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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was salam wa salam ala Nabi Avada

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mavado Villa Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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inocula Shea in

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Madeira, Sara Kala will ozium My dear respected elders and brothers

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from our very inception and childhood,

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we have grown up with a belief

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which has been manifested in a man name of a cell.

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And one of that is well kaduri hiree. He was sure we mean Allah tala.

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That good and bad has been pre determined.

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And it is according to the deal.

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This is one of our fundamental tenets of our belief. We have grown up with that. We have read that particular e Manimal for sale. You know, when we were in madressa many people who in this new town madressa back New York Saturday morning, they used to be the door of our Suraj and our customers now, and there's a time when the car and the angle of the start was at its most.

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So while country theory he was shoving him in Allah tala and that is known as the deal. What is the deal? The deal from a literal sense, is decree judgment, predestination, ultimate destiny. That is how we normally translated musalman hornik annata Amna bachpan says a tzedek Assad Parvati spire Kihara Chai or Bri Allah tala Kitab Sam, whose cannot hit the deer Allah Taka Furman Allah tala Mahatma face la Now this particular belief has always been something that has been a point of discussion in our history, the very first type of Shiism that happened happened amongst the very first Shiism was because of this PDF interactive. So there was one group in our history known as

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Korea, and anyone who has done some reading will know two groups Korea or Japan, Korea. The Korea were those people who believe that human being is methodical, He is Allah has no authority over him. He can do whatever he pleases. Whatever he wants to he can do. He is not bound by taqdeer He is not bound by Allah subhanho wa Taala his decree and Allah Allah His decision, that was the Korea then you head on the opposite side of that it was the jabariya jabariya believed there's a group in our history that they were there. They believe that human being has got no control whatsoever over his deeds. He is merely like a tree and like a stone. Whatever has been told to him, he is going to do

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that he has got no freedom to do anything else. Both of these groups develop an extreme and a misguided ideology. It goes against our Sharia. If Allah has no control as the Kataria say to AIG guru yeah musalman k guru yeah care well yeah Manta Dickinson pika pass her calm or her face like a Pura

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Allah tala news Copa del kaupapa. Nia do citra for a guru here, a group here which is Kolkata Jamia Jamia we're in some kombucha Bora mascara datahand Jessie butter or in kitara qui kootenay kar sakta co has added a what's called a monkey has added a year joke which Lika waken up a time get don't get oh here

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here's another kill for him both of these groups are wrong. This will explain to you why they are wrong. If according to the criteria, that you got full control over what ever you want to do.

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To fill Dwarka comm towards the minimum making dua to Allah tala. If you have complete control and authority, what is the meaning of begging indecision Allah tala and on the other hand, if you are forced up Buttercup,

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if you have got no control over your destiny and your deeds, what is the use of doing good deeds.

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So this has been something in fact, in today's time, it has taken a different

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Way, today it is taught in the universities as determinism. So this is something and we have to be very careful. We must never go too deep into it now via Kareem salsa one day, so people in the masjid discussing the deal. Kareem saw somebody come up

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to the gatekeeper and bhaskara we are discussing the deal. Now via Karim saw some said the people of the past, they were destroyed by delving too deep into the deal. They were dealt, this is like a vast ocean, you will never get to understand the entire entirety of it. Just say for example, someone tells you to carry 10 kilos, 20 kilos, 30 kilos, you might carry, tell you to carry 200 kilos you can carry because it is beyond your capacity. Similarly, there are certain things from our intellect point of view, that is beyond our capacity to understand fully understand. We have a small a small explanation with regard to it with we stick to that explanation. We don't go beyond it. So

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that is one of the things that we have to do to do today. What Allison net well, Jamaat has adopted a motor path between the Kataria and the Jamia and that what is it takes into account the middle path, which is

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understanding the sovereignity the power, the threat and the dilemma of Allah subhana wa Taala and also the freedom of human being to act.

