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Muhammad Al Bizry
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the 10th year of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam, including his wedding and marriage of two important individuals. They also discuss the importance of age and the need for people to plant seeds for future growth. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to plant seeds for future growth and to show Islam in a best way. They also mention the importance of defendability and the need for people to plant seeds for future growth.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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We are doing sera are in wait for the prophets biography.

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And last week, what did we focus on?

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Yeah, the 10th year, and we mentioned some very important events, we said two people passed away. There are very important individuals to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam who were they

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are both relevant hadiza. So the prophets uncle and his wife had passed away. And they represented two crucial core pillars that the Muslims were using for support, defense and offense, who was defense, I would call it protecting the Prophet offense, his wife Khadija providing him with financial and emotional support. So when they of course, passed away, that meant these two very important aspects of the religion crumbled before the very fate of Rasulullah. And thus, what did he do after that? Apart from getting married, he needed support. So he went to various tribes in search of who's going to provide him with aid and so forth and protection because of course, Christ wanted

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to kill him. They couldn't destroy the message. So they certainly know what let's destroy the messenger.

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You know, and that's how, really the kuffar they can tolerate any ideology, except the truth that can tolerate the gays or lesbians or homosexuals, you know, or worship Islam or we can't tolerate that it's true, it's terrorism, the panel, so they couldn't tolerate that. So they wanted to kill the Prophet Mohammed. Why, mainly because it's calling to the worship of one deity, amazing. So and we also said last week that he married two women in that year who were the soldier and Asia, because apparently he lost two and then he gained two and we gave the lesson of that after hardship there is ease after hardship disease, so don't display you may doubt the plan by never doubt the planner.

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So after he married are shown we focused a lot about on the marriage of the prophet to the to our Isha. And we cleared up a lot of misconceptions that non Muslims and orientalist used to attack the Prophet Mohammed via this marriage. And among them, we said, Who can remember?

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Yeah, we said I shall wasn't this naive, young little girl who anyone can take advantage of, but rather, she was an intelligent, mature young lady who was actually engaged to a man before she moved to LA Who was that man? Jabez Evan matam debated matam acid. And we also said that the profit wasn't the one who initiated this marriage sideshow who suggested it.

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cola has a hole into Hakim's. She was the one who suggested it. She said when Khadija died after marrying soda, why don't you marry Ayesha? So it wasn't his own doing. And this was mentioned by Allah Muhammad is Muslim in the sixth volume. But we also said it was a command by who? Allah how

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dreams we know the dreams of the prophets are. Why revelation. First the Prophet Muhammad SAW to dreams that he was marrying Ayesha thought it was a command but Allah good another way, you can refute this.

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Correct? Good. First and foremost, those who attack the Prophet Muhammad saying he was a womanizer. We said how can you be a womanizer when the first woman he marries was

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almost twice his age 15 years his senior who was a divorcee. She was been married and divorced before when he was a young eligible, handsome bachelor could have had any woman in Mecca. So she was you know, and rather we said he married I sure was younger than him and he was older than him. It shows you that marriage in Islam is based on maturity, puberty, not age. In Islam, age isn't really considered for married it's rather maturity because you can have someone who's 33 years old today. Excellent. He's 13. I know many people like that. I'm 33. I know, brothers who are 3313, some even three, aloha mastan, but you get the idea. So we also said that there was an article published by

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CNN, even on Muslims admitting this that there are studies that have been conducted that show that women, depending on the geographical location in the world, reached puberty much earlier than men, in fact, much earlier than their white counterparts, like Hispanic girls and girls from

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African backgrounds in America. It says that they actually reached puberty much earlier than the American girls have panela based on the genes and the geographic location, and studies have shown that women in hotter climates actually reached puberty even earlier. So Alabama, Shea said what

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To prove this

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correct, he said I saw a grandmother at the age of 21. It's panela. So she was a grandmother at 21. I mean, she must have got married when probably around nine, had a kid when she was maybe 10 or 11. And then you get the idea. So it happens. And we mentioned the story of Sharon was really who was debating a Christian once and what was that Christian doing? He was attacking. The Prophet Mohammed via his master is Chinese saying, how can you do that? 123. So happened, Moosa says Happy Lola.

