Hope in the Face of Darkness

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The rise of the military in Bangladesh is discussed, with references to the use of the military in the UK and potential negative consequences of its use. The title of the book "verbal behavior" is also discussed, with a focus on experiencing sadness and failing to meet expectations for success in a business. The transcript uses a translation to explain the concept of expansion and a return to a blessed presence.

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From about two minutes until we begin Welcome to tarawih travel. We will get started in two minutes

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so, where you're from cinammon where you're from and we'll get started in two minutes sounds and where you're from.

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nobody can listen snap.

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button I tried to make my son Lulu birth

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note in Bangladesh because you have I hope you're doing well for

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the basit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia somewhere

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doing good

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Surya is in London masam somebody from Frankfurt

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Xena hasn't onic Messina.

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become a snap for June.

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Somebody from malaria

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nowhere because

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can't see

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we'll get started in one minute, on the edge of a messiah slogging in Blackburn in England.

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masam Mar was Marwa suffer from the law in Leeds Berlin where you become a rivet

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in the salon

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tie rally is Zachary yes on ecommerce from Periscope welcome.

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She will and Elvira Arica Messina

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Sophia in London and it's nine o'clock or 10 o'clock or 11 o'clock or

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we've hit the top of the hour let's get started.

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Take one extra minute block with a lie that I got the Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah finally he was on the human Wallah bag. Welcome to today's episode of tarawih truffles. Today is day number 17 of Ramadan we are taking on the verse inserted MBR which is verse 8889. Or it might be like 8788 I'm not quite sure. So let's Pentagon it says in these verses the story of USRA CERAM swallowed by the whale and the DUA that he made last Pentagon says well then normally in

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well one.

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main domain of volume,

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Jelena Jane

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in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala says, well then known, the known is known as the is the fish or the well and then known as the person of the whale. So you understand this and I'm gonna let him know when he when he went out example Mojave when he left in a state of arrangement, so he was in rage, and he was angry for one night, and then that will do all day. And so he thought that we would not cause him any distress during that journey, but one that he thought and then after the array, we'll talk about what that means, then and so he called out to glutamax when the whale swallowed him in the darkness is and La ilaha illa and that there is no God except you, who Allah subhana glory be

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to you in the kingdom and align me and I was one surely of those who wronged themselves festa Jana who saw unless kind of accepted from him, when a Jain now and we saved him and we delivered him, what can that can engender more meaning and in the same way, do we always deliver the believers?

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So in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala let's start off by saying then known then known is the name of USRA is Suriname.

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Which is actually interesting here in the in the sutra, sorry, in this area. It doesn't say that Eunice was swallowed by the web, or swallowed by this large sea animal. You see that simply in a

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Um, this his name that known the Prophet of the whale, the one of the web, well then known it dama mahal demon.

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You know, I've heard this talk just as a side point about, oh, whales, they can't swallow human being they have a gag reflex reflex and stuff, and they don't eat humans and so on and so forth. You know, what's interesting is that this will actually

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reflux unicyclists that I'm out, that's how he was saved. So it's it could be a well for the naysayers forever who has a naysaying? I've heard this from like Christians that say, like, oh, how does people have problems with their own Christian issues? Anyways, so

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Eunice or Instagram?

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In other verses, ALLAH SubhanA data says that, that he left mouline like, like, like, like, did something wrong? So there's talking the tips here, but what was it that unicycle did, let's Allah and Allah doesn't go into detail of what happened. But some people say that unicycle trams, people, the punishment came to them. Yunus wasn't given permission to leave. The punishment came on the people of Yunus, but it didn't destroy them. And they repented to Allah Subhana Allah and Allah subhanaw taala forgave them. And UNICEF a Sam came back to them and they actually became believers afterwards. So many lessons there. I won't go into that, but just to say not to lose hope, and

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people even punishment of the lust kind of thought is coming down there. They repented and the innocence of them,

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went back to them. As the Quran says.

