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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is Muhammad Sharif, and welcome to our new series called raise your daughters. I was once in walking through a store looking at t shirts and different statements that were being said on these T shirts. And one t shirt really caught my eye. It had a trailer on it. And the slogan on the t shirt said, aim low. And at the bottom, it said, That way, you'll never be disappointed. However, you'll see lots of people when it comes to their da, they actually do aim low so that they won't get disappointed. And let me give you some examples of that. If somebody wants to get married, but they feel really depressed, so I'm never going to get married.

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So even in their dua, sometimes they really aim low, oh Allah give me anybody. Or you might have, for example, somebody else they've been making dog for a long time for children, and it may be 10 years that have passed by, and then when you see their dua, they may be lowering their standards when it comes to their dog. This entire series is going to do the opposite of that. I would tell you Don't lower your standards, but in fact, raise your DUA and if you follow with me in this step one video and then we have another video, step two, and a third video step three, inshallah Tada, my promise to you is that you are going to find the foundation to raise your doors. Now before we jump

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into all of that, I just want to give a quick introduction about myself. My name is Muhammad shooty. I was born and raised in Canada, originally from Egypt memorize Quran when I was a little kid graduated from Medina University went for hedge for like, the past 20 years, I helped develop a hedge application for the iPhone and Android, I founded a mushroom Institute I also do personal development courses with discover you. So whether you're coming from another mailing list, somebody sent you here, or on our Facebook page, we have like 100,000 people there, wherever you came from, I want you to understand that this video is between me and you. It's not an audience that I'm speaking

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to it's just between me and you. And whenever I send an email out to other people, I always put the signature with best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level and Wallahi I mean it that's my model. If I see you succeed if you come back and say Muhammad, you know what, my life changed I watched these videos I benefited so much will love that makes my day and ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept from you. And except for me in sha Allah Tada. So let's get into this. So this is step number one video one, your beliefs regarding dua. What do you believe about da? Do you believe that Allah subhanaw taala accepts the US? Do you believe Allah subhanaw taala accepts your DUA. When do you

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think this dog is going to be accepted? Is it going to be immediately? Is it going to be like in the Hereafter? And now here's a really critical question. If you really do believe that Allah subhanaw taala answers all the doors, then why aren't you making more doors? When I was a little kid about 25 years ago, Ramadan was coming along. And you know, every year I tell people this story because it changed my life. I was 11 years old, and I was about to start memorizing put on after Ramadan. I said to myself, you know, just little Muhammad Sharif. 11 years old, I said, Hey, if I make the same dua every day in the last 10 nights every day, then it's guaranteed that my grandma will hit one of

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the nights of Leila to cuddle. And if that's the case, that means that Allah subhanaw taala guaranteed my daughter is going to be answered. Now remember, I was just 11 years old made this dry said Yeah, Allah. Let me memorize the Quran in two years or less. But I raised my hands up with certainty I made this dua and two years later, I had the Quran memorized. So not only did I memorize the Quran, but I was taught at a young age that Allah answers the DUA. Now many years passed after that. And I found myself every month of Ramadan, I would tell people about hey, when I was younger, when I was younger, when I was younger, and then I said to myself, wait a second, Allah subhanaw

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taala still answers dua. And so if I did this when I was young, What's stopping me from doing this when I'm 20 years old, when I'm 30 years old, or 22, or 20? What's stopping me from always making dua like that? So for about the last 10 years before Ramadan would come in, I would do a little retreat for myself go somewhere special and inspirational and start thinking to myself What amazing two hours do I want to make? I would compile this list together of my dream drawers, and then I would hit Ramadan and throughout the entire month of Ramadan or

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especially in the last night that I'm alone, I would make these guys every single day when I'm breaking if Todd and Tara we insist I keep making these doors. And year after year after year, I found Allah subhanaw taala was answering all my door hangers. So let's get started. First and foremost, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran what either Salah carry birdie on me for any money. And if my servant asks you regarding me, Verily I am close. Oh gee, Buddha Wharton, either

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I answer the call of the one who calls upon me. Now this is straight forward tells you that ALLAH SubhanA data answers the door. You don't need anything else beyond this. Allah subhanaw taala already promised that he would answer the DA and the prophets that Allah Harney has set them when it comes to Ramadan. The Prophet said Alana Saddam said min sama Ramadan, Eman and YT server or fear Allah Houma, Taka demon Denby, that whoever fast in Ramadan with Eman with belief and the sab and that's the desire to have the reward, all of his past sins will be forgiven. There's something critical about this, the province that Allah has sent him basically gave to conditions that when the

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person fast, they have belief in their award, and they're hoping for their award. So first and foremost, in order to raise your da, you need to have these two things, you need to have belief that your DUA will be answered. And the second thing is you have to in a burning desire way, desire for that dog to be answered. Now, you might assume that, you know, yeah, I believe the doors are answered. But let me give you an example of somebody who came to one of my classes on da one of these retreats. And before he came, he was saying to me that Muhammad, isn't it a little irresponsible for you to be going around telling people that Allah is going to answer their doors. I

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know it sounds really strange, right? But the background that he's coming from as the cultural conditioning of everybody telling each other that you know, make dog and your dog is not gonna be answered, it'll be in the hereafter. Right? Make dog your dog is not gonna be out, it'll be in the Hereafter, so that people kind of like lose hope. And he was actually in a state of, you know, he's lost hope and his daughter, he just figured all his dogs are going to be answered in the hereafter because nothing's really changing in his life. So I said to him in response, that I have no doubt that Allah subhanaw taala will answer your dog. Now at first he was a little skeptical, you know,

