Kamal El-Mekki – Modesty In Society

Kamal El-Mekki
AI: Summary © The host discusses various topics related to the definition of women and the "harem of the hare." He explains that men and women are viewed as sexual objects and that women are seen as sexual objects and not as individuals. He also discusses the " pest apocalypse" and "monestry" mentality of men and women, and how it is often considered a false sense of self worth.
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smilla and Hannah Haim and Hamdulillah, Hilbert alameen wa Salatu was salam, ala rasulillah hit me quite early, he was happy and I am about. So thanks again for coming, everyone. Today's lecture is entitled Why are they covered like that? Obviously, it's speaking about Muslim woman. And it's asking me about why hijab? Why are the Muslim woman covered. So realistically, in this lecture, we're going to be looking at inshallah hijaab versus a woman not wearing hijab, and being recognized or looked at only as a sexual object. And this is the situation with women in the West, those who are supposed to be the ones who are liberated, and the rest of the Muslim woman are supposed to

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follow them. They are regarded as a sexual object, because of the fact that they don't wear hijab, or more realistically, because they don't dress modestly.

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And we all know the idea that if it let's say, there's a meeting, that is, the woman is running and she walks into the meeting room, and she's not wearing good clothing, she's wearing short skirts, she's wearing tight clothing, she's revealing, you know, her body? What do you think the men would think of her when she walks in? The minute she walks in? What is the first thing that comes to their mind? Do they think Mashallah, she looks intelligent, this is probably going to be a very productive meeting, very intelligent person, or do you think the first thing they will notice would be her sexuality? how attractive she is how many scantily clad she is how not, she's not dressed? Well, you

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think that would be the first thing they notice? Or they would they look past that, and look and see practices. And individually, this is an intelligent person, this is an intelligent human being. No doubt, everyone knows that they will look at her only as a sexual object, and they will not look at her as someone with brains. So this is the result of women being portrayed as sexual objects in commercials in movies, and magazines. On the Internet. The result is that people don't see them as, as humans, they see the first as a sexual object. Yeah. And there were many studies that were done in this field very interesting studies. In the university in Brussels, they did a study note, using

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something known as inversion effect. inversion effect is the human beings inability to recognize faces when the face is turned upside down. So you take a photo of a human being, turn it upside down, and it's harder for people to recognize the person or the individual. But if you invert an object, they recognize it quickly, it doesn't matter what it is, if it's an object, the minute you turn it the picture upside down, you can immediately figure out what it is. But with faces, it's much harder, harder for the human being to recognize a face if it's turned upside down. So at the university in Brussels, they did this study with pictures of men and pictures of woman, and they

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inverted them, turn them upside down. And they would have people and the test subjects would look at these pictures, and to see if they were able to recognize them or not. So be shown photos before then they'll show them the same people again, upside down to see if they can recognize them or not. And human beings had a hard time, like I said, have a hard time recognizing people and faces if they're upside down. But no problem with objects, buildings, cars when they're upside down. So they brought 78 men, and they showed them pictures of woman upside down. And it was hard for them to

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show them pictures of men sorry. So 78 men were shown pictures of men upside down. And it was hard for them to recognize them. Because people don't recognize people upside down. So they had difficulty. Then they brought them pictures of woman inverted as well upside down. And it was very easy for them to recognize the woman. We said that men can, or humans can recognize objects when they're inverted. So they recognize the woman, but they couldn't recognize the man. This study was done by non Muslims. It wasn't done by a Muslim trying to prove hijab is the truth or anything like that. Okay. So they saw that they had no problem seeing a woman upside down and recognizing her

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quickly, just the same way they recognize an object. So they started to conclude that men view women as an object, then in the University of Nebraska, in the United States, they did the same thing. And then their studies are kind of similar, and they showed that men tend to be perceived as persons, men, other other human beings they see men as persons

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And they found that women tend to be perceived as objects as objects. The interesting thing about the study at the University of Nebraska is that they found that even women viewed and perceived other women as exactly the same way in exactly the same way. And it meaning other women saw women as objects as well. So what does that tell you? And the minute you can draw certain conclusions from this, and you can make certain arguments, but we're arguing that, that society has has objectified women so much, and made them sexual objects to such a degree that even other women see them see each other as objects, and not as persons and not as individuals. Also, in the University of Nebraska,

