Muhammad Salah – Giving Dawah with Tableeg Jamaat

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The speaker gives advice on giving Dawa, emphasizing the importance of not naming people and saying who it is. They also discuss the importance of practicing the sound of Hadith and not giving things up too quickly. The speaker suggests creating a crash course in a specific science to help people learn more about Islam.
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abuso Lola cylinder automatically, you follow in his footsteps on the path of giving Dawa. So everybody must give down. That for going out to give our May Allah bless you and the brothers who go out with you. But I just have a friendly advice. And next time brothers and sisters, we don't have to name people and say who Gemma or this or this or that

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the advice in general is for myself and for others, we used to receive that Abuja, in the states in North America and Europe, and they're still doing this. So whenever they come, many of them speak to the Amir that you can always come you can always go and visit people, but with the Islamic etiquettes such as there is nothing that is called that you have to go out every month for three days, or 40 days per life or four months per year. And they will solve the loss and and did not state that at all. And your conclusion of some versus some understanding of the hedis is not a certain difference to mandate, the three or the four of the four based on these differences. So you

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can always give that whenever and if people are going out traveling to another locality or another community to give Dawa. That's perfectly fine. As long as you're not making innovation. This is number one. Number two, the etiquette of giving the hour is living from his right from the Quran and the Sunnah. So

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will not abide by a single book, or by the statement of any person other than the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, I held against some people that they have been stuck to one book, such as a book, which is just the sister mentioned, was talking about the privileges and the virtues of certain acts. And she said, that is the and she said it stated that in Sahih Muslim is not in Sahih Muslim, it is a weak haddix. So why do we rely on weak Hadith? Why do we have 1000s of sound Hadith? Why don't we just study al Bihari Muslim, or el sol in the garden of the pious, the 14 hour Hadith, etc. The sound, Hadith, and study to see and study the sound without being rigid to a

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certain method or certain school of thought. So if we expand a little bit, to cover and include other opinions, and rely on our references on the sound, Hadith, and only allow the scholars to speak, it is perfectly fine to have supporters, people who go out convince people you should stop smoking and convince another person who does not pray share with him you experience that How did you come to man? How did you start practicing salah and the importance of leaving your business whenever it is Friday prayer, it is perfectly fine. But who should speak and give the lecture and knowledgeable person and you should be a role model yourself. So it is not possible to listen to

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somebody who has a convenience store but he's going out to give Dawa. He's selling beer but it is very fixed in his life that every month he has to go three days to give down. Does it make any sense that Allah subhanaw taala says woman so Nicole, Amanda Allahu Amina Sonia, that you have to practice what you preach or otherwise you'll be condemned by Allah subhanaw taala when he says, Yeah, you want to live in

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Lima Taku Luna, meloetta falloon cabramatta nan de la he and Taku mela to follow. It could be a wonderful opportunity as many of our brothers Masha Allah. Now they started doing that when they collect people and they traveled to a specific locality. It is not because it's a must to travel three days every month. Rather, we'll take it as a journey to visit our brothers in another community for the sake of Allah. And when we stay in the masjid or stay in somebody's house. We spend this time in getting to know one another in visiting people for the sake of Allah in studying the Quran and the sound Sunnah. So it would be wonderful if we have a scholar with the group who

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teach them or go to visit a scholar so that we have a crash course in a specific science of the day. These are my friendly, brotherly, lovely advices to my lovely brothers whom I don't have any doubt that inshallah they're sincere in their intention and Allah knows best Exactly.

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