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Al-Hijrah Pt 2

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Good. What's your answer? What's more virtuous, the Kaaba or the grave of the Prophet Musa?

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Yeah the COVID. He said the Kaaba as a place. But as an individual of course the Prophet is more precious than anything was the cobble otherwise. So the profit as a human is more is the best of creation. But implication the Kaaba is more honorable then, of course, the grave of the Prophet. We don't pray towards the grave of the Prophet. It's not allowed. We pray towards the cabin.

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Unless you share you pray towards the grave, unforeseen.

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You know, they show more rubber and love and towards and has several percent which we love in LA, which we love. More than the profit at times, and that's that's almost even half that's a calamity.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah to Sweden. We reached the cave last week and I kept you all in suspense. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and Abu Bakar as we said, on the way to El Medina, in the Hydra, they enter the cave, what's the cave called? Did we mention that?

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So the cave was called the Cave of thought. They enter. And as soon as they enter the profile, I swear to Sam sleeps on the lap of our backer, and they spent how many days How many nights? Three days, three nights? That's tough. That's tough. in a cave, no five star hotel, beautiful resort. Room service. Can someone make up your bed not happy that's difficult by the sleeping on a rock. Three days, three nights. Very hard. That's how much they sacrificed. As a panelist shows you what happened after that we said the Quraysh ended up pursuing them and they reached the cave. They reached a cave now and Medina is north. Where did the Prophet go north? He went self to deceive

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them. And they reach them. What does it show you? It shows you how far the kofod are willing to go to try and eliminate Islam.

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It's not you that they're after. It's your message, as allows, which I mentioned to the proper listener to slim, so let's not do that they hate it's what you've come with what you've brought. They get to the cave. obachan he looks up. He says jasola if any of them was to look at the feet, that would surely see us or the Prophet do quickly.

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He said yeah, Baba, mano cas9 Allah Jose Elisa, Houma Allah who live Omar, what do you think of two who allies? The third? What do you think of two allies? The third thing I was gonna let us down callala. Will la Eman Yachty uncertainty. One ration mentions that the eye of the mushrik actually hits and meets the eye of aboubaker It looks even though it looks away.

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And you know what kept them away?

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The web of aspira

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This is a hazard Hadeeth the web of the spider that kept them away how they thought Look, if anyone was going to enter, they would have destroyed that web they would have literally went through it. They saw that web was intact. They said you know they're not here. And they went the web of a spider. Yes.

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That's a weak Hadith with narration. The web of the spider is a narration allows real says about the web of the spider. We're in one LWT lobby to Lanka booty. The weakest fragile of homes is the home of a spider, that weak, fragile home kept up the enemies of Allah. Why? Because they acted as a soldier of Allah, a soldier of a law when you have a law on your side, how could you lose if our laws or that you have, you have all that you need? You have problems in your life, family problems, wife problems, kid problems, work problems, government problems, economic problems, financial harm any problem. He just got problems cause problems turn to Allah. He's the one that can solve all your

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problems. He's the one he has the keys for the unseen the keys of the treasures of the universe. What are people with problems happen? What do they do? They call up their mates, please help me when I turn to Allah. Turn to Allah. Why not him? And if you look at sort of the nurse, it's about seeking protection seeking help. When you want help turn to Allah. How does it stop? put out a bit, Rob bidness moluccana illa hiddenness why these three names. These three names indicate the three levels of authority you go to when you want help. Rob from rubble bait, Mother Father, terrible bait, usually get your family members when you need help. If that fails, you go where higher

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authority Malik will use like a king, the government, if that fails, where do you go Illa people usually as a last resort, they turned to Allah Allah teaching us know from beginning you can do a lot less to listen to him from the beginning. And if Allah can solve your Danny issues when they get really difficult, surely you can solve them in there.