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they did another study with 83 students, and they showed them pictures of human bodies and human parts, parts, pictures, parts of human bodies. And when the subjects were the subjects and remembered the woman better, when they were shown body parts of woman, they remembered which person this belong to this arm belong to this leg belong to, they remembered very well, when they were shown body parts of the woman. And they had a harder time recognizing or remembering when they saw the men, they only recognize the men when they saw the picture of the entire body. But when they saw pictures of the parts, they immediately recognize the woman as well, quickly. So the scientists

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concluded that people see women as they the same way they see inanimate objects. And the link basically, the individual to the parts. So when they saw parts of the woman is Oh, I remember that we saw this picture earlier. That's that woman. So they, they see women as inanimate objects, you understand? Okay. Anyways, another study done in 1989. This is an older study at the University of Michigan in the United States as well. This study was done around 37 countries. So they're trying to show that this is not just in the West, that women look are looked at as sexual objects or objects more than people or persons. But they did the study in 37 countries, and they went to parts of Asia

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and so on. And they came with the same conclusion conclusion. So someone might argue, see, this is not just a Western thinking this is across the globe, people see women as objects. But that means what you're really just giving us more evidence to say, the woman should be covered. Because when they're not covered, it doesn't matter if it's Muslim lands or not, when they're not covered, you just look that you look at them as a sexual object, and you train to look at them that way through magazines. And doesn't matter which country you're in, you always see the woman something to push a commodity, you know, put a woman not dressed properly, and you get her to sell whatever it is, it

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has nothing to do with what you're selling. And you put a woman on selling a car with a woman on it selling tires for a woman aren't selling hammers, power tools, put a woman on it. So you just see them as sexual objects in that way. What is the effect of this on the society, a number of effects.

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One of the things is that it it creates this unrealistic expectation by men of what the woman should look like. And I think a lot of people know this, like, people watch television, these look in the magazines. And we see these images of women who are airbrushed and photoshopped and they have makeup on and everything is making making them look as glamorous as possible. So a lot of men, then this becomes their standard, that they expect a woman to look like that. That's why that a brother who tries to get married, he wants you to look like the person in the magazine. Even the person in the magazine doesn't look like that. It went through a lot of changes and a lot of technology to make

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them look like that. So the expectations are for men have been raised. And they now have some incredible standards because of these unrealistic images that they see all the time.

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with women who are average or normal looking, they start to feel inadequate, and less beautiful. So they start to feel less about themselves because this is what they're comparing, comparing themselves to. They compare themselves to these images that are not realistic. So these are from the problems that happen. As well as the psychological disorders like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and anorexia is when the woman would stop herself from eating she sees herself overweight, even though she becomes skin and bones. She still doesn't eat his skin and bones but when she looks in the mirror, she sees a fat person and she doesn't eat she decreases her food intake severely. It's

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an illness and it's caused by this this fake image that they have to look up to. And these are the standards of beauty now.

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And and believe me as well the same thing bulimia is binge eating and woman will eat a lot

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feel very good in full. Then she'll go in and she'll put her finger to her mouth and vomit all that food out of fear of gaining weight. Yeah.

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It is a story just to show you, I'm just gonna tell the story to show how the standards have changed a lot. In the old days, if a woman was overweight, she was beautiful. Right? Now, if a woman's overweight people think What is this? She's thin. Now this is the new standard for beauty. And an interesting study was done. They showed that they showed pictures of women to men, and they rank these men will rank the woman on their beauty scale of one to 10, whatever. But they saw they found out that men rank a woman higher in beauty if she's overweight. If the man is hungry, he sees her as more attractive. Why? The psychologists say that the man believes that this woman has access to a

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lot of food. Yeah, when? When he's hungry, she looks more attractive to him. Yeah. And Mom, there could be some useful technique there for some woman. And the point is,

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at the time of the prophet SAW, the Lord said to them,

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there was a there was an effeminate man. And he used to he used to sit with the woman and the wives of the process had lemonade, just chit chat with them. He was an effeminate man, he has no hajra no erba no desire and women. So the person I'm used to allow him to sit with a woman. And these types of men are allowed to sit with women as long as they don't start to notice the beauty of woman and notice woman's bodies. This is what they thought about this man. Until one day he's telling Abdullah, the brother of Omen selama on Salama, the mother of the believers, the wife of the apostle Salah. This is her brother, Abdullah. So this man is a feminine man, a feminine man. Yeah, no, no,

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you know what it means? Man, that's more on the softer side, if we can use that term, not gay, not gay on the softer side. So he was telling Abdullah, the brother from Selma, he was telling him that if you guys conquer a part if then he starts to tell him about a specific woman, go after her marry her and or take her as your capital for in her talk below the bat europen what to do with the money? And what's he saying? He says when she comes in the forward facing you, she has four folds. And when she turns and goes the other way, she has eight folds, what does it mean folds folds of fat.

