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Establishment of the Prophet’s Masjid

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The speakers discuss the importance of finding the right people to work with and building the Islam in the West. They stress the importance of planning for events like the election and war in Iran, including the role of women in Islam and setting goals. The speakers emphasize the need for planning and preparation, as well as avoiding negative language in the media and setting up groups for men and women to pray. They also emphasize the importance of protecting Muslims during theratization and setting up groups for men and women to pray.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah last lesson in Silva we looked at the prophet SAW Selim cedre and he entered and Medina. So we're going to start from in Medina today. And we said the first thing he did, among many things was to build the masjid and how did he build the messages? Of course the first and foremost the Sahaba were asking look building next to our house to Silla building next to me. Everyone wanted to have the mustard Of course next to them due to the love for Osama and Islam. So what did the Prophet do?

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Okay, you and make everyone feel bad? No, no, like I was back at school, right? You're the captain, you're the captain. And you can select your team, and who's always selected last, those who were deemed weak or nerds or dweebs right. Now the problem is I said, I wasn't like that, putting people down. But rather, he said, Let the camel decide, hey, let the camel he said it is controlled by law when

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the knelt

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and then went further, and then it came back. And then Milton that same place. He said, this is where we're going to build and mustard and so that's where the mustard was built. Until today, that's exactly where the camel knelt. And mustard, the number one el Medina De Palma. And as you said, he was built using mud bricks. The roof was there with leaves, they pumped. That's it. really fancy and But really, the purpose is not for making it expensive and look awesome with the most expensive expensive cement and granite and marble. No, the purpose is to build what's inside the masjid, the men, the women, the Sahaba. That's what we need. Today we focused on the altar, and

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forgot the inner will focus on how everything looks. Make sure it's adorned. Yeah, and at the same time what's in inside, empty. And even if you do get people maybe the hearts are empty. They're praying like this just sticking for coming to get home and watch Master Chef

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to adorn, yeah, adorn the massage, and the massage de la Mustang. So really, our most valuable resource is the human resource. strong men and women. That's what we need to build. Yeah, building massage. It is important, not negating that. So we'd have the other extreme where some brothers say forget building masters build men. As I'm saying, Let's build mosque. Forget building men. No, we're in the middle. And the sooner Gemma is always the middle, we build massage to complement the building of the men and women we need both. Both are necessary because we are here we're in the masjid, we have to build a man like that. So we need both. That's very important. So we're going to

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look at now the four main projects that the profile is celestial slim, did and started in El Medina.

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But before we mentioned the first projects, that the prophet SAW, Selim initiated lessons from the Hydra number one, the importance of the Hydra and the sacrifice needed to migrate from the land of Kufa to the lands of Islam, for many reasons and purposes, but basically to be amongst the Muslim and this is important, not just for your Eman for your kids, but also to help build the Muslims help build their states build their countries.

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You know, this concept of brain drain is occurring now in the Muslim states, where any intelligent Muslim found in the Muslim lands, they take him and they shipped him shipping overseas, or, you know, he's getting he gets a better offer in America or Britain or Australia. This is a problem. So use your talent and help the Muslims build those lands and give them a better infrastructure and so forth. So it's very important. Also, sometimes you hear Muslim say, Yeah, but the Muslim countries are water war war torn. Who said that? Yes, some are no doubt. But it's made Iran, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi. Yeah, they may not be the best Islamic countries. But they better than the Western countries,

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no doubt, Western countries, the filth and evil is everywhere. At least in the Muslim countries. They're hidden. They do occur, but they're hidden. And that's why I've been telling me I said that if you look at the evil in the oma, well, Islam, they will be evil. Yes, they will be sharper and Mancha, however, always, always be less than the evil found in the nations of the Kufa always

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and do the National kofod have goodness, yeah, there is some goodness there. But he said the goodness in his own way is always greater than this. That's how we should be not basically saying all the answers are in the West and putting the Muslims down. And who said also it's going to be easy, happy. People think I want to make a draw and have a easy road to gender. No, the profits are some suffered. It's gonna be hard, it's going to be difficult. So when Muslims negate and relegate this topic of Israel to the sign on, and it's not important, and it's not relevant, no, it's very important. And that's what we advise all the brothers if you can make a draw to it, especially

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what's happening in the West, you see the turning into police states. Now, if you're 12 or 14 years old, you're basically suspected of something you're locked up to get charged. without trial, nothing until they decide to basically you know, make it

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trial go ahead or whatever the case may be. So this is very important the importance and concept of hijra number one. Number two, we learn the animosity of Kufa towards Islam.

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They basically if they had the ability, the enemies of Islam to do they have the ability to destroy Islam they would. We said the Quraysh they didn't go north to and Medina although they knew the profile This was slim was going to add Medina which is north, they went south. Look what they are willing to do to exterminate Islam.

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That's the animosity Cofer has towards the Muslims, the enemies of Islam, that's what they'll do. They'll do anything, basically, to wipe out Islam. And don't take it personal. It's not you they're against is what you've come with the deen because prior to that, the prophet SAW Selim was considered the most noble and honored man of Mecca. He was called a sort of cult I mean, yet despite that,

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courage drove out their most prized asset, the most honorable man of Mecca, the Aliso to slab, Mohammed, why, because of Islam.