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So in this verse, Allah mentions for one and he fought and learn not to deal I like that they fight and there's different translations, but could the VA is

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like you might. An article reads this might immediately think that Eunice thought that Allah had no power over him, I was a biller, no prophet would ever think that no profit everything that Allah doesn't have power over them. The quicker I hear, it means to constrict. So Allah has pointed out in one verse in the Quran says

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about his risk and its provisions and how to sort of risk colony mania Shall we up, he spreads out and expands his risk for whoever he wishes way up with it, and he compresses it. And so here this thing, that when Allah subhanaw taala says called Lemna and then knuckle their RNA, so unit surveys that Anne was in a place where he felt constricted, he felt constricted with his people. So he left seeking expanse, and he went on to the sea he tried to escape and yet even in his escape of expanse, if it wasn't, you know, trying to Allah's pentagon, he became constricted again. They they were lost at sea they drew lots Unisys what came out the last one they threw him from the from the boat, and

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then this whale swallows Eunice Alehissalaam up

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so the constructiveness again and then he calls upon Allah subhanaw taala inside the belly of this life see animal and says Learn to Subhanak in new confirming non binding you and Allah subhanaw taala saves him back to expansiveness. And so all this expansiveness everything that we seek out we want our chest to be expanded and you want relaxation we want happiness on our life goes back to a less Python

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in these verses as well less panels on a says Pheno depth of little maths.

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He called the way in the darknesses. And it's an interesting note here that nowhere does darkness come up and look for it except that it is in the plural, little mat you will never see in the Quran the word Voluma Goldmark, singular only nor come singular nor is one is to know from Allah subhanaw taala the little man is many and Allah says about Unity Center, Fernanda Philomath. And so he called out in the darkness is in here we got three darknesses you've got the darkness of the nights. He's out at sea, and there's no light, then you've got the darkness of the sea itself, the darkness and air and you got his inside the whale and I'm thinking even today, with all the technology and

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everything if somebody is lost at sea and swallowed by a whale, there is no technology that can find this person and save ads today. Now what about a newness of a cinemas time he is by himself and he's only with Allah subhanaw taala not only that, but he had he's in depression and sadness. He has no water. He has no food.

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Dude, he has no friend to console him he is all by himself. That's a little mathy and La ilaha illa. And there is no God worthy of worship. There's no one and nothing I can worship, except you all alone, you're the only one who can be worshipped and is deserving of worship. inlanta Subhanak Subhanak means that

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when you say Glory be to God, it means that Allah has nothing to do or is so far away from imperfection is so far away from any fall is so far away from any damage, damage goods, as you know, Allah Subhan Allah to Allah is Subhana glory PTU that everything that anybody attributes that is imperfect in any way has nothing to do with you. Oh, Allah Subhana Allah in economy not valuing and

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and this is also as we saw when somebody is coming forward, to make darktable less product that has been my experience as we've been teaching visionair for the past, for the past 10 days or so that

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people have weaknesses, and you'll hear something like somebody saying, I am.

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I don't feel I deserve to make dua to Allah because I'm a sinner. I don't feel because I have the sins now looking at what USRA Sudan is saying he's saying, Oh Allah, I am from the very mean he didn't say that. I did look like I did some that he actually identified himself as from being from the body mean which is a very intense

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turning back to Allah Subhan Allah Tada and coming closer but humbling himself to Allah Subhan Ivana so for those people who feel I can't make Dorado because I've committed sins use the humility to come back to a blessed Ramadan it says yeah, Allah I committed sins in the condom in upon me but I'm turning back to you, oh Allah. And I say with the dharma of Yunus, Allah, Allah, Allah subhana me conferment of binary the prophets of Allah He said I'm sad that this dua that there's no buddy that and there's no believer that calls upon us kind of data with this drop except that ALLAH will answer them there's nobody that calls upon us pinata was this door I was just like it's a spear of UNICEF

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hmm, except that ALLAH subhanaw taala for sure will answer them and we'll save them from the darkness that they're in. And Allah subhanaw taala says in the end verse and a Jain novel, and so we saved infested Jimena, Allah answer this one Ajay now and we saved him in a hum from this the distress and the grief the grief that he was in and then Allah subhanaw taala promises you'll see this in the translation as well. And likewise we will always deliver the believers what can then you can and in the same way will we always save the believers and in the same way will we always say the believers does that kind of off and on? I have class in like 20 minutes were teaching the generic

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It's our final day inshallah Tada so I apologize. I won't take any questions right now I have to stop because get ready for class inshallah that exactly, we will be back to our regular

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time for target travels tomorrow inshallah. Does that go to high end so I need to kind of go hungry Hungry Isha Allah, Allah and suffer