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So he's describing to him a very beautiful woman, she's so fat that she has folds, you know, when you're fat, and the skin folds like this, and folds again, and folds again, and folds again, she has four folds of fat on the front and eight on the back. Yeah, and you

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can imagine what that looks like full, full, full, full house, a beautiful woman, he's telling him, if you conquer a pipe, go for that woman. That was me.

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I know, most of you now.

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Right? Because it's not beautiful for you anymore. Because the standards have changed even not long ago in the 1940s, and even 50s. And even the 60s that needed the western idea of a beautiful woman was not extremely thin, this is more a very contemporary thing. And the standards have changed even because of the satellite dishes. And in popular culture in the movies spreading, the standards have changed even in countries where people saw being overweight as beautiful. I don't want to give examples and names of countries. But I'm familiar with certain countries where people saw the overweight woman as very attractive. And then

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just in 10 years or 15 years, all the you know the movies and the standards changed and then everyone in that country change as well. And there was a mark of beauty has become something different to them. Anyway, So enough about overweight woman, we move on.

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But anorexia, bulimia, all of this is from trying to look like that model that they see on television. Also what happens with with with this issue when women are looked at as sexual objects and not as people not as a human being, you see an increase in violence or or the acceptance and you see an increase in the likelihood and the acceptance of sexual violence against women as well. They are not looked at as humans and looked at as objects. That's what you're trained all the time. Every magazine, every movie, every commercial, you see a woman and she's shown for her beauty, not for her intelligence or something like that. I'm going to prove in Charlotte in a little bit. We're going to

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talk about how even work it's not. It's coming here that this is a this is a phenomenon we have in America, where if a woman is a feminine Yeah, and he or she looks like a woman. She has long hair. She has a soft voice. She's attractive like a woman in America. We have a big problem accepting orders from a woman like this.

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We have very big problems, putting them in leadership positions. We never put them in leadership positions. Why? Because they're a woman. She's beautiful. She's a sexual object. How am I going to take orders from a sexual object? She's going to tell me what to do. That's why this is the argument we're making. If you examine Muslim, if you examine Western women in very high leadership positions, what do they look like?

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We'll start with what they call the Iron Lady. Right. Margaret Thatcher. What did she look like? Short hair. She would wear those suits, the women business suits or what have you. If you watch recently, they made some documentaries about her. If you watch the documentaries, in the beginning, and they'll show you some old recordings of when Margaret Thatcher came into or was appearing into the limelight, she would speak in a high pitched voice. And then the experts who are around her told her don't speak in the high pitch voice. It's not agreeable with men. So make your voice deeper. So now she cuts her hair short, she makes her voice deeper. Then they show you a clip of her later

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years, and she makes her voice deep again. Then they show you a clip when she left politics and her voices high again. We understand what's happening. Yeah, so her advisers are telling her if you have a high pitched voice, and you look like a woman and you have a you know, long hair, peak, men don't accept you like this. So you cut the hair short. And this is what it means when a woman appears androgynous, androgynous Jani. She has qualities in any male characteristics, short hair, whatever, broad shoulders deeper voice, and that is more acceptable to the men. Why? Because if she looks like a woman, they see her as a sexual object. The only way to be accepted by them she has short hair

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makes her voice deeper. So she made her voice deeper and went into politics. When she left politics, she went back to her normal speaking voice. I don't have to do this anymore. So that's an example of Margaret Thatcher. If you remember with Madeleine Albright, also, what's her description during the Clinton era? Short hair again, business suits run around like this. Looking very manly, right? If you remember Janet Reno, and all the comedians in America would would make fun of her and they would dress up like her and pretend you know, act like a man she had short hair again. She looked very much like a man, Janet Reno. Then you have Hillary Clinton when she was running against Obama some

