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The importance of changing language in an offer is discussed, as it is a result of "verbal desire" and a sister's "verbal desire." concrete applications of the word "verbal desire" are suggested to make it more powerful and exciting, even in physical reality. The importance of changing wording in order to raise standards and keep getting them answered is emphasized.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah verticale. This Mohammed Al Sharif, and welcome to video number two, step number two in our series entitled raising your DUA. In video number one, we spoke about the belief someone should have in their doors Imen and mdsap, that they believe their doors will be answered, and they hope for that reward. We also spoke about how there is the essence of very bad, and how when somebody has an exam the next day, how badly they make dua and prayer the night before, and how somebody can continue that type of momentum and passion and desire every time they raise their standard and their daughters throughout their life. And we spoke about how anything that you

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make dua for is something easy to Allah subhanaw taala, just like a little boy would ask his parents for crayons, what you're asking for in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala is indeed smaller than even crowns that a child would ask for. Now, today, here we are step two, video two in this three part series, where we're talking about the wording of your dog. First off, when people make dogs, I've noticed that people have these dogs that they memorized when they were little kids. And they've been saying it for like 15 years, just robotic, every time they raise their hand, these are the dogs they make raise their hand, these are the dogs they make, they've stopped paying attention to what

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they're saying. And if you stop paying attention to what you're saying, that's not the type of dog that Allah subhanaw taala listens to the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that Allah subhanaw taala will not listen to a heart that is distracted from what it's saying and what it's focused on. So if you come into your salon, or you're coming to your door, and you don't even know what you're saying, then how can you expect that type of door to be answered when you yourself aren't paying attention? I call it the same old, same old doras. When I meet people that do that kind of thing. I say, Look, if you're gonna spend your whole life making the same dua again and again and again, then let me

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teach you how to make dua for me, so that you can spend the next 15 years you know, same old say, just keep making dog for me, that's my reward in your punishment, right? Make dog from home of the city. Now, I'm not joking about that. I actually taught that to some young people. And this guy came to me many years later, and he's like Muhammad, I've been making dog for you for the last 16 years. He's like, every time and says die, just go in. He's like, you're part of my dogs, because you taught me to do now. And as a little kid, I was like, yes, that's awesome. So the first step in order to change up your wording is that if you have some dogs that you've been saying, for a very

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long time, that have kind of gotten rusty and dusty in your mind, in your heart, the first thing you need to do is change those drives now doesn't necessarily mean that you ask for something different, which actually recommend just move on make the offer something different. But if you're making the offer the same thing, change the wording so that it starts to give you butterflies change it up. So it's more powerful, more stronger, and you're paying more attention when you make those dogs. Which brings us to point number two of the wording. Does the wording of your dog give you butterflies of excitement? So for example, if somebody says, Oh, Allah make me a good person, does that like super

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excites you? Or if you say, Yeah, Allah blessed me with a red hot car that has only two doors, okay, you can see the difference make me a good person, give me a red hot car with two doors, one of them will definitely get you more excited. Now I'm not saying make dua for a red hot car with two doors. I'm saying make dua for things that give you butterflies that actually excite you so that when you raise your hands to Allah subhanaw taala you're excited and you're paying attention and you have a burning desire for Allah subhanaw taala to answer those doors. I want to give you this example about a sister who had butterflies when making dua, and now what she did is not legit Islamically but it

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shows you the kind of burning desire that she had. This is her wanting to get married. And so somebody told her incorrectly that if you go around the kava 70 times seven zero which is incorrect, by the way, that that Allah subhanaw taala will bless you to be married. So this is 70 times seven. So it's seven times I'm 70 That's like 490 times around the Kaaba, and this sister did it cuz she desperately wanted to get married and she you know, burning desire butterflies, she wanted to get married, she was like I'm gonna do 72 off so she wants you and boom boom.

