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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of humility and respect towards one's own actions, especially in addressing negative comments or threats. They stress the need for pride and humility in order to be considered the right person for a situation, and stress the importance of humility in the context of actions of others. The speakers also emphasize the importance of showing confidence in one's own abilities and setting goals for oneself. They stress the need for humility and respect towards one's own people, especially when faced with negative comments or threats. The speakers emphasize the importance of humility and respect towards one's own people, especially when faced with negative comments or threats.
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Who want to start philippou when we went to LA when I wrote to be let him in surely and phocoena woman say it Melina Allahu Allah. Allahu Allah. When a Chateau a la ilaha illallah wa who la sharika when a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah he Rasulullah sallallahu taala hola Allah Buddha Medina, the O'Hara who Allah Dean equally worker fabula he shahida for sallallahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathy and Kathy Rama bad for in the cul De Sica tabula. Well Hayden howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Shatrughan udimi

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by Nicola Matata Hakuna Matata Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah

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Allah azza wa jal Karim an akula arrow to be like administrate on the regime. Without too sorry, Colleen se will atom she will have the Maha in Allah Allah bucola stallion for horbach said he machico was Bodmin Celtic in the encara, Swati De Soto Hamid rubbish actually somebody will say the Emily melissani of okoli Allah, tender multiview La la la la la, la la la la mina Latina Amano, Amarillo, Saudi whatever. So be happy but also be sucked me in the mean. There's a few things that I intend to share with you in today's Club. And I hope that I'm able to keep the organization of thought and coherence of what I'm trying to share with you. So that you're able to take the most

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that I can offer you in what I've come to acquire of these I have sort of the one we're coming to the end of the advice that the father was giving his son. And last time I spoke with you about pride, and empty pride that's rooted in holidays, and that came from the word facade. And we dig dug into the word, you know, hayyan, or McDowell, where Allah says he doesn't love anybody who, who is most dialed in for hold in Orlando.

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But there's another side of that, that's really important, because you would think if someone doesn't have pride, then they have to have humility. Right. And that's the other, the other end of it. And we will think that humility is a noteworthy or a good quality. But humility also has a limit. So we have to be humble to Allah. So that's important. We have to be humble to our own mistakes and our own limitations, that's also important. But then when humility is gone unchecked, then it turns into a kind of weakness and cowardice. So what happens then is someone becomes more humble than they need to be. So if I ask somebody to, Hey, can you can you give me you know, who am

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I to give to you than I couldn't possibly give the time, I am a you know, weak servant of Allah. And this is the member of the masjid, etc, we hold on, chill out, you can give the other you can use. So when people become overly humble, then they start beating themselves up like they're worthless, or they're nothing Yes, before we are His slaves. But you know what our master declared that we're not worthless, he declared that we're worthy of honor. So we don't get to, you know, humiliate ourselves in the name of humility. It's also not okay to humble yourself. You know, I have to humble myself in front of my teachers in front of my parents, I have to humble myself before people that know more

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than I do. That's just a fact of life. But humbling yourself before someone. And being an all of them as if you are almost worshipping them is another problem. So you can have people in different religions and sometimes even in Islam, where we love a scholar, we love someone that we've learned from, right and we love for the, for the decades that they've spent in studying the Hadith of the profits or setup, or the you know, the half a century they've spent studying and teaching the Koran and these are scholars of remarkable gravity. And you know, you feel intimidated, even in their presence with just the amount of work that they've put in to serve them as being right and there's a

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there's a humility and a respect that we have for them. But that doesn't mean that when you're in their presence, you have to walk halfway in.

