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As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to today's community huddle.

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We will start in seven minutes. We will start in seven minutes. Meanwhile, say cinammon Where are you tuning in from?

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Let's get that Salam thing going on

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slam so where are you tuning in from?

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Maria Good Morning Vietnam, Malaga Saddam Hussein in Dhaka Arctic Mr. Nam.

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Massoud in Brooklyn while ACHEMA Salam Sofia, avec ma Salam. How in Nigeria alicona CERAM Amanda and Michigan aligment CERAM. Amanda, did anybody reach out to you were you able to connect with anybody?

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Rubina purveys or likoma CERAM cidre in Sydney while ligament CERAM.

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Sophia says I am Pakistan live in Denmark, the Sudan, Pakistan,

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Seema Babloo in Manchester Wallach Muslim Lima in the UK like my son, I'm Rosa. We missed you yesterday. You're also you came in late right? Welcome. It's not like Mr. and Miss Matt. How you feeling now? Sabina Alec Mossad Nancy Clark from eastern Canada. Welcome to Sudan Nancy Clark. We are Raj with Reagan is right Malhotra and Nebia. Amanda says nobody reached out to her if somebody could let me comment.

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If somebody could reach out to Amanda

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reach out to Amanda send some love and peace find out how she's doing there she is.

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Omar Han in Charlotte North Carolina. Are they gonna send me a mama I like mustard out into your mama's your husband's name is Nadia. Yes, I like Mr. Ramnad to be that Ali comma Sam Smith Khalid like a Muslim Jenny Sharif from an undisclosed location for security reasons Thank you Jenny. Every time I ask people you know Salaam and where you from in my mind I'm thinking why would you reveal where from for security reasons you should not be doing that.

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So good. It's up to you.

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Rubina says, are you in Vietnam? No, but I would like to go to Vietnam one day. We should have done better yeah.

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He went without taking me and I was sad

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your mama says NatHERS at work he's an essential worker laugh out loud. Why are you laughing at is the central nervous when you're from Toronto likoma Salam

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OMYA snap Hikmah Salam. As Matt says he's marginally better hamdulillah but still have a fever. eliasch people

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know they know how to Sonia says from Dhaka, Bangladesh will you do today we have truffles this time? I'm not quite sure. I don't know.

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I don't know I was thinking about it today. But I don't know.

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Sometimes if I'm teaching visionair and doing terrible shuffles it's kind of like it's kind of complicated to do both because my mind is focused on one thing it's hard to like go into a different gear so that's what

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your mama says cell phone stores in Ohio are still essential for our eyes if and India Justin hash Wallach Massara we got four more minutes and we'll begin

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four more minutes if you guys could press the share button. Let's get like five people shared

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I will call you out if you share let me know that you've shared and I will say thank you for sharing. Let's get this group bigger.

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Same as the Shawn says visionair 2030 seems like a lifetime ago right?

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It was like I think it's been like a month and a half something like that.

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I guess

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neuron session enjoyed the title. We traveled a lot last time so I can snap BB has shared Zach hello hi Nicholas. Matt, our first share let's get five shares. Let me know if you share

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Mara Chaudry salaam, auntie humera from Virginia. I think we're all aunties and uncles now. Will you shout out to your black man Walkmans or cullinane Insulin man, Ali komatsuna to you guys and raeanne This is from Sophia

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Mariam says that I'm from Zurich from Belize and Juju. Nancy Clark shared Thank you, Nancy.

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That's too

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will you be one of the five to share?

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We will get started in two minutes.

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Mismatch shared does that go home as Matt Sabina shared that's for Zach. Hola. Hi, Ron.

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Washington State and Amanda has shared dandiel Five people have shared we've got one more minute left. Did you guys like my joke yesterday? Was it funny about the bear

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O'Meara says I'm actually unclear on do Mara

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and red cherry has shared just like a look I read Jerry

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I say cherry because I can't pronounce series.

