Who All Are Required To Offer Salah Its Benefits The Punishment For Neglecting It

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Welcome to the program, Islam insight, a very special series essentially dedicated for a new Muslim brothers and sisters, how do we commit ourselves to gain knowledge regarding Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him like to know is he just compulsory for him somebody told me that a Muslim is not allowed to have relationship with a non Muslim knowledge revives the spirit of Islam.

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What are required to offer Salah

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You see, Who all are required to offer Salah in general, the general principle is everyone has an obligation to perform Salah to establish Salah there is no one who is escaped in general. However, there are certain categories of people who are allowed to skip Salah with absolutely genuine reasons. Number one, obviously a person who is not a Muslim, but he just wants to pray, but his prayer will not be accepted. Because for prayer to be accepted the first condition he should declare that allies panatela is the Lord because we know some of the people who are not yet Muslims. They are so thrilled they are so excited by looking at the practice of Salah because it is it makes an

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absolute impact on the high on the hearts and minds of the people that they are so excited they want to join you know Salah, so, even if they pray, they are not obliged to pray because they are not in the fold of Islam. The second is a person has to reach the age of puberty, he has to upon him only the Salah is virgin, it's forced upon him. The third is a person who is not mentally sound, who is not mentally sound who does not differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad. He is escaped from Salah, because it is the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that he does not put an obligation upon the people which they can't bear. Obviously a person who is mentally retarded, he would not be able

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to worship Allah subhanaw taala the way he wants. So Allah subhanaw taala says in Surah Baqarah surah number two and number 286 law you can live low. Nuff said he loves Allah subhanho wa Taala he does not put a burden upon a person which he can't bear. So Allah subhanaw taala he escaped that person, also a woman who is in the state of impurity, she's allowed to skip Salah because Salah is a form of pure and righteous act. So, she is allowed to skip Salah in that context for that particular period right. So, these are the categories in which people are you know exempted from offering Salah, also a person who is absolutely sick, I mean, he has no consciousness, he has no sense, but

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he is just in coma condition for example, or he is absolutely sick, then he is exempted Other than that, even if a person is sick, even if a person is sick, but he has the sense, he can even pray he can even establish Salah by indications by using indications by using you know, eyebrows or your eyes or you know actions just by actions or by indications. So, Salah is that important that even if you are lying on bed, even if you are sitting even when you are lying or when you are sitting or standing, you have to establish Allah. So, obviously, he will have the same reward because he is not capable of doing so. However, he has to perform Salah in that state as well. So apart from these

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exempted categories, Salah is an obligation upon every individual Muslim, have the answer? Yes, well, Brother, what is the punishment for neglecting the Salah?

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As the importance of Salah is immense and we have mentioned this is the second pillar of Islam. Obviously the punishment of neglecting It is also worse is also worst, because number one he will have or he will be deprived from the mercy from the guidance from the system of Islam through Salah that Allah has given in this very world. Like for example, if you see people who pray in this world, and people who do not pray, you just take a complete comparison and I don't mean

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shallow meaning of praying you know people generally did they go they pray and then you know in a hurry they they move out. I'm talking about those people who try to derive foods from Salah fruits from Salah is one, when you go you are actually programmed, you are programmed to do righteous things, you understand what Allah subhanaw taala says you are prepared to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this kind of people who pray Salah, look at them and look at those people who do not pray, you will find a clear distinction in this very world, that they are not stable, who do not pray, they are not mentally at peace, who do not pray, they are not in constant touch with Allah subhanaw

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taala who do not pray as opposed to those who are in peace, tranquility, satisfaction, contentment in the heart and purity on the mind on the on the body, they have a clear demarcation from those people who do not pray. So, in this very world, they will be deprived the punishment is they will be deprived from the help from the mercy from the assistance from Allah subhanaw taala. On the day of judgment, Salah is so important and in neglecting It is so worse, that the first act as Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said in in this a hadith he said the first thing or the first matter that will be asked by a person on the Day of Judgment is about Salah is about prayer, if that is sound,

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if that is better, that is good, then the rest will be good, otherwise, he will be thrown away. So that is how important Salah is and neglecting is is that is the worst thing. The punishment that a person will go in or go through on the Day of Judgment is he will have

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the punishment as a form of torture by the angels who do not use to pray and they would regret. They would regret and would say Oh Allah give us one chance and we go and we pray. It will not be given chance. Why? Because the margin, the margin who calls for prayer, he says every single day five times a day higher lasala hanyalah fella come to prayer come to success. He did not heed that lesson. He did not heed that invitation. He did not accepted that invitation. The invitation of prayer, the invitation of success. He thought it just as normal practice. So he would regret on that day. When the day there'll be no rescue. On that day there'll be no refuge. So this person he will