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And you have to, you know, act like you're not yourself. Humility means we give them the respect and the honor that they deserve. But we don't turn this into an artificial kind of reverence, reverence that only belongs to Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's hard to imagine that a companion that has been that has been guaranteed Jenna like or model the lowdown on hope, right? And a leader of the Muslims, you would imagine that the oma at the time is going to have reverence and humility towards a model of the Allahu anhu because of who he is, right? We don't even say their names without saying it'll be a lot more hands on what I'll do. What I'll do, right, so we say those

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words, because we have a respect and a regard for that remarkable generation. But even though the Allahu anhu is giving a hookah and he's wearing a cloak, and somebody in the audience during the horrible notices the dark cloak is a little longer than all the other soldiers that received a cloak. So the question him right away, even in the midst of the Hubba the question on it, because while

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humility to each other, which is something Allah describes in the Koran, I should follow him avena home. And then he says the letting meaning they are both true believers are humbled almost to humility powerless before each other before believers, other believers. What that means is, we don't try to intimidate each other. We don't try to make someone feel less worth less than ourselves. But humility doesn't also mean that you make yourself feel like you're worthless in front of someone else. You don't have to put yourself down, you can you can stand straight, you can speak up, right? You don't have to, you know, make a meek sort of voice because you're in the presence of someone

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very, you know, who's a big deal. So

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you don't have to do that you can just be yourself. So you don't have to be arrogant on the one side. And you don't have to be so humble that it's weakness on the other side, look at, you know, someone says, Who am I, I am nothing, I am nobody. When you start doing that I am nothing and nobody mantra, then it turns into a denial of the fever has given you. Now, let me have given you an ability, you don't have to be arrogant about it. But you don't have to be in denial of it either. Use of Elisa RAM, when he comes out of jail, right? He's humbled by the circumstances that Allah has put him in over and over again. And yet he's an extremely confident person. Because when the king

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sees a dream, and he says, you know, what is this dream mean? He didn't just interpret the dream. He told them what they need to do for the next 15 years.

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14 years and then one, that's what he told them to do it like an economic plan, sitting in a jail, jail inmate, look at the reality of it a jail inmate, telling the leader of a country what to how to run the nation for the next decade and a half. Right. And then not only did that confidence come out, even he wasn't even in a position he was still in the jail cell when he said it. And then when he comes before the king, and the king is so impressed with what he's saying. And he could tell deep down inside that will use of assignment saying is the right thing. What does he do immediately, he makes a proclamation says Giuliana has

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put put me in charge of the treasury of the land of Egypt.

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He's got there's ministers that have served in the finance committee for 30 years. They're seasoned politicians and bureaucrats and, you know, scholars that are in that audience, and what's his resume, he was a slave, as a foreigner, and then a slave, and then an inmate in a jail cell and accused inmate. That's his resume. And he comes out of that, instead of thinking, these people are so much more qualified than I am. Should I really open my mouth? Should I What are they gonna think of me? What are they gonna say? He's not even preaching about a lie at this point. What's he saying? I'm telling you what needs to be done. And I look around the room, and I see a lot of PhDs, but I'm

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telling you, they don't know what they're talking about. And I know what I'm talking about, I'm not being arrogant about it. And so I'm going to tell you that you need to play if you know what's best for this country, you need to place me in charge. And then he didn't just say place me in charge. Because I'm better. He says because he gave two qualifications for himself. Have you been I mean, he says, one I will safeguard this duty, meaning I can be trusted with this responsibility. You know, and I and I'm trustworthy. So he he actually highlighted qualities of himself, that Allah has given him. It sounds like, well, somebody's praising themselves, they're tooting their own horn. Like

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they're describing their own good qualities. What is that? That's arrogance? No, it's not. In some cases, that's not arrogance, when you think you're the right person for the job. And when you go for an interview, you don't you're not humble, you say, I think I'm the best person for this job.

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And here's why. You have to demonstrate confidence. You have to put what Allah has given you to work. The the previous ayah was really important, because there are people that demonstrate themselves to the world in a way that is empty, like, haha, like the empty pot. Right? Like the tree. That's the natural that's for her.

