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– Al-Israa wal-Mi’raaj

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala ZD mursaleen Muhammad in while early he was off the edge by end.

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This week for Sierra, we are still discussing the 10th year prophets upon Allah 10th year. Why? Because a lot happened. dislike the conclusion of a novel, or the conclusion of a book or the conclusion of a movie, everything happens in the last 510 minutes, everything happens or you find that the 10th year probably in Mecca. A lot happened because it's like the conclusion to the second phase. So we said what happened in the 10th year if you recall, the boycott ended, and

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the death of Khadija and obatala and then he married.

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So the issue and then last week, we took a thought if so what happened? And we're still stuck on the end of Robin Hood, because what happened after all of those trials and comedies, a lot treated the Prophet sallallahu wasallam with a journey like none other was that is Robin Morrow. So that's what we're going to discuss today.

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Though what is raw? First and foremost linguistically, comes from the Arabic word as raw

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as raw means to travel by night.

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Why? Because it came from the word Sierra, what's their secret, secretive? And if you want to be secretive, in your journeys you travel at night and throughout the day people can see you. So the word solo came from sealed.

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So Astro means to travel by night as Robbie

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This is in the CRAN Suba Han and levy Esra the Abbe de la isla Minh and Mr. Del halloumi ll Miss g de la casa la de Bella hola who linaria who Minaya Tina circle is wrong. A lot of just took his up, and he's honoring him by calling him up there. Finally the lowest to honor Mohamed Salah wa sallam, he calls him up.

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It's an honorific title. Slave is an honorific title. Yes, because you're a slave of Allah. And that is a compliment. When the kuffaar say, you're a slave in is

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that you want to put you down, say yes, and I'll take as a compliment. I'm a slave to one merciful Master, and I'm shackled by the change of this dunya and I'm bound by the superior laws of the Sharia hamdulillah What an honor or an honor upon Allah, you know, the kings of the world they have servants that help them and serve them right. And these servants and the soldiers that take pride. Oh, we serve the Cc

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Cc right. The imbecile that is we serve Bashar Al Qaeda. They find honor in the final law. You find honor in serving this Dalia. Whatever serving Allah, upon let's honor that honor of itself. In fact, the gods of Buckingham Palace, these men, they stand all day for a queen.

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But I believe it is fine on understanding all night or half the night for the King of Kings is an honor. So people find honor in what they serve. People serve the dunya they find honor in that you find honor and serving a lot of them. But we don't just serve it that's temporary, are we slaves also for full time permanent. So as a means to travel by night.

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And the word Mirage came from Raja

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Raja means to ascend

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to go up. So the first journey he went

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horizontally. And then the second half of that journey, he went vertically bang went straight up to power law. And as we said, I journey like none other maybe that can be the next trends of faith conference talk. We had a victory like none other now journey like I saw knowledge. And this was the real Wonderland. And people line up pre dawn to get tickets and to enter Wonderland or Luna Park. They go there really early and they're waiting for the gates to open. This is the true Wonderland he went into generates off a panel and in fact beyond beyond. In fact, people sometimes wait 6am even prior just to get the new iPhone is sleeping on the streets. He was given these journeys upon a lot.

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Usually when you go on a journey to a foreign land, you have a tour guide. The Prophet was also given a tour guide who was a debater of Islam and

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Al buraq this vehicle like an SUV, or a small taxi like I had in Egypt, that I could barely cram my family in. And the driver the tour guide stunk literally. Bus upon a lot he was given

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Bara which was larger than a donkey and smaller than a horse. So in between one night the prophet SAW the light so that maybe we should turn off the light for this one. What do you reckon? We'll get off? Sufi style?

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Is that problem that every time we turn off the light doesn't mean it's Sophie.

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Now we'll leave the lights on

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that field, I feel so one night.

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One night the province of Allied SLM. He said and he says he's in the ration he's saying I was in and huddling in a ledger, the semi circle of the Kaaba, and this is a hadith recorded by Buhari and others. I was there and I received a visitor. This visitor was the angel, Gabriel Ali Salaam. He came, he pinned down the Prophet, and he extracted his heart. He tore open his chest and abdomen and he took out his heart. He washed it in a gold basin that had some some water in it. He filled his heart with a man and then replaced it

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upon a law for a second time. We know the first time happened when solo was a child in the care of her.

