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The speakers discuss the impact of COVID-19 on their mental health and the importance of mental health as a core part of their life. They emphasize the need to prioritize hope and fear, avoid fear, and receive the good news to believers. The negative impact of fear on people is discussed, including the loss of everything and a "ham ham cower" message, as well as the importance of mental health and preparing for events. They also mention the need for mental health and thankfulness in helping people achieve their goals.

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As salam o Allah grande a lot of Africa this Muhammad Sharif we're gonna get started in about three minutes so until then say Sudan where you from if you're tuning in later then just fast forward to when the good stuff begins and it's all good stuff. Sudan where you from?

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salaams where you from?

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What's your Social Insurance

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do this joke this is an internal thing. I tell tell a group of people. I will you know, you go up to an ATM machine and you put in your, your, you put in your passcode 7861 and whoever laughs I know they're baska

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Nuruddin from Bangladesh, Malik Mr. Ram

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Syrah in Riyadh. Radek Mr. Merrick Bell tuning in everyday just like a locker like a Muslim. I shot if in Vietnam, I like Mr. Bucha and Mr. sigle I think Mr. Maryam sitar aligment Santa

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Rosa Fattah Lika masam Maryam in Lahore Pakistan Malik Massara

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Sylvia in New York Allah keep you guys safe I think Mr. Nam cefaclor in Karachi, Malik Mr. Ram dama a brother in UK or your brother in UK? Or you're saying my brother from UK come around hon. Sometimes my man like Muslim Sheherazade Mississauga Lika masala

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Yes, Mina in Ottawa like Mr. Nam. How in Nigeria and it can be Sadam.

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I was looking at which countries in the world don't have the Coronavirus like it's like really low. And I heard that Fiji is not is doing pretty good. So I was like, You know what, we can all go to Fiji and hang out there

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Bushra Beck says I heard you. I heard don't feed the birds. And then somebody else said is the best sadaqa

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No, I say don't feed the birds. That's what we were taught as children in school in Canada don't feed the birds because they become dependent on you. It's not about Southern or not South Africa. It's just what we're taught. And if you ever go to a park, you'll see signs that say don't feed the birds. There's a reason for these things. That's what I was talking about. We're not talking about Southern fenosa.

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At the rules says in Somalia, there's no Coronavirus I'm de la la keep you guys safe. I'm afraid for these places that don't have Coronavirus because people start with like let's go they're trying to escape the Coronavirus. And then bad things happen.

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Muhammad Azeem Sharif Do you remember me? I think I remember you

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but maybe not. I remember you from one of the previous Facebook Lives.

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I miss some salaams rookie or like Mr. Graham

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was a phallic masam were you at Wasserfall where you are now still hungry? Now Raj. Raj era Yes. So I met him and and behind the Z Hi, your friends from Ottawa Monique. Mr.

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Mohammed Rafi mature mature from Seattle Alec Messina in Ghana oligomer Salam I'm actually interested in visiting Uganda one day not Ghana, but Uganda, Uganda and Botswana. Inshallah

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and we've hit 100 People can you guys press the share button? That would be really great. If you could press the share. We can get like five people to share this we can get like a nice little audience here. So I'm not talking to the walls. It can my son I'm Justin.

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Alright, let's begin.

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To start off the answer to the riddle is if you read the riddle, the answer to the riddle is hey, you guys didn't even you guys didn't even try it out. I didn't hear anybody say

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no sooner spoken than broken. What is it? I'll give you 10 seconds and I'll tell you no sooner spoken than broken. What is it?

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The answer is silence. The answer is silence inshallah. Ghana as well. It's missing why I didn't go don't want to go to Ghana. It's because I want to go to Uganda first. First. I want to go to Nigeria. But then somebody told me that.

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What conda is actually Uganda, it's not Nigeria.

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It's Uganda. That's where they filmed, and that's why I'm like, It's really beautiful. I need to go there, inshallah. Alright, let's get started. Take one. I set out Mardi Gras I'm going to live but I got the Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While Eleos I didn't know Allah Anna, Dad, go, Good Morning, Vietnam.

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Today, I had a rough day had a rough day.

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And I'd like to share that with you to start off. So I was doing some recordings, you know, we're having this.

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This session, it's coming up this Saturday, this summit, called the time to thrive session, which is actually a mental health program that we put together before even all of this COVID stuff happened. And now because of COVID, we've turned everything towards all the topics and all the discussions, and all the lessons from all these Muslim experts is going to be focused on how to deal mental health wise, how to deal with the situation that we're now in, in isolation, the economy and such, like missa missa.

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So I was doing some recordings, and I was doing it for like an hour. And then after I did the recordings, everything crashed. It took me like four or five hours, everything crashed everything. So like my whole day is all gone. So this is what

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this is what I am.

