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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. getto is Ramadan revelations, session one, and we'll be cross referencing between the fsid and the Quran which is the sciences of the Quran. So to get straight into it and inshallah to Allah today for Deaf seed and Ramadan revelations, we're going to be discussing the first word. The first Aya, the first command revealed and that was a Quran. You know, imagine you had to tell someone about Islam for the first time. Let's say it's a Muslim would say to non Muslim. The first thing you'd say to them is what? Before asked would probably say, take your shahada start praying and if it's Ramadan, start fasting, right the first command you'd give someone

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the first instruction would probably be to do with Tauheed it'll be to do with Salah to do with Hajj Ramadan, depending on what time of the year and there's nothing wrong with that. That's fine. But somehow the first word revealed was a Quran. You know, the OMA said the Prophet Ali's what's her name was given many commands, he was given the command to waited you heard, he was given the command to give Dawa he was given to get the command to pray. But the first command was a crock because you can't fulfill any other command. Unless you feel this command first. And that is by seeking knowledge. So yes, by seeking knowledge, you feel fulfill the command of the Hadith fulfill the

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command of Salah that Ramadan and Hajj elaphiti. And what's remarkable Subhanallah is that in the opening aid of sorta Allah, and it's also called sort of Accra. And it's befitting to discuss this sort of first, especially with Ramadan, and the Quran was revealed in Ramadan. And by the way, some of you may be fasting tomorrow, some of you may be fasting. So today, we're not going to go into all of that just follow your share, follow the people that you trust in Charlotte, Tana. But the point is that if you look at the first eight revealed in sort of Allah, Allah says EcoLog discoverability Holla Holla Pauline Selim la cara, again. So the command o'clock came twice in a matter of three,

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eight. Why is this the case, because the first command is start reading, start getting knowledge. And then the second, of course, is continue reading and continue seeking knowledge. Because as humans, we have a bad habit. And that habit is where energetic in the beginning of things were pumped Running Man stories just like a normal gun. At the star, we're all pumped up ready to go first 10 nights were on fire, you know, the MCM Quran, and then the numbers start to dwindle later on in the massager, we don't have that at the moment. But that hype starts to go. And then the last night we get back again. And this is not just in Ramadan, even though only matters, we enroll in a

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course we enroll in a college. A few months later, we drop out, we start reading a book, you know, actually when we go to the bookstore, we buy 10, we come home, we read one or two, and then we put the bookmark there, we leave it on the shelf up until your multi admits collecting dust to Tomb in nature, to have energy in the beginning of matters, we sign up to the gym, we sign up to you know 2020 resolution, and you know post lockdown resolution, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that and then afterwards, the alarm will start. So the second command of Accra is to continue in that seeking knowledge. And one of the ways to continue, which we'll get into in the initial law, these

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are just 10 minute reminders is an action point is to have a mentor or a chef that you study under, because that will help you in seeking knowledge that will keep you engaged, they'll keep you motivated. And when you slacking off, they'll pull you up, you know it's human nature to want to be comfortable. And in the West, everything's designed to make you at home make you comfortable. But when we're out of our comfort zones, that's when we change. That's when growth happens. Right? So if it doesn't challenge you won't change. So you need to be putting those uncomfortable situations right? Where you know what if I don't rock up to that lesson, my ship is going to come down on me or

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he's going to give me a hard time when that's good. We need to be challenged because sometimes our own nerves it gets to us. So the point is, we've looked at the the IR for for the evening, and that is o'clock. And let's just we've taken some of the gems and we said the second of color in either three was to keep on seeking knowledge.

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And we find seeking knowledge Subhan Allah is something that even the Prophet Musa Ali Salam did. You can imagine more Sally's Salam, his rasool Allah He is Nabil Allah is Kaleem Allah Allah spoke to him directly.

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All of Bennell Israel under histria

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he was among the five messengers who were all last minute Russell

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and frown, the superpower the time that the time was destroyed at his hands.

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Despite all of these virtues and forgotten,

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Musa Ali Salam travels distant lands why?

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He travels distant lands to go meet a scholar, someone who was more knowledgeable than him in some areas, not in all areas in some areas. Right? Why to go and seek knowledge Allahu Akbar. And how does he approach him to say, Hey, listen up. Now I am Musa. I'm also I'm the former Prince of Egypt in a current proffer. And when we throw elisas on my CV, hey, let me tell you what you need to teach me. No, he says, Hello, Debbie rock. May I follow you?

