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The Islam rules and etiquette interactions discussed include avoiding alcohol and drinking, following etiquette rules, not sharing weight and size during eating, not drinking until feeling tired, and following etiquette interactions during the pandemic. Different etiquette rules and interactions are discussed, including avoiding touching food and bringing their own options for their food, and not bringing gifts or anything. Different rules and interactions are emphasized, including avoiding touching anything until reaches a point of feeling tired, following etiquette rules, not entering guests, and not bringing food back. The importance of giving guests their own options for their food and offering their own options for gifts is also emphasized.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Ashrafi Masurian se Aegina Muhammad in while early he was heavy edge marine WADA do Welcome to Session number 12 In our Ramadan series, the path again, this is a series in which we comment on the great book by remind people codominant, every single homolog, which is titled, Mr. Solomon had alcohol. So then

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we finished a fourth of the book, and we moved on to the second fourth, which is the second section in the book. And it has to do with etiquettes. And

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it's actually a very interesting glimpse into the how the Muslim Muslim scholars really paid great attention to etiquettes social etiquettes and we're going to find we're going to see you're going to notice actually some unique etiquettes that are, I would say, time bound, they have to do with their time, some of them are universal, some of them speak to their norms to what is appropriate in their in their times. So it's good to look at these different etiquettes and be able to tell the difference. So let's start he says I've got a 30 minute Kitab the second section in the book, or this

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robot that will be here what this is, has to do with the etiquettes and habits daily life habits, life practices, and it has chapters under it under it, baboon VFW chapter with regards to the etiquettes of food eating wish to marry Ali he will be if you want to go with Eric and feasts for example when people eating together and when people have guests and so on and so forth. Well, that will actually mean Mr. Juan Pablo Amin ha ha man actually women our bad actually. So the etiquettes some of them

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have to do with before eating

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like time for preparation, it like before the act of eating and during the you know, act of eating. And after finishing the food for me now puts me in a world from the first part of first section over the first type, which is before eating a verse slowly adeiny A couple actually came a lot of different Hadith

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was washing the hands before eating just like was mentioned in the Hadith, the Annihilator flume in Dawn because the hands usually engage with different things and they would be exposed to dirt or dirty things. Woman Daddy can you allow time or so forth remember it

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in our acabo Illa failure also relies on Allah sentiment of E L. EDA and from the etiquettes to is to put the food on the floor

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rather than on a table because this is closer to the habit of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now again, this is sometimes a matter of preference. There's not necessarily a religious obligation or recommendation here. It's just a general kind of, I would say preference and there will be scholars who would argue that there's no merit for eating on the ground over eating on a table etc.

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While we're at dinner elector wild way and this brings more humility. Humbleness women Daddy can you do this allergy setter is too for fancy original alumina where Timmy the adult use raw and from that is to erect one's

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right foot

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right leg and raise the knee while sitting on the left foot. Again this is tying this has to do with their times is there anything specifically there about the sun? No anything? No but this was like the etiquettes the social norms and there are times

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when we actually in HFO were allowed to it later hallelujah corner mopey and ugly and to have the intention, have an intention with eating that he's strengthening his body is feeding his body strengthening his body in order to help himself support himself worship obey Allah I don't want to add

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what I accidentally hit around with a cup and let his intention not only be to enjoy the food, while I'm also HATYAI Nia affable Bula T Dona Shiva. And a good indication that this is the intention is that the person eats what supports them what strength

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Since then, but not reaching the point of, you know, feeling full. Again. So

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just an important note, don't take this as religious obligations, or even religious recommendations. Some of these things are preferences. And some of these are just

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time bound, they have to do with their time. So it's important not to see this as, oh, I have to do this. Or somebody else might be listening to this and say, you know, that's a lot of restrictions. But again, for them for their time, that was the norm, that was the best thing to do things. And if an outsider, someone, someone, let's say, from 200 years from now looks at our food advocates, they will see that's a lot of restrictions. These are always a lot of instructions. Why? Because to an outsider, there seems to be a lot. But when this is the norm, we don't realize that we have in turn, internalize and normalize so many details that they just feel so natural to us. But they're not they

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don't seem so to an outsider. So I hope as we are looking at this, that we also keep this in mind that we are looking at another time, right? It's about

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seven 800 years ago, he's talking about their etiquettes. And again, a lot of them are preferences.

