Omar Suleiman – Virtues of the Duas in the Quran

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The Prophet sallhails and their use of the Quran in making decisions are discussed, including the importance of recitation and the use of words to make people aware of their presence. The use of drugs and symbols like the rainbow to indicate the presence of gods is also discussed, along with the practice of reciting the Bible with the intention of reciting the Rainbow to indicate the presence of gods. The importance of keeping one's eyes and thoughts present during the time of reading the Bible is also emphasized.
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So I wanted to continue on this theme of the Quran and how we interact with the Quran, but in a very specific way, which is how we make dua how we supplicate with the Quran.

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And there's something very beautiful to pay attention to here. The Quran is the word of Allah. Allah talks to you through the Quran, read it like a personal letter from Allah subhanaw taala. And when you make do out when you supplicate you supplicate directly to Allah, you are talking directly to Allah. So what more beautiful than when Allah talks to you and tells you how to talk to him, tells you this is the best way to call upon me. And that's why of course when we begin our prayer, the opening chapter of the Quran is your answer to Fatiha Is it your art and supplication? And so we start with a supplication, but something very beautiful I want you to pay attention to every night

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before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam went to sleep. He recited a draft from the Quran. Can anyone tell me what that was?

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It's one that we already completed in the recitation before he went to sleep. He always recited this particular draft from the Quran. Can anyone tell me

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the last two verses of Surah Baqarah. Okay, what are bene Allah to Hytner in Siena Athena? Robin our attackmen Nina is someone come after moto who are Latina and Commelina until the end, the prophets lie. Some said whoever recites these two it will suffice them meaning if you don't recite some of the other remembrances at night, recite these two verses from the Quran before you go to sleep.

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Now here's a lesser known one. So he went to sleep on a day out from the Quran. Salalah Aarnio Salam when he woke up he also woke up with the drought from the Quran. Does anyone know which that was

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it was

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the last

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let's see say

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the last verses of early Ramadan which are recited extra credit what Lucker

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second knockout tonight, so the verses that were recited in the second record tonight, which are the last verses of Addy are moron, the prophets line seldom used to wake up what up banana HELOC to her Valtellina Subhana keffi Narada. But not until the end of it. Oh our Lord, You did not create all of this in vain. How perfect are you so protect us from the punishment of the fire. This is such a profound reality just for a moment because we've already covered these neurons. He went to sleep on the end of Bukhara he woke up on the end of earlier moron which shows you the power and the virtue right away of these dua from the Quran of the supplications from the Quran. And this is taken from

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the hadith of women are bustle the Allahu anha, who describes in the long narration where he spent the night in the house of the Prophet sly Salaam and his aunt Maimunah while the Allahu Taala and her was the wife of the Prophet sly Salam and he watched the Prophet SAW Selim and he narrates to us his night prayer his BM and he said that he woke up Salallahu Alaihe Salam he rose up quickly, and he recited the last verses of earlier Imran this profound supplication from earlier Imran. So he starts with the dirt from the Quran. He ends with the draft from the Quran. Our prayer starts with the dirt from the Quran. There is something special about the derives from the Quran. So let's

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categorize how we make do out with the Quran. First and foremost, there are the Durant's the supplications that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us specifically to make use of

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the most frequent Durant of the prophets lie Selim, according to Anna supramolecular, the Allahu Taala and who was Allahumma Rabina Tina for dunya Hasina. wellfield Filati hasn't worked in Lebanon.

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Our Lord grant us the best of this life and the best of the Hereafter, and protect us from the punishment of the fire. According to anisul, the Allahu Anhu that's the DUA he heard the Prophet slice and unmake most, the profit slice and I'm used to make this so often it's a part of our hedge and our Amara. In the last round of tawaf, the only narrated supplication from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he loved comprehensive Durant's prophets, like some loved these dramas that are so short, it's so comprehensive, everything is encompassed in this. So you have Robina Artina for dunya Hasina will ask you naughty Hassan working on another banana on Salah model

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the Allah and her says that the the prophets lie Selim used to make that she heard the drought he used to make most was does anyone know?

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Anyone? Yeah, I'm a liberal Kulu sub bits Calbee Ana de Nick Oh Turner of

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Hearts. Make my heart firm on your path. Sama Cara? She says then he would read sallallahu alayhi wa sallam burner Allah to ZIL Galoob Anna had eaten our Habibollah Nam In lagoon Kurama in Naka until Wahab again a supplication from Iran. Oh our Lord, do not let our hearts deviate after you have guided them. Okay? So a Quranic comparison or a Quranic parallel to that there are of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So you have again the duets from the Quran, that the Prophet signs I'm used to be frequent with those should be your most frequent jobs. And so as you're trying to think of the next day out to make in the next day out to make and you're in the middle of your day, don't