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like, What are you talking about? But when he went through the whole program with me came to the end, and in front of the whole class at the end of the seminar, he was in tears. And then he said, Now I understand Muhammad, what you meant about Allah subhana Donna answering the door. See, the problem is this. People think that Allah subhanaw taala won't answer their doors in this life because they don't know Allah azza wa jal in the way befitting of His Majesty and His generosity. Subhan Allah Donna, when you started looking at the Quran, and started looking at the sun, and what it says about the DUA, then you will understand. And so the take action point that I want to give

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you here is that go to books have that speak about the virtues of dua, whether they're talking about from the Quran, from the Sunnah, read about it, and really absorb that and drink it in your belief in DUA and that Allah azza wa jal accepts the dua of the one who calls upon it. The second issue with regards to laying this foundation of belief in Doha is understanding that dua is the essence of worship. There is a Hadith in which the prophets of Allah they seldom said a DA who will a bada, that dua is worshiping Allah azza wa jal. So if you look at Salah we're encouraged you know, when we're in such to to make dua to Allah subhana data, when you look at fasting, it's all about making

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dua. When you look at Hajj from the beginning to the end, from the traveling to go and out of everything is related to dua, as you go back and forth through the different worship different ways of worshipping Allah Azza. wa jal, you realize that everything goes back to making dua to Allah subhanaw taala. Now, what is the situation then of somebody who hasn't prepared anything to make dua for or they don't know what to make dua for, they're just going through these routine rituals, and they're not raising their hands to Allah subhanaw taala and not asking for anything. Now, to give you an example of this, I want you to recall back a time when you had an exam the next day, right,

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maybe you're in high school, secondary school or university, or at some point in your life, you had an exam the next day, and in your DUA, you were asking Allah for a good mark. Right? I have found in my own experience that I'm sure you've been there, you were probably

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crying in your prayer, right? You were in search, then you took extra long and you really felt the prayer. And you could feel the Quranic recitation because you had something to ask Allah for. You had something to ask Allah azza wa jal for now the exam pass inshallah Tada, you got a good mark or whatever it was, but let me ask you this What about your life now? Do you also have things like an exam the next day that you can make dua for was such passion. And if you did have something that you were that passionate about, what would be the situation of your Salah? Right? Every single day you were that passion you gone to Sasha Yeah, Hola. Hola. Hola. So I have this theory that when people

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complain that they don't feel their prayer, or they're not feeling, you know, concentration in prayer, my theory is that they don't have anything to make dua for, or my theory is that they're not making dua for things that are special to them in their life. Because when that's the case, when you're not making dua, you're just going through the prayers, then you're not calling upon Allah subhana data. Which brings us back to the point that Doha is the essence of worship. And the final point with regards to your belief into art and raising your standards, raising your daughter is understanding that anything that you make dua for is easy to Allah subhanaw taala to illustrate what

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I'm talking about, in that everything is easy to Allah Subhanallah Donna, I used to teach in an Islamic school and this was grade one, the kids were like six years old, a kid came up to me and he was complaining about another student in the class who had taken one of his crowns and didn't give it back. Now I looked into this kid who was complaining and he had like, 50,000 crowns. And he was worried about you know, another kid took one of his crowns. So I'm like, Dude, you have 15,000 ground, and he only took one. So I was about to begin talking with him about this, you know, 50,000 Crayon issue. And then he started crying.

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And he's like, teacher, I want my crown back. Right. So he started bawling. Like, you know, when people cry for some reason, I started laughing. I don't know why. So little giggle in my, you know, under my throat. And then I said to myself, dude, it's only a crown that you're asking for. It's just a crown, but he's six years old. But then I thought about it later. And if you think about it yourself, the things that you're asking Allah azza wa jal for, is it really that complicated for Eliza just to answer those dots. If you really look at what you're asking for, oh Allah give me a house, a car, whatever it is, it's just a crayon. No matter what you're making dua for in Allahu

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Allah coalition. Kadir Allah has the power over everything and can do anything, that what you're making dua for is something very easy to Allah subhanaw taala so before you go around, saying how will Allah answer mine Diaz, just calm down, what you're asking for is nothing more than a crayon and it's easy in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. So that brings us to the end of step number one in raising your dogs. We were talking about your beliefs regarding dogs. And in the second video our step number two, we're going to be talking about the wording how you word your dogs, and then the third video step number three, we're going to talk about how to systematically take action in making

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dua to Allah subhanaw taala and opening yourself up to have those guys answered. Now this is just a video but I'd love to interact with you. So in the comments below, I would love it if you shared a story when you knew Allah azza wa jal answer your da we've done this in the past and it's such a beautiful conversation of times and Allah subhanaw taala answer your da and love to interact with you in sha Allah to Allah and hopefully you can encourage other people to share with us in this beautiful series of raising your DUA. May Allah subhanaw taala put immense Baraka in our video series and made go far and wide and I asked you insha Allah Tala to make the intention now to view

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the entire series. You know, say it no way do I make the intention to view all of the Muhammad Sharif series on raising your dua for the Sikh

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sha Allah. And with that, I'll meet you in the comments below. A Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.