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Yeah, how old was Mary when she gave birth to Jesus? What did he say he's around 12, something like this. He does torture you crazy. That's torture woman that young giving birth kept on pushing it and pushing and pushing it until the priest himself said, Well, it wasn't taboo back then. It was the norm. So he said, like it was a norm for you. It was a norm for us. It was the norm back then. And we even mentioned that even amongst the West, the double standards that they have, they themselves what they can't even agree, correct. They can't even agree to the legal age of marriage even till today. Even today, like in America, the legal age of marriage differs from state to state,

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Mississippi stock 20, Nebraska, 19, California, 18, Massachusetts, 14 and 12. Right, a difference upon law. So you can get married in one state, and you get locked up in another.

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So inconsistent values, but rather in Islam is a consistent value. It's one standard Sharia

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God so there are many things we mentioned. And that recording will be up online very soon, inshallah. So tonight, we're going to look at the 10th year, what happened in the 10th, year Prophethood. We're going to look at the 10 fee tonight also, the 10 fee, in particular, the trip to a thought if

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam goes to a thought if Why does he get to

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visit his town because he's looking for support, help aid.

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So the profile is sort of semi temporary, and this is the next chapter in the shield nectar.

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I'm not sure depending on which copy you have the page can differ.

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Islam being presented to other tribes, I believe that's the next chapter. But I'll summarize it for you as usual.

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The Prophet Mohammed takes you with him

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as a demon haritha. He takes aid with him to avoid if

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they go to a toilet, and that's a long journey. It's approximately 50 kilometers plus, imagine back then then have SUVs, four wheel drives, hot Arabian desert sands, right? Very difficult. But it shows you the men that they were back then upon Allah going for Tao for the sake of Allah to let this message reach others. So they travel very difficult. They get to a wife and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, who does he wish to meet with the leaders of the layman? The leadership, leadership, why? Because

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I want you to answer

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Exactly. If the leaders accept Islam, then the subjects will follow suit. So he goes to the tribe of 30, if

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this tribe had three leaders, as a panel of Oh, brothers, so he meets up with the three brothers who happen to be the leaders.

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And he presents Islam to them. And the response he gets is a miserable one.

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The first one says, if you are a prophet, I'm going to tear down the cloth of the cabinet.

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This panel is you you're a prophet. The second one said, couldn't Allah find anyone better to send us a profit than you? As if he can do a better job? If he was a, you know, try to call to profit for one day, he won't even last one day. The third one said, I can't talk to you. You're claiming your profit. If you are truthful, then you're too high of a you know, you have too much of a high status for me to talk to you. You're too important.

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And if you're not a prophet, you're a liar, then I don't speak to lies pantaloni what disgusting answers that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said to them, in that case, if you don't wish to believe in the message, then at least do not

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reveal this conversation to others why he didn't want koresh to know what he had done by going there. Because if they find out that he went to a life to proclaim the message and they rejected Him, then not only increase persecution against the Muslims and torture them further, he wants to protect the Muslims. So he said don't tell people about this. Let me do my thing. You do yours? I have my religion. You have yours my way your way. Let's part ways, but did they keep it a secret? Absolutely.

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They went and told everyone and they called the kids in the crazies on the Prophet Mohammed and they didn't have so much so they drove them out of a tarrif, stoning them and throwing rubbish at them and killing them with insults, curses and mockery upon the Prophet Mohammed Ali. So to sum up the early prophets once again, mocked, ridiculed, hurt abused. And that's the way of Islam as the way of Dawa. You're interested in becoming a dare Habibi you want to call people to Islam will get ready, get ready for the insults, get ready for the mockery. Get ready for the test trials and tribulations. Because to get that what you love, you got to be patient with that what you hate, and

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to strike gold. What are you gonna do? Go through mud. So if you're on gold Monday, Brother, you got to go through mine, so get ready for the tests. So he's driven out of Mecca. Now another iterations. Toy Story, he's driven out of a toy. One ration says he stayed in a toy for approximately 10 days, giving our calling people to Islam. And more him he's driven out of a thought if two to three miles of chasing him stoning him, is a different heritage protecting the Prophet Mohammed with his body. So much so that he got struck in the head and was severely injured.

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So the Prophet Mohammed Ali sought to slump is injured his her and he bleeds so much that his sandals are

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filled with blood. Somehow his blesseds sandals are more precious than these people who are stoning him.

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So two or three miles, they're running, that's tough. Two to three miles, they're getting chased. And then they take refuge and protection in a farm just outside of a cliff and orchard that belonged to a man called Arabia. Arabia was a man from Quraysh I feel a tribesmen, but was a Muslim.