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push yourself too frequently recite those drives that we learned from the Quran that the prophets I'm used to frequent most. Then you have, that your eyes of the prophets, the prophets of Allah, Ibrahim Musa, Moses or Isa Jesus, all of them may Allah subhanaw taala son, his peace and blessings upon them all. These are special people, Zakariya, Maori, young, marry incredible human beings, the best class of people that have ever walked the face of the earth as a fraternity. The prophets are Allah's most favored people, as a as a fraternity as a group of people. And so when Allah tells you how they called upon him, pay attention, pay attention, because these are the best people to ever

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call upon Allah with the best of words. And so those are your eyes that you should also frequent. And so if you're asking Allah subhanaw taala, for something good, use the Drive. So Damon, if you're under trial, if you're going through some severe difficulty to do a YouTube job, if you are lost, and you're looking for the next step in your life that you're out of Musa alayhis salam when he was last in Egypt, all of these different drugs give you a circumstance and the supplications of the best human beings to ever call upon Allah subhanho wa taala. Then you have the duras, the third category are the supplications that belong to righteous categories of people. And most of the

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supplications remember to be Rahim, Allah says, are actually the dualities of Prophets, even if they are not explicitly attributed to a prophet in the Quran, meaning if you come across the DUA, where Allah subhanaw taala describes a group of believers saying a rock bene, our Lord, usually that is the Euro of one or more of the prophets of Allah. So it is a grouping of believers but those are blessing to us. Such as the one that we just mentioned Robin Allah tsukuru gonna bother her data Oh ALLAH. Do not let our hearts go straight after you have guided them. Fourthly, the scholars mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam knew how to make your art with every single

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verse of the Quran. Kennedy his Salatu was Salam, Yakumo Lael, Biya Han Allah, He would spend the entire night with one verse of the Quran. He'd read that same verse of the Quran, he'd make dua for it, he would cry with it. He'd remember Allah with it over and over and over again. So as you're going through the Quran, and as you're reading, if you find yourself moved and impacted by one, stay with that verse and make dua, if you come across a verse about paradise and you suddenly find your heart longing for Paradise, stop and ask Allah subhanaw taala for Paradise. If you come across a verse about the fire and it scares you stop and ask Allah subhanaw taala for protection. If you come

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across a verse about hypocrisy, and you notice some of those signs stop and ask Allah to protect you from hypocrisy. If you come across the verse about trials and tribulations, stop and make your app for the Ummah whatever it is, stop and make your own if you can, for however long you want to because the prophets I seldom used to stop with a verse of the Quran and make your art for a long time. The fifth thing and inshallah Tada I'll conclude with this for the sake of time.

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A very interesting

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portion of your of the Quran

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I read all the a lot of time on who narrates Paula Nahanni Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Tierra del Quran? What Anara Kiran? Oh Sajid. He said the prophets lie Selim prohibited me from reciting the Quran while I was bowing or while I was prostrating. So is it is prohibited to read the Quran, when you're in record and when you're Institute when you're bowing and when you're in prostration. And the narration of it banaba so they allow time he's

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said the same thing that I did on the low on who said except he said the HANA meaning the Prophet saw some prohibited us as a whole. And he said for Emma record fondly. Morphe Hill Rob, when you're in your bowing, glorify Your Lord. You know the prophets lines and I'm used to bow for long periods of time his record would be extended in Korea, sometimes to the same extent as his standing up and reading for oddly Morphe hill up. So someone might ask, Well, what am I supposed to do on record? Just declare the praise the majesty of your Lord, all of the tests be all of the forms of wicked remembrance of Allah that surround this idea of glorification, just glorify Allah on your record,

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like you're bowing to the King of all kings, and indeed you are bowing to the King of all kings, so glorify Him as your inner court. And he said about the Allahu Taala and Homer, well, UNMISS sujood fetch that he do for Duran, he said, When you're in prostration, exert yourself and push yourself to make more and more and more do and the closest you will be to your Lord, in any situation is when your face is on the ground and you're glorifying Him and you are prostrating that's the time when you are closest to Allah subhanaw taala and your answer bust. So here's the apparent contradiction. The best of your eyes are the eyes of the Quran. The best time to make there is when your institute

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when 100 or so the lines lines I'm Tara to the Quran Institute but the prophets like some prohibited us from reading the Quran Institute. Here's an important clarification because this question comes to us multiple times. There is a difference between reading a dua from the Quran with the NIA with the intention of DUA and reading it with the intention of Quran recitation. It is not the same and in fact, you find this practice from the pious predecessors to still use the neurons of the Quran when you are in your suit. Use the neurons of the Quran when you are in your sujood in fact, they're the best of their hours and there are multiple narrations from Savannah thodi and others. They spend

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the entire night with a drought from the Quran in their sujood in their such though, and many people miss out on this blessing, but they read it with the NIA with the intention of dua, not with the intention of a recitation of the Quran. So it is still blessed it even done we asked the last contact to make us people of Quran and to give us the best ways to call upon Him and to let our hearts always be present in our journals as well. Um, I mean, just a little hiatus and I want to come on side account

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