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Along? Today, we don't have a choice. So if people follow you on Facebook and Instagram or they follow you, right, unless you've got a private account, that's different, but you want to follow someone follow as possible. I'm not I'm gonna follow over. More Sally's selling because look at the Adam

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at the end, so what needs to come before knowledge? And that is the etiquette of knowledge or LMS several other popular talab manners come before seeking knowledge and we've seen it we've seen a person seeks knowledge and what does that do because they've gained something and they go online and their credit disasters along with Stan rather argue with people you know, back in the day when people would learn manners of top heathen RP. Then they'll go arguing about matters of creed in McDonald's KFC and Pizza Hut you know, Big Mac sauce dripping down his beard that he's going off. Like layer. This is not what knowledge should do well, knowledge of Allah. When it enters the heart,

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it should soften. Not harder. And that's why when most Ali Salam went in on top of the mountain to he didn't know he was going to get guidance for for Deen. He was going to get guidance for dunya you know, he was lost. He goes to the mountain. And of course it's Allah azza wa jal, and he speaks to him. Okay, of course we don't say Allah was there physically or the villa. But Allah azza wa jal, of course with the fire, he spoke to him directly through that. And so

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you know, the first thing Allah tells him what we said at the start of the lecture, imagine you had to give dower to someone who has no id.com about Islam. No ID what's the first thing you gonna say? All right. You're gonna say go pray go files go there. We'll do your dirty right you haven't watched for how long? Okay, but you now with Coronavirus go clean up. The first thing a lot of Musa Ali Salam was an alchemist salata. dickory wasn't in the analog book on your Lord, not even Tauheed first it was * Lana Alec.

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Take off your shoes. That's the first thing because manners comes before learning to suck at school. Now back at school person doesn't have manners, though always sitting in the corner on detention and not learning. So manners come before learning. But let me end with just the importance of knowledge and how the element of the past upon law Yani when we're ever D motivated to seek knowledge. You know, we said the importance of it is that it helps you fulfill every other command. That's why the first command was Accra, because it helps you fulfill every other command. When we're demotivated to seek knowledge. Go back to the stories of knowledge element Muhammad Ali mon Bihari yet abdomen and

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others and you will lie these giant or motivate you let me just share with you two stories and what in the Alamo Muhammad

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and his Kogi not in crime but his COVID in knowledge was yeah here in the mind. These were two great scholars of course we all know Oliver Muhammad, but at this time we had him in mind as well.

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When they reached old age, they will already RLM up

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let's kick back hello us and just postings on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, we've done our hard yards and that's just our for life now. No, no. They reached old age and they wonder this in general, let's go travel to but let's go travel to Santa, which is in the Yemen to go seek knowledge under the illustrious abdulrazaq Sinani. So yeah, human rights is your law. Let's go in the old age. Right. You can imagine they left better than which is in Iraq. All the way to snap. That's a difficult journey. I didn't have full drives SUV, Toyota Hilux, you know, in the desert, air conditioning on the way stopped by the Novatel five star accommodation, breakfast in bed. Camelback

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that's very difficult. We went to Egypt 24 hour flight along with Stan, that was a killer. If you have kids, of course, it's very difficult even if you don't think it's very uncomfortable.

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So from Baghdad, to Yemen, that's two months journey right there. I'm not talking about the whole trip, just from Baghdad to Santa two months. So from there to there two months and then from Santa hat to Baghdad back is two months. That's four months and that's not even counting the study time. They're gonna stay there for at least two three months, not like us. Let's go to a weekend workshop on Hadith or tafsir. And let's see

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with them for the next five years learn they would go there for a few months so you can imagine this is a commitment of six seven months and they already know old age and already

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they get there actually so they go there on the way they stopped by in Mecca you know like when you're on a journey you stop by a servo for you know some munchies and to refuel. So they stopped by Mecca halfway through, you know, because that pitstop was for the man to refuel on a man not literally petrol.

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And who do they see in Mecca performing tawaf around the Kaaba abdulrazaq asana and at the same scholar they're going to meet in so now in Yemen, they seem that so you have the main jumps up out of door a lot one, he rushes over them the reserve and he says, Look, we're gonna go all the way to Yemen to meet you. You're here. Can we see you tomorrow Hadith.

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So of course, the results of your show. Tomorrow, he goes back to Lima Muhammad with a big smile on his dial.

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And then when Muhammad was smiling, he says, What did you do? If the man says What do you mean? What did I do? I made an appointment to seek knowledge. We're gonna say I'm gonna Zack is right here.