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No, it was not. It wasn't a Muslim. And he had his two sons there in this orchard. Now, although he wasn't Muslim, and his two sons were Muslims, upon seeing the Prophet Mohammed, they felt sorry for him. He was stoned, he was bleeding. They were in a foreign land. And you know, when you're in a foreign land, you see someone from your own country. You have that immediate connection. Even when I was in Egypt. I saw this one guy was working in the shops, right in the supermarket. And he had this jumper on saying I love Australia. It's called Australian, Ozzy bloke, so I don't buddy, oh my god. Good. I might, it was shocked in an Egypt in Korea, not gonna see another film, Australian. But

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you've felt that connection. Even though you have different faiths you feel that because it's your hometown, your hometown.

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So they felt that compassion to the Prophet Mohammed. So they thought, let's help him out. They of course, allowed him to stay in the orchard in their farm. And they sent their servant to provide them with some nourishment. Who was the servant?

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These two men of Quraysh. They had a servant by the name of our deaths.

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At dusk, not sure but others. Lebanese know that type of soup. It's called others. His name was at dusk, and he was a Christian man. He's a Christian servant.

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They sent him to the Prophet Mohammed to help him provide him with nourishment. So at dusk comes to the Prophet Mohammed holding a tray of grapes. And the Prophet Muhammad gladly accepts the Prophet Allah, but some would accept gifts. But with one condition, he would always accept it, unless, of course it was heroin. That's the first condition. You only accept the gift if was heroin? If it was if it was impermissible, like pork and so forth? No, of course, it would. It was valid. And also he would always return the favor or something equal or better than it equal or better.

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So he accepts, before the Prophet eight What does he say?

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Bismillah. Like every Muslim should say before eating In the name of Allah. He says Bismillah AR das his Bismillah is what says Bismillah business. We will say Bismillah. I've never heard the Spindler. It was strange to me. So when I say Bismillah we say in the name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, we don't say In the Name of Allah, the name of God was strange, that the Prophet was switched on his arm. He's not from around here. I'm going to use this as a means of calling him to Islam. We're just having a conversation. So we asked him, Where are you from? Yeah, does. He says I'm from me, Noah. So the Prophet said, Ah, ninawa that's where the righteous slave of Allah is from you. And I said,

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no matter Jonah.

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Shahada said, hurry, no UNICEF, no matter. The Prophet said, He's my brother. He's a prophet. And I'm a prophet, Upon hearing this ad does falls to the floor, in frustration in humbleness, and it begins to kiss the hands and feet of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. Now the two sons of Arabia, they see this, he's already corrupted our slave. Come here, come here, right. Come back a little bit. What are you doing? Get over here? What are you doing? You know, prostrating kissing in the hands of and of course, that isn't allowed to this. But he was a Christian man. He thought this was what we do. What are you doing? Don't do that. At that said

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There's no one more honorable on the face of the planet than this man. He told me something that only a Prophet would know. Because back then, don't forget, the Bible wasn't even available in Arabic. And the Bible was in the beginning, it was exclusive knowledge, exclusive for the priests, rabbis, right classified information only they knew. I mean, they knew so Panama. So the Prophet Alice was giving detailed information, units even matter first name, last name, where he's from Panama.

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So these men, these men said to him, don't leave your religion, Christianity, your religion is better than his. Now what do they know about Christianity? Nothing. What do they know about Islam? Nothing. Why did they say that? As usual, animosity towards Islam from day one, and mostly towards them just like today, the media, right? And the filter they call news, the propaganda and the false negative, of course, news and propaganda, propaganda about Islam, only trying to tarnish the honorable image of Islam. Of course, they have probably no idea about it, even when there was a an explosion at uni Grammar School many years ago. That night on the news, it said bomb scare and

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Muslim school or bomb scare, it was a gas leak. It was a gas leak. And they showed kids in uniform, which was a maroon color unit grandma's blue. It just shows you once again how the media just lies upon lies upon lies upon love. From The Daily Telegraph. To the Australian right, all these media outlets want to, of course, earn big bucks. Aloha Stan.

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So he became Muslim, my dear brothers, how, from something which we deem so simple Bismillah it's so easy to say rolls off the tongue. Every single Muslim can say it, it seems so simple, but the meanings in a great, don't ever underestimate the best mela just by saying Bismillah In the name of Allah, there is by saying Bismillah you were using the name of a towhead the name of Allah to extract blessings from whatever you're doing, using the name of Allah, to aid you in whatever you're doing, using Name of Allah, to provide you with assistance, no matter how hard that that action is using that name of Allah, that name of Allah, to extract Baraka upon Bearcat. such a blessing name.