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have the worst punishment on the Day of Judgment if he neglects Salah. So, these are the kinds of punishment that a person will go through if he neglects Salah. Yes, brother, brother, what are the benefits of Salah

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the benefits of Salah that's a wonderful question. Our last panel data says in Surah Surah number 29 and number 45 the fruits of Salah what will be the objective of Salah or how will it benefit you and last panel telesis insalata tan ha Anil fossa evil monger

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indeed Salah prevents you protects you from a morality and wrong

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so Salah as I mentioned if you really want to achieve the fruits of the benefits of Salah you will find a person becomes conscious of Allah.

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Why? Because it's a system. You see when you're constantly program every single day, five times you go to the masjid, you stand behind the Imam you stand with your brothers and you heard listen and read the the ayat of the Quran, the recitation of the Quran, when you are being programmed. And the best thing is when you understand also what is being recited what is being, you know, read in the insula, you are being programmed, and humans need programming, programming towards righteousness. So the best benefit that you get is you will be away from a morality, the bulk of mankind in today's world, brothers are involved in in morality. They have no value for moral morality. They have no

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sense of being moral. They are going away from this morality what is the cause? The Muslims have to pray so that they become more moral. Morally they should be uplifted and Sala health and benefits in that way. Also a person who does wrong Salah when he reads Allah when he offered an established Allah, it helps

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It benefits him in avoiding wrong. Why? Because he gets again conscious that if he does wrong with himself or with others, he will be standing before Allah one day.

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So that's the kind of consciousness or programming that he gets, in order to restrain to abstain to refrain from all these kinds of immoralities and wrong, and that's how it benefits Salah. Apart from all these things. It is an ultimate programming towards righteousness. Because most of the religions are all religions other than Islam. They do not have a system, a system which can help them throughout the day. And imagine this system of Salah, the moment you wake up, you wake up and you offer Salah, you go to Masjid and offer your father Salah, you're constantly you're waking up and then going for Salah itself indicates your slavery to Allah subhanaw taala and nothing else nothing

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gets. Once you program early in the morning, you know, for example, the Imam is reciting the IOD Don't be racist, you know, avoid alcohol, avoid fornication and these things you are being programmed why they're in the morning. And you when you go out, you spend the entire day it's far between one seller to the other seller, it is the expiation of your sense from one seller, to the other seller, the seller, again, you achieve the the benefits from Salah by praying again, being in touch with the last panel time as a Muslim Asia, you are being constantly programmed and in touch with Allah subhanaw taala. So imagine, if you are in constant touch with Allah subhanaw taala, you

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will surely gain benefits out of it, you will surely be good to yourself to the creator and to the rest of the creation. And this is the way of life that we want. We do not want to be unjust to our own self, we do not want to be unjust to Allah Almighty. And we do not want to be in you know, show our injustice to any part of creation. And Salah helps us to be just with the Creator, because it is the first declaration or first manifestation or first proof that you give by saying sir Shahada, you give the proof that yes, Oh Allah, I bear witness that there is no god except you. And Muhammad peace be upon him is my messenger. So you offer Salah. So when you establish the law, you will see

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the benefits, the fruits coming on your way. And these things are essential for the humans. People don't realize it, these are the essentials and Allah subhanaw taala when giving this great rabada of Salah, he favored us and gave us the system so that we may benefit ultimately, the benefit factor is counted. Right? So this is how we are being gifted by Allah subhanaw taala, the gift of Salah that we may take benefit from it, we program ourselves, we connect to Allah subhanaw taala we show gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala by doing it, we seek help from Allah subhanaw taala by praying so these are the acts that we do, which helps us to be to be good with the Creator, to be good to our

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own selves and to fulfill the rights of the rest of the people.

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Dear brothers and sisters, we were discussing about the second pillar of Islam and that is Salah.

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And the questions related to that and we have discussed how important Salah is for Muslims

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if they would like to remain as Muslims, they cannot deliberately abandon salah and if they would like if they would like to be away and protected free from immorality and wrong the half to establish Salah. I would like to end the session with an IRA with which I began from Surah Taha surah number 20 and number 14, in which Allah subhanaw taala says will akima Salah, logical and establish Salah in mind, remembrance will argue Donna hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen