Yaser Birjas – Don’t Vow To Disobey Allah

Yaser Birjas
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To make a vowel or another

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is they're allowed to make another legacy. I vow to fast three days in sha Allah this month allotted ojala to say that you are you are allowed to say that right? Okay? Are you allowed to vow something that is maybe questionable. Or you have an issue with your brother your sister says well, law I swear, I vow never come to their house. I vow never to go to the house. But I vow not to eat their food. Like you know some people they go to the landlord's house and they give them tea. I don't want to drink tea today. Food I'm not hungry. Okay, what's wrong with you? Why eating for more food making some of those tactics actually and this is all things and so on. What's the ruling on this

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issue? Hadith number 1862. On the other side of hand now the Latin or Han Allah Tala call one I should throw the Allah one Hakata Coronavirus Allah there was a man another annuity Allah fellow author who will another NERC Allah philosophy.

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And this hadith of the Allah Tirana, she said, the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam, he said, He who vows to obey Allah should obey him. But he who vows to disobey Allah should not disobey Him. Hydro al Bukhari and what does that exactly mean? Here's the emphasis on that a few vows something good, you become responsible to fulfill that.

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And if you don't fulfill it, you're liable to pay the FARA if there was a mean, there is a dispute among the Allama, if the another also takes the same ruling of the kuffaar of your mean, but on the pretext that it does, so we say that you also responsible to make a kuffaar for this, that cafardo of breaking an oath. But if someone vows ALLAH SubhanA wanted to disobey Allah as like what, like I said, some of the vow I will never enter his house.

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I vow not to eat their food. Now these things are not necessarily haram in themselves let you go. They don't want to eat because I'm not hungry. But it becomes haram. Why now? Because what do you mean by this vow right now, to cut ties with them? Katara ham.

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And that is different, dangerous, and unacceptable. That's what becomes haram. So in this case, what do you do?

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Do you hold on to your vow because while I vowed I'm going to keep my word. Are you gonna let your ego get the worst out of you in this situation? The answer the Prophet says and says, don't listen to your ego. If you vow to disobey Allah, don't do it.

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Just don't do it. Now, obviously, we're not talking just about these vows. Like I'm not going to eat his food, I'm going to cut ties with them. We also have someone vows or the biller to deliberately commit something haram such as drinking or stop for lack of winnings Zina or anything like this. Oh, the villa, like to do anyone, anybody does that even SubhanAllah. Some people just can't have the snap in a moment and they wrote something all the biller does wrong. Okay, if you vow something like this, what do you need to do? Break it

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means you don't do it. If say, you said I vow not to enter their house, but you're gonna have to break it and go to the house. And if you do that, then you're liable to pay the Kafala as well too.

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The Prophet saw some of the other Hadith he said about Yemen, which means when a given oath, called man had a valid meaning for viral Hydra minha fell ukef Rania meaning he will yet live okay? If someone makes an oath, swears by Allah azza wa jal about something and then they find something else better than that. He said, You should break that oath. And do that which is the best car where you can find me me and break the oath and paddock afara for that, like what somebody for example, says, Okay,

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I swear by Allah, that I am going to, for example, fast this whole month.

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And then after that, you realize you have other things to do. Right? You can help people you might be traveling, all that kind of stuff. So what do you do? Just do that which is best, and break that down?

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And if you remember, it's an ironic thing that we mentioned the story of this hadith. Who was the report of this hadith of Gemma here? I shall Dylon right. Do you remember a story about the situation that we had just few weeks back?

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Um, the loveliness of bear her nephew. When he said things about her when he kind of like criticized her spending.

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He said if I was for me, I will actually cut her off and not allow her to spend this much money. And when she heard what Abdullah says, Abdullah said that about me, I swear I'm not going to talk to him again.

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So she gave an oath not to talk to her nephew, cutting ties with him. And um, the law he tried. He sends his you know, tries to talk to her. He doesn't she doesn't talk to her. She tried to take permission to get into her house.

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She's not allowing him to come in. He tried to send envoys to speak on his behalf. She's not accepting any intercession from anybody. Like this is she's cutting him off completely. And it hurts him big time. I mean, that says aren't and she is the mother of the believers. And he is the leader of the community that time and Maccha until he heard that he made that

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that he was flooding with some of his friends because look, helped me out please. So good, short, they went in, and they were hiding him with them. And they asked permission to come in. She said, Who is their said, they mentioned their names. And she said, commend all of you. She said, all of us. She said all of you come on, in and abroad, Abdullah and and that's when eventually they tried telling her this is wrong. You can say this, this is not right. You cut in ties with your kin. And is that you better than this. So did reminding her of the wrong Yeah, mean that she has given until she was reminded. And then she obviously observed that she broke that vow. And that you mean, she

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made the kufr or the ultra anha. So it's a reminder to all of us that do not use the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala to disobey him.

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Don't use this as a bit Elijah like Saint Wallahi I'm not going to talk to you Wallahi I'm not eating your food. Wallah. I'm not coming into your house. Why would you do this? Why would you invoke ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada was the Most Merciful, the one who commanded to forgive, don't ask her to maintain, you know, good ties with your relatives. And so why use his name in disobeying him? subhanaw taala you can't do this. So that's how it is a reminder that never ever use the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala to the severe losses and may Allah protect us from the cerebellum. Wallah. And the question is your ma.

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Yes, is there any benefit in taking an oath over just not taking an oath? I'm gonna fast every day this week.

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So the question is, is it better to take to make an oath or take an oath or not taken an oath? Honestly, it's better not to take an oath, never taken oath, like saying, just say, You know what, I'm going to fast tomorrow. So if you don't you if you don't fast, 100 You're good. But if you say Wallahi I'll festival and you didn't fast that becomes liable for this. Here's the thing of the Nether, but the vow in itself is actually is permissible.

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But once you make it, once you pronounce it, it becomes obligation to fulfill it. So there is no obligation to start a vow. But once you do, you become obligated to fulfill it. Allah. Yes. Is this in regards to private vowels as well?

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Does that count also you talk about private vows that you between and Allah Subhana Allah like saying, you know, I will vow to Allah subhana wa Tala to wake up for tahajjud every single night. And you start the first night, the second night you sleep. And then what happened? I broke my vows. All I vowed to Allah, I would never look at something haram and stop for Allah, this happened again. Does that count the same? The same thing? Well,

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it's not the same. Because you're not you're swearing by things that you have no control over.

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So therefore make sure that when you make your pronouncement of ima of your mean, or another, something you can accomplish, and you can you can do Aloha some of the measurable basically.

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Let me just take the question and show good uses. You have a question in the back.

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That far for the another just like again, for those who say that, Natalie, I mean, the same is the same Kaffir of the mean. So when someone makes a mean, and then they break their oath, how do they make the kuffaar like a Farah first of all, you have three options to choose one of them. One of them is to

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free a slave

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to fast 10 day I'm not fighting I'm sorry, to actually feed 10 needy people, or to buy them clothes. So one of the three you have an option to choose one of them. If you couldn't do any of these three, then you fast three days. I know a lot of people these days they jump straight to fasting and skip all these three things. No, you should first try to fit and people should try to buy them clothes. And you cannot or the majority of whatever they say you have to choose one of the meaning you cannot do feeding five and clothing five or the same five people to give them clothes and food. So happy 10 and 10 if you couldn't then you go too fast in three days. Hola, Tara. Now that your question

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even if if someone vows something haram they should break

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I could also give the kuffar now

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Okay, so this is what I was wearing, I mean talking about yourself, what if you make a vow or I mean on behalf of somebody else like telling your wife Wallah, he and I are going to their house

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so, and she got her out of the house right? What is what happens there? Actually, if you make that vow, it's on you not on her. So, she did you pay the kuffaar for

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Like some of the

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some of the Orca Farah and they passed away before they fulfill that, should you fulfill this on the rehab like the first three days the answer is yes, you should Allah Now,

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scholarship basically

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infects a low

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it is a generally discouraged

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there was another

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you mentioned that it is taken as a personal choice. Yeah, the Prophet says.

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Another man man in the nether the vow is usually taken from the from the wealth of the miser why because the miser makes after the one will give another usually they make it conditional, like say if my if Allah subhanaw gives you fat to my father. If Allah azza wa jal helped me with this exam, then I'll do this. So if it doesn't happen, you don't owe anything to Allah azza wa jal so I mean, that's exchanged that transaction is, is not good, but it's still acceptable. Islamically speaking if you make that vow, Wallah now

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Subhana Allah Mohammed pastureland circa two Salam, welcome to Lotus. Just a reminder inshallah that we're going to have Serratos Salah to this court and sha Allah on Sunday morning at 730 If it rains tonight or tomorrow or after tomorrow hamdulillah we're good, but if it doesn't, we'll still need that scar salon shallow tan

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