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By then maybe you saw Allah when he was sending a memo, it blew

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my mind I shot him in Brooklyn has has moved me Adam, I kiloton you're given a story by Wu Tang in cannula Mohalla for Tolulope army with ruffoni Shalabi. With only in FSC. This is an authentic hadith,

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the Prophet saw them said that son of Adam would not fill a container worse than the stomach, it's enough for son of Adam to have some mouthfuls that would keep him strong, keep him healthy. And if a person you know, still insist on eating more, then leave a third of your stomach or fill a third of your stomach with food. Another third word drink and leave a third for your breath for comfort woman but already had a new year and a and looked down upon me in La Jolla and the person is coming from this intention basically to eat to strengthen oneself to enable oneself to worship Allah and obey Allah and fulfill one's one's mission in this life, that the person only reaches out to food when

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the person is hungry, not out of luxury, right? When you're fired the whole complex shebang the person stops eating before reaching the point where they are full. Woman further that economic vitality without Bobby and whoever does this and lives this lifestyle, that would hardly need a physician or a doctor, there will be no need for medication will mean that you can your Bible module even at RISD, and from the etiquettes is that and from set, you know, a sign of this intention that a person would be content with whatever is available to them. What I activated the SEO, I mean, when the person does not look down upon, you know, the food is available, even if it's little if it's not

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that that great. When each day if he texted an ad I love bomb Willow mean, he will whether the other person would be keen to have more feed people join in the food and benefit from it, eat from it, even if it's

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not extended to beyond his family. So whatever, even if the only ones available is families, kids, he brings them to join

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us Muthoni The second type of etiquettes which are during eating the act of eating, well, Phil, Phil, there'll be harlots a little actually, one Yep, the Bismillah if you will, he or Allah is

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the person who starts before eating with Bismillah with the name of Allah, and that at the end the person thanks a lot and praises him for the foot. Women Daddy can the equilibrium now we're Saphira Luqman, we will we will deal with a model and the person eats with the right hand and make their

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the bites that they take small and to chew on the food or well, like Chew it well. One day and not the other who either or Hello hotelier Gula, and not to reach out to another bite before having swallowed the first one. And these are actually things these are good practices and people Oh no, but help actually, I think they have a statement which they say you know, drink what you eat and eat what you drink, meaning drink what you eat. So you chew on it until it becomes you know, in your mouth, almost liquid, and then you swallow it. So he's giving that advice right.

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And again, to give yourself time to swallow before and not to be hasty with food. What I assumed that cooling and that the person does not speak bad about any type of food

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We know this from the prophets of salaam that he would not mention anything bad about a food, if he likes it, he would eat it. If he doesn't like it, he just wouldn't eat it

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will mean that you can get caught. I mean, mentally, another person eats from what is right in front of them, they say there's a platter of food, you don't reach to the middle of it, or to the other side, you eat from what's in front of you.

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In Your Corner, but we aren't back. Yeah, unless the platter has different types of food, like a platter of,

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of fruits. Right. So you want an apple and what's in front of you is in orange. So you reach out to the Apple no problem. In this case, well, you could be selected as cyber and eat with three fingers. Well, again, this is the practice of the Prophet SAW Selim. But it's not a religious practice, it's it doesn't have to it's called soon that will add, that's what the prophet is used to eat out of habit out of their norms, the President would eat with, with all the food with three fingers, what either worked, or glucometer ohada. And if abide, or some food falls, he would pick it up and eat it.

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I mean, that you can learn from it, but I'm in hell and not to blow on hot food, to call it we do that sometimes spoon we blow on it in order just to call it down that you should not do this. When am I been a temporary one? No, I feel public and wide. And not to put like when you eat dates, not to put the stones or the seeds back on in the same on the same plate, not separate them put them somewhere else.