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Halima, a Saudia young boy happened the second time now because where, Where's he going? Because he's going to Allah, he's going to converse with Allah, his heart needs to be ready for it. And he's also going out of this world out of this world.

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And sometimes people when they go really high they have heart attack, or he's gonna get really high is harder to be firm was filled with a man. So it's taking that literally my brothers literally so how does that happen as a possible with a lot anything's possible. Allahu JAL can give life to the dead, who was already alive so the Lord is alive and understood Malik's I saw the mark where the prophet SAW limbs chest was split open, I saw it. And there's difference of opinion how many times his chest was split is also from lm nostra halakhah. So that's one of the meanings not the main meaning, but one of the meanings of the Tafseer of that as it seems a lot more than three times once

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was also before he received revelation correct because he is going to receive the words of Allah that are heavy, the words of the Quran can crumble a mountain over to do to the human heart needs to be studied and it'd be firm. So Allah azza wa jal also, and he gave him about then as well. So it seems three times perhaps more. The first one he was young boy, second before, before the revelation. And third now on the just before he went to the Night Journey, well, Long Island, you know, when a person is going to stand before a king, or a judge in a court of law, they get nervous sometimes, well, you're not going to stand before a court of law, or a judge or a jury and a stand

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before a law. So he was taken up a lot to meet him as the virgin is hired to be steady. Let's be firm filled with the man. First, he's taken to wear

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bait and knock this Jerusalem, he's taken to the Holy Land. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said this animal al buraq wherever it would see that's where it will take a leap. It's leap is the distance of weights, I would go upon law, as far as you could see, that is one step amazing Rasulullah saw to Sam's trying to explain to us the speed of this animal. That one step you know for a human as well one stride a meter also, one stride is the is the distance that you I could see how quick was that? The whole dunia was like wrapping under its feet literally. It took him there. Then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said I dismounted and I tethered I tied the buraq to one of the

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pillars of the masjid. He entered and he prayed to Raka

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and who was leading

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the NBA, he was leading the prophets. And we felt we learn that now. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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is holding the torch of truth. Now the Muslims are in charge. The Muslims are in charge of those who are going to be responsible for bait and muck this. See Palestine is not a Palestinian issue, my dear brothers, it's an Islamic issue. Philistine is part of al Qaeda. You can't separate it from Islam. Just as you can't separate Mecca and Medina from the Muslims and Islam. You can't separate beta blockers from Islam either. So we like to share them and so forth. It's not an issue for the Syrians and the Lebanese and the Jordanians? No, it's an issue that concerns every single one of us. It's part of our either it's part of Allah and the fact that Australia is leading them and he's

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going there first, that's a sign. That's an indication those are the lessons you learn from Sierra. Sometimes people undermine Sierra, but look at the lessons you learn from it. You learn that no victim of this Philistine

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This is part of our VEDA and also the fact that he is now leading the prophets. He is now siedle. Bashar, while mursaleen amatola salaam is now the leader, the master of mankind and the prophets themselves. He's the Imam as an indication also. And then he's taken upwards ortigia be nebia sallallahu wasallam bureau he just said he is mentioned in the books of our VEDA mainly. And after the Hawa, Rasulo was taken by body and soul, body and soul, not he had a dream. He was taken physically, Pharaoh, he just said, he sallallahu sallam. So he's taken off to the to the heavens, and they go up and up and up, and they reach the gate of the first heaven.

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And there's a gate there. How does it look a lot and part of the unseen, but not anyone can go through you need clearance to read LSM knocks on the door.

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It is asked Who is it? He says debrid? Who is with you? Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has he been given his message? Meaning Prophethood? Yes, he has. So the doors open. Now he's got clearance just like you want to cross a border and he clearance you need your visa stamp or let's say clearance Mohamed Salah salaams Prophethood. The fact that they asked indicate that even the angels themselves don't know that unseen, as some people claim. They know that they know if they knew that wouldn't ask. And they say his arrival is an honor and a pleasure. So he is greeted by the angels and he enters the first heaven. Now when we say Heaven, we're talking about generally, we're still talking about when

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we say Heaven, we think of some art. We're not talking about gender, first the silhouette. So he goes through the first and enters the first heaven.