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What's the beginning stage? Surely. So turn to him first, last and always that's the listening. As we said, people easily turn to the creation. I turned to Allah, why look for a shoulder to cry on? And you have the ground to prostrate on? That's the answer. So they stay there. And we mentioned that Abdullah ebonylife pot was the guide of the Prophet, and he was hired as a non Muslim at the time he was hired, and that shows you at a time is permissible to use a gafford at times is permissible to use a gafford for the cause of a Muslim. But as we said, there are conditions to it conditions. Now sometimes brothers, they say, Oh, this guy this year, he used the COVID and hollows

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put an X on a music effort as well, no, no, it's not that easy. As long as the ultimate foot condition, they said these conditions are met, like for example, you as the Muslim are in charge of the situation. And he can be trusted. And his help is minimal, for example, then you're allowed to use the help of a non Muslim as the profile. So let's have some did. He used Abdullah bin All right, but the guide. So he came, he came, and he basically informed them that the coast is clean. He said, Look, the search has died down a little bit. Let's go. So they go along with armory before Halo who was the slave of America? rodilla. And so they all go or four of them. And Raj got so desperate,

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what did they do?

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They offered a bounty for the head of the Prophet enter worker, a bounty for both of them. This bounty was 100 camels Ah, the head of a bucket 100 camels, the head of the Prophet 100 camels. And if you had 100 camels just 100 on their own. You are walking billion in Arabia. Now millionaire billionaire, one camel was valuable. What can you do with a camel? You can use it for

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transport like a car, right cars valuable transportation of goods. You can even sell it make some money on it is a Fulford true. Milk drink medicine as well. So it's not just your car. It's like a walking supermarket and

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pharmacy. Literally you can have a medicine, food, drink and transportation. So one camera was valuable. One camera imagine having 100 magic getting the head of both of these two noble individuals, of course, that will cause fugitives, but you have 200 as well was running very expensive. So search parties were going out wanting to become rich. Among them was Soraka and Malik, this man was sitting in Mecca One day, a man enters he says look, I saw four individuals along the coastline. Seems are they going towards the Medina, it could be the Prophet robucket Soraka Malik said, I felt in my heart that it was however, I made it out as if it wasn't. So he said all these

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people, these men that were here earlier, we know who they are. Don't worry about it something. He said that why to deceive the kurush. So what did you do? He said I waited in that gathering little bit. So it doesn't look suspicious. And then I withdrew from the crowd, right? Where does he go? He runs straight home. He tells his slave look, give me the fastest horse you can done. He gets it. And then he says at nightfall, I exit via the back door. And he says I got my speed but I'm dragging on the floor. Why? Because they would tow and if he was to walk out with a speed where's this guy going with the speed? So he waits to the coast is clear and he exits

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soon after. Because he follows that direction. He catches up with the profiler so to seminar worker, why because he's on his own and of course therefore when you integrate sometimes you're slower. He catches up with him. Our backer on the hallway and Medina What is he doing? He's worried at times he writes before behind the Prophet at time before the Prophet at times on the right. On the left. The Prophet asked him What are you doing? I said, Yeah, Rasulullah I get worried. I think there's an ambush. So I go ahead of you wanting to protect you at times. I think someone's gonna catch up with us or get behind you. That's how it was. brought the lawn look at the sacrifice he had for the

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property sort of slump. So his word is always looking back. He says Robert Malik is your asuma This one has caught up to us. What do we do? What do we do? The Prophet doesn't even look behind him. He's just looking straight ahead. Don't worry, don't worry beside him. And he gets closer. He's a few 100 meters from literally becoming the next billionaire you know Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in Arabia

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is worried Yasuda is gonna catch us he's really gonna catch up with us the Prophet What does he do? Very easily just raise his hands mixed up. It's mentioned that the horse of Soraka Malik sinks into the sand and he falls off and he is shocked he's dumbfounded. That never happened to me. He's worried now. So he cast lots what's casting lots? It's like they should have key way of is the horror.