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Well, I admit I have a fee and not

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and not to put the stones not to gather them in your hand, like you're eating dates. And you you know spit these stones in your in your in your hand. And you do that a few times. And you're having stones, the date stones in your hands when you're born a woman fee and a fee to make up but the person you know spits the stone, the date stone, or even if they remove it before eating, eating. Yeah. So it spits the stone from the mouth, on the back of your hand. And then you put it where, you know, in the pain or somewhere else. Again, these are just again, it seems that these are the etiquettes of their times. This is politeness This is good, good etiquette. We're cada koulamallah

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Who are German we're fearful. And thus everything that has a stone or has seed that needs to be thrown. Or it has a skin that needs to be thrown as well. Because the banana whatever, whether you're shopping or if you have a bomb and not to drink water in the middle of of eating for in now Eduardo fever could be it is in from the medicine medical perspective, it's better. Again this is disputed this why said don't take this as a religion. These are just the etiquettes of their time. And maybe this was the suggestion of medicine and their time. And previously it was it was believed even recently in that you know people in the in the field of nutrition or medicine they would

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recommend that you don't drink during food. But I at least that was my observation. But recently I've been hearing that it's good actually to you know drink a little bit during the food.

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Woman adabas Shouldn't be any it's an hour Alena Abby me and he and from the etiquettes of drinking is that the person should hold the again the cup in their hand in the right hand while young girl I feel obliged should be and to check it look into it before drinking.

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And and that's obviously that's to make sure that there is no insects there is no nothing in dirt nothing dirty. Nothing spoils the drink that you are drinking the water that you drink it for example.

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So again, these are etiquettes don't forget somebody might say Oh, do we have to do this or why this is too much. Again, as we said these are etiquettes just consider this to be like a documentary on how people used to the etiquettes of eating and food at their time.

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Where most summer sun lab banana the person takes sips from the cup, and not God gobble up like the whole cup all at once. Drew were an alien though the Allahu Anhu it was narrated from Illumina butala Probably Allah Juana. Again, this is a weak narration to add even of your toilet, but again, it's mentioned here so we'll translate it. Missoula Amazon wallet, wallet. Whoo hoo. I've been

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in Kibera Minelab be okay, so you would say sit on the water slowly and don't gobble up

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and it's

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seems alphabet here. It seems that some sort of a disease or fatigue that happens to the liver. It comes from drinking water with so much haste like GABA longer gobbling up Porter, what is your argument and do not drink standing up? And again, this is a strong recommendation from the prophets of salaam there's a dispute whether it's haram to drink standing or whether it's strongly advised against.

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Waiter I take I take the opinion of the scholars and I think it's a majority that it is strongly advised advised against but not necessarily haram, where it's an fsfe sort of be Heath and earth

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and the person drinks on three

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breaths not all at once. So this Lee Haney and the BSL Allah where you Selim can aid and fill in either Atha in the two sides are bahala Muslim the prophets of salaam will take three breaths drink you know three breaths will mandate and FSV short will be fill in a new battery the inner man who identifies the meaning is the person will take you know some drink and then remove the cup breathe then take another one obviously don't do it like in a very mechanical way some people say okay rank then bring you back No it's just he would drink and take a breath drink another but not breathe into the cup

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elkus Mothman edible equity my aim is to help Booba Doctor

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The third type of etiquettes has to do with after food and what a new secret publisher and that's to stop eating before reaching a point of being fooled while alcohol sabio and to lick that one's own fingers its own thing is again these are I would say culture specific and depends on which country you come from. What and yes little Casa

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while the medulla and yesterday tell casa i believe what it means here is

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to make sure that you wipe that you don't you don't throw anything of the food you don't leave remnants obviously unless you've already reached you know your fill or you've had enough that's enough. Well yeah medulla and to praise Allah and thank him for the fruitful Hadith Yeah, and then Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa salam and now called in the authentic hadith from the Prophet SAW Salem that he said it since a Muslim in Allahu ALA and in Abu Dhabi and yet Aquila, Aquila, mother who were Shaba Shaba mother who Allah

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Allah is pleased with his servant he eats food and he thanks a lot for it and that he drinks