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And he doesn't meet in

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Adam Ali Salaam, the father of mankind isn't the first time he sees him. And he's told this is your father. Imagine the look on the prophets face. And then the look on his face. And he says great, he greets him with a Salam aleikum. And you respond to alikum Silla, there is a greeting of the prophets. Even in today's Bible, it says in john chapter 2021. It says that Jesus said, Peace be upon you. Even in the Bible today, peace be upon us and Amane commas in the Bible panel. That is the greeting of the prophets. So next time you say I said Mr. eleiko, my brother, don't just say because it's a customer ritual. You are now greeting your brother or sister with the greeting of Rasulullah

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himself and Amir what an honorable greeting. Not how you doing how I was good I write a salam wa Alaykum what a greeting and you look even in the greetings of Al Islam, Allah there's science for those who contemplate and ponder.

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So he meets his father Adam alayhis salam and in sild, Nick that I mentioned that on his right, are the souls of those who are blessed. And on his left are the souls of the Richard yagnas hubballi. Amin was horrible. chemin as horrible Jana was horrible. Now soprano so he saw them, they were with him.

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And he's then of course he has on a tight schedule he can he wants to catch up, how's everything going down there, right, what's been happening for the last 50,000 years on Earth, right? You can imagine but of course, he's on a tight schedule. So he has to be taken up jabril la slim takes him up further. And he goes now to the second second heavens upon Allah. And we thought hamata the Lord SLM has broken the world record in terms of astronomy.

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All the technology that we have today, my dear brothers, they are still not able to transcend the first heaven. Because Allah said about the first heaven one, while the other is a Yana a sama dunya be masabi, we've adorned the lowest heaven with lamps meaning stars, the stars are only in the first Heaven, they're in the second, third, fourth, only in the first heaven. People don't know this. But the fact of the matter is Allah said it when others a summer adonia be masabi. So the lowest Heaven is filled and adorned with stars. In other words, the other levels don't have the levels of debt of the seven we don't have that.

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So as we said, with all of the astronomy, you know, the technology of astronomy that we have any miracle, and the advancements that we have NASA and so forth, they still can't pass and transcend or transcend the first heavens upon, you know, the further they go out the further they go in the, you know, satellites and so forth. They find new galaxies, new universes and new clusters of stars. There's an awesome video on YouTube. It's called the edge of the universe. I was watching that one night, and I was just blown away just seeing what's out there. What they've discovered is amazing. And it's all in the first heaven. And we've only scratched the surface tip of the iceberg. The more

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they go there, just the more insignificant we become.

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As upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said the first heaven compared to the second is like

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Ring, a ring thrown in a desert? Imagine I said I lost my ring in Liverpool Can you find that for me?

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Gotta find it. This Liverpool at this is much more wider how small is a ring compared to Liverpool? In fact how small is the ring compared to Mia this building? so small, modular ring in a desert Habibi, that ring drop.

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That ring in a desert is like the first heaven to the second.

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And guess what the second compared to the third ring in a desert.

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So how small is the first ring now? And how small is the first heaven and the third to the fourth? Look arena desert, the fourth to the fifth is occurring in the fifth to the sixth likewise six to the seventh likewise. And guess what all that is smaller than the courtesy of Allah. The courtesy of Allah wa sia was the accuracy of similarity world a law school see where sia from where sir has encompassed the heavens and the earth. And knowledge is on top of that the throne greater than that. And guess what my brother's a law is above that. And he's greater than that and everything anything? How great is Allah? how magnificent is Allah creator? Well, my father in law has recorded he people

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haven't estimated a lot. They haven't given him a true estimation. They haven't given a lot of people a true estimation and he just pondering this hadith will lie on it just baffles the mind. It's amazing.