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And by the way, don't do this. I'm just telling you what she did. But don't do it because not legit Islamically. But she did it. So she did the 72 us. And she said that she was like ON to OFF number 64 something. So that's like I don't know, 400 times she's gone around the Kaaba, and she's dead, her legs are finished, I just can't breathe anymore. And she was so intense in her dua, she was like, Oh Allah, you will find a husband for me. Even if you need to take one of your angels and convert him into a man. That's what you need to do, I will marry that person. Now this is the type of intensity that I'm talking about the type of butterflies in your stomach when you're making dua,

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and that burning desire. And you see in her wording is very strong language. And she had this certainty that Allah subhanaw taala would answer da, that's the type of thing you need in your dogs. And as she was explaining the story to me in one of my seminars, and hamdulillah sitting right beside me was her Angel husband. And I said, Oh, our eyes behold the angels amongst us mashallah Tabata Kala, he's actually a very great brother. And, you know, we'll look into whether he really is an angel or not. The third thing that I would recommend with regards to your wording in a DA is that you should make it concrete. Now, that doesn't have to be for every dollar that you make some of

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your dollars can be abstract things related to character, for example, sometimes those are like abstract doors, but I'm saying let's get some concrete doors in their doors that when you make them, you know, this has a physical reality, even if you're making dua for dunya, or after whether this light for the next you can still make it concrete. So for example, if you're making dua for the asset or for the hereafter, you could still be making a concrete dua like Oh Allah, bless me to pray five times a day in the masjid, which is concrete, you got some numbers, you got some physical reality, the person who prays that will be the first thing they'll they'll be asked about on the Day

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of Resurrection. So it does lead to the hereafter, it's an asset to do art with the physical reality in this life. And to give you another example, rather than asking all law, make me a good student, ask, Oh Allah, allow me to graduate amongst the top in my class, that's something that's concrete, you'll know when the marks come out, whether you're amongst the top in the class. And by the way, here's just a side point, I wouldn't recommend making a dua that oh Allah make me the top of the class, just because that type of dua necessitates for other people to lose, right? Other people have to get lower marks than you, I don't like making that type of dua, I like to wish good for other

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people as well. So that's why I say Make dua or Allah make me amongst the best in the class, or amongst those with the highest marks in the class. So there you have it, these are three quick tips on how to change up your wording when you make dua, and I want you to take some action right now on this, take a dog that maybe you are making or ready, maybe it's the same old, same old, ah, doesn't really give you butterflies? Is it concrete, if it's something that you've been making to offer for a long time, and it hasn't really happened and you know, things aren't moving forward, I want you to ask yourself this question. Is it really a concrete job? And is it really something that gives you

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butterflies? And is it the same old same old dog that might need some changing up? Now let me give you something really concrete application of what I'm talking about. Let's take a common dog such as, oh, Allah bless me with a good job, right? Common to other people might make you might make the dog for themselves or for a spouse or something like that, oh, Allah blessed me with a good job. Here's the first question, is this the same old same old type of dog? Is it concrete? And does it give you butterflies? The reason I picked this one is that this thing doesn't, you know, pass any of our criteria. Give me a good job is kind of like a weak way of making dua give me a good job, what

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are you talking about? Give me a good job. So it's not necessarily concrete, you want to get something a little bit more specific in that. So for example, somebody might say, oh, Allah blessed me to be the manager of a fortune 500 company, for example. That's something concrete, you have, you know, something to aim for, you know, it's within 500 Different companies that you're looking for something concrete that you're moving towards, I said, manager, but does that give you butterflies? Not necessarily what if somebody said, I want to be in charge of the social activities, or the personal development of the employees at a fortune 500 company, something that really motivates you

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and excites you? Now it starts to give you butterflies and if this guy's the same old, same old type of guy, like forever even saying, Oh Allah give me a good job. Oh, Allah give me a good job. What I'd recommend is you start I'm changing up the wording, as we said, Oh Allah bless me to be the social activities or the personal development of employees. I

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At a fortune 500 company I love leads except you change it up like that it gives you butterflies and it's no longer the same old, same old. So for yourself, what kind of dollars are you making? Take one of them and try to tweak it a little bit. And if you want in the comments below, start asking some questions about this. How can I tweak this? How can I tweak that and let's give each other some feedback on some of the doors and how we can change up the wording to make it fantastic to raise our dot standard. This brings us to the end of video number two step number two, where we've been talking about how to change up the wording of your Doha in order to raise your standards on your

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door. In video number one, we spoke about how to raise the standard in your belief in da and inshallah to Allah in our upcoming step or upcoming video we're going to be talking about how to take action systematically on your doors and keep getting your doors answered again and again and again. Insha Allah to Allah.

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This is Mohammed Al Sharif and I'll see you and talk to you in the comments below. Please share this video in these steps with all your friends made go far and wide by the permission of Allah subhanaw taala