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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of introducing oneself by what one does and not by anything. They also mention that Islam is not a hobby and is a main purpose for them. The speaker emphasizes the importance of inviting rewards and being passionate about it to fill their hearts with love for Him and his guitar.
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COVID-19 are salatu salam O Allah should have even more serene Viola and he was happy yes right about

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will have a nice really adore is Allah Allah the Philippine and Amanita, Ronnie, and so it was off. Allah

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gave us

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his introduction, he told me, he showed him how he should introduce himself.

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I remind myself, I knew that when we introduce ourselves, we do not introduce ourselves by anything among the things that we do. For example, I might drive or I might be, I might drive my own car.

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So if somebody says, Who are you, I don't care what driver of a car, even though even though

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I may have children, and if somebody introduces ask you reduce yourself, anyone say I'm the father of two boys and three girls or whatever it is, right? Similarly, I might like to cook some food. So if somebody says, Please introduce yourself, we will not have a hook, we introduce ourselves, by that, buy two things, number one, buy the thing, which is most significant among all the things we do, and introduce ourselves by the thing that we do for most of the time.

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So, if there is a position, if there is a doctor, he introduces himself by this profession is I am a religion. But if that doctor has left you under rent to be a doctor, and he is a qualified physician. But as we have seen, in many cases, the doctor does not practice medicine anymore. And he has gone into politics or he has gone into something else. If he introduces himself, he will not have a doctor.

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He will have a politician, because now the medicine the medical degree has no importance. Yet it is also there. Somebody in the course of the conversation might say but you know, he's also a qualified doctor. But that qualified doctor, you will not go to if you are sick.

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Because now

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you will not even you will not go to me it was

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the question I asked myself, is Allah subhanaw taala gave me

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his introduction. And he says, well, who are you?

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He said, I'm the one who invites towards the law.

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And I've been with clear proofs and clear evidence.

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And who does this and now when

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I do this and those who do by

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So, as far as we are concerned as Muslims, the Illa Allah is not an occupation. It is not a hobby, it is not something which we do when we have some time. It is our main purpose and main reason for me.

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It is our introduction. Now when I'm saying introduction, I don't mean it in the water context resources introduced there is no I was going to die.

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That I think is a very bad way of introduction introducing anybody with every Muslim will know that every Muslim should be

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converting something of this nature into a so called professional is, is not the is not the purpose behind it.

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Because a profession is what you do, and you earn money from that.

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The idea did not take money for the work of that. And as a matter of fact, that is one of the qualifying factors. Every time I was Raja mentioned the MBA, he also said that they do not ask you for a job.

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So dow is our reason for being in this world. Dow is the reason why we are in this world. And dow therefore must be the top of the line, occupation and reoccupation worth in all the light aspects of our lives.

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So we do our while doing many other things.

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So if I'm a businessman, I do my business. If I'm a professional person in the profession, I choose our profession in

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other ways along that is our job to to invite words.

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No matter what we do, we invite words.

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And that is the distinguishing feature of our that is our introduction that is the most significant thing about our lives.

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And ask them for one or the other, to put the love of Tao in our hearts.

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Because we cannot invite towards something that we don't like. We cannot invite towards something that we are not passionate about.

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We cannot divide towards something which we don't think is significant and valuable. So therefore when we are inviting towards others rather, enjoy Allah is a guarantee that we also consider las rantala to be the most significant, the most valuable, and we are the most passionate about inviting rewards and this must come out in

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All our actions and we are closer to fill our hearts with love for Him and to fill our hearts with a love for his guitar. And to for to fill our hearts with the desire to listen to his guitar and to follow it and understand it and to bring it into our lives. And we are Corolla, to make us totally and completely an insanely passionate about inviting towards the last marathon, we had to be our fellows rather to make it put it in our heart that we should hate to see even one person going into the health one.

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Not even one but every single person was going to Jannah and we must make every effort to ensure that every single person on the face of the earth goes on which is our fighter

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jet and wants to take them into the Hellfire and

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we will drag them back and put them into the into our fight inshallah and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us with his authority and to help us with his with his strength and in sports. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us the hitbox to say and speak words which are beneficial and to save us from everything, which is not beneficial. For some Allah Allah will guide him while he was happy as

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