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and he thinks Allah for it

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Allah would be pleased with the servant because of that we have seen a they him in a lava Marie and to wash their hands after food. Again these are some of some of them are really really beautiful etiquettes and suitable still suitable for our times

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firstline female Z dominant Debbie bistability Maggie will mashallah Katie Phil actually okay. So, this is

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like a small I would say heading on

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extra etiquettes that have to do with occasions when people gather for fruit

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like invitations feasts etc mean that you can leave today actually in Canada now a woman needs to have

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a Dominica recently I was here that he for Berlin you can barely Sydney and I was here the Funland inlandia corner who will match booyah okay. So, among these is that a person should not like people are gathering around a plate or platter of food

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that you do not start you do not go first.

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You let the oldest person in the group stop or you wait for them until they start or the one who's the more eminent among this group? Unless you are the eldest the most senior or the most eminent among the group and sort of they give you this privilege to study so you'd go and start with it again shows consideration for other people beautiful etiquettes what Manhattan did is go to law school to Allah bombilla to kill the moon and Bill Maher off with that will be okay yeah to sign him up in over a year.

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Okay and from the etiquettes is that people should not be dead, like have dead silence complete. You know.

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What is it? Complete mute. It should not be like this, but they should exchange some words. Good words that are suitable for this time of enjoying the food the feast.

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And again, this is not actually universal. It's different from Uncle

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To the other because in some cultures oh you shouldn't be speaking when you're eating

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so these are culturally specific culture specific I mean then you can you'll see that

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next to the column mean how many 30 or 30 What I heard you Lafayette Oh La Nicola who could billion basalt What are your thoughts on bidding about seeing and each one in this around the platters should seek to prefer the others over himself

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and that a person should not withhold and be too shy and restrict themselves to a point that gets some others to invite them to eat Hey eat like you're not eating properly eat right so again that's good consideration of other people women dedicated Android as hubby he had it and actually the alias to heal and also others are eating along with you that you do not stare at them as they are eating because some people might be embarrassed

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you don't want to be eyeing people as they are munching on the food and eating women that you can if the Minister for the room and Riri philon For the other who Phil Casa What are you Ademma Lal So in the old Luke Matthew Fifi Okay, so he's saying and the person should avoid doing things that he would not approve of other people and he would feel disgusted if other people did the same for example some people as they're eating again this has to do usually with people eating with their own hands that you do not sort of try to

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would you say that

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snap your hand to sort of let the remaining food on your hand fall back on the platter because people are joining you again that's that's obvious right.

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And a person as you're eating from platter you should not put your bring your head over the platter as you put you know the mouthful right in your mouth

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is just a little bit into I would say intruding is more of a little bit aggressive it's it's uncomfortable that you produce you put your head over the platter and you get right on top of it in order to bring the mouth you know the the back to your mouth

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what either a holiday she admin fee, the elmia be solid for what you have anatomic who BSL three. And if there is something that is in your mouth and you want to get it out like a piece of food, or the food you don't like or maybe some bone or some something that's not edible. So you want to remove it of your mouth. Don't do that in front of the platter. You'd say turn to the left and take it out with your left hand. And don't do that. Like don't let that be visible. Okay.

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Well, I have missile lock method DESE Marfil Hello, well, hello, aseema Felker, the Accra who are you? Where are you from is here to look manatee akademin Fill in Morocco.

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Okay, and if you're eating something greasy, you do not again, he's talking about dips here dipping. So this has to do with the type of food that they used to eat.

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Seems to me I'm trying to understand this. So he says if you have

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so I'm gonna use bread here as

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as the main course with again other debt with dips. So if you dip your bread into something greasy, let's say could be yogurt could be cheese could be a ghee or butter.

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One of the most common dips of their time was vinegar. So you don't put it in the grease. You don't dip your bread in the greasy stuff. And oh, and then you put it then you dip it in the

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in the vinegar because you're mixing two dips now and some people find that appalling. Especially

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when it comes to greasy and vinegar.

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Okay, so take this as a rule the rule is don't mix the depths and don't confuse things. Don't get the stuff mixed on the on the platter. don't cross contaminate, in a sense, that would be the word don't cross contaminate.