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It's like it's the horror in a goofy style. So ask for guidance by casting law to the so called divine way of guidance. So it cast lots Should I pursue them or not. What are the lots tell him? No don't what did you do? Ah

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He loves them. He just believes in the disbelief. And he he has gone for any school for years. I forget that. And he goes anyway, the prophet makes another drop again, the horse of Soraka Malik sinks into the sand he falls off. He's shocked. He said, This has never happened to me, let alone twice in a matter of minutes. Cost lots. What are the let's say, then pursue? What does he do? He pursues the power law as it pleases you. Yeah.

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he pursues a panel of why greed is driving him forwards panel. That's how the glyfada literally, let's say love blinds. dounia blinds happy the dunya blinded him. He couldn't see this is from Allah azza wa jal. He goes for a third time the Prophet makes dark this time, a cloud of dust and sand explodes in front of the horse and he falls off again. So power now he's worried because you know, this man is being helped by Allah. So he cries out Oh, Mohammed, Mohammed Grammy peace Grammy peace. why he's scared now. You think look, this man is being helped by Allah. Maybe he's gonna send a lot of bombs in the door on me. You know, they dropped bombs we dropped to us.

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Anything give me peace.

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In other words he was pursuing but the pursuer became the pursued, the hunter became the hunted supine. Oh, look at the tables turn. Once you get when you have a law on your side. How can you lose? That's the lesson there. My brother. See, Sierra isn't just storytelling, it's about me making these lessons practical now life turning to a low whenever you need help, and having some see in a sincere way and having certainty when you make that drop. So the profit of course, is a man of his word. He said yes, our grand new piece. He said no one should write it down. Why? Because just in case something happens that write it down. Okay. He gets either Abdullah or armor to write that I

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need the mystery of law grant, Annie Soraka Malik peace. He is later.

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So Raka Malik find himself in hot water once again.

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When the Prophet alayhi salatu salam laid siege to a thought if he was captured, he was captured, he was arrested and he was going to be executed. What does he do? He pulls out this paper. Look, the Messenger of Allah guiding me please, can you please let me go. They check it, they verify it. And of course, he's kept safe. And of course the profile is Switzerland. The Muslims are just, they don't execute him. That piece of paper saved his life. And he's after that he ended up becoming a Muslim Alhamdulillah hamdulillah. We know it's amazing that this man was coming to kill the profile. This was an advocate of the Prophet treating its facility here as an Allah just as repel evil there

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which is better, perhaps between you and them who had strong enmity between you, your staunchest enemies might just become the best of friends. That's how we should be with the haters. Generally speaking, 10 nine times out of 10 show kindness. So kindness in fact, just today on WhatsApp a brother sent me a video. This guy literally went out protesting with his mates having these you know, blasphemous shirts, rude words about Islam and the Prophet. And these brothers invited them into the master they spoke to them what happened? He went on the new saying, you know what, these people are the best and I'll never do that again. And I had the wrong image about him. good

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character. In fact, tomorrow, tomorrow, inshallah, we're going to be talking about the fifth of haters. That's tomorrow's lecture here. You know, different categories of haters and how to deal with them. This is very important because we live in the West and you get a lot of haters, a lot of bigots out there, how do we deal with them? It's not always harsh, but at the same time, you know always showing softer softer you have to stand up for yourself so we're going to discuss these methods inshallah.

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So, they Alhamdulilah their cup so but as we said, it shows you that the profile is so too slim. They didn't just execute this panel they had the right to do so. So you know, this guy's a witness. Now, let's get rid of the evidence. It could have done that. But he didn't. Because the profile is not to slam is the profit of clemency, the Messenger of mercy.

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On the way to and Medina

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what happens

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they pass by the 10th of Omar bed, who is a mama but

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she was the woman who gave the most detailed description and analysis of the profile is slow to slim physical appearance that has surpassed all generations of all the Sahaba on this manner. If you want a detailed description of the profile, these sorts of slim read the hadith of Omar bed, and she only saw him once.