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That it looks impressive, but there's no dates growing on it because the leaves are dead. Those are people that act very confident, talk big, they can self promote, but there's no substance. There's nothing there. But on the flip side, there's people that say, well, life, I don't want to be one of those people. So I won't say anything at all. No, you will still speak up. You don't have to sing songs of your of your own praise. But you have to speak up for the gifts Allah has given you when the time comes. And that's what this next IR really is about.

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The last one tells his son in the final I have advice that Allah recorded instead of laquan he said what said fee machig I love this phrase. Simple translation says be balanced in your walk. That's what the phrase means. It seems like simple enough. what's what's the big deal? What's the depth inside be balanced in your walk. There's a few things

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Scholars would describe the world is as not too fast, and not too slow. So the first meaning is don't walk too fast and don't walk, too. So be have a medium pace when you walk. So it's physically describing the way a person should walk. Right. So now when they're walking, when someone's walking too fast, or literally when they're running, they can stumble, right. And when a person is walking too slow, that means they have no sense of urgency, they have nowhere to go and they're just kind of chillin and taking strolling steps, have purposefulness and have a balance in your walk. Now the word costs it also means purpose.

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So casa, dine Arabic is the same as a tomato or Ummah, even, which, which in Arabic means to have the intention. In other words, every time you walk, you need to be clear, what does it mean walk, it doesn't mean get up from the couch and go to the fridge. That's not what we're talking about. Every time you go somewhere, every time you take an action, every time you get up to do something, something serious, every time you get in the car. Every time you leave your home, every time you take off a project, every time you decide to take spend some hours doing something, have clear purpose, have purpose over everything that you do, what is it? What is it that you're going for? Is

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there a clear agenda in your mind? That's actually, it's really interesting contrast from the previous ayah, where a person is all over the place. Right? they're just, they're just all over the place. Well, Adam Schiff, in

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direct contrast from that don't walk around on the earth aimlessly with pride, just going from one activity to another with no with no clarity of what you're doing with your day, a day, you know what happens, you will have a person spend a certain kind of day right there, they're watching they're glued on their phone, or their go to go to eat something and to take a nap. And then they go, you know,

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one one lame activity to another, for example, right with some necessities in between, and they're like, I really want to travel somewhere, I really want to go hang out with my friends. Okay, then they go with their friends. And they do exactly the same things they were doing on their own, but now together.

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And then they say, I want to travel to a different city, and they go to a different city, and they're still on their phone. And they're still there. 24 hours, it's like different background. But the same play is the same thing over and over, there was no change there was it's like you're stuck in place you traveled but didn't travel at all, you move but didn't move at all. So sometimes you're walking but you're still in place is what you know, in a very beautiful poetic sense is being said, when you walk, that means that you covered a distance, which means you're not where you used to be. So when you have a purpose in your in your walk, then your purpose is to get all the way to that

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side. And the more I walk, the more I can tell I've made progress from where I was. be purposeful means you should be able to tell that you're making progress and you're not repeating the same behaviors over and over again, there's actually some progress. And you can gauge that for yourself. It's interesting also, this wanted to share some meanings of the word cost for you. That's really epic, suffering acid it's using through to tobacco kind of suffering Kassadin you know, other than preventing suffering.

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And so to talk about law says about the army, we won't go into that story, but I'll tell you had it been a journey that was costed. Use the word passive to describe the journey suffer. Right now. What is that the word cost it there mean? saloon? Kareem it means a journey that was easy, and the destination was nearby.

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So what is Allah saying that what is Allah recording on the tongue of Look, man, that's so valuable. If we take note of that, meaning, of course it it actually is that sometimes you set a goal, like I'm going to memorize the whole Quran.

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It's a little big, that goal a little bit too big. So when you take on a really big goal, then when you look at it, and you want to grab the last half, and you're like, well, that's a lot of pages.

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Okay, I'll I think I'll start tomorrow.

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Because you get intimidated, because you set a goal that's so big, that you feel like even if you take a single step, it won't matter. So what if I memorize it, I look at how much I didn't memorize. Right? For someone who just starts running, right? They can run 20 steps and go

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like okay, from here to the end of the block,

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and they're looking at the end of the block in their life.