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This is what you do that for him. I said, What do you mean? Allah saved us two months because from Mecca to Yemen one month and back two months journey, provision money, he saved us.

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And he mama had looked at him and he said, Omar the last now Binya, Tina, what are we going to do about our intentions?

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We made an intention or promise to Allah, we're going to seek knowledge from abdulrazaq, ASAN Annie in Yemen. And I'm not going to do so 11 Yemen unless I go to him and that was it.

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And he knew this is a commitment I made with Allah to promise I made with Allah not a commitment I made with the boys. We have a habit of breaking our promises all the time. I'll meet you at eight o'clock cuz at o'clock come Sorry, bro. 15 minutes late. 15 minutes late, sorry. But you know, let's do it tomorrow. instead.

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This is how much they valued knowledge. And so you could argue Couldn't he have renewed his intention? Of course he could have. But he didn't want anything to get in the way between him and seeking knowledge and maximizing that reward Subhanallah this was a Lima Muhammad. These are the great and that's why we learn about them to motivate ourselves for seeking knowledge. And we said these reminders are 10 minutes.

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But we will install it just for tonight, we'll just mention quickly.

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Three action points or what we can do to enable us to seek more knowledge. Number one, is to take your time, the three points on how to seek knowledge number one, take your time, because only I would say muram and Alma Joomla they have bamboo Joomla. He said the scholars would say whoever seeks knowledge one go will lose it in one go. So you might be sitting there thinking man, there's so much to learn so much to do. It's okay everyone's in the same boat. If you seek knowledge in one go, you lose it. The Quran wasn't revealed in 23 seconds. It was revealed in 23 years, the way knowledge is taught it's a gradual process in the motor club realm. Allah Marilla we will laelia

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Same, I found would say that knowledge is sought over many days in many nights. So take your time. The point is be consistent with something small. So you commit to two pages a day you commit to 10 minutes a night with Ramadan revelations, for instance, whatever your program is, keep it small, but make sure it's consistent. We're going to focus more on this in sha Allah on Saturday when we take the idea of the sword and buckler inshallah. So that's the first point. Take your time number two have a che for a mentor. The scholars would say menjaga che ha hoo Kitab valneva of Tal so whoever whoever makes the book their shareholder 2020 makes the iPad they share whoever makes Twitter they

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share Facebook they share Instagram they share

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their mistakes will be more than that which is correct Yeah, they'll get things right. But they have more errors. You need someone on top of you you need someone always checking what you're learning you're saying the Hadith correctly. Sometimes we get a hadith on WhatsApp someone sent something Allah send that cause broadcast it to everyone they didn't they didn't I didn't get permission from a male loves broadcast it to them anyway. Yeah, you've been in that situation we will have put on people's broadcast panel there should be some type of protocol.

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No, we should have we should check it at least. And if you're not authentic then Bismillah no problem. Right? But it's not authentic I Allah knows your Allah knows this is not a game. This is the deen of Allah and His messenger. So the number number one point we said, take your time have a program small deeds, but make sure consistent number two, have a chef or mentor on top of you. And this was the web the self the only Muslims that always had mentors always at the element that would go back to 4g today. Anyone can open up a Facebook YouTube Instagram account and just start

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posting whatever they want is is incorrect. And number three, what's more important than all of that is to implement what we learned implement what we learned,

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you know, because the more knowledge you gain and then when Muhammad said then the more deeds you have to match with that knowledge it's like it's like wealth the more wealth you have the most a cat you have to give right?

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There's a cat of knowledge is action. You see, so the more knowledge the more action and to Fianna thought he said though India

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if you implement what you know, Allah will suffice you have that which you know not to Pamela beautiful. Sometimes we think man I don't know anything it's okay. If you just implement what you know Allah will suffice to that which you know not. So we ask Allah azza wa jal to enable us to implement this if crops Malbec Allah the Hall of colorful interna when Allah kala we said the first error is seek knowledge. Second, utilize continue to seek knowledge we ask Allah as a judge to enable us to seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave, as a man Muhammad said Man, bada bada so not from the cradle to the grave, He says from my input to the grave consistently and inshallah

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tomorrow we're going to continue with Ramadan revelations but we're going to look at our normal Quran, the signs of the Quran, what does that mean? Does that mean biology? You know astronomy in a science literally in the Quran? No doesn't mean that more about that tomorrow sha Allah until then salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato 8:35pm. Tomorrow inshallah