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years ago. She was always being critiqued on the internet on the news that she is to stoic, stoic, ironic. She's like, not not very reactive. Doesn't so much emotion. She's like this. They're always criticizing her. She's too stoic. She's too manly. Again, she has short hair. Whereas these manly kind of clothes other the suit and the pants are the suit and the dress like that. So they could be criticizing her. She's too manly. Do we really want a woman who is not in touch with her feminine side, all these critics one day, they said she choked. And she's about to cry in her speech. And it looked to me when I watched it, it looked like she's acting. Mr. Mohammed, let's say she really

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choked. She's talking about how much he loves America. And she choked or pretended to talk a little bit. What happened next day in the newspapers and in the internet? Do we really want a woman for a leader, she could not control her emotion, but make up your mind. Once you once she's holding her emotions, oh, she's like a man when she needs to be in touch with the feminine side. And then the minute she pretended to choke, look, he's not stable, and how can she run a country, she's crying every five minutes. So it's just no way out for them. Then, of course, we also had Condoleezza Rice. But she was a real man.

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That's the best I can say about her, him, whatever.

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And you get the idea now Why? Because we can't accept an a feminine looking woman in a leadership position. She asked to look like a man before we accept anything from her. And they, they try to appear this way. So we start to see then that this oppression versus liberation, hijab versus taking off the hijab, it's actually the real enslavement. And these women cannot escape the fact that there are sexual objects. There is a for those who are interested in reading this. It's really I believe, it's one of the most amazing articles and it's written by non Muslim. And if you want to find it online, just google Chinese American hijab just do that Chinese American hijab it's an article

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written by a Chinese American lady, she's not Muslim. She wore the hijab for a while, and then she writes about her experience when wearing Hijab really, really amazing. She begins by talking about how she just came out of the barbershop or that where the hair salon right she said I cut my hair very short. She cut her hair very short on purpose and she says to appear androgynous Yanni to have these men

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qualities or characteristics.

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And she said, I did that because I wanted to basically almost like cancel out my femininity. She doesn't want people to see her as being very feminine. So she told the hairdresser cut my hair as short as possible. She said she cut her hair as short as possible. And of course, I'm paraphrasing, and summarizing here, and she went out right after cutting his hair short like that. And some workers or some men, they whistled at her, and she's not trying to appear like a man. And they still whistled at her. She said, I found out the problem was not my femininity. The problem was my sexuality. Yeah, you understand where she's going with this. And if she covers her sexuality, that

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will bring out her feminine, it's being feminine. There's not the problem. She said.

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Then she, she put on the hijab, and she was amazed by how people I mean, women pay attention to this. She said she was amazed by how people didn't look at her up and down because she was covering her body. She was covering her hair, people looked at her with respect. She said, I went to the masjid and there was a Muslim there. And he called me sister immediately. He showed me a lot of respect. He asked me where I'm from, she's always from China. And he said, she said that didn't mean anything to him that was okay that she was from China was no problem. She said, I felt very accepted, and so on and so forth. At the end of the article is a very short article at the end, she

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says, it was when and when she wore hijab, she says I quote, it was my sexuality that I covered, not my feminine understand, which is Yeah, she just, she learned now through her experience, that when she wore hijab, she didn't cover the fact that she's a female, she didn't cover her femininity, she covered her sexuality, then she says, the covering of the former allowed the liberation of the ladder, really incredible. The covering of the former covering of my sexuality allowed the liberation of my femininity. And this is the blessing that Muslim and the righteous Muslim woman have, that if they're covered, they're not looked at as sexual objects. They're looked at as persons

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as people as human beings, and we give a chance for their intellect for the intelligence to shine through. But if a woman is wearing bad clothing, and you look at her only in that way, you don't wait for her intelligence to shine through, she has to work 10 times as hard to show you that she's smart. And that's another thing that that experts are saying about these types of images is that certain groups of people, I don't know if you if you're familiar with this, but in America, for example, blonde woman, blonde woman are regarded as not being very intelligent. And they're always these blonde jokes, and how dumb they are. And always, always blonde jokes. Yeah. So. So they tell

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you that if a woman now is blonde, even if she's smart, she has to work against the stereotype, she has to work harder to prove that she's intelligent. I want to

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mention some historical issues that happened that brought us to where we are today, concerning the perception people have about Islam before we do that, and the argument that if you're covered, you're, you're oppressed. And it's not a good argument. And many people think this, but why is it that when they see a nun covered, they don't think she's oppressed. This is in the West, right? non Muslims, they see an uncovered and they don't think she's oppressed. They see an Orthodox Jewish woman covered. And they also don't think she's oppressed. The minute the Muslim woman comes walking by, look at this poor woman, she's depressed. She's forced to put this on. No, actually, in America,

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there have been women who would walk up to a Muslim and hijab and told her, you don't have to wear that. My dear you in America now.