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And the angels that are holding it are also magnificent in in great. The prophets Allah wa sallam said I've been given permission to speak about one of the angels that are called Hamlet large. The ones that hold and carry the throne I mean giving patients Vic by one of them. He said that this is between it's 11. When a child is 700 years journey, how far can you travel and 700 years, that's the distance between its ear lobe and its shoulder imagine the being itself. Imagine the throne itself. And imagine a lot

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of weight. When we sin. Don't belittle a sin because of our smaller is Barada Think of how great Allah is. So we should be thinking sometimes people are is this in? You know, is it a major sin or minus in heavy we don't sin period. Not how small is it? Things are great. Allah is sort of pseudo Allah so to Sam didn't just break the world record for the dean. We know for example, that the named Mohammed Salah Salaam is the most common name in the world, breaking the Hall of Fame. The names were the names of those people, the haters were lost in the pages of history.

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Why chemistry supine on the wall, the name of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam lived on, although his sons passed away young, and then he's taken to the second Heaven, who does he meet there?

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He saw his Salaam and

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is and yeah, he meets Isaiah and yeah, he greets them both, they greet him back in a second to the third heaven. Also same thing. He asked for permission. Who is it is granted. He enters the gate. He enters the third heaven who does he make?

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Use of

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third heaven, Yusuf Ali Salam. And then he said to slim, behold, he saw him he's been given half of beauty. Half of beauties upon shot through hustle shot actually means more than half in Arabic. So it's actually more than half had a big block of beauty.

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You know, divided into give one half to severely slim. Now the other half was at half of Adam's beauty was a half of everyone else will out and difference of opinion, but he's given half of beauty. He goes up to the next level. Fourth heaven. Who does he make? Idris Ali Salah he's taken up to the fifth Heaven has he made heroin. And we of course, before he goes into each one is granted permission is going up and up and up to Panama. And as we said he's going into these massive semi wet, huge heavens as we said they're huge. He's going up, up up. He's traveling really fast, a lot SLM and then he goes into the sixth heaven aneurysm either. musala Scylla.

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Upon load is an interesting conversation that occurs between Mohammed Salim and masala Salaam. And whenever you find the name Moosa and the Hadith or the Quran, you find is always this man most Allison is great prophet is surrounded by important events, always, always, whether it's in the ayat of the Quran, or the Hadith, and in fact, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam resembles masala Islam, very similar. And that's why the stories of masala cinema frequently mentioned in the Quran, one of the scholars said gadol coriano and akuna masala. The Quran always became the story of Mossad Islam. Why? Because his oma sallallahu Sallam also represents the honorable salicylic because the Omar Musa

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is very similar to that of Mohammed

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Till wasallam, even in the Bible in Deuteronomy, it says that God said he's going to raise amongst the later people later nations, a man a prophet like unto them that was given to Moses. like Moses, the Christians interpret this to be Jesus. But no a Saudi Salaam is not similar to masala cinema. For example, Moosa was born he was born naturally a Salah Sam was not he was born miraculously, Messiah Sam died naturally a saya Salam did not die, even according to their views. They believe it was a miraculous death He died for the sins of mankind etc, something special also, we know that masala was accepted amongst these people as a ruler and leader. A cell was not it was rejected by

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when we started, Mossad Islam was the Sharia legislator. So it was not masala Salaam had the ability to apply the Hadoop, the fixed punishments he said did not. So you find a huge difference between musante seminary Sal Islam, but rather Who do you find similar to Musa hammer Talal SLM he was born naturally like Musa he died naturally like Musa he was also a leader like Moosa he was also a legislator like Musa he has the ability to apply the hood like Mossad Islam so you find Mohamed Salah Salim is like most of the very similar

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my digital Yeah, correct. They both my digital as well, so many similarities. So yeah, that's a good point. I never thought about that. But I can always benefit from the brothers

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better coffee gift. So he has an interesting conversation with him. Who sadly certain begins to cry. Why?

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He cries because he says, a young man is sent after me meeting Mohammed Salah Salim, whose nation enter or whose followers of his nation intergender more than the followers of my nation.

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So he was upset, but also, he didn't take it to heart. It was a competition between the profits, but the competition for goodness that didn't involve jealousy. Because and to prove that Musashi slim gives him advice soon after about the prayer itself. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam goes up further 77 Who did you meet? Brahim? Alisha what's interesting is where Ibrahim al Islam is sitting, where is he sitting?