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Allah homestand shows you the animosity. And despite the Prophet being the most loved man of Croatia, he was driven out.

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Three, we can learn the planning of the Prophet. He planned. He waited at noon, and they went out, he covered his face, he went to the silver worker, he's told him, Bridgman and duck, make everyone leave. And he goes out our back door at night. And he goes south north, and he hides in the cave three days, three nights until the search parties died down. Look at all of these steps. And he's got a smart beta blocker also helping and I should narrating, and Abdullah is hoping as well and the guide and look at all of these steps, even though a lot promised the profit to protect him. He said well, longer similkameen and us teaching us mighty brothers, we need to plan in our in our lessons,

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you know, Islamic activities, we need to plan because failing to plan, planning to fail, let's say Baraka Casillas come and see what happens. Now how do we you need to plan also law is promised protection and is planning, you need to plan very important. Our Darwin needs to be organized. This is very important. For among the lessons over hedra is the role of women have in this lab. We said I generated the hadith of Israel, as mabhida backer kept the secret of the palace with a father. So and she was also providing food. So the role of women in Islam is a high one and important and a crucial one. It no fame said the society is made up of two male and female. The women are half of

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society, but they also give birth to the other half. So the whole society in reality.

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The women have an important role in an Islam.

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Fifth, the blessing of Albert.

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He was an honored man look at his virtues. The profile is sort of Sam chose him, him to be his companion on the Hydra. And we know

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that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us about obika. He's the first to enter agenda after the prophets. And he was the first man to enter Islam. And he's the first one to make a draw. And he's the first halifa of Rasul Allah. And he was first first first on so many occasions, and that's why it's called our back from the gear back arrow back arrow back early. First, he was first as his name first. So the virtues of obaku. Six, we can also learn the virtues of Abacus family, he got everyone in on the act, his two daughters, a smetana Isha and it got Abdullah involved, and he got his slave. And he organized the guide. So panela everyone's involved his own family. Get your families involved

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in Darwin is not only for the men, and certainly for the women, everyone gets involved along with the kids get them involved also.

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Seven we learn also from the hedgehog to choose your companions wisely. So wasn't interested anyone for the hero. He chose to work. Choose your mates wisely. As the saying goes, show me your friends. I'll show you your future.

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As per the Hadith, Allahu Allah Dini holiday, the person is on the way of their friend.

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And as you get older, you begin to realize the importance of having quality friends, as opposed to a quantity of friends.

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And choose your mate wisely, because in reality, you're choosing the front row of your janessa because they're the ones who are going to prey on you.

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And finally, among the lessons of a digital, although there are many more the concept of secrecy at times is needed to protect the Muslims and Islam. You have a great ID,

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then don't go to everyone. No, there are haters out there. people wanting to sabotage your plan.

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So you have to watch out, be secretive at times until you ensure now it's time to make it out in the open. The profile is sort of slim kept secret. Hardly anyone knew except the family of a bucket and even when he went to his house, what did he say? He said remove everyone. He wanted even just a total bucket. But he said look my family is your family. So this concept of secret

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Proceeding is very important in Islam, to protect others, your loved ones, as we said, a lot of people just want to hate.

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And as the saying goes, a secret is no longer a secret once it passes to which to

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know these two, two lips. If you can't keep your own secret, how do you expect another person to keep yours? Sure.

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Now let's go into the first project of the Medina and state after what shall we say the Medina and state that mistake

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number one, first for projects number one, establishment of the masjid number two, to establish brotherhood.

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Number three, the covenant between the Muslims and non Muslims.

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Correct. So one establish the masjid to establish brotherhood three covenant between

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Muslims and non Muslims like Jews in cooperation if someone killed another accidentally what to do the covenant

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and fourth to establish the Muslim army

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look at these important projects priorities of the messenger Salallahu

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the masjid as we said to build up men and women, and then brotherhood, but also amongst non Muslims, and then the army

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doesn't mean of course you're allowed to just go Who wants to go kill innocence but no.

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We know from the seal of the profile this was the slump was against the killing of innocent people, in fact, even taught us not to cut down trees unnecessarily.

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Even in Jihad

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now, we're just gonna focus on point one now due to time, of course, the masjid

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the first project of the Islamic State in El Medina. First and foremost, we're going to mention seven benefits of the questions and this was mentioned by aluminum and what a lot of the seven benefits of the questions he said number one, the masjid is used for remembrance of Allah for an Vicar

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right to remember Lazarus.

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As Allah mentioned in the Quran, the second benefit of the masjid is for what Salah are the five daily prayers, Gemma, very important, and you can pray at home. But the prophet in the lodge is teaching us to have a congregation to pray in the masjid for the men that is better to Jamal. The prayer

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number three the masjid is also used for a center of learning like we have here. That's the primary role of the masjid for learning. One of the seller said over time, what did we see a difference in how things will have taught the lessons. They no longer in the masjid, they're out in the universities. So we lost our Baraka the blessing of the masjid. And people no longer sit on the floor they're on tables and chairs. First we lost humility.

