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Al-Hijrah Pt 1


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The history and characteristics of the Prophet sallahu, including its rise, importance in praying with the right person, and its actions during the Mah acceleration period, are discussed. The importance of practicing the holy spirit and not wanting to be evil is emphasized. The interviewer describes the journey of the Prophet servicing needs of Muslims in various countries, including the interviewer's journey from the cave to the cave, and the interviewer's journey from the cave to the cave. The interviewer also touches on the upcoming trial of the deceased Prophet and its potential consequences.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. last term we ended by discussing.

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And also we'll have the Raj, these two tribes were from the Arab and also will have village and the prophet SAW Selim and Hajj time he was seeking protection and asking various tribes, all of them rejected him. But these two and also why did they except this time so quickly

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because they had

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a leader good they were looking for leadership and leaders were killed in the Battle of

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wife in the excellent

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and they will neighboring the hood would the hood say they would mention all the time of profits coming up profits coming up profits coming so it prepared them mentally though mentally prepared, and the hood will also threaten us with hospitals? What would they say when it comes? When it comes we're gonna slaughter you or like add an Iran were slaughtered. So when the prophet SAW said and presented Islam to lots of causes, they know what, let's be here, let's Bismillah let's accept this and before we get slaughtered, we'll do the slaughtering ourselves. So the hunted became the hunter upon Allah, and many other reasons that we're craving, unity etc. and hamdulillah Medina proved to

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be a fertile ground for the Tao of Islam. Why, due to its natural form of protection Asante, Mohammed was naturally protected how

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the eastern west or was there? Yeah, mountains and mountainous tracks, and then the trees from the south. So really, if an army wanted to attack and economic attack via the North, so it was to prove to be a very fertile ground and because of natural protection, and other things. So that's what we left off and now finally, that was like the 13th Ye, where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is now ready to make his law to add Medina and before we mentioned the hijra itself, very important to mention some virtues of Medina. So if you're going to title this the virtues of El Medina so we're going to look at that as number one.

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And then we're going to look at

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and I'm not sure if we'll finish it today's so many things to cover. However, 100% by next list and be in

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the hydro

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came from hydro hydro which means to migrate. And this is of course the major migration to Medina not the minor the minor was were

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to ever senior ascent. As for the virtues of and Medina itself, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Whoever has the ability to die in Medina let him do so. For whoever dies and then Medina

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he said Elisa to Sam will be granted my shefa be granted my intercession Panama you'll be granted real soon was intercession despite dying in a minimum

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as a doctor said Look, you've only got a few days to live and you're about to die just go to Medina and you're dying to land they

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die they're just that in of itself. It just shows you how blessed and Medina is. This get to the border again. Jump over this do something and that's where I'm gonna make concentra for what you said, Oh Lord, let me die as a Shaheed Amata in Almudena his daughter hurt he said yeah, but to my father, how's it gonna happen? How are you going to die as a shahidullah Medina Medina was considered like the headquarters of Al Islam no one's gonna attack it. If you want it to die as your head you go with the lens of jihad ribat like Iraq and a sham just like today is a part of your ego they're not and then Medina. He said don't worry follow when something he'll make it happen you find

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a way is Allah Allah Murali Rolando didn't just die in Medina.

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He died as a Shaheed and he died while praying and he died in the Prophet Masjid.

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Amara Amara, the greatest companion after worker, or divine human. That's our motto and that's how Allah azza wa jal can make things happen for you. They think something's impossible with Allah everything's possible Allah can open up doors that you never even dreamed could have been opened allow make doors for you. He'll make it if there's no door he'll build the door for you Don't worry. And as the saying goes if opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. Yeah. And if you build a door an opportunity doesn't come then you go to its house and you're not gonna do it doesn't open you barge in. SWAT style is your red

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Mustang. So it shows you number one the blessings of Almudena just by dying there. Number two, the province of lawlessness said the man is found in Almudena always, he said a man returns takes refuge in Allah Medina just like the snake takes refuge in its place.

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In its whole so you always find the man not as some brother say at the top of it or there and it's called loss it's never find goodness they know how to build out the prophet SAW Selim said that email text refugees you always find it. That's number two a man takes refuge in Medina. Number three, el Medina expelled expels the impure, the nudges the evil people just like a furnace cleanses and expels the impurities from iron and metal. So literally drives out impurities. And that's why in the same Hadith he said Elisa to slam No one leaves in Medina because he doesn't want any more stuff this amount of heat. No one leaves it because he doesn't want it because he doesn't desire it except

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Allah replaces him with someone better. That's a scary thing if you're in Medina and living comfortably and you don't know it's want to go back to ours and that's a scary thing. Allah is going to place yourself in battle and it's driving you up because you will no good so it shows you and Medina is extremely virtuous, extremely virtuous.