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For being a sous chef, most of the people are working remotely. All my friends who love your lectures are teaching remotely

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because it's like school time.

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How do you keep your chin Hey, that Raj is saying work from home? How do you keep the team that has to work on site and motivated? And when do we get to pray a prayer behind you like in Ottawa? So prank direct prayer behind me not anytime soon. Probably. And how do you keep the team motivated on site when you're at home? chilling, chilling, but quarantine?

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I don't know. But one thing is communication and checking on them. And making don't like go don't go incognito. So if you are at home and they're on site, you want to keep them motivated, then communicate with them. You know, they want they need to see that you're there that you're cheering them on that you're asking about them that you care about them. And that's with communication, but if you just kind of like they don't hear about you that's gonna affect their motivation. That's from my words of wisdom. Okay, thank you for for sharing Rubina. Something cool then Alright, we're gonna get started

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah on earlier sabe Mala

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As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Good

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Morning, Vietnam. Welcome to today's session. We're talking about

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heritage as our lesson in the lesson. So let me start off explain the situation to you with a story. So I lived overseas in an Arab country when I was very young, studying Islam.

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And we were on this big complex, this gated complex, it's very large. And I bought a bike, I bought a bicycle. So I would use the bicycle I was this is when I was 18 years old. I was 18 years old, use the bicycle and I would travel around this complex using this bicycle that I loved very dearly. And so it became kind of annoying to always lock up the bicycle, you know, you'd like use it get off used to get off. And so I started just putting the bicycle to the side and not locking it.

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And very soon after that, I figured you know, this is the safe place. What do you think happened? Yes, I came out one day, and bicycle is gone. My bike was gone.

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My bike was stolen.

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Every bike I've had has been stolen.

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This is when I was 18 years old.

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So my bike was stolen.

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And and you know what I said? How was it stolen? It is what it is. What can you do? Who knows who took it? It's game over for the bike.

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And in the area, this was the dorm rooms where my bike was stolen, and it was stolen during salon time as well.

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So a few days later,

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I heard one of the again Islamic education students. I heard one of the boys. One of the boys say that his bike had gotten stolen. And I was like Subhanallah my bike got stolen too. But this boy did something different than I did. He was explaining to all the guys gathered around and I was listening

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I'm very intently because I want to know I need my bike to write. He said, When my bike got stolen again, he's a student of knowledge studying Islam young guy, probably 1819 as well as age. And he said that when my bike got stolen, I said the Doha in Nila he were in Nayla Hey Roger, you're on a long journey if you will see but he was lovely hiraman

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To Allah we belong and to Him we will return Oh Allah reward me in my patient in my in this calamity that's befall in me and was lovely hire men and give me better than what that which was taken away from me. This is the dog the profits of Elias I'm taught us when a calamity befalls us. When we lose something. Allama Gibney, famously Betty was listening hiraman. Oh Allah give me reward a reward me

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and my calamity and give me better than it and give me better than it. So this brother who was and I'm talking about like, yeah, what happened to your bike? He said, The the person who stole his bike, he saw him in the distance. And he ran after him. The guy dropped the bike and try to run away and they caught the guy. They got he got his bike back. And they caught the guy and everything worked out perfectly. But he had started with this da And subhanAllah I know somebody saying this Pamela indeed a beautiful da. I didn't say da I was still young. I guess I didn't I hadn't learned it and didn't understand to say dot like that. But this brother said the dog got his bike back and

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everything worked out good. And I didn't didn't say the dog and I didn't get my bike back. So what's interesting and I'd like to share with you is that in, in the deen, you will find this to be consistent. It's a recurring, you know, reward from Allah subhanaw taala. That when somebody is patient, for something that they lose when somebody's patient for something that they lose, and it's not that you'll get something better you'll sorry, it's not that you'll just you get better back if you're patient and seek the reward. So give you a few examples of this. The prophets of Allah they said I'm said whoever loses their eyesight if somebody loses their eyesight in the dunya in this

