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I want to tell you what Allah subhanaw taala is Allah Azza just says in the Quran work on on a book on Wanda Rooney a steady Bill accom Allah Subhana Allah says, Make dua to me call upon me. I will answer your major ask me, I will answer you. So I have a I have a sweet story to tell you guys, I have a sweet story to tell you guys.

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Two days ago, I went to a hockey game in Canada I posted on on on my Instagram, I went to the Ottawa Senators game, they were playing the Vancouver Canucks. And it's super exciting to be back in the arena and you know, have mask on and stuff like that Otto was playing really badly, but I don't care. It's just for the fun of it the journey. I don't even if they lose, I don't mind. It's just the fun of being in a hockey game. So my daughter, my daughter likes hockey. And and I've in Canada like had like this annual tradition. We go to like one hockey game a year or so on. And the first time I took her to a hockey game, she had a sign that said, Hey, I came all the way from overseas.

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Can I get a puck and her favorite hockey player, her favorite hockey player from the Ottawa Senators good guy. His name was

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anyways, I forget his name. He saw her wearing hijab sitting in the audience. And and he looked at me looked me in the eyes and he threw a puck to me. And I was like, he threw it back to me and I'm like, You got your puck. Okay, so she got a practice puck. But this game that happened two days ago.

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She also made sorry, she also wanted to get a puck. She wanted to get one of those practice

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Jason saying stood so now at that time it was

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this is like three years ago that one?

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Okay, you try. I'm trying to

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what's his name? In Paterson, New Jersey. Bobby Ryan. That's correct. Bobby Ryan. Bobby Ryan was the person who who threw the putter. Okay, so So two days ago when we're at the game, when we're at the game, my daughter was standing at the warm up and there was all these kids with signs and they're all wearing Vancouver Canucks jerseys.

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They're all wearing Vancouver, Canada jerseys. And my daughter is in the middle of them and she likes to auto senators were on the wrong side of the arena. And

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and there's a kid to her right who didn't even have a sign. And I said Poor kid. There's no way he's gonna get a pump who's gonna give him a clock. And there's a kid to her left, who has you know who there's a cuter left.

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He had a very specific sign and one of the Vancouver Canucks players through the puck to that guy. So that guy got a free puck. He was calling one of the players up there, kid to her rights was didn't even have a sign. And one of the players came and threw a puck to him. So he got a puck, this guy got a puck and she did not get a puck. And I was I was telling her use your hijab to your advantage. They're like, hey, it's a Muslim woman, and again, give her my daughter did not get up.

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And all these other kids got to talk like literally every other kid, by the way she didn't get she came back, she sat down.

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And then

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in the middle of the game, the Ottawa Senators shoot on goal, it hits the it hits the bar of the goalie, the goalies bar, and it flips out into the audience, even though they have mesh and Medic flips out into the audience, and it lands directly at our feet. The in game puck lands directly on our feet. There is no other puck that came out of the game, except that puck, and she got the exact game puck. And she had a couple of signs. She had a couple of signs that she was shifting, you know, signs she puts up during the game. And one of the signs was, I want to go home with a puck. Like I want to go home with the puck. So at the end of the game, I told her can you stand in front of the

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arena, hold up the sign and hold your puck. So so she had the sign? I want to go home with the puck and she had the game puck in her hand. And then I asked her, I said did you make dog for this? And she said Don't embarrass me Baba, I'm like did you make dog for this? I'm teaching a class tomorrow. I need to share the story with

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and she said yes, I've made dua for axon Allah Akbar. Allah. Even me, I'm like,

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even me, I'm telling her there's no way you're gonna get a look at all these little kids. And I told my wife don't let her make any science. It's embarrassing me

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But he looks at this, and she makes science. But she made the sign. She didn't listen to the community and the critics even if the critics or Muhammad history, and she got her pluck from the game, and it says game puck on it. And so the lesson that I want to tell you is that ALLAH SubhanA, who cares what other people think of your thoughts? If you want it, Allah can give it to you. We'll call it out a book of Moroni, as big block on your Lord says, Call upon me, and I will answer you doesn't matter small or large. What you're doing is the province of a lot as Adam said, You stir jubbly like everybody will have their dog answered, so long as somebody doesn't say I made dua, and

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it was not answered. And in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says, What

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do you then

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the masajid belong to Allah. So don't make dua to anyone except Allah don't join into with Allah anybody else. So this is Allah telling you only make God to him. And Allah subhanaw taala is going to make you proud. So the promise of God answered is from Allah.

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And from our side, all we need to do is make the strategy and make the plan and once you have the plan, Allah subhanaw taala already guarantees the Answer welcome to visionary 2030 inshallah Tada where we are going to design these dream visions, the doors that we want to make, so then Allah subhanaw taala answers them for us and gives us much more than what we make dot for and there's a beautiful life for it in sha Allah Tada.