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And that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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is probably due to his to outweigh he said Allah humhub la in El Medina Taka have been a mecca or shed is our law Let us love and Medina like we love Mecca or more.

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In other words, you will love el Medina like Mecca omo you won't ever love it less. Then you find people today when they go to Hajj and they go to Mecca and Medina What do they usually say which is more beloved to them, you find Medina you find nine times out of 10 people just love and Medina more based on the draft of the prophet SAW Selim Allah entities does that make us love and Medina like Mecca or more you find almost all Muslims have and Medina more always always you in hajj. Now, you find the same thing and within a special

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another hydrothermal India in terms of the virtues, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam may draft a lot to double the Baraka in El Medina and Mecca is an Ola double the burqa in El Medina, like Mecca, and he doubled the Baraka that is in Mecca, place it in El Medina. So this double the Baraka double the blessings in El Medina and Mecca. Now the question remains which is more virtuous and Medina Mecca?

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Sure. 100% 100% Yes. Many reasons. Mecca is the land of the prophets like Ibrahim Ismail and the prophet SAW Selim was in Medina it's a land of the profile so to slim only also we have to face with in prayer, makeover and face and Medina. Thirdly, the rewards of praying in Mecca how much 100,000 Salah worth one prayer equals 100,000 Well, this go there just to pray one praying God come home humbler baby holy laughter

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and the sin of also is doubled and multiplied because of the greatness and sanctity of Mecca. While one praying and Medina and mustard the number is 1000. I said, in fact, I put this as a link for in the Student Services section. The difference in virtues between Mecca and Medina. Check it out. I'll put it there for you for those who want further information.

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And even taymiyah was asked in his homework. You find that the intersection which is more virtuous, the grave of the prophet or the garba?

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Then tell me the answer. Now check out the fatwa even Timmy was asked I want you to get his answer in the link. It's in the link the Student Service section. So now in the Hebrew itself,

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the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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was commanded and given permission by Allah to perform the hero to perform the hero. And when the Sahaba migrated, they are the name of what

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Mahajan mohajir on from you hedgers. He's a Mohajer. So the Mahajan is plural, the mohajir on the migrants, and those who were in Almudena Michelson has Roger earned the name of unsought what unsought mean.

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helpers good It came from must not what's not help? Sure it will work with an officer of a law comes the help of a lot. So there is the name of helpers. Why, because they help them tremendously. They hoped and they granted victory to the Sahaba. And they gave victory on to Allah and His messenger. So they will entitled The health as a beautiful name. And what's interesting, where did the Mahajan stay when they made the draw? They stay in five star hotels, refugee camps outside of Medina until they decided look we'll let you in will allow a few immigrants to come in.

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And the houses are sent in their houses at a very important lesson for us now in 2015. When the Muslims are allowed to Sham and elsewhere, are being driven out of their lands, due to the injustice and the oppression that's occurring there. And you find Muslim countries refusing them. They should take a lesson from the unsolved so important zero is Sierra isn't a storytelling Habibi, Sierra is practical, practical, we can apply today. 2015 in the social

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civilized nations of the world, Western society, Western civilization were so advanced, hey, we they also have more advanced than us today. They took them in their own homes, many Muslims are refused, and they staying in refugee camps. And we know I've seen the photos of them dying at sea, as young as three years old. You know the age of some of our sons, three years old, imagine that washed up on shore.

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It's heartbreaking to say the least will lay. We know what they don't need, our pity. They need is to sacrifice as well. That's what they need. So while we can learn a lot from zero, you find zero. As I said, it's not just about stories, but rather practical implications only that we can apply in our lives.

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And we're going to see other lessons. Also, in very short while

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machico Quraysh, they decided to kill the prophet SAW Selim. Why, because they couldn't destroy the message. So I thought, Let's destroy the messenger. They got together. And they said, You know what? Some of them suggested, let's lock up the Prophet Mohammed, let's imprison him, because they didn't call him a prophet. So it's imprison this man. I said, No, if we imprison him, his companion to break him out, though, free him. As I said, Let's exile him. Like I know his words, his beautiful, enchanting words, rather called the magic that will reach far and wide, and that'll influence people that end up coming back and taking over my cat anyway. So I went to hell.

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He suggested what, not just kill him, he said, appoint a strong man from every clan, and they come with a sharp speed, and they will execute him at once. And for us, the blood of Muhammad, will be dispersed among all of these clans and first battle Hashem his tribe, these people, they won't be able to avenge his death. They'll ask for the blood money and will easily pay it to Powell. And he wouldn't evil mind.

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And that's what we said. That shaitan whisper, whisper, whisper evil things evil plus plans to people. But when Apple just came up with his own evil plot and scheme shaitan said I was a bit ly monocytogenes.

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That's how bad I was. That's how bad it was. I wish I thought that was a bit less. What's this?

