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We talking about oppression, talking about volume,

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not just because of what we're seeing, what we're witnessing, what we're afraid of, and what we're hoping that Allah subhanaw taala will relieve our brothers and sisters from but also because it is a it's a core value within Islam, anti oppression is a core value. And it's important to recognize it as such. Because when you talk about justice and righteousness, there are values, but anti oppression is also a core value. And that's it's almost it's important to see it that way. Because because it's not, you can just say justice and or righteousness and say that that encompasses both. But it's sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it doesn't because because we don't we seek justice, but

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there's oppression occurring. But you know, that's not our problem. No, it is because a core value in Islam is anti oppression is refusing any form of oppression occurring upon anyone in the world, especially ourselves, and especially Muslims. And that's very central to who we are. It's a part it's a central part of his legacy Ali and Salatu Salam is what the Quran taught is what he taught and verbalize and, and believe in let us and was an example for us. And that's why I'm going to share these Hadith and you can see that the number of it that talk about this is in comparison to other topics or points is just the mark is just is not even as ridiculous. Like the number of a

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hadith that exists that talk about aluminum is just you're like, okay, all right. You know, it's way beyond it's more than I talked about animals and I told you I can go on forever. No, but Gollum is more in terms of how much it talks about it. It just keeps on talking about it because I thought he thought that this is this is the this is the point that we have to remember. So he shared this hadith with you because I think it's it's a good starting point point where he says what are your thoughts on Yahoo the in Volmer valo Merton yo Milty

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and then he continues so I'll share with you the continuation I won't explain it but he could do the call er whom will flash in Hola Hola, yo Hepburn Forscher over the hush.

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This is obviously a little bit of a different concept, but I think it's also Yanni worthy of appointing

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Yanni as well. Yakumo will be very, very careful when it comes to oppression. Be careful to be on the side of the oppressor or to be an oppressor yourself. Because when an active oppression turns into layers upon layers of darkness on the Day of Judgment, it turns into layers of darkness. Now in Arabic, the word has the same root which is just fabulous and just you know, beautiful because it shows you how beautiful the language is. Volume and Volume, which is darkness and oppression and darkness have the same three letter root. You can produce both words using the same three letters. You don't have to bring another no no the same three will produce oppression and will

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produce darkness. So take from that what you will, but that's how the language works. Avoiding oppression will turn into layers of darkness on the day of judgment that will provide the person who oppressed the ability to see where they are and where they want to go. And that's why then when I feel pain will call and they will tell tell the believers on the slot I need

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your mail column when you own your power to the Zener manual on Verona. Now Khattab is mean no raychem paylogix overall ACOEM Feltham e su or Fedora Babina home bisutti la hooba. Belkin houfy Hill Rama two of our hero homeopathy belly heal. The hypocrites on the Day of Judgment will call upon the believers give us weights, you have light so we can see because we can't see anything. So they tell you they're told go back in and go back to your lives. Go back in time and find your light and bring your light with you because you didn't have anything to bring with you. And then they can't go back obviously. And then there's a barrier that is set up between them and the believers or

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the believers can move forward with their life and they will stay there in darkness until they fumble and fall would ever learn to join them.

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And that's something for us all to reflect upon and be scared of if nothing else, you got to read email Why am I doing this study he recently did Hassan and Abby heard a lot about the Allahu Anhu called called an abuse of Allah Allah you early you send them your volume, in volume, volume or volume. Yo myopia Allah is that Allah Allah,

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Allah, Allah and stuff he was when he was ALLAH who was telling me about like, I don't know being a Muhammad Ali's like, which means I come over here well