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The freedom of human being to act to Allah sunette well Gemini Damiani.

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Kita deer, Allah Allah. Allah Allah.

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Allah tala matar Hanukkah satsang bunny Adam Qasimi dari or Azadi committed slim Chi, the middle road between two things lust, lust power, Allah's knowledge and human beings freedom to act, this is what has been the right way in between. Now let us talk with regard to the what what is the deal what is the deal is Allah tala? Camila hilum joke which is dunya hora Yahuwah Allah, Allah, Allah or facelet k metabo Kotahitanga is Kolkata hit the deer Allah Tanaka hilum k metabo kisi cheese Kahuna. Now, let me give you an example with regard with the price of primary meaning of the word that dear is to make a thing according to a measure.

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To make a thing according to a measure is what is known as the deer to make a thing. So the deer can be defined as an occurrence of events according to a predefined measure and knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala let me give you the example of a fashion designer or fashion designer, for example, he designs a dress and abaya occulta those people who are young will say that they design a bridal gown. So he designed the bridal gown and he got any design it now that he is doing something according to a measure, the after will come the actual doing of the thing. So that will be the design and then afterwards the doing so in our belief that D refers to the absolute knowledge of

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Allah, everything in this world will happen according to the perfect knowledge of Allah. That there is a large knowledge of all events, past and present in one single moment. is not Allah tala knows about something after 100 years of Allah knows about something at different times. Allah knows about everything before and after in one single moment. Alam danum Allah animo Murphy Samadhi What are people don't you know, Allah knows what is happening in the heavens and earth in the Delica pick it up. Everything is indicated that kita is

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in Kula Shea in halaqa. Now who do we mean Shane Illa in Ghana has a hero woman who has you know, who enlarge the pottery mudroom. All of this is in the Quran in Nakula, Shin Chanukah, now, other people we have made things according to a measure. This is the deal we have made things according to a measure. So now let us further understand this whole aspect of the deal. Now if everything happens according to

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the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then the question comes, why should we strive Allah knows Sahaba asna via Karim salsa one day this question he had a son life everything happens according to the knowledge of Allah Why must we strive? What a beautiful reply in a via cream sauce whom gave a gift to replies, strive as everyone will be guided to that for which he has been treated.

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Strive because Allah will make easy for you. What Allah has in his knowledge, you don't know what is in Allah is knowledge upon a pata.

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L'Atalante Akihabara Nick Yasaka Hekia face lucky I got an app for nepata to up cautious Carter, Amal Carter Hakuna Matata, you don't know. So therefore Allah you have to continue making among because you don't know what Allah tala is defined for you, Allah will make easy what Allah subhanho wa Taala has determined for you and what is in Allah subhanho wa Taala is knowledge. Therefore, the alumni have written there are two types of today, one type there is known as mukarram and one is known as Moloch mukarram is that which never changes, your time of death is being determined it won't change for example, and mumbra is that which is more or less

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It is, it is conditional, this person will make sadaqa something was written for him Allah will change that because of his Seneca therefore, it comes in a hadith nothing can change the deer but what is the meaning of that? That is Moloch DeRay Moloch. So, therefore you must make to you must thrive, you must do good deeds that Allah tala must wipe away the aspect with regard to any evil that is coming your way. Maybe a criminal Some said give sadaqa sadaqa wipes away and swats evil coming your way. Right. So this is the aspect with regard to tactile and tactile definitely does not mean

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that it doesn't definitely does not mean that you have it.

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Anyway, why whatever he is, doesn't mean that what Allah Allah has many made for you. You must sit and wait for it.

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To Tokunaga

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up cautious cartera make missile data very moody citizen as it hajra with yellow Bramley. Salatu was salam, his wife when he primary Islam left in the desert, and she saw a Brahmin he said, I'm going where are you leaving me? You're in the desert there is no water there is no four days no nothing. How can you leave me here?