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So panela and the believers now we're migrating. And the prophet SAW Selim was trying to migrate did the kuffaar allow them? They say yeah, look, no worries. We don't want to in our town. We don't want to in Mecca. Just get out of there. Allow them? No, they still wanted to keep him. And of course, torture him and the Sahaba and try and of course execute him. What does that show you? shows you my dear brothers, if you will leave them alone. They're not going to leave you alone. How are they leaving? The any this problem is going away? Actually, no, no, no, we don't want them to go away. We want to keep him here. But you're saying it's a big problem. They're giving you a solution? Just let

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us leave not we don't want to dislike the default of today. The kuffaar of yesterday, like today, see manhours see the see the coup for a nanny is a man house and manual doesn't change all that changes our labels. Back then same thing, just like today, I say love Australia or leave it or leave it? No, you can't do that to take your passport. Exactly the same thing. I want to leave. Let me leave that we can't you leave. You're saying I'm a terrorist and let me go Really? What do you want terrorism here? Of course, we're not terrorists by it by their thinking.

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Just like the back then so back then I will call the Prophet met a magician madman who say trades terrorists. It's just about labels insult Simon has a long mustache. So what did they do? They surrounded the house of the Prophet. Just like today the raids. Exactly. Exactly. They surrounded the house of the Prophet. They're waiting for zero hour to bargain.

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The prophet SAW Selim was inside with Holly. The Prophet told Ali to get into his bed and he said I assure you no harm will come to you. guarantee from Allah and His Messenger Trust me. Allah does so now Look, I don't like this fact. Where can you find me another answer? photoshopping.

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Although Ursula baycare respond to the prophet SAW Selim put his green mantle his green cloak on top of him. The Prophet came out. What did you do Baku? Break and shake Oh, look, have mercy. No. He came out he took a handful of dust and he threw it in the direction of the assassins and those people who were about to raid his house and he recited the sort of Gesine What do you mean by any ad him sat down with

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him said for our Shana whom for whom law you will see

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a loss of replaced a screen between you and them before them and behind them. And we covered the eyes so they did not see he walked right between them and they did not see a single things Pamela

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read the CD any of the area is in such a scenario nine amazing walked right through them. And where does he go? Straight to the hustle buck Rotella o box. I will back first Why? Because he was the first to believe he was the first man to accept Islam. He

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The first hollyford of the Prophet salaat any of the prophet SAW Selim, and he's the first to enter Jannah after the prophets, and is the first and only one to make his role with the Prophet sallallaahu Selim. First first first that was called our buck, buck come from backcolor you back camera gear, the gear early, but he was early he was first of all buck. He suits that name perfectly, and of course has other meanings like a young early camel as well. As a panda he goes straight to his house, he knows about

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the prophet SAW, Selim goes to his house what time, noon midday, not the time when people are sleeping, because he was extremely hot. I was in the house, and she narrates and she, by the way, narrates the digital. She says, we saw the Prophet Mohammed coming to the house at midday. And he was covered he had his face covered Why? First and foremost, he leaves at that time, because at the time people are asleep, so they won't notice him. And if they did notice him, they noticed this man, they wouldn't recognize him. But Chris said, for the profit to come now, it must be something important. No one comes at this time. The Prophet enters. And he says acknowledgement and

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let everyone get out. You have something to say something secretive. I've always said the law. My family's like your family. Don't worry. What you have to say to me. I can say to them, no problem. What is it telling? I've been granted permission to perform it.

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Our worker says one thing, a samba to your solo, a cyber to your solo. May I accompany? May I accompany you on messenger of Allah? The prophet SAW Selim said yes. It was mentioned that Obama began to cry so much. I just said I've never seen a grown man cry out of happiness. Like the day I saw a buck of cry that day. My Father, why was he crying? Now you understand the the consequences and the implications of him crying? This isn't an easy journey. Have you read this is his raw, you're gonna find three days and three nights. They slept in a cave, no food, hardly any provisions in a no five star combination. They slept in a cave. No electricity, like we have today. Hot water.

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How is tough? It's a tough journey. And if obachan is caught with the Prophet at best, he's gonna get killed at best. And torch 100% they will consider the future of Mecca. And if he's caught he's dead is a dead man. It is crying out of happiness. Pilot shows you the sacrifice over

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and he this guy's about to get killed. It's so dangerous. And he's crying of happiness. I want to go with Kennesaw law. Why? Because he knows having this hedgerow this trip this journey. He's gonna have exclusive one on one time with the greatest guide, hammer de la sala personal one on one mentoring from the greatest prophet and the greatest messenger. No one to disturb them. no distractions. No 101 messages on WhatsApp. No Facebook messages and phone calls and Instagram all the social media. All the social media matters list social, too many distractions. The panel is going to get personal one on time and one on one time with the Messenger of Allah. That's why you

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find the things he learned from the messenger that were so deep and that's what was considered the best companion.