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I can't do this.

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Okay, don't look at the end of the block. Just look at the next 10 steps. You see that flower over there that that bush over there, just up to that bush, otherwise he could do this. And they get they're not just you see that little fence over there right there. 10 feet away. Just get to that. And you know what, when you when you when you have

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Shoulder goals, easier goals than before the person knows it, they finish the entire block.

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They finish the entire block. There's actually studies on this in psychology, marathon runners, some of the most successful marathon runners in the world that have traveled that have run, literally dozens, hundreds, sometimes dozens and dozens of miles continuously without taking a break. And you ask them their secret, they're like, they don't look too far ahead, they just look enough that they could see a small goal. And then they fixate themselves on the next small thing. And the next small thing and the next small thing, why you can have a big goal, but you cannot ever achieve it. If you don't have what sets the machine clear agenda every time you take a step. Clear, attainable goal.

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This is all I'm focused on. What happens often for a student, for example, a student, let's say, because I'm teaching nowadays, I'm teaching Arabic. So give me an Arabic student example. I'm teaching one concept, I'm teaching one thing. And the student says, but I was reading an ayah. And it's, there's so much more to it than what you just taught us. What how are we going to remember everything? What are we going to do? There's so much hold on justice, that

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your goal right now is to not look at the rest of the ocean, your goal right now is to just sit on that little boogie board and take one stroke, you're not asked to cross the Atlantic Ocean, you're just being asked to get used to, you know, standing in the water for a little bit, then we'll take a little step, then another little step. That's what city machig tangible goals that you can actually achieve. That's what a day's about. That's what that's how a person has to think. Because one, sometimes people don't have a goal at all.

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They don't have a goal at all, or two, they have such a big goal, and they never divided slice it up into smaller goals, you have to slice it up into smaller goals, and that's captured inside boxset Fie Mashiach a purposeful intent. And when you have that, then every single day, it's like you accomplished a mission.

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Right? Even though you didn't accomplish the goal, you know, even for athletes, or people that are studying or people that are memorizing karate, they didn't finish memorizing the Quran in a day, or maybe that day, the ayah was really hard, they couldn't even do a page of the Quran, they could do one line of the Quran that day. It's possible. But you know what, they made that progress that day, so that there was a success, that they accomplish their goal that day. And if they died that day, they died successful. Right? Why laserline Sani Illa masala person will have nothing to their advantage except the efforts they made. What did you What did you try to do? That's it, that's all

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we're going to be asked about. So he's teaching his son a very powerful lesson, look, have goals, be clear about them, and then take steps, that's the other embedded meaning inside, you know, works in the machine in your work. In other words, goals aren't going to come to you, you're going to have to go to them. We've become so I'm so used to getting delivery.

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Right, if I and then advertising does feeds that to, you know, watch this, or do this for three minutes a day, and you're gonna

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or just, you know, do this, and then you'll get this and you'll get this. So we're just, that means and by the way, the more they try to sell you a product, the more there is, there is no effort required on your part. It'll do all the work for you. Right.

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And the reality of life is that nothing will come your way until you take the steps until you make the effort until you brave. You know what I mean? by the famous thing that's in so many cultures 1000 miles start with a single step that looks at the machine. But what else does that it has other impacts. When you have a goal like that, like every day you have a particular goal, then other distractions have to be put on the side.

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No, I can't play video games right now I gotta get this done. No, there's no time for me to watch a movie, right? I gotta get this done. Hey, listen, I'll text you later, I gotta get this done. I have a goal, you understand? So you don't have money anymore? You're not jumping from one thing to the next, the next? What do you want to do now? Now what are we going to do? You're not running aimlessly in life, you actually have something to fill your hours with your minutes with. And once you accomplish that, then you can reward yourself and take a break. Great. But you at least feel like that there was a success, that they accomplished something. And when you do that, when you do

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that. So listen to the last part of this, this at least this ayah where does confidence come from? Confidence is come from, you know, well, you have to be brave and you have to not be nervous and intimidated by other people. No, no. confidence comes when you have a purpose. And you're accomplishing that purpose. You're so focused on your goal that people other people become invisible.