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Next after

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correct elevate Alma more water better, more rough translation the established house, Albanian, my mod is established house in the heavens. And it's the equivalent of what we have with the honored house of the Kaaba on this dunya. So, the Kaaba here, it has an equivalent up there. So Pinilla how many ways, among them is honored, just like the Kaaba. Also, just as we perform the walk around the Kaaba, the angels perform tawaf around and better Memorial.

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And it's interesting that Abraham and Islam is sitting next to her and leaning on it, because he was the one who, the goddess. So it's the equivalent there. And also the way it's similar is that just as a GABA was the first house established to this dunya that's also one of the first established up in it. Well, Long Island and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave Another interesting fact about it. Every day how many angels into 70,000 they enter perform tawaf do they have to do leave and exit, guess what? Never come back, never to return. 70,000 daily now how many days not ease how many days have passed since the profits and loss lm lived?

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imagines multiply that by 70,000. And then multiply that by the days since the the actual universe was created every day 70,000 panel, the numbers how many angels are there, the numbers are astronomical can't even begin to count. My brothers have put us humans to shame. Some people are proud over 7 billion humans face of the population. Who are you compared to this amazing creation and Malaika this noble creation the world of the angels is magnificent. So 70,000 into it so far. Abraham malissa name is there. But he's taken up further. He's taken up further to where he enters gender.

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And he also goes to a Sidra automata actually before then he goes to a Siddharth Mata, a Siddhartha Mata is the furtherest tree. That's what it literally means monta from inteha in Arabic and that means to end, the furthest the last. It's called a pseudo tomato, the furthest low tree. This tree was emitting colors that the prophet SAW Selim said I've never seen before. It was amazing.

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nificent and it had four rivers.

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He asked to be nice to them, what are these four rivers that are flowing underneath it. He said, two are apparent, and two are hidden. The two that are apparent are the Euphrates and the Nile, meaning that just as these two rivers in the dunya on, and those are also on up there, and the two that are hidden, are the two that were all flowing underneath the intergender itself. So the prophet SAW Selim saw these four rivers.

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And so then he's taken up further into agenda itself, he entered in and he goes up and up and up and up. Now as he's doing this gibreel Ali Salaam, is starting to change. When he reached the point where to be really slim can go no further holla that's your point of no return. In other words, let's see this is your last position, you can go further jabril

00:25:52--> 00:25:58

the promise of asylum looks towards him. He described him as wet rags, wet cloths.

00:25:59--> 00:26:36

Why? Because he was humbled because he got closer to Allah. The closer he got to allow my dear brothers, it humbled him and humbled this great creature, this great being to be nice to them. So massive 600 wings that destroyed an entire nation with a tip of a feather. He shrunk like wet rags and wet cloth it was described just like a bird on a rainy day, you know, when the water hits it, and strikes its feathers, it actually shrinks it humbles itself. That's how the Buddha cinema's Allah said about angels or harpoon, or Rob Bowman. See when he learned though, hey, that's what it should do should humble you. So you got close to Allah had an effect on his being? He couldn't

00:26:36--> 00:26:36

handle it.

00:26:38--> 00:27:08

Do you realize sir, Mr. Romain, the prophet SAW Selim goes up further. He even goes further than you'd realize. What was Mohammed Salim given is all from the Gulf or mighty brothers. The golfer includes so many things. And by the way, in general, he saw alcocer and he asked what is this river? And he vlsm told him this is the golfer is given to you or solver, but the golfer is not restricted to the river, as we've already explained. Then he's taken up to Allah. Yeah, alhama de Rosa's imagina he's taken up to ally himself.