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And so what do they do? Oba says, I've got two camels prepared.

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Let's go shows you obachan was prepared before the last minute wasn't ready other than many Muslims are they use that excuse either? No, I'm not ready. I'm not ready. Have you if you really want something you'll find a way.

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If you don't, you'll find an excuse. If you really want something you find you prepare for it. You prepare on prepared all the time and it shows us the Muslim needs to prepare. Sometimes you work in organization during a shoot or a committee and everything's all ad hoc folder. Allah Allah barkatullah Baraka Don't worry, hello, listen, he's doing no fllo bless the donor to show up not happy we plan plan. And that's what the prophet SAW Selim didn't and his daughter Anna teaches us to plan and as I said, these stories of a Syrah to teach us practical things we need to plan the prophet SAW Selim had dealt with over and and Medina is north do they go that way? No, they go south

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opposite direction to fool those pursuing them. So they go south along the coastal line, and it shows you Yanni little solo The girl is planning. He gets early Rajon to sleep in his bed. He goes out to Hoboken at noon, he covers his face and overcast prepared these two camels and they go the back way and they go along the coastal route. It shows you that the prophet SAW Selim although he's promised protection from Allah, they're not going to get him a lot promised below yah similkameen and ness a lot promised I'm going to protect you Ursula assures us upon his preparation, his efforts. We need to be organized as Muslims we need to be organized. Don't be an ad hoc Muslim.

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Everything's all over the joint. No, be organized. It's very important in our very important in the Muslims life. So they go along the coastal route

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and they get to the cave or cave.

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So hello was when he received revelation, a thought so, so they get to this cave. And as soon as they enter obachan rips off parts of his clothes. And he uses these pieces of cloth to block off these holes that were in the cave and he cleaned it out Why? Perhaps from any dangerous spiders, snakes, scorpions, etc. So they enter the province of Salim put his head on his lap and he sleeps immediately.

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Soon after alburquerque stung by a poisonous creature. However, overcut he absorbed the pain, not move, why the Prophet sleeping on him. He didn't

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make a big scene like a big baby.

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He absorbed all the pain and he began to cry due to the pain until he's teased Phil on the Prophet the Prophet woke up because what's going on is the other saw something bit me. The Prophet took some of his saliva and he wiped the area killed instantly, Carla, another miracle from the many miracles of the prevalence of autism. And that were then what happened obok a slave who can remember his name?

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Or who knows his name.

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Now that was a monkey he freed. Amen. Amen. for Iraq, he was a slave of work. He would come during the night, he was the shepherd of obachan. He would graze the flock at night, at dusk, he would sneak away and take some of our workers sheep, and he'll go to the cave, why to supply them with some nourishment, some foods and milk and also served another purpose. The sheep will wipe away the footsteps the tracks won't leave any traces upon perfect planning. Once again, the planning of loss will always promise protection. And his son, our son, Abdullah, Abdullah will go to Mecca during the day and you hang around and he'll be eavesdropping on the conversations in my class upon law, acting

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like he's one of the people like he's looking at buying something as a

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as a distraction. And in the night he'll go and he'll report to his father to pile on Intel intelligence. Amazing. It shows you the money, not just the planning once again of the Prophet but it also shows you the Baraka of work. His family is getting his whole family on the act. I shouldn't read in the Hadith. We have Abdullah, his son getting Intel, we have his slave also working hard and a snap into the worker is the one who also provides milk and nourishment you'll see also.

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And when they found out that they had left Mexico, the Mexicans were furious. Abu Jamal, go straight to that bucket. He opened the door.

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Where is your father? I don't know. Of course you knew but he you allowed to live to protect another Muslim, not Silla mountain by coconuts. No, you're left to protect a Muslim via lying. And she's not protecting any Muslim. She's protecting Rossomando.

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She's protecting them. he slaps her so hard, a broken earring. She suffered. She suffered for the sake of Allah. They went directly. Of course, he wasn't killed. They went him they were going to stab and took the trade off was Ali promised protection that took him to the cabinet. Where is the profit wurzelbacher What did he do to respect that he sing like a canary? No. He also went on and he was beaten at the cabinet. They suffered. They suffered and upon law after that.

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And when India Meccans sent out infantry, horses, assassins, search parties, they went everywhere to search for Obamacare and the profits are solid. And just to show you how desperate they were and how far and wide this could follow, willing to go to destroy Islam. They didn't go north to Medina. They went south five miles until they reach the cave. They reach the cave where the Prophet Alba could work. They get to the cave or bucket looks up. He sees the feet. He says yasumasa any of them were to look down at his fate that will surely see us. What happened next to you next weekend show.

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It's a panic alone where we have the shadow in LA in Atlanta, Mr. felucca, one or two