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You ever see a child that's building Legos, like the universe stops existing because they've got a goal.

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Just building you're building you're building empires around them can rise and fall, they're still building it. Because they're not looking at what anybody else is doing.

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When you are clear about your goals than other people, and how well they're moving forward, or they're not moving forward, or whatever else they're doing, all of that becomes irrelevant.

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All of that just disappears from your mind. And when that happens, what is confidence, confidence means you're sure of what you're doing, you find meaning in what you're doing, you don't need to prove yourself to anybody.

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You don't know you don't have you have nothing to prove. Because you already have a goal. You're working towards that. And when somebody else comes in is, by the way, I know some people that have the same goal, they're way better than you. Good for them. Thanks, bye. And you keep, keep working on what you're doing. Because you're too focused you have when when someone is has busted in their machine box into the machine, when they have a goal and a direction a purpose in their walk, you know what that means, then they're not looking this way, or that way. Because they're focused on what they got to look at. That means you're not you just stop being distracted by what others are

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doing. And you don't need to tell it Hey, by the way, guess what I'm doing. You don't need validation by announcing what you're doing. Because what you do has so much meaning to you, it it you don't need somebody else to give you a like, or throw you a martial law, or the law. That's amazing. And now finally, you feel like you're doing something you don't you don't need it. That's confidence. That's that's not being shallow. And this is why the logical connection, just appreciate that logical connection. What is LSA? wachsen FEMA schicke work both min Celtic and lower your voice, lower part of your voice is a remarkable phrase, what does it have to do with walking into

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purpose, learning the when does someone raise their voice, someone raises their voice because they want attention.

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Someone raises their voice because they want other people to listen to them and stop what they're doing. But when you're clear about what you're doing, you don't need to overpower anybody else's voice.

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And when you really have purpose in life, when you really have purpose every day, then anybody who wants to benefit from your purpose, you don't have to scream loud, and you know out loud to get their attention, they'll come to you. They'll say, Well, I'm too far away from them, I can't hear what they're saying, I'll go closer to them. You don't have to raise your voice to get to them, they'll just come to you. This is a philosophy of even entrepreneurship of project. Some of you want to start Islamic projects, want to start something new. Right. And there's there's a principle behind it. Here. We're learning a principle in life and of the things you're going to do in your

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life. We know we're living in the advertising world, right? So people like how are we going to advertise this new product? How are we going to advertise our new demo program? How are we going to advertise this new Islamic book? Then? You know, we will? How are we going to get the word out there, we have to scream loud and clear from every corner before we can you know, and you know what the new world the new ad world of advertising is about endorsements, right? Get an athlete to endorse this shoe.

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Right or get some celebrity to say this, this is the book you want to read. Right. So this is all about other people who have accomplished something, are now validating what you're hoping people will like because they like them.

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In other words, the service the product, the venture, whatever it is, it cannot stand on its own feet. It needs the attention of someone else making it valid. on its own. It's not strong enough, not enough people are benefiting from it. You know why? Because your your concern is still people and how loud you are, and that you're still looking around, you're still not focused on your goal. When you're focused on your goal, whether one person benefits from it, or a million people benefit from it, it doesn't faze you, because that wasn't your purpose. Your purpose was to accomplish something meaningful. And that is where sincerity also comes from. That's where not being a fake

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person comes from. Because the people that are fake that we talked about last time are so concerned about what everyone else, and the people that are real. And the people that are legit in their life are people that have a goal in front of them. And they don't dissuade themselves. Nothing distracts them from their goal. And those are the people that I would argue a lack of school to Allah gives acceptance to them. Because they show less sincerity in whatever they do. Then people's hearts gravitate towards them anyway. They didn't have to cry and get attention from everyone, their their work, their contribution, their efforts spoke for itself. And when someone comes on board and says,

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Hey, I want to take a part in what you're doing well in good and if nobody came while in good.