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The Alamo have stated, a woman can describe the features of a person better than a man. They passed by the 10th of a mama bed and this is the incident on day three of the hedgerow and I'm going to mention this narration in detail here.

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day three of the 112 Medina Rasul Allah. Auerbach alberca slave Iman hypno for Hydro and a guide Abdullah Abdullah Rifaat passed by the 10th of Omar Ahmed and Hosea, this woman was described as a very broad lady who would sit at the opening of a tent, and she would provide food and nourishment to all the travelers who passed her by, despite her being poor and destitute, and who does that, who sits at the front of the house, providing food drinks, to all those who pass them by so panela. And as we said, she was poor on top of that, so the profile is sort of slam tobacco, this is a good opportunity to refresh it up. So they stopped by her Ted and asked her if she has anything, she

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says, No, in another generation, she says, If I had something you wouldn't have to ask. In other words, that's how generous she was. The profile is what to look towards the corner of a tent. He says, what about that sheep? She says that sheep is too old to even go out and walk in graze with the flock, let alone provide milk for you. There's no it's not gonna do anything. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam asked at the Nina Li and Alibaba. The Grammy permission to milk sapana law, cookies, Adam is asking her permission why it's her property. And he could have walked in and said hey, you know who I am?

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The Messenger of Allah What's this miracle bang? No, he asked him for permission. And he could ransack the places were desperate where travelers were getting pursued driver fugitives, let's just take everything and leave. No. He's a messenger of Allah. He's got principles, morals values, he also shows here you can try right probably not going to get nothing. The profile is far too slim goes over to he props up the shape. He touches the other and he begins to invoke a large region making Bismillah Bismillah Allahu Allah hum. The duration mentioned is a Muslim, that immediately the other became plump and full bursting with milk. So much so that the profile is called for a

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container. And not any container didn't call for an inner when we are normal vessel. He calls for a container yard to rot. Your beetle rot is a type of container that is so large that it can feed up to nine men. Think of nine Mashallah brothers here. The Big Brothers don't show the old doing right strong brothers here. None of you brothers. That's how much milk it was producing. And it produced so much that it began to froth at the seams.

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So what did the probiotics What to do? Sakaba hot.

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He gave Omar but first to drink. Why? Because she's the owner of the household under the tent once again showing his manners and hotter over yet until she quits to thirst. Now here have one sip Give me the rest. That's enough for you know, hetero Viet, they wanted to do some some soccer as hotter, hotter Oh, then he gave his companions to drink until they quit their first as well. manner is of the highest order and degree manners of a messenger and until they quit their thirst as we said, Why and then it says so mashery back then he drank some bodies and then he drank last Why? Say you didn't ask for a demo home. The leader of the people the true said is the hardest. He's the servant

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of the people he attends to the knees. The true leader is not domineering and just commands everyone do this and don't do that. No the true said the true master the true leader that the service of other people to panel that's how the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was added doesn't even mentioned had Roja right until he quit he started just to finish it but it shows you also there was ingredient that's how the profile is photo slim was then what did he do? Then he filled up another container and he left for mama bed now in our one copy is enough for you. And that's enough No. And then he left the sheep as it was he could have easily went over to and said you know what? My work is done

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he got back how you were Hello. Let's go boys.

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He left to keep on producing milk. And then he left who comes in after

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Obama bed the husband walks in says oh they know what's going on here. I leave with nothing. I go to get milk the milk so easy that the milk man Come on what's going on? What's going on? What? Oh, mama Betsy. She said, Call it La La Hey, Omar rabina Raja mobarak she said a man I bless it man came to visit us parlour Sophie helia mama but describe him to me oh my bed. He wants to know who was this man. At first he was will we get the detailed description of the Messenger of Allah and if you'd like me to send this to you, let me know.

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She then begins to describe the Messenger of Allah and to some of you this could be the first time you hear the description of your beloved record. So listen attentively.