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They lose their eyesight in this life and their patient and seek the reward from Allah Spano Tata, Allah Grantham paradise. You also see that the DUA that the Prophet said a lot is some taught us like when when there's a Janessa funeral prayer and the die that we're making for the deceased, we're saying Allahumma abdiel Who Darren Hiram and daddy, O Allah, give this deceased person a home better than their home? Well, Alan higher Amin fit was Elgin Hiram min Zoji, that a family better than their family spouse better than their spouse,

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a person when there are patient they're seeking for better than what they have now. And this dua, the province of Eliason, the one that I started off with the one that my friend said, he wasn't my friend, but my my class fellow said

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that along the Jimny, female sympathy will love new hire men that give me better than that, which was taken away. So in his case with this bike, he said, This da, and not only did he get his bike back, but the thief got caught, so he didn't have to fear for the future. And I think they found other bikes and so on of of that were taken away. So how do you apply this? How do you apply this?

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As somebody saying, Can you post the dot when you're done, Inshallah, tada, I will, and inshallah also posted on our, on our Facebook group, the COVID vs. Da Facebook group, if you're looking for that dog.

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I want you to think right now of something that during this quarantine and isolation, what is something that you've lost? What is something that you've lost? Maybe you've lost something as basic as going outside? Or maybe you've lost something more maybe a little bit more intense? Maybe a loved one has passed away? Or maybe there's a loss of income? What is it that you've lost or think of something specifically? So take a moment and think of something specifically that you've lost? Big or small doesn't matter?

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Yeah, and if you'd like to comment as well think of something that you've lost. If you'd like to comment it as well. You're welcome to do so. Hey, this is the community huddle.

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Why not?

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Great, so we're hearing income, calmness of mind home security.

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I want you to think of one thing specifically, I want you to think of one thing specifically. So there could be multiple things but think of one thing specifically

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what's something that you've lost?

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Marius is going to holla cause the massager What's something that you lost

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Ma'am What have you lost not what everybody else has lost what have you specifically lost?

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So socialization

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Okay, now that you've got that one thing in your mind, one thing in your mind

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now let's say the dog, let's say together. I want you to focus on that one thing that you've lost, and let's say the dot together I'll, I'll guide you in the words. So you're thinking of what you're lost. And now you say, in that Allah he were in a lady Rajaraman to Allah we belong and to Him we return

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in Atilla he were in ala he Roger on set with me.

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Allah Houma. Oh Allah,

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Allah humma a Jimny fee mercy but a journey famously but reward me in the calamity that's upon me the thing that I've lost

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was lost knee was left knee higher or men were left knee higher men and give me better than that, which give me better than that.

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In Allah Allah he were in LA he Raji rune, Allah whom a journey a few more see but he will love me higher. Amen.

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And then that item, that thing that you are feeling sad that you lost now you've put it in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala the prophets of Allah they sent him said that whoever says this says this da when they lose something and they do it, patiently seeking the reward from Allah subhanaw taala Allah will give them better than that which they lost Allah will give them better than that which they lost. Now you may not understand how that better thing is, but Allah subhanaw taala will give them better.

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And that's it. That's a reminder for today sometimes we lose something precious to gain something priceless. Sometimes we lose something precious, and we gained something priceless. Does Zach aloha

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and we're finished

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there's any questions? I'll wait like 1015 seconds.

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oligomer CERAM Sulayman

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Alright, we're done. It's kind of awkward to just stand here and stick.

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Okay, yes. Mina says how do we know what names of Allah subhanaw taala. To say when making dua you can focus on it doesn't matter what's the best one? So what we do in our class is if somebody finds a you know, you see the names of Allah subhanaw taala you're going through it

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and you find a name that relates to what you're asking for. You can make dua with that. It's not complicated, and there's not this is something specific, and that this is the one you should do and this isn't the one you should not do. It's nothing like that. You can pick the name of Allah subhanaw taala and they're all the names of Allah Azza Alright, so Monique, what I'm gonna do live that account until we meet again, take care