Is Your Life Punctuated by Duas #Shorts

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The speaker discusses the connection between the life of Assyrian alay His [The message of peace is linked to the DUA, and how his life connects with every challenge he faces. He wonders if his life is connected to dogs and if his dogs are related to him.

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If you look at the life of Musa alayhis salaam, his life was connected like every it's punctuated at every stage of his life. Every story of Musa SNM that you see in the Quran always connects to a DUA. So he runs or he leaves Egypt, his main door to Allah Spano Tata. He's, he doesn't know where to go from here he makes thought to Allah subhanaw taala he, he, Allah Subhanallah you know and when the Bush and he sees the fire and the stick ALLAH SubhanA Dada, is there rubbish roughly Allah sends a different kind of broccoli, so the US and his whole life, everything is connected to die and I thought that was an amazing point. I thought that was amazing point about Musa and let's take a

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pause right now and think about it. Is your life connected to dogs like that? That every challenge that you face you face it