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I'm reminded of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam in insalata book, and sort of Toba and the Battle of the book rather where,

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you know they were passing through a valley

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and the army ran away from the property because the archers started shooting at the entire military battalion.

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from above, right?

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And Allah revealed in the surah a lot on Zulu for Katana Salah Hola.

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If you don't eat him, Allah has already aided him.

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You think he needs you to be the valid messenger of Allah? Unless the Muslim armies they're standing next to him defending him. And if they're not then he has failed in some way.

00:25:25 --> 00:25:35

If you don't benefit from what he has to offer, and if you donate his mission, he doesn't need that aid anyway you need to aid him for yourself. Allah has already added him

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is Raja Latina, aka furutani Athena DOMA Fela, this is this is in Toba, maka has already been conquered.

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So the majority of the region is already Muslim. Right? And the Muslim armies never been bigger. They've never been bigger. But now there's a skirmish and this archers literally sniper fire from the top and they're broken up in the profits lessons left on the battlefield. And he stands alone saying an NW Look at him and tell him I am a prophet. There's no lie. I am the Prophet no lie. I'm the son of Donatelli. He stands on he's announcing himself when there's fire coming your way, you know, announce yourself. He's basically saying they're saying bring it some a lot more of us have them. That's what he's doing. And what did I say that I he said, if you don't eat him a lot already

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has his Afro Latina furutani. His name is Omar filha is Yoku Lisa v la de la Marina. He says you think this is the first time he was alone.

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When the people of Makkah expelled him, way before all of you became Muslim, way before at Nazareth, una de la vida way when Americans expelled him, when he and his companion were hiding in the cave.

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When he turned to his companion and said, Don't worry allies with us.

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You think this is the first time I've helped him.

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That's the what's the mentality being taught to the Muslim

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are the strength of what we do doesn't come from the validation or the support of people. The strength of what we do comes from the acceptance of Allah, the aid of Allah and the clarity of our purpose, and allows help comes to the macula scene and listen to people who are sincere, who are pure in their purpose, for clear and their purpose. There's a really heavy lesson looks into the machico Goodman, soltec Laurier voice, you don't have to broadcast what you're doing people that build, they build you know, some of it's interesting, right? You guys see this in life, you when you were in high school, some of you are going to be in high school, and some of you are in high school.

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But when you are in high school, and you have kids that are very loud and obnoxious and outgoing and partying, and they're like, almost intimidating to be around, you're like, I hope they don't pick on me. And they're they're like the stars of the school. Like they're the ones who stick out, right? And then there's the quiet nerdy ones that are like just studying, studying studying. And they're not really they're almost invisible. Fast forward 10 years, right? Who's serving fries at a restaurant? And who's who owns 10 restaurants. Right? You see what happens? The people that were clear, even the students that were clear about their studies, they are clear about a goal. They end

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up getting somewhere and they didn't have to raise their voice. They didn't have to raise their voice to get there they got there. And then there are people who are very loud and seemed like they were the you know the people to emulate the people to be like, what did they accomplish in life? Where did they get with their life? Work Sophia walks into the machico was born in Salt Lake in the uncanny Swati De Soto communities a few other things inshallah we'll learn about this ayat in next week's Koba barakallahu li walakum Hakim monophonic er COVID IoT

00:28:59 --> 00:29:08

hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Azza wa Susana, follow him Mahatma Nabina Muhammad Al Amin. Le he also called

00:29:10 --> 00:29:23

him by the Buddha below him in a condo gym in Oklahoma eketahuna soluna Allenby amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Sima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohamed Kamal Salat Allah Rahim Allah Allah.

00:29:25 --> 00:29:35

Allah, Allah Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad Rahim Allah Allah, Allah Allah mean in the middle aged about Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah. Allah Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah Mohini Nikita mahkota

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