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What I have up here to look magnetic, and I mean heavily maraca, let's say you have a bread that you're dipping in in some sort of source. You already dipped it and you took a bite from it and still part of the bread is in your hand. Don't dip it back again. Because now it has your saliva has your breath. And it might be off putting to others. I mean, it's it's really very interesting. I never paid attention when it came to these details previously but now as I'm doing this reading with you, it's actually sounds very interesting to see the differences and also to you know, take the universal rules there and probably benefit from them.

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While you know

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leaving the the the particulars the things that are particular to their culture leaving that you know

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away from our our arrogance our the etiquettes for time

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another heading here first of all feet of autonomy that one this is heading on offering the food to your brothers your brethren we used to have both of them are terminal if one row Yeah daddy can only you and only allow one on call and if one yeah so I mean upon her name and RTR raka

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so it's basically about inviting people to your food to join your foot and he's saying it's recommended to offer the food and to invite people to fruit your brothers and there is an aeration from aluminum with olive there's no grading here of it. But basically the meaning is okay. It says that I it's better like I prefer to gather my brothers and offer them food rather than free slave meaning there's a lot of reward in that we're kind of hate them or Himalayas now. At least Alabama play fair though Ibrahima will earn much were owed Kulu for masala to hula height must be from a turban in because he was inviting Ibrahim I guess Ibrahim in the high end of that machine.

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He used to make nice beautiful food and he would invite Ibrahim and the high and an Amish and he would tell them eat Hey guys eat I've made this specifically for you. So it means that they actually

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they would give importance importance to something like this. And they would go about intentionally doing intentionally doing it and it's not like they had food and they just happened to invite someone No, they actually they made a point to make the make food and invite people to come and eat from it. Not necessarily invite them to at home but you know invite them to the food

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where you put them on a huddle I mean Radiata Koloff Wallah is that you know and Victor for them but you put the molarity then woman at the California Academy Jamie Anna in their home and again and the person like offers food to people in their company, their guests wherever available whatever is available without overburdening oneself and not to seek their permission. Hey, like I'm going to offer you some food. Is that okay? No, just bring the food. Just bring it without making any offers or seeking any permissions and do not like offer everything you have at home. Because that would be a bit too much like that would be overwhelming for you.

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Woman at Debbie's ad and directory hotline and behind me we're in Hui Rabina Amin esala

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inlandia Mobile UEFA who you sir robic Telavi

00:27:53--> 00:27:59

What are you What I also want to see daddy or what I actually want to see daddy and from the etiquettes of the guest

00:28:00--> 00:28:02

not to ask for specific food.

00:28:05--> 00:28:19

And if he is given choice between two like options, do you want us to make you this or make you that make you let's say for example, mixed grill or barbecue chicken or pasture whatever.

00:28:22--> 00:28:26

I don't recommend you know carbs generally speaking pasture. So

00:28:27--> 00:28:38

Indiana minimum value for your startup unless you know that your host actually would love to honor you and treat you and I'd be happy if you state a preference because they want to treat you

00:28:40--> 00:29:00

and that it would not be overwhelming or would burden the host cognizer Shafi Abraham Allah and Zafrani what kind of Zafrani equitable equitable Cleona attend be my honorable home Minal L one where you Selena in Algeria. For the Chevy rule. You have our coffee hello and for the Malema Zafrani.

00:29:03--> 00:29:05

Okay, I need to understand this before I translated.

00:29:06--> 00:29:13

So Shafi once became a guest, he was hosted by a man called the Zafrani.

00:29:21--> 00:29:30

And the Zafrani had, like a servant girl that would go probably in by him some of the ingredients.

00:29:31--> 00:29:56

And so every day he would actually write these ingredients and send the servant girl to go and get these ingredients and come back. A chef is so that you know that note, and he actually added to it one ingredient, and Zafrani felt so happy. Why because he wanted to drink a chef and he was happy that a chef he was feeling so so much at ease that he even suggested something

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

as a guest right now

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Another heading forestland letter Hola, Armenia Quran another etiquette is that do not interrupt when a people who are eating when I am very I had an either Hanuman Omonia Quran and yet Allah led him to install the formula because it didn't rule Achill novel, an early man Nam In the masala haha and minha Kuru an anima Nam you're gonna Oklahoma Al Jazeera La Jolla. Again, these are etiquettes. So disclaimer before you don't don't necessarily take that like to the letter saying no one should enter upon people if he knows that they have gathered for food, obviously, unless you're invited.