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I said you know what this summit is about mental health. And I'm talking about mental health. So let me apply some of what I'm going to be speaking about. I'm like, Look, this there's a point for me to share all of these things. If you know the last five hours have been like emotionally intense for me, this is what I learned from it. So I'll teach you guys this lesson. This is what I go back to. And the background of this is, is this question of fear and hope, fear and hope, fear of Allah subhanaw taala is punishment hoping Allah subhanaw Donnas reward? Which one should you prioritize? Which one should you prioritize? Should you prioritize fear of Allah subhanaw Madonna and so you do

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actions because you're afraid of Allah? Or should you prioritize hope in their award of Allah subhanaw taala so that when you do actions, you're hoping for Paradise, okay. And so you get different opinions. Some people say, do both. So so they're like two wings that you fly on other people and unfortunately I've come across people like this in my life

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that they prioritize fear of Allah subhanaw taala and it's an it's an it's a very intense fear. And if you go to masajid if you go to misogyny, look at the hoods that are being said, a lot of the focus is on fear is on hellfire. It's on punishment, haram Halal mostly haram. These are haram things don't do haram things. You're gonna go to hellfire, you're going to be punished. So there's a lot of fear focused on this. And and just to give you this example, there was one person non Muslim came to domestic violence. This is in New Jersey back in the day, I was teaching in Africa, Donald class, and non Muslim came into my uncle's in the masjid started giving this new Muslim a lot of

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pamphlets, a lot of stuff. And then this, this non Muslim was saying, no, no, you know, you've been too generous. You given me so much. And then the uncle said to him, he said, No, I'm giving all of this to you. Because when you go to hellfire for not becoming Muslim, I want you to not have an excuse, basically something along those lines. And then this brother was saying,

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you know, oh, this uncle really needs to attend this class. But then I thought to myself, why is it that when we're talking to non Muslims, we're always talking about hope. We're always talking about good things. And when we're talking to Muslims, we're always talking about fear and punishment and haram, and everything's horrible, and we're all bad people. Why is that? I'm like, why can't we flip it from one day and use the verse of all Allah subhanaw taala well, especially living in Amman, Huami lasagna, and give glad tidings give hope. Give the good news to the believers and those who believe in Allah subhanaw taala and do righteous deeds such and such. Okay, so let me solve it for

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you right now. hope and fear, hope and fear. Is it two sides of the wings? Should you switch more to fear so to switch more to help? Let me solve it for you hear both sides of this equation, hope and fear. Go back to hope, hope and fear both go back to hope because it is not permissible for a believer to have such fear that they have no hope in Allah subhanaw taala. Again, I'll say that again.

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and it is not permissible It is haram at the highest level for a believer to have so much fear of Allah that it negates any hope that is haram Allah is as

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as unified as Adam's father told them to go and search out search, sir search for use of

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he said well I T assuming Rohilla and do not lose hope in the Mercy of Allah subhana data in Hola. So no hidden in Nola as una Rohilla here in La Mancha, you know on, he said and so according to Quran that the only people that lose hope and the mercy of Allah or the disbelieving people or the kofod they've lost hope in the Mercy of Allah that's so ultimate fear leads to

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it leads to cover up. So in this whole COVID and you're in isolation and people are telling you punishment as a punishment, whatever, nothing you should never, ever go to the level of losing hope and Allah subhanaw taala so even if you fear and yes, we should fear that, you know, we've committed sins, We've disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala, but we turn back to Allah in Toba, we turn back to Allah and His to follow turn back to Allah subhana data in good deeds, it goes back to hope in Allah kind of like a person grabbing you know, the curtains of the kava putting their body on the cabin, raising their hands to Allah subhanaw taala. There, they have fear of Allah spotted out but it

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doesn't negate their hope. They always have hope and they're asking less Python for forgiveness and asking less patata to protect them. Okay, so I hope you understand it. It all goes back to hope. And if you see people going, fear, fear, fear. Yes, thank you for the fear. It goes back to hope. Hope in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw dona

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la taka natto ma Rama dilla or yield transgressed against yourselves so far and for similar talk Natoma Rahmatullah. Don't

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never lose hope in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. Okay, having said that, that's the first equation that I want to explain to you. Let me take a sip of this. So I don't cough and you guys think bad things?

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Right, the next part of this equation, the coin flip

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is supper and sugar, patience and thankfulness, patience and thankfulness. I would tell you that patience and thankfulness both go back to thankfulness, they both go back to thankfulness. So let's look at this. So the prophets of Allah they sent him if something

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if something good happened to him, the Prophet said a lot he said, I'm gonna say 100 Allah, all praises due to Allah. And I want to tell you something about that little that All praise is due to a line a second.