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Many people complain How come I don't have blessings in my life, I don't have blessings in my wealth. I don't have blessing in my life and have blessings. In my knowledge I study so much I think it was in perhaps we're not using the blessing name of allah Bismillah Upon doing anything noble, did we say Bismillah upon entering a room Bismillah Upon exiting, there was a Bismillah when turning on the car, for similar drinking, eating, we should say it in the name of Allah Upon doing anything Noble. There are a Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Ali, so to slump to that effect. The Prophet told us to say Bismillah upon opening, opening a bottle Bismillah upon drinking upon eating Bismillah

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when turning off the light, back then the head lanterns etc. upon Allah. So this is how the Muslim should think In the name of Allah, I'm going to do these deeds. And when you say Bismillah you're you're expressing the oneness of Allah in that in that deed, a lot of hate you're expressing is saying In the name of Allah, I'm doing this deed for his sake alone upon Allah. Amazing, amazing. So some lessons we can learn from authority if we're in the

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number one,

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the love and respect

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the companions had to the Prophet Mohammed. Now these are not in your neck tonight. These are just my own personal notes.

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They love and respect that the companions had for the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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zibibbo haritha What was he doing when the Prophet was being stoned, protecting him shielding him with his body.

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He's getting struck by stone That's tough. And when I thought he was doing the same on the Battle of Wofford, but wasn't stone that time, it was spears and swords or arrows. Even worse, it shows you the love, the dedication commitment that the companions had, for the profile is so to slim, extreme love, they loved him more than they love themselves. And that's true faith as the profile is so slim indicated Quraysh one sense to help not

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to try and negotiate with a prophet Mohammed after the Treaty of Allah Abia. Now suhaila Muhammad was an expert negotiator. He was like the ace in the hole for Quraysh. Professional diplomat, this guy had the gift of the gab. So he goes to the problem hammered and the competitor try and strike a deal, a deal of compromise. He comes back and reports to Horace What does he say? He said, I've seen and visited the Roman Emperor, the Persian Emperor, the Ethiopian Emperor, but by Allah I have never seen a people who respect, love and reveal the leader. More

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Then the Muslims love, respect and reveal the Prophet Mohammed, no one no one comes close. He said, He will be performing will do, you know get the ablution for the prayer and the companions where they're trying to catch the drops of water dripping from his visit body. It's upon Allah. I love them. They love them so much more than anyone has ever loved any other leader. Amazing.

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He said, Do as you want, do as you please. These are people that companions who will never give up their prophet ever upon even he knew at the time he was a disbeliever he knew it's upon Allah. Look at the love and dedication that they had.

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And our Muslim and how Lanny, a great scholar from the Tiburon, he said something beautiful. He said words that will or should be written in gold. He said, the companions of the Prophet Mohammed think they're going to get away with keeping the Messenger of Allah to themselves. By Allah, we're gonna compete with them, we're going to compete with them, we're also going to compete and have our share of the Messenger of Allah, how they had an opportunity to defend Rasul Allah with their physical bodies. Well, we can do that today. We can still defend him with our words, we can still defend him in our speech, with our tongues, in our writings on Facebook, on Twitter, social media in our dour,

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we can still defend the prophets honor. Now we don't defend the Prophet honor, because he needs it doesn't need our defense is a need that a lot already honored him. We defend him for our defense, we honor him to a lock in on us. The Prophet Muhammad doesn't need our defense. Allah has already defended him, defended and promised to protect his son. He's a hadith and his way.

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So that's a very, very important lesson for the brothers.

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Number two.

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Among the lessons we can learn from this trip to a five is that the attacks against the messenger

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is not new.

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They attack the mystery. They're attacking him today. They're gonna attack him tomorrow.

