he favors them. Allah subhanho wa Taala in the last offer, Allah has noted has favored them when they were in Milan or LA by him Allah.

00:34:30 --> 00:34:49

Allah has favorite you know Ibrahim, Adam I know. And the family of Ibrahim and the family of Milan, the family of rebula him and the family over in Milan. I lost favorite bulls. Why Allah Xhosa has favored them. What what what special was about them that Allah subhanho wa Taala favors them Subhana

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

this woman was special. This woman was favorite. Why? We'll talk about that as well and Charlotte next week, be it Neela is

00:35:00 --> 00:35:46

Brothers and sisters, may Allah bless you, thank you for joining. We'll see you inshallah, next Friday, and then I will complete next week, we will complete the stories of the prophets. That's it. The stories of the prophets will be completed next week in Sharla. Tada Bismillah, finishing with a Sadie Sarah, but before he's up with Miriam la has ceram. And then a sorry, Sarah, and their, and their story with Benyus la eat, and what was going to happen to them? And the ISA talking to Venice, LA, he and, and preachin. And, and what he said be killed? Or will he be crucified? Or is he going to be raised into the heavens? What's What happened? Or what would happen to a Saudi citizen? Did he

00:35:46 --> 00:36:23

actually die? We believe that he didn't die and that he is going to come back. When is he going to come back? Is it one of the signs of the hereafter? Yes, it's one of the signs of the hereafter. We're talking about all that. Insha Allah hota Prophet Mohammed described the ISA. He described him as if you see him, he described his hair. Prophet Mohammed described his hair, he described the cloth that he will be wearing. And he said, Well, we'll talk about that next week in Sharla. Thank you so much for joining by the coffee cup brothers and sisters. We'll see you next week and shout out to add up the other words as he say, said Mr. Robot cat, Salaam Alaikum. Sisters and brothers

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Thank you for joining. Thank you Karima. Thank you. Thank you, Mona Lisa, thank you. Thank you all. Thank you. Yes, me. Thank you, Noah. Thank you more Connie. Thank you Nola of one party Thank you have is that you also can laugh at me. Allah bless you so mighty come Thank you Shazia. Thank you. Thank you, my setup somebody

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