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The transcript describes a fight between two speakers, one of whom is a woman who is cutting people into small pieces of content. The other speaker is a man who is saying that people will inform them of the danger of burning alive. The speakers discuss the importance of respecting others and not criticizing them.

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First of all, the first of the nine, and I will list them and then we will take them one at a time. Your order supervisor will love it, he will send them to another than do not associate anyone

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do not have any partners with Allah.

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Do not worship anyone decide the last panel what?

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What invalid protect or Hubrecht though the result of that, in the result of that faith,

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the result of that consciousness and awareness is that the people were cut into pieces of content. If someone kills you, he did not cut you into small pieces.

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If someone burns you alive, did not cut you into small pieces. But here is a what in fact, why?

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Because if someone shoots you Chuck's up your hand, that is a peaceful way to die.

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But if the person cutting you into small pieces, one joint at a time, a finger at a time, we're moving now out of time, cutting an arm of a time that it's time consuming, it takes forever for you to die is a slow death. So in that you may we assess the situation or you may say let me give them what they asked him. Let Me Entertain what they're requesting. So So what did you say to him? What important

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and that is a failure.

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This is the reality of the

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combat combatting after the endorsement

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when he's it also aligns himself. He comes back to us so long as he can torture and it's a Rasul Allah.

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Allah has considered Luna Yasuo Allah. Are you been making them out for us? Are you not asking Allah to aid us? The kuffaar are killing us. They torching the land, they kill Omar Amma they taught him the rest of the Sahaba y'all so Allah as you're not calling Allah to aid and

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now we saw Lysa love it he was

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designed West wanted to teach this young man

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the reality of

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the reality of

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that it is never lip service.

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It is not something that a person is assured me that I do Allah and he walks away. Last salon last Yom Lex is I can love Southern

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Malaysia know even now and your poor men know whom left alone. It is not something easy for you to say lambda hugging Allah and walk away.

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But it's not the weep of the

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Rasul Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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was very clear in color. Black skinny person, very shocked by very see through what a beautiful face and his cheeks needs to turn red when he's upset when he's not pleased with something. So rasool Allah is a Muslim lady he was selling his coffins turn red, and he sat right under

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The share of the cup

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and he said the people before you,

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the people before you who believe in Allah subhanaw taala, then teaching number one, that you are not the first person or not the first nation, not the first time I would experience this, but he's saying that people will inform you

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and that will be one

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and they will break a metal song. And they were split he'd had his head into two hands

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and this will not turn him away from his face.

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you have a setup to follow you have a role models to follow, you have people to follow and is a reminder also that if you take this path, you will succeed

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you will succeed

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and I will protect our

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con and the result could be that you will be burned alive

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and then he continued with the next advice

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what are the tokens

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he said one time needed

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and never ever abandoned.

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The five gate prayers no matter what situation is connect you can never walk away from the Divine daily prayer

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on one Monday Tanaka ham winter I'm Megan berry as me

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any wedding going to walk away? Leave your salon

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then you have no

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you have no coverage you have no contract with Allah. Meaning you are all alone.

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It is your phone if something happens to you.

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And then he said

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what are the shirts?

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For Enam if

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I didn't consume don't drink alcohol and anything that intoxicate you is underneath this. Don't do this. Why? He says of Allah money he was indeed that is the key of all evil. That is the key of all evil. Per salva love money he was setting them while waiting

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and obeying your parents

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after means listen to them.

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Obey the parent and wishing the younger generation and the West understand the value of the parent.

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Your children calling Rasulullah he's Uncle Bob Ronnie he was sending them what in America and the whole region in Indonesia Agha, how would you mean?

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He said, they asked you to walk away with everything you have your burn, you work for them, obey them, then obey them.

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What was the and

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what ignore it? And he said under that challenge and people of authority

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in that position, the you may see or you may think that you are the most suitable person for that position. You may think oh my god, the man is not doing his job. There is neither being responsible enough. Don't challenge them. Because we all need to really friction fit and

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what I mean human being

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when in helicopter, one photo

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is a moment he had on the battlefield. Do not walk away did not run, do not flee. Though your companions may do that. Your friends may abandon you and walk away from that you are not doing this. God a wonderful, lovely Canada.

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He said and expand out of your earn spending on your

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spend on them.

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Don't allow anyone to take this sponsorship that guardianship of your children, but you be a beautiful, dutiful, digital person to that person to that responsibility. But what I fit in that as

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well I think that

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and your family,

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feel them or encourage them to feel

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encouraged to church, your wife,

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your children, not to fear you.

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To respect you Yes.

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But ask them to feel a loss pattern. What's

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the first we'll see if what if

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that was the nine in a nutshell, concise compress was it was all of a sudden.

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Now you have to detail