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Thank you for telling me where I was. I was here for 15 years, and I don't know where I am. Thank you. Okay, I know where I am. And I choose to put this on. No one's forcing me to put it on. So why is it that the Muslim ones oppressed, the others are okay, there's nothing wrong with them. They do that do it out of choice. We want to understand the argument behind that. And we're saying that the argument that being covered is oppressed is not a good argument, and should not be accepted by believing men or women when it's presented to them. Because if being covered means you're oppressed, that means being uncovered means that you're liberated, true. And whoever makes that argument to

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you, you can tell them, essentially the one but you don't really say this, but you can say, well, you're not fully liberated. I see at the moment. Why don't you liberate yourself some more. And because the more you uncover, the more liberated you are. And this is a true story that happened during one of the events where there was a speaker Muslim speaker giving a speech to a group of Muslim students there was meant to the right and woman to the left. So a non Muslim woman came walking in very angrily, yelling and interrupting the speech. Come on, it shows

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Again, some strange mentality. There's certain religious group, and they're having their own event. What business is it of yours, how they sit and how they cover. But this woman felt she had the right to say that she walked into the room interrupting the speech yelling and pointing to the Muslim woman. Why are they covered like that? You know what she's trying to say? She's trying to say, you have oppressed them. And that's why you made them dress this way and liberate them. Right? She said, why they covered like that? So the speaker said to her, Well, you were born without clothing. Why are you wearing clothes right now? She said, modesty. She said, Okay, what modesty, more modesty

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if your argument that putting on clothes is because of modesty, that means the more you cover, the more modest you are. If your argument is that the you know, being covered is oppression, and being uncovered is liberation, then you are not 100% liberated, either. So you should give me any speech, right? And Mohammed, upon we don't really use this argument.

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Maybe just save it for a very extreme condition that he had fun. Or maybe Dominic can use that or something.

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So I guess as well.

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Okay. But so why is it that the Muslim woman is looked at as being oppressed, we're going to look at what happened in the early days when the first and the early Christians first came into contact with Islam and the Muslims, right? But before that, biblically in the book of Genesis, when, according to the Bible, Adam ate from the tree,

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the blame is put on the woman, the entire blame is put on the woman, she ate from the tree, and then she gave him to eat from the tree. Right? Now, even Adam, in Genesis in the Bible, he tells he says to God, the woman you put here with me, she gave me from the fruit. So the blame was put on the woman 100%. Well, in Islam, was the blame put on the woman. No, was the blame point on shaitan?

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Was it? No, never ever is the blame put on the shape on in the Quran? Never. You know why? Because Satan doesn't force you to do anything. If he forced you, then he would be blameworthy. But all he does is suggest in the Quran, Allah says, demo.

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So, Adam disobeyed his Lord.

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Adam disobeyed his Lord, not the shaytaan cause the more Hawa made them disobeyed his Lord. Because the blame was put on Adam I set up and it wasn't put on the shape on and never ever is in the Quran is the shaytaan blamed for sins. Why? Because he only makes suggestions to he doesn't force you to do things. That's even his argument on the day of judgment on the Day of Judgment, he gives the argument that in Nima doubt to whom the outcome festered optimally, I have just, I made an offer to you or I made an I passed on an invitation, and you're the ones who responded, I didn't force you. Now, this is one dish upon would be blameworthy. Imagine one day you're sitting suddenly your hand

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goes like this. What's happening, and your hand starts pulling you to the supermarket. And then you start taking things and putting in your pocket. They are fun to help me. I don't know what's happening here. I'm stealing but I don't want to steal shaitan is taking your hand and putting it in your pocket, you making us making your steel, then he can be blamed for your sins. Am I correct? If he forced you to do something, but he doesn't he says Hey, why don't you do this? And you go do it, whose fault is that? So the the the sin in the Koran was never blamed on however, and never blamed on a beast, but Adam was responsible for his own sin. But in the Bible, the sin was entirely put on