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He was asked, Did you see Allah? He said, How can I have seen him but all I saw was light, he sort of veil of light. So I was of the opinion Oh, he didn't say Allah, although some of the other Sahaba like even our best say he did a lot of difference of opinion. That's a difference of opinion or leader. And that shows you that you can differ in some issues of Arpita. That's an issue of Akita, they different. So of course, from the fundamentals, you know, you don't differ in that. He didn't see a lot, Willow Island, but he had a conversation directly with Allah magian, I spoke with Allah, Valle of light. And that's when Allah gave him, the Salah. He was given the solar up there. And the

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scholar said, every act of worship was given on the dunya except the Salah was given in the heavens, to indicate that's how close you get with Allah do indicate its importance. And also every act of worship was given to rasilla via an intermediary every listener except to say that was given to him directly to indicate when you pray, there's no intermediary between you and Allah, you connect directly to Allah, the selection from select connection, ultimate way and as we said, ultimate speed. Ah, now why for incident necessary? So he connected with a loss aversion via miscommunication. And so he gave him 50 praise, obligated on that on my 50 silhouette. Perfect

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except What's he going to do? He descends, passes down Jenna, into seventh heaven. Then it goes to the six seven on the way he says more salicylate. He asked him what happened up there? wanted to know, what did you Lord command? You said 50 Salawat. He says too much. Take it from me. I've got a lot of experience. I dealt with batteries for eight years on end. They gave me a hard time. I know people, he's giving him senior advice. He's like an older brother who's giving you advice. And that shows you that the competition of the NBA, as we said is the art of jealousy, but rather out of love for laws or just mercy has given me advices Trust me, I know people, your people will not be able to

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handle it. Ask a law for reduction very well. He goes up he asks what reduces or lower reduces the 40 comes back down most asks him What happened? He said it's 40 now he's gonna go back ask for more. He does. So he comes back. What happened now? He's 30 go again. He does. So he comes back how much 20 Now, go back, come back.

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He does. So instead of seeking when this was happening was Abraham Ali slamming the seventh heaven above them seeing the Prophet going up and down, up and down? Wondering what happened there? Oh Allah, maybe you can ask if we intergender maybe you wanted to speak to the prophet SAW Selim, Eva. What about this?

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Maybe we want to ask him something where he couldn't hear back and forth back and forth finally and look at Allah's mercy. He kept, he kept accepting this request. They kept meeting the request of US law. He's rasuluh. He's out

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His Messenger and that shows you a lot of love for his messenger. We said the Kaaba was changed, world history was changed millions upon millions of Muslims every generation. They pray towards the Kaaba. Why? Because Allah accepted not the drop of the prophet SAW celeb just a sad look in his eyes. We said sort of bahara called an errata calabogie Can you just look through the heavens Allah change the tabla for him? We're gonna change the Qibla for you You're a samba so panela so if Allah changed the the fibula just because he looked amazing if you asked Allah do he accepted? So finally was reduced down to five masalas Did you think that was it?

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Is that good? Excellent. No. Is it even five too much? Go back. Go back. Trust me. I know people. fast too much you saying and how true is these words? Today, many people can't even keep up with five. How many people can't even pray five times a day. How right was Moosa? suppiler Well, he said no, I can't go back I feel embarrassed or shy to ask them or feel shy. So panel that was the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he could have done it, but he felt shy, but also shows you a lot mercy as we said, you know, if you ask a person for $5, they'll give it to you next day. Give me $5. Please, I'll give it to you next day. Perhaps they'll give it to you after that the Kalani bar, but it's too

00:31:20--> 00:31:31

much. You ask a person so many times that is enough. They're gonna get sick of you. The more you ask a law, the more he loves you. The less you ask a law, the less he dislikes it.

00:31:32--> 00:31:45

The more you ask the more loves it, the less you ask a lot of dislikes and why because you think you are self sufficient. I don't need it. I need you. Alone loves you when you ask ask us as opposed to the creation opposite. The more you are the more you annoy them.

00:31:46--> 00:32:12

So he says that is it I feel shy to ask Allah so we need to thank musala Islamic draft for him with the thank you hamdulillah look imagine was 50 daily praise how do we keep up by the brothers how we barely keeping up with five so that is a solid Mirage in a nutshell, of course many of the lessons next week we're probably focused on one or two lessons and we'll continue with the zero second law credit for attentive listening. So panic alarm over hamdulillah shadow Allah Allah

00:32:13--> 00:32:16

will see you next week. inshallah. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.