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Don't be surprised when people insult the messenger. Don't be surprised that happened back then. They did it to his face, just like the other prophets. They called Noah and Moses and they called the Mad crazies. magician soup says Don't be surprised. And remember, Chef Ray said,

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don't be whoever thinks that they are safe from the tongues of the people is crazy. If you think people aren't going to talk about you, guess what have you. You got another thing coming. He said if Allah Himself was insulted when they said he's taken a son, and if his messenger was insulted when I called him a madman, and a soothsayer said what about everyone beneath these two in status? If the prophets of Allah were insulted, what about you and I want to prophets, surely people are going to insult us? Surely people are going to back by it as expected. So, but remember this that the text towards Rasul Allah is not new, not new. It's old news, old news upon a lot. So when they draw

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immature cartoons, because it's such a mature imbeciles, right. Don't be surprised. Don't be surprised.

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Number three, among the lessons we can learn is to plant the seed, plant the seed

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of whatever you're doing, don't lose hope, and Allah will make it grow.

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What do we get this lesson from? When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was when the tarrif was in a thought if he stayed there, we said for 10 days. What happened was one day, he was calling people to Islam and one of the fairgrounds of a thought if a lot of people were there listening, of course, they were rejecting, ignoring hiding.

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However, there was one young boy there at the time, by the name of harlot and arduini, call it a loved one. He said, I was a young boy, when the Prophet Mohammed came to a young boy, and the Prophet Mohammed was resigning from the Quran surah to Torah. He said, I memorized it then. And when I became Muslim, I'd already known sort of bionics upon Allah. The Prophet Mohammed was giving dour probably thinking not, no one's listening, people are rejecting but there was a young boy that and boy listening, the prophet was planting the seed of a man of faith in his heart. And a larger agenda was making it grow over the years. He became Muslim, he had memorized the Forex panel. Now it also

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shows you back then we said they had a very strong oral tradition. They were very sharp in the memories, because they didn't have we said paper wasn't available in Arabia back then. Thus, they relied heavily on listening memory. And you know, of course, you know, very strong oral tradition. You had a question. Okay. So he heard it once he memorized some patola amazing. So the Prophet planted the seed, and that's how we should be my dear brothers. plant the seed alone, make it grow. Allah is not going to ask you

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about the outcome is going to ask you about what you've done. That's what he's going to ask you the results with a lot.

00:25:06 --> 00:25:12

But it's gonna ask you about what you did, what did you do to change it? That's a very important lesson.

00:25:14 --> 00:25:16

And one more.

00:25:18 --> 00:25:25

Never belittle any good deed. Among the many lessons we can learn from a five is never belittle any good date.

00:25:27 --> 00:25:28

This is based on a hadith

00:25:30 --> 00:25:37

the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, LA, Iranian Amina Maru fisheye. Do not underestimate any good deed.

00:25:43 --> 00:25:44

When I get this lesson from

00:25:47 --> 00:25:51

a das who was at this, like Christian slave, what happened?

00:25:53 --> 00:26:30

He reverted simply because he heard of Bismillah, In the name of Allah, that small phrase, although very simple, had a huge effect on him. So when you're giving our mighty brother, when you're calling to Islam, don't think people are noticing when they're noticing, you may not notice that other people are noticing. Be the best. Imagine every time you greeted a non Muslim, or you created a Muslim anyone. You thought to yourself, you know what, this is my first and last opportunity, I have to present Islam to them. Therefore, I'm going to make it the best. I'm going to make it the best representation. Imagine if every Muslim thought this way? Well, no, we would change the world. And

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we have changed the world. But we'll continue to change it even further. Imagine every time we thought that you're going to give the best representation of the Prophet Mohammed because in reality, we are like the representatives of Islam. We are the ambassadors of the Prophet, we are messengers of the messenger. So you show Islam in the best way. And imagine the next Muslim came and did the same. And then the third and the fourth, that person surely will accept Islam just based on actions, because actions speak louder than words. And most people won't remember the words that you said, but rather, the actions that you did instead. So show Islam be a Muslim, walk like a Muslim,

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dressed like a Muslim, talk like a Muslim drink like a Muslim, just be a Muslim, and all our people will enter Islam in droves in droves like they did in the time of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, when they were allowed to show that Islam openly after the Treaty of her day BIA which we're going to learn in the biography soon, when dow was open, that's when people flooded in. But of course, in the beginning, it was closed and they couldn't they were persecuted. They couldn't show Islam when they were able to show Islam that's when people entered Islam. So we asked Allah azza wa jal, the most time to enable all of us to always be the best representatives and ambassadors of this

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number religion. The second law Hello, my dear brothers for attentive listening, so Panchen Lama will be Hambrick shadow Allah Illa Illa Mr. Furukawa tulelake salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

The Journey to At-Taif

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