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She said, I saw him to be a man of evident and unmistakable splendor. He was fine in figure, his face striking and handsome. He was slim in form. His head was neither too small, neither too large. He was elegant and good looking. His eyes were large and beautifully shaped, deep and black. His eyelashes were long as though they were surrounded by coral. Although he had no coral around them, his voice deep. He was extremely intelligent and sharp, his eyebrows high and arched, his hair long, his neck, elegant, he's bead thick. When silent, he would carry himself with honor and dignity. And when he talked, it only increased him in nobility, respect and intellect. Panama. His words were

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impressive, full of wisdom. They were clear and precise. In other words, he didn't mumble his speech. He didn't haste in either. He was decisive. His ideas were like pearls moving along this string. From a distance, he seemed the most splendid and find looking, and the very best from close by, he was average and medium and height, the eye, not finding him too tall, neither too short, a tree branch as it were between two others, but he was the finest looking of the three, the best proportions in figure. He was the center of his companions attention. Everyone wanted a piece of himself.

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When he spoke, they listened well, and if he instructed them, they hasten to obey. Amen. Well helped and will served neither gloomy or dull. That is our beloved messenger. So Lola, what

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an amazing description from an amazing woman, from the amazing women of our oma. What's interesting is that, oh, my bad, she wasn't a scholar. She was in Alabama, I show her she didn't attend oxford university or Sydney University and have a PhD in AI, you know, or a master's in language and move on and on and on. Yet she described him with the most eloquent word and expressive terms that was on my bed, and that is a description she gave of the Messenger of Allah. The husband said, This man must be Mohammed, the one who are pursuing if I meet him, I will surely pledge allegiance to him and become a Muslim, while hamdulillah they both accepted Islam.

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This shape by the way, it remained alive guess how many E's to the left of Mr. filler for Hamas, Cipolla, how many is is that? Now we know how many is it? The Prophet stated in Medina?

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How many is it was 13 years in Mecca? How many's in Medina 10. And how many years was the philosopher available back

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to two. So 10 plus 212. So it stayed alive for at least 12 years, was already old at the time was Google the average lifespan of a sheep you know, you'll find six to 11 years was already at towards the end of its life on its final legs. It's going to die at any moment. Because of the Prophet blessing hands and the dryer he gave it and made for it and live for another at least four years. And on top of that, what did she say? She said since that day, it will provide milk Saba Hanwha masa and Saba hiromasa, day and night day night continuously for 12 years because of the blessing the hands of our soul.

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That description is important Why? We need to learn how the Prophet looked for many reasons among them. Number one, the more we learn about our messenger will lie the more you begin to love him, then you love him more now that you know a little bit more about how we looked why you do. That's very important. You know, when you love someone you try and look like them emulate them. That's why sometimes you see shaitan walking in the street. His hair is like a cockatoo dyed pink. Why? Because his favorite soccer players like that.

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If you really love someone, you emulate them, you copy them. If we love the Prophet, we'll try and learn about him to look like him. And the more you learn about him as we said, the more you love him if I said brother Mahmood is the one that laid off the copy. And brother Mahmoud is the one that helped put the air conditioning in. And brother Mahmoud, he's the one that is also going to give you free drinks and food after the lesson. He's not really but you get the idea. The more I told you about his good qualities, you're going to think you know what I'm loving this brother who is he let me meet him. He's right here.

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So imagine the more you learn about the Prophet The more you begin to love him. That's number one. Number two, why learn about his description. Such descriptions add more imagery to the Hadith, making them more vivid, colorful and vibrant. They bring the Hadith to life. So know when you're a Hadith of the messenger sallallahu sallam, you can now imagine more clearly what he looked like. Number three. Why learn the physical description? We said number one, so we can love him more. Number two, the ad imagery

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To the ahaadeeth bring them to life. Number three, a doctor idle Courtney said,