00:30:36--> 00:30:43

But if you happen to enter a pool of people, and they happen to be eating at that time, if they invite you to food,

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you know, study, look at the situation, sort of analyze the situation, if they are just saying that out of shyness, then just apologize, don't join them for the food. But if you know for sure that they are, they will be genuinely happy for you to join them, then it's okay for you to join them. Woman data data set up for them easy to work and it can be here I don't even know is academic by me. So it will be Derrick Johnson who could and whoever enters the house of his friend when the house is not when the friend is not there.

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he knew that if he ate from the food in his friend's house, that his how his friend would be happy, then it's okay for him to eat. How would this happen? You might go. And this depends on on the house. So some people had their house, they had the guest house

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where, you know, their friends could come even if they are not at home, the guests come, you know, the servant servants in the house would welcome you know, their friends into the guest house

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are the guestroom and they would offer them something there. So if and they might afford them even food. So if you know that your friend is happy generally, and your friend is not at home, so he's happy, generally speaking, happy that you came to the house and you just ate from their food, even though they're not there. It's okay for you to eat. If you know that they are a little bit they prefer privacy and they're not happy with, with you know, being there for a meal and eating a meal when they're not there, then you should respect that. Again, this might be you know, specific to their culture and to their times. But there might be some universal meanings that we can draw from

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this. Okay, so I'm going to leave it here

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to night is going to be the 27th night in Ramadan. And I don't think there's anything I need. I don't need to say anything more than what you already know. This is one of the nights where later other is expected is actually most expect expected. So, again,

00:32:54--> 00:33:09

don't deny yourself any blessings from Allah and the baraka and worship Allah subhanaw taala open up your heart pray, read Quran make vicar ask Allah for forgiveness, a sense of the call

00:33:10--> 00:33:16

do any act of kindness remember an old friend someone is in need in need and go and help them out

00:33:18--> 00:33:43

any kind any act of goodness do it and make dua for the Muslims all around the world specifically that we know that many Muslims are going through a lot and if we were to name them it would be a big list but at least you know the Muslims in Jerusalem now especially he shuffled off lost parents Allah preserve them protect them and keep the kingdom safe and protect their houses

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do I

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should I do one

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Ottawa oh

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otherwise soon

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shadow one

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no slide

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I know Siela ah

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so just make dua for them as you make a draft for yourself and your family and inshallah tonight is going to hold a an event and we have guest speakers from different parts of the world. So I encourage you to join and benefit insha Allah to Allah and don't forget to support the masjid May Allah reward you reward you and accept from you just from looking around see you in tonight's event in the letter Hello Santa Monica. Welcome to lie here we're barkatullah rather sunsystems this Ramadan by the permission Allah subhanaw taala we're going to launch the largest grant that I finished in the history of time. As you know, the pandemic and the shutdown has made given that are

00:37:40--> 00:38:04

extremely difficult. So we thought what better way to give that away than giving a copy of the Quran to as many people as possible. I used to be an atheist but from interacting with Muslims, I thought I could add and fell in love with it. Halfway through the book, I knew this was the truth. So I became a Muslim. Actually I became Muslim without even reading the Quran. A big reason was because of Islam pure monotheism.

00:38:05--> 00:38:36

After I took my Shahada brother the masjid actually gave me a copy of the Quran. And as soon as I started reading it, it only strengthened my faith even more. I was curious about the major religions of the world because I couldn't understand why people believe in God. So I got a copy of cran the verse has really touched my heart. I had never read a book like this. After doing my research, I became a Muslim. This Ramadan, multiply your words by sponsoring a copy of the Quran or a box to learn more please click the link below As salaam.

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my god

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Hi Mia Arnaud Sana.

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