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the woman. So that's the first strike against woman. The second thing the Christian started to realize that Jesus, well, I mean, obviously they said that Jesus never got married. So they saw that he was celibate he never got married. So they concluded that it was probably the best to not get married. And so they invented celibacy into their religion allegedly says in the Quran, was written after the OVA and celibacy, which they innovated into the religion, a lot didn't come out of them. They impose it upon themselves to be celebrated to not get married. Why? Because Jesus never got married. So he is our best example. He never got married, we see the woman being the source of evil

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in the Bible. And so they start to conclude that women were evil. If you ever wonder why it took the West so long to consider the woman as a full human being, if you ever wonder why the West took so long to finally allow women to vote, and to give them some so many of the rights and this is recent, as far as the West is concerned, relatively recently, they finally got the rights to vote and to be a full human being and so on and so forth. Why it goes back to these teachings, seeing women as

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as an extension of this, and you're gonna see things spiraling and getting worse and worse and worse, as a result of this of women being evil, they concluded that you can get married because you need to have children, but to be intimate with your wife is not a good thing either. So they saw an intimacy with the wife *, things like that as dirty, they regarded as a dirty thing, a bad thing. And they said, the only time you can be intimate with the wife is if you want children, if you don't want children don't do it. Because you're not supposed to enjoy. It's a bad thing. It's a dirty thing. Why is it a bad thing? Because the women are evil. And because Jesus never did it, it's

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a bad thing. And this goes on until in America until today, we have very strange laws. I don't want to mention them. We're in the house of Allah under some sisters here. Very, very strange laws, all of them stemming back from this trouble. And these laws exist today in the law books, but they're not.

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They're not implemented whatsoever. Few people even know they're in the law books. But if you want to have some fun, just write and just google search strange laws in America, you'll find some strange things. And you may run across some of these strange events as well. So then what happens? They're continuing with this thought process, then they see in the foreign will now they encounter Muslims, they find that Muslims don't view intimacy as something dirty, or something shameful or something bad, but it's something good between the man and the wife, honey, and it's permissible, and it's a source of enjoyment. They found in the Koran, Allah right after the verses speaking about

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the calf and Ramadan will mention going back to the wife. So it was very normal. It's even put in the middle of verses about acts of worship. They saw that the man can marry up to four, they saw that the man gets virgin agenda and 72 virgins and August issue, and they concluded that Muslim men are oversexed. That's why they get all this money. And they even said that Muslim woman wear hijab, because the men are wild. And if they see them, they will attack them. They really said this stuff, right? So they concluded that Muslim men were oversexed. Why now some of you are old enough to remember the movies the old movies were How did they always portray the Arab in the old movies?

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Or remembers the old movies?

00:32:35 --> 00:32:35


00:32:37 --> 00:32:55

I were always with females always wanting females. All the movies like this the whole this construct of Hollywood of the harem the hareem Yeah, that the the Sultan will have all these women in very very bad clothing Yeah, their belly showing everything very uncovered but Mashallah they still were in lockup

00:32:57 --> 00:32:59

kind of senses that man

00:33:00 --> 00:33:02

has higher is not a bad woman.

00:33:04 --> 00:33:41

Right kind of an ideal kind of Islam is this. And then the man comes? He just picking from the woman This is the subtitle you over there. Come here you come. You three. Colossus, a crazy Arab man wants a lot of women and a lot of the movies until the 80s. The Arab is always the one with that broken teeth. Is it one eyes looking this way? Other ones looking that way? And always is always asking woman How much? How much every movie was like that. Even some of the more recent movies. I'm not gonna mention titles. By the way, this is related to my field of study. Okay. It is.

00:33:46 --> 00:34:02

I'll tell you something interesting. Just since I mentioned my field of study about portrayal of people in movies. One of our professors, he was saying that if you look at a lot of the movies, the bad guy had what kind of accents before 911. The bad guy?