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And then third and this is now full of three strikes in your out people learn just to get a decree or the degree or diploma and faster if loss was taken out finished. So, when the taken out of the Masters, what did we lose? Baraka blessings of the masjid secondly, when people sat on tables, no more humbleness or sat on chairs no humbleness third

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class was removed when people just doing it for the degree or diploma omastar so the method was used as a center of learning is that was back then for the mustard was also used as a meeting place for Muslims. In other words, they had a social role brotherhood and the sisters would come and they said we should Shall we should between a massage and also with kids has a social role. Not when the kids can't get out and make a lot of noise. No.

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Of course kids need to be well behaved and the parents need to keep them with them so they don't disturb others no problem. But to have this rule where no kids are allowed ever another peep right no no no it's not how it should be. No even when kids do come expect a little bit of disturbance it's gonna happen it happened on Tom Ross a lot we know they had if he would surely spray if you had the crying of a baby sure and therefore the babies would cry You can expect it to be dead silent you can hear crickets in the background

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like now

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know there's gonna be some noise that's the man has a social role. So we should have activities in our world For example, see why see to better color. They've always got kids activities in the masjid is very good, very noble, you should have those things. So also, as we said there had indicated this once the profile is so too slim was praying. And it took so long Institute, one of the Sahaba looked up what's going on? What does he see? One of the profits granted

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Climb on the profits back in Sona is climbing on him like as a tree or something

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right so this would happen there was that little bit of disturbance is gonna happen and what happens after the solid that the prophecy assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah saramonic Rahmatullah.

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Isha Fatima, please get this all data here right is that a rat is running my brain, the stubby mafia. shortner wasn't like that. So he walked him the kids once and hassanal Hussein was coming to the Prophet walking over to him while the problem was giving a hot bath, cooked by very important the Prophet picks him up and delivers this continues with the sermon. That's how it was. And the famous Hadith Babu Laila is in the house of the Prophet.

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And Hassan Hassan came along what happened. What did the Prophet do shoo him away? Look, I'm busy talking about politics. aboda. Now he grabbed him and he put him on his lap. That's how the profile is. So to me it was that time for children. And then what happened? The unthinkable

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began to urinate on the Prophet.

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He said so much, you added so much we saw the urine trickling down the profit body. So I said we jumped up I want to grab the child What did you say? cricket is filthy mangrove me a prophet of Allah and just saw my throwback kind of this. Know. He said leave him leave him you can escape him.

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Leave him you know what he's saying. Leave him to do what? Leave him to you.

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That's what he's saying. He's saying let him finish. He'd rather him urinate on him then scheme that is the profile so to slim. So this is the master those users a social role in the social network.

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Also, among the benefits of the master is that the armies will be sent out from their sub panel. In other words, the masjid where the people were recruited. And the banners of war were handed out really well. You have this wrong you have that roll. Amazing

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for doing that today. Be ready before you can even say anything.

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Also tomorrow, and we'll end the masjid was used for that where you might say well I've already discussed the teaching, not just out to the Muslims,

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non Muslims as well. The Masjid was used as a non Muslims, the Christians have not drawn Where did they go? They were invited to the Prophet Masjid showing us that the mustard is used to invite non Muslims down to them as well. No problem. Mallory what rdca just on the weekend they had a open invitation barbecue to non Muslims invite them this is excellent. We need this especially what's happening in the media today. People are trying to tarnish the image of Islam. Very important. Have we opened up our messages? Our centers invited non Muslims and you know the Christians have not drawn what do they do? They come great. This Islam thing sounds right on our way. They stayed there

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They were accommodated for they were hosted. They slept in the masjid Allahu Akbar. Imagine you have that today. People make fear on you before you can say Am I imagine another Muslim slept in the master that we invited them and I slept there. Right? Forget YouTube and Twitter. already see it. Alright, a lot of hate is imagined

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by so Pamela cat people if they only learn the CLR as we said zero isn't just stories. Mr. lon you make you feel better I go home and sleep well, you know, cuddly cozy and fuzzy is to implement these things. How many things can we implement from the seal. And finally, among the benefits of the masjid is that it was used for the poor,

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the needy, the old about the strangers and the travelers in the land. So as a place where people had no money, or they were travelers or passing through the town, wayfarers, they could come and stay in the masjid free of charge. Don't worry, I'm not gonna kick you up. At first there was a group of them that stayed in the profits semester It

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was a cold. I had to suffer and suffer and that's what we're going to pick up next lesson, we're going to see the important role I had to suffer had in the establishment of the mustard and effect in Jihad and Islamic scholarship. Although I had to suffer. They were poor. Don't think of poor like you think of a poor person today? Well, when you go on the street and see a poor person, what do you see associated with a poor person? No money

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drunken, or maybe a drug addict? Right? low life scum smelly. You find a sofa despite their corners, benefits they brought to this dinner amazing. So that's what we pick up next week. So right on the sofa, so we don't forget. So panic alarm or handig

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illa Mr. Furukawa to boiling