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The speaker discusses the core principles of Islam, including the importance of not being a Muslim and the need for a strong image of oneself. They also mention a hairstyle that is not a rule, and the need for a strong image of oneself to avoid becoming a "most ducking." The speaker also talks about the concept of a strong image of oneself and the need for a strong image of oneself to avoid becoming a "most ducking."

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Early your big manual bad behavior he laid it in JAMA data and all the emotion without you sitting if he had excelled on a CD you know your student left early he was so happy one kilometer solid. This is not a generalizable Sydney there's much more luck in this night as soon as you increase your salah upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, no good deeds,

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Remember I'm Adolphe mustardy. He was telling us so Hey Hannah Sydney Malik of the Allahu Anhu while following the video Salalah highly while he was selling the Hadith and a collection, Imam Muhammad is ready to us with the authentic generation by NSE Ben Malik, and the theme of of anti corruption or incorruptibility, or basically in other words in Islam, Mr. Obama, what are the three slimy core principles that we have?

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And that I think is very important. I think this is a good time within our history in our time in our lives, to revisit what our core principles actually are. Because sometimes we forget what exactly being a Muslim means. And being a Muslim is much more than just the basic appearances that we carry and how we dress. And no, there's more to it than that there are some basic principles that Islam is without those principles, there's not much left of the Dean and I did which is the anti oppression which we talked about is one of them and how to anti ballclub is another one and then it's Japan Anti Corruption is the third one and it's Japan was an important part of what it means to

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be a Muslim in many ways. Muslim wasn't was still being was not a it was corrupt. I mean, any level will not serve their purpose, no matter how how much pm later they do know how much you remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala the engaging or how much the Quran the memorized rom it doesn't make a difference if you like if you're corrupt on some level on some of your ethics or corrupt or your or you're willing to take that which is not yours or say that which is not true or or I mean, it's just it means there's something fundamentally missing. And he talks about this idea salatu salam Allah in the Quran is filled which is why we walk us through it all but it was stuck in

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its figure of speech. And you're allowed to walk and take rights and left's and life like you're allowed to walk down the street and zigzag a little bit if you enjoy so almost a team and to walk it is a figure of speech is talking about certain aspects of your character and our character that we're supposed to be focusing on. What he said at least also in this hadith, Carla Elias team Eman rabadan had yesterday EMA Balbo What are you studying called whoo hoo had yesterday email list.

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So this hadith is important and it has more than one way to be understood. So I'm going to explain the different ways and just point out for you which one matters quickly because there's gonna be hazards halacha in a few minutes and don't play Sunday and the extension please I should have said that at the beginning. So the extension has a sister's event so please put your son to here. And if you don't if the chef starts his lesson, then you're gonna pray to home because the sisters have an event in the extension we don't want to disrupt them inshallah. So he said, it is less than that the Eman the, the the internalizing of theology, which is what Iman is we can call it belief and faith,

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but that's a really poor translation. It's internalizing What the what your theology is, is taking it. It's allowing it to be who you are or a part of your of your basic principles. So it doesn't become

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stuffing, meaning it doesn't become incorruptible until your heart has st Pharma. Until so. So last time I or the two days ago, I pointed out that character has to have a stiff arm and then yesterday is how do you they pointed out that they listen your tongue has to have a stiff arm. And this hadith today is saying that your club has diverse department, your your heart, your your soul, your your conscious and your subconsciousness has to have a stiff arm and it's in order for your character to actually have incorruptibility for you to walk that straight path for you not to take shortcuts and to break the rules and I need to cast your net on Friday and pick it up on Sunday in order for that

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to be the case. Then your your your your heart has to have that incorruptibility piece

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so your iman will not become incorruptible until your heart does. What is the theme? Babu, Hector yesterday, Melissa and who? Now there's two ways to understand this phrase, you can say that your heart will not become incorruptible until your tongue which I think is not the right understanding. But rather what is to be more valuable and your heart will not become a struct name is Dr. Emily Sandow. And unless it will cause your tongue to also become most ducking, and as some of the scholars of linguistic who say I need a move to have your belly be shaped when when I die. And there's something that bothers me about the word HUD, the HUD in the Arabic language has at least 12

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different ways to be used in terms of understanding the linguistics and this is the proper way that I think it means what he's saying to yourself was I'm your ethic, your your email and your faith. Your email will not become incorruptible until your heart does. And if your heart finds this diploma and becomes incorruptible, then your tongue will become as well. I mean, it all starts on an internal level. It starts on a level of intentions

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of hopes and dreams.

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teams have issues of envy and Austin patient that comes from inside. It comes from a heart that has to understand what is correct and what isn't. What is Mr. Team and what isn't and if the heart doesn't, if the heart is willing to assume bad things and others and envy, there isn't hope, wish ill things upon others and be vain and be arrogant and be indifferent and be and be and be that obviously this Tang will be corrupt in the character will be corrupt and it won't work out. It has to start from within. And I hope that is a benefit to tomorrow in sha Allah Dubois is exactly at 145 So just as a reminder, it's not to 3145 You're really mammal amodal female study Hebrew 70 and NSEP.

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America the Allahu annual qualified in the view of Sun Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Now you're studying EMA and what Aberdeen had yes definitely email called whoo hoo well is Turkey mobile Boo who had a stocky Mellissa No, so of course hula is that Allah Allah, Allah Allah and go to Lake wa sallahu wa salam