00:25:07--> 00:25:46

the prophet alayhi salatu salam said Moreau and if in Miami faculty or anything Jacobo, whoever has seen me in a dream has surely seen me Why? Because he said, when I attend my fellowship, Barnaby, because shaitan cannot imitate me. She cannot imitate and impersonate the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, therefore if you've seen the prophet in a in a dream you've truly seen him. So the Torah hydrocone ads, how would you know if you've seen the Prophet Mohammed if you don't even know it looks like to begin with. So it's very important to learn and understand what it looks like. So if you do see him in a dream up Yep, I saw him. I saw him and not a fake, not a phony. Of course, like

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the shaitaan is, that's very important. So that was of course day three. And they make their way to and Medina and that's the color of Allah. The hurted me on the way

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as obeyed if not allow us to bail. As the bear is coming back from a business trip in Assyria. He coming back from a business trip in Syria and what he's have with him, he's got goods merchandise, so we had some clothes and he gifted them to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and Albuquerque New, clean white garments. So how do they enter and Medina dressed in beautiful white clothing looking like a million dollars even though if they didn't have white clothing, they'll still look like a million dollars, but I just added even more pills, more gems more beauty to their appearance. They entered Mecca like this upon but before they entered Mecca, they stayed where in Pooja and Koba some

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narration say for days in the field nectar says for days others say 14 aloha Island but Masjid Oba that way, of course, it was the first Masjid built with the Salah taqwa as mentioned in the Quran, so they stayed there. And there's of course many virtues of measured Kava, and they stayed there before they actually went into Almudena. And what happened was,

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and Medina, the people of El Medina were waiting for the course noble arrival to receive them. So every day they would go out. And they would wait by looking into Of course, the distance hoping to see them and greet them. They will do this every day. And they will do that from the morning up until midday. And of course, when we get really hot, they'll go back in they couldn't handle the heat very difficult in Arabia. One day, a Jewish man was either on a tree or a rooftop. He sees in the distance these four men, and he realized who was say cries out to the people, oh, Arabs, here is your man who is your master. So what did they do? The people of Medina, they rushed to their homes,

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they grabbed their swords, their weapons, and they rushed out to greet the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And of course, they greeted them with a noble greeting. And one of the tickets towards two opinions. This was number one, a customer of the Arab was seen as a way of honoring other people. This is something that even in some tribal places and locations in Yemen today, this is what they do. So basically, you know, like, it's as if you're saying to that person, look, I'll fight to the death for you as how much I love you and respect you. So this was seen as a way of greeting others with an honorable greeting to take your swords with you and your weapons. Another opinion was they

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took their weapons was because they pledged to do what?

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Yeah, fight and protect the messenger sent, they pledged to protect the messenger. So it's as if they are saying, look, we pledged to literally go to the end, we're going to pledge to protect you your Salah, and we're not joking about this, as we said that also has the Raj, they gave that pledge of Alibaba as we've taken last. And finally, what was the first thing the Messenger of Allah did when he arrived in Medina?

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The first thing, the first thing he did was order the building of the messenger, the messenger and messenger to never wait. Why? Because that's the foundation of Islam right there. The Masjid. That's where everything happens. Knowledge and teaching, learning. That's where it all starts. Even military campaigns are set out from there. So that's what all happened and shows you the importance of the message and the role. But it's not the physical building, but rather what's inside the men a producers because that measured how was it built initially, like what you see today, very expensive and fancy decorations and very expensive. You know, cement and Nana was very simple and humble,

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literally mud bricks, and the roof wasn't like what we have in our home, just typed pumps I sent leaves. So when it would rain, it'll actually go through a little leak. Today, if you have a leaky roof in the master, people are complaining.

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They're complaining the chicken doesn't need the end of it. But I was very humble. As we said it's not the building. But what really is most important is a human resource. Human resource. The machine is used to build men and women and that's what it did. Does that come low heighten My dear brothers for you attentive listening. We'll pick up next week from the lessons of digital and we'll start with Emily

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in a panic a local Mohammed shadow in the

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Philippines to win