00:34:03 --> 00:34:52

What action? Russian accent and what? German. Almost every bad guy in the movie. He spoke with a German English accent, or Russian accents. Always Russian, still the effects of the Cold War, they were the enemy. So every bad guy speaks like a Russian. Yeah. And then what happens? Germany still the effect of World War Two, and every bad guy is a German still. Then the professor said this was right after 911 he said something interesting. He said Now you will notice from now onwards, all the bad guys in movies will have what kind of accent Arab accent and Allah He was so right about that. That sometimes even a person who is non Arab is given an Arab accent. I want them I was working at

00:34:52 --> 00:34:55

home and someone was watching television. And I heard

00:34:56 --> 00:34:59

an American guy speaking to a guy that sounded just like an Arab

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

So these issues of discrimination are important to me. So I looked up, I started watching this clip. And they're you know, both of each one has a gun and they're hiding behind the wall. He's like surrender my surrender. And when the guy with the Arab actress, okay surrender, I'm going to come out in outcomes on a black African guy, the black African guy not to give him an Arab accent. So because this is the new bad guy, the Arab by that was a totally, and a different side note here. But it was related to the portrayal of a people in the media. And the Arab was always portrayed as oversexed and hungry like that. Oh, is that how much you how much all the time.

00:35:41 --> 00:36:24

So then what happens? Then the Western world goes through what is known as the sexual revolution, in the 19. From that started from the 1960s, all the way to the 1980s, they experienced what is known as the sexual revolution, where they started to accept an intimate relationship outside of marriage became very acceptable. and all kinds of other things became very acceptable, and homosexuality became very acceptable. So they started to then go through this phase known as a sexual revolution. And now again, the Muslims were at the other extreme end, realistically, we were always here. We never moved from here, we were always here. But they're the ones who kept moving around. So when

00:36:24 --> 00:36:57

they were very far to the right, they looked at the Muslims and said, Oh, you guys are so far to the left. Then they came, they refer to the left and they look back at the Muslim said, You guys are so far to the right. But realistically, we're in the same place. We didn't go anywhere. Right? their standards were the same job and, and rules were the same. So now they go through the sexual revolution, they go very far to the left. And now we're so far to the right. And again, they start to critique the Muslims, you Muslims, look how you cover these woman. First, they said the woman has to cover themselves because the men are crazy, don't attack them. Now, after the sexual revolution,

00:36:57 --> 00:37:30

you're oppressing these women by covering them, let them uncover their against every rule of segregation, not intermingling, men and women not touching each other. All of that now suddenly very offensive to them. But upon law, despite that fact, here, if some of you are ever confused, why are they against the Muslim man having four wives? Why? Because it's a strange combination of the old thoughts and the new thoughts. Because he would think, and if you look at Western society, let's just now stereotype and say, there.

00:37:31 --> 00:37:51

Yeah, and he had to put this nicely. And it's sexual activity is a very big deal. They're, they're very promiscuous, for the most part, very promiscuous, exchanging partners and things like that. A man will be married, he'll always have mistresses and cheat on his wife. So you would think that they'll be okay with the idea of four wives in Islam? You think so? They'll always come to a Muslim? Ah,

00:37:53 --> 00:37:57

I like that. That's one thing. I don't like you guys very much. But I like that you guys can.

00:37:58 --> 00:38:36

Because they really like that stuff. So they should like the fact that Muslims get married before Shouldn't they know, because it's a combination of old thoughts that they can't get away with. So the old thought was, Oh, my God, look at them, they have four wives, how disgusting. Then they went overboard, but they still kept that old thought, instead of appreciating the fact that we can have four wives, you would think they would become Muslim? Because they want one right? But not that. If you remember after 911 Well, maybe you were aware of this when America you you were forced to be aware of this. After 911 it was a big deal. And all over the news, and newspapers and internet that

00:38:36 --> 00:39:10

look at these people, they believe that they go to gender and they get 72 virgins. And how can you believe by the way, the Christians because they saw such a religion as something dirty? They were forced to say that Jenna is spiritual. Gender is spiritual. Even though in the in their writings, in their books, in their movies, they always show gender as physical. How can gender be spiritual? How do you enjoy it? If you're a spirit? How do you relax on a cushion? If you're a spirit? How do you drink if you're a spirit? You can grab the water

00:39:12 --> 00:39:38

they pour it for you it spills on law. How do you enjoy yourself if you're a spirit, the forced to say genuine spiritual because that you can't have physical enjoyment? Because physical enjoyment is dirty? How do we know it's 31 women are evil to Jesus never did it. So it's a bad thing. That means it's not in gentlemen. So they were forced to say general spiritual, see all the problems that happen. All the problems, one pushing the next one pushing the other. And so

00:39:39 --> 00:40:00

now when they when they came and saw that they did after 911, this issue of the 72 virgins and it was such a big deal. And everyone's like, what is this kind of belief is this that you get virgins and Jenna and all this stuff? And of course a lot of pressure was put on a mound and some of them broke and some of them said that hole and

00:40:00 --> 00:40:16

It's cotton flowers, cotton flowers, flowers. So what Allah says was the words now hum, behold in the end we wet them to hold in any any we wet them, we married them off to cotton flowers. What are you going to do with the cotton flower?