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But if something painful happens, something hurtful the prophets of Allah they sent him would say Alhamdulillah here, Allah Callaghan and hamdulillah all praises to Allah in every situation. So when something good happens and hamdulillah and something bad happens Alhamdulillah Callaghan Alhamdulillah. In every situation hamdulillah hamdulillah in every situation, imagine if your life everything that happens to you is either Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, Allah Allah Al Hamdulillah hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah hamdulillah Callaghan Oh, you know what this how hamdulillah Callaghan? Oh, I ran out of toilet paper Hamdulillah

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you know what, I don't have a mask to cover my mouth or hamdulillah Cola, you know, at least I have this. Everything goes back to that hamdulillah comes back to sugar. Somebody was asking us on the comments just switched by. So what happened with all that video crashing and, and the work that I was doing, it's gone. It's finished all those five hours that I just put in my whole day is Hollis and you know, my response is Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah could have maybe Allah subhanaw taala wants me to do better. Or maybe this isn't maybe I should use other software or something like that. But hamdulillah

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there was a woman

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whose child died at the time of the prophets of Allah, Allah Islam. And and the Prophet said Allah they said I was told her to be patient

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told her to be patient and she didn't know it was the prophets of Allah de Sena. And she said in response, la Ganesh, she said get lost because you haven't been tested with what I was tested with. She said very hurtful words to the prophets of Allah. They said and prophesy some didn't respond to her.

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didn't respond.

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Andrea walked away. Someone later told her that was the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam and she came to apologize. And the Prophet said, Alana is Saddam said, in nama sobro in the submitted Gula that verily patience is at the first hit of the calamity, meaning that as soon as the calamity hits you, that's when you respond. It's coming from your heart. It's not some intellectual discussion. It's something that is built up. Over years of you're always turning back to Allah subhanaw taala always saying hamdulillah and then when the calamities hit, then you're like 100 Allah Callaghan. Alhamdulillah. Here Allah Khalifa.

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And what's interesting about this is the thing that I wanted to say, How did Allah is different than

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and hamdulillah is, Allah is praised All praise belongs to Allah Chaka you can say, you know, like, so that's why we don't translate 100 Allah as Thank you, Oh Allah, it's not thank you, Allah, you would if that was Thank you, Oh Allah, you'd be saying shook, shook Rula like thanks is to Allah. But alhamdulillah is kind of irrespective of the situation that you're in. All praise belongs to Allah, and handle all praise. The one worthy of all praise is Allah subhanaw taala regardless of my situation, now, if you look at the story of a Eubalaena Sudan, and Uganda and Sudan was tested, unlike many people have been tested, he lost everything. After having he had everything and he lost

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everything. And it was a lesson in the Quran that Hammond ham praising Allah subhana data is irrespective of our situation, irrespective of our situation, it still is at Hamdulillah colohan, whether you know, my videos crashed, or they didn't crash at Hamdulillah colohan, whether we're in isolation, or we're not in isolation, and Hamdulillah colohan Whether you know, someone lives or someone dies at Hamdulillah colohan So it's not that you only praise Allah, when you like if you're making dua for money for example, what is it that only rich people praise Allah? And poor people not supposed to praise a lot because they'll let their dogs aren't answered everybody's is to say

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Alhamdulillah rich or poor. Now look at somebody who's healthy. Is it only healthy people that thank Allah and praise Allah? Or is it even if you're sick, you say at hamdulillah Allah Callaghan and so the sick or healthy both of them are saying all praises due to Allah and whether somebody is let's say their main draw for marriage whether somebody is married happily married, or not happily married it's not that only married people thank Allah and said hamdulillah everybody says hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Kalahari Alhamdulillah whether you're married or not married happily married or not, it doesn't matter. So irrespective of your situation, your whole life in masala tea will no Sookie

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Well, Maha I want to Mati Allah blonde I mean, irrespective of what happened or a dog that you've been making, maybe didn't come through or maybe a texture, you're going through our lives all go back to Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah. Allah could and that is my reminder for today a reminder for myself, and a reminder for all of you that no matter what test we go through,

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it doesn't matter. It doesn't have any effect on our situation that our tongues in our lives and our whole bodies are all in the process of saying 100 lie

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that's it we're done. Thank you very much.

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Hope you guys have a pleasant continued day. We'll see you tomorrow inshallah Tada. Actually, a final reminder, our our summit, that on mental health. The time to thrive Summit is happening this Saturday in sha Allah Tada This Saturday for to buy tickets for it. We've made it open, you can pay whatever you want. What do they call that on Priceline? name your own price as you will, you can pay whatever you want to buy tickets to the event Allen was Anna, it's, we've just come welcome. I think this is a topic that is so sorely needed, even before, even before we did this, before this pandemic happened. But now more than ever, we really need to get to because this is a mental health there's

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going to be a tsunami of mental health issues that are going to be exasperated with the situation and the economic situation. So let's prepare for it from now just like we prepare our toilet paper. Let's prepare the tools and and what we need to do to prepare our minds for the ups and downs that are going to be happening in the days the days we live now.

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the days to come in Sharla Tiana does that Mala Hydra and check it out please. And please register like right now discover you discover you the letter u dot live. That's the website discover you dot live. Alright, so Dominica Rahmatullah