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Did Allah tell you to leave me? Yes, Allah told me to leave you. Now she knew that Allah told Ibrahim Ali Salaam to be in liver, you're in the desert. Now she could have said if this was the meaning of the deities. Allah told my husband Ibrahim to leave me in the desert. Let me wait here meant is our karanga

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mapleshade a karanga Allah Tanaka Furman say, Allah.

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Allah to Allah tala well said Jubilee salatu salam, what food? She didn't do that she ran between suffian miroir seven times. And what what your kin she read when, what what faith she ran, that because of that faith, Zamzam is still quenching the thirst of people 1000s of years they after, she could have said and

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told me to stay here, let me sit here. She didn't do that. She went and she went to Queens, and she went up and down them. It's that type of situation, which leads That's the meaning of the deal. You go and do whatever you're supposed to do. Allow them to decide whatever he wants to go after.

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himself all Sahaba had 1101 hammer maybe saw some more two hammers.

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And then when Kareem saw Selim came, he realized that this mountain top is very, very strategic. Put 50 arches there. He in a cocky Allah tala kamatera, Marisa toga, he and

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he placed everyone on his perspective of both positions. That is the meaning of the deal. Now before the decree takes place before the decision takes place, because we don't know what the decision is make full, full effort.

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That's what we are supposed to do. After the event takes place after the decision is made, then we accept it.

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Before the decision full to full effort. Look at what happened in South Africa. I mean, there were such riots. I don't know I don't I maybe I should have spent the whole b&e but people have spoken a lot. I've taken on trips with regard to it. Yesterday, I took out an eight minute clip with regard to it. So I thought let me speak about this. Now we have to keep in mind that is a natural cause and effect. They are according to official stats. 7.2 million people unemployed.

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That is the official stats, according to the artificial stuff is much more than the 32% of the country's unemployed until the country doesn't become more equal is not going to become less violent. Now we can say what are we going to do we can provide? We can provide in any way employment to 7.2 or nine or 10 million people we can't do it. But do whatever you can. Krishna Cousteau joku Abacus, Abacus under help to cashkaro try and do something if Allah has given us something in a *ty now that is the deal. Tell

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Don't sit back and say, joke was when I

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used to tie your camel and you do your strategy. You do your precaution. Now after it happens, what Kareem saw some said in a Hadith, the reality of faith is that what was passed you was never going to be for you. And what has befallen you was never going to pass you

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replace our aquatic mrea no one came to look at us. Yeah, Mr. Adriana Will Smith in

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proportion to we were to take, but whatever What did not come upon you was not supposed to come upon you and what came upon you. It was not supposed to leave you it was not supposed to, therefore be a cream sauce and wonder under amatola wisdom, even if the entire Humbert comes and give you something they can't give you except what Allah has written down for you in his predestination, in his pre knowledge and what is interdealer if anyone wants to harm you, they can harm you. Except that which Allah subhanho wa Taala is,

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after the event you must not regret

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after something happened never ever say. If no other romney aka to hear nahata notturna. Don't ever say that, before the event, take off precaution. And if you don't take precaution you are going to God.

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If you don't take precaution, we have committed a sin. But after the event, don't say why. Don't say I'm not going to why we are done that? No, because then it is in the form. You can take a lesson and a neighboring game that you can do. They came on after him after he bought me a cream sauce after the Battle of who had they asked themselves couldn't

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Why did the Battle of who had Why did we suffer a setback Who am in Indian physical, look at yourself. take lessons. Why did it happen? So after an event, don't regret but take lessons. Now are we taking lessons? So brothers This is such an important? You know, the Navy cell survey said that, you know, don't Delve too much into deer I spent I don't know how many time on this to try and make it as easy as possible. And I hope I've been able to succeed for myself first and for everyone to understand this concept and then work according to this concept for the future. May Allah Allah give us a trophy who has to do the awana and in hamdulillah Europe is better just to one or two