00:40:17 --> 00:40:19

I don't know about you. I don't want any cotton flowers.

00:40:20 --> 00:40:25

statement is this. Why? Because they were pressured now. And they were ashamed of it. And they started to sing

00:40:26 --> 00:40:29

72 virgins 7170 virgins?

00:40:31 --> 00:40:31


00:40:33 --> 00:41:14

No, this is something that you guys, you guys, not you, the Westerners you tell them you guys love this so much. And every movie and every magazine and every advertisement, you talk about sexuality, you bring up sexuality every time, all day all night. And now you want to make it like, there's something wrong with it. But if you enjoy it so much, you love it so much. Wouldn't you be rewarded with something that's good in the in paradise? Why are you so against this idea? That's why we said we have this strange dichotomy before be caught between the old thoughts and the new thoughts. So they had the sexual revolution, and they moved to another level, but they still kept some of the old

00:41:14 --> 00:41:52

things still had the issue of you guys have for work, still hate the issue of you know, you guys experienced that in agenda, we don't have this teaching and so on, and so forth. So now intermingling is an issue, not shaking hands is an issue a job is an issue. And that's why today when a nun is dressed just like a Muslim woman, she's not oppressed, an orthodox woman comes her hair is covered, she's not oppressed. But then the minute, the Muslim woman walks by, oh, you see, she's depressed. That is the history behind all this strange mentality and strange way of looking at the attire of Muslim woman.

00:41:54 --> 00:42:02

And in the end, we advise the Muslim woman to not allow themselves to be oppressed by those who want to liberate them.

00:42:03 --> 00:42:37

Don't be oppressed by those who claim they want to liberate you, and always stand up and let them know the first I don't need you to defend me, okay, I don't need you to fight for me. And if I were oppressed, I would have done something myself about it. You know, we consider millions of Muslims, for example, living in western lands, and millions of them wearing their hijab, the Muslim woman wearing their hijab wearing their laptop, and they're comfortable with it. So if they were not comfortable with it, they can take it off, and the laws would defend them there, there's no Sharia in America, they could take out the hijab and move on to the father's home by the age of 18, the

00:42:37 --> 00:43:17

minute they hit 18, they can move out, and he could have no legal recourse whatsoever. So they can do that. But they don't, that means they choose to wear this out of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala. And it's not me who needs to uncover It's you who needs to cover. So you looked at as a person, as a human being and not as a sexual object, I don't have the unliberated from that Muslim woman should say, I am liberated from that and you are not You are the one in bondage. You are the one in slavery. Still, you are the one who has a problem and you cannot break free from these shackles, floating on the hijab helps you break free from the shackles. So don't allow someone to

00:43:17 --> 00:43:25

come to you and put you in the lesser position and tell you that you need to be liberated, they need to liberate themselves from the shackles of this kind of

00:43:26 --> 00:44:07

being looked at as an object, one of the one of the Muslim woman one time, during one of the dowel workshops, she was in a club. And she said, Sometimes I'm at the cashier at the register at a store. And when we're finishing at the end, at the last second, the woman gives me the money and she says and why do you wear that? By the way? I don't have any time to explain to her What can I say? So okay, do this next time. Because now at the register in America when you're leaving, they have all these magazines and every magazine has a woman that is not dressed properly on it. So how can I explain to her in just two seconds the customer behind me she's already bringing their items. How do

00:44:07 --> 00:44:46

I explain to her in a few seconds why I'm wearing the pub. So next time, just point to the magazine and say so I don't become like that and walk away. So the Muslim woman is the one who is truly liberated from Allah by Allah subhanaw taala and don't allow people to put you in the lesser position, but you're the one in the higher position, the position of the educator. So the person that you're supposed to educate is coming to educate, you know, you listen and I speak and I direct you to the truth of Allah subhanaw taala will end here inshallah, I would like to thank all of you for coming and for your attentive listening. zocalo Ferran, Osama Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Why are they covered like that; modesty and its Importance to society.

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