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In Search of a Base & The Pledge of Al-Aqabah


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The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of Prophet's teachings and the failure of Islam to meet demands. The importance of praying for the Prophet's advice and praying for his actions is emphasized. The discussion covers the history of the world, political parties, events, and the origin of Islam. The natural tendencies of the Jews and their hate towards Muslims are also discussed, with the speaker emphasizing the importance of protecting against attacks and unity in society.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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Lesson six from zero. This is the last lesson in sha Allah tala and it actually is perfect because we end here, it takes into the Hydra, which we'll pick up next bit Hilah Hey, Azerbaijan.

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last lesson we looked at Islamic knowledge and what we'll do inshallah to Allah will quickly mention what we left off and that is the Salah, and how was ordained and what happened after that. And then the events leading up to the Prophet sallahu wa sallam migration to animate in.

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And that leads us to the pledge of Alaska which is the next chapter in the shield nectar. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went up to the heavens, a larger commanded the Prophet Allah such semones oma with 50 Salawat 50 prayers Well, he came down on the way he passed by Moosa moose asked him what happened he said, we're being commanded with 50 prayers what it masala celebs I guess go back to much ask for reduction. Now he's taking the advice of masala Islam like his older brother took a lot of experiences Trust me, I know I dealt with very surreal how they they give me a hard time and look at the stories of masala Islam in the Quran. You see, they did give me a hard time. So it takes

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advice and it shows you the competition between the MBA was a competition not out of jealousy, but rather, one of goodness does they'll give each other advice. He went up last July, of course, he answered and met the request of the Prophet he reduced it by 10 came down what happened there 40 no gospel more. He came down soon after 30. Now, he's asked for more than I was used to 20 ask for more. 10 ask for more. He came down. He said how many is it now? He said, five. What it was to say that's good. Because I asked for more. Trust me. It's too hard on your own.

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And how what was more salicylate till today, many Muslims cannot even pray five times a day. A lot of like what? We asked the same Muslims, we asked them.

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How do you expect your feet to take you to dinner if they can't even take you to the sauna?

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How can you expect to stand before your master tomorrow? If you can't bow before him today? how

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so many Muslims can't even do five. So he said I asked him to trust me. He said I'm too shy to ask. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam if he asked a load of met his requests, a larger he would love to slow so much he changed the Qibla for crying out loud just because of what because of the law. No, is looked up to the heavens got the narrow

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fistula alasa tillbaka we've seen your face turn towards the heavens. Let's look

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at a sir look in his eyes. Allah said for Allah Luhan dn Nikita, Bella.

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Fernando one Leah nikka Bella Tantra surely 100% there's like so many letters of Nokia, in this era of automation, Allah saying surely 100% guaranteed I'm going to change a couple of just for you, just for you, your world history is changed my dear brothers. World History is changed millions upon millions of Muslims, they actually face their different direction. World History is changed because of a loss of wanting to see a smile on the Prophet's face. So you may be happy.

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That's it. That's the reason and the failure failure. This is called fattest suburbia was saying I'm going to do it because of this. It's called the suburbia the fact of reason.

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Allah surely you would have met the prophets request if he asked for a reduction but also Allah says what to shy

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shy of Allah asking asking lastly would have met his request as we said, See, that's how the prophet SAW Selim character was short to us. And allows really loves it when you ask a lot. A lot he loves it, but the people know opposite. People hate it when you ask a lot. Ask a brother I can have $5 Yeah, okay, next day, can I have $10 here right? Next day $20.

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Next day, $50 a candy bar. People get annoyed. The more you ask of the creation, they get annoyed with you but the more of asking your Creator he loves it. And the less you ask from Allah, He hates it. So ask more, ask more or less I'll keep on giving keep on giving.

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So we need to thank musala Salah macdrive for him, like drops Allah raises ranking Jenna Hamdi law, look at his advice. his advice is out of wisdom and wisdom and, of course, scholarship. He gave this advice to the Prophet salaallah salaam. And because of that the silhouette of fire medknow 50 mighty brothers, how would we function? How do we work? How do we do anything throughout the day imagine what to pray 50 times a day. But Lazarus then revealed to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, although they five I'm going to reward them like they're 5050. In other words, each Salah is two

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how merciful is Elias? Once Allah, Allah multiplies it by 1010. You know dealing with a boss, manager CEO, he gives you just what you work for your hourly wage, who's going to give you 10 times your hourly wage to do that?

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Show me anyone who give you 10 times your hourly wage. Show me, I'll go work with it.

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No one. I bet I'll give you a double time and a half true that will come in half on weekends probably call it is that best. Last we'll give you 10 times and guess what he'll multiply by 25 or 27. In Jamal

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Karim Allah, Allah azza wa jal. So that's basically the lesson I wanted to mention from an astronomer Raj Allah's mercy, generosity, but also the Prophet China's his character, and Lazarus surely would have answered this request of the valley so to slim.

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And also another lesson is that the scholar said, the Salah was the only act of worship legislated to the prophet in the heavens.

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every act of worship was given to the soul on Earth. What does that indicate?

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When you get when you pray, you're getting close to Allah. And it was the only act of worship given to rasulillah without an intermediary. Najib realized lm direct from Allah to his messenger to indicate when you pray you connecting directly with Allah. So Allah, the ultimate speed dial, no internet or Wi Fi necessary, connect with the laws origin, the ultimate connection, in fact, you connect out of this world. final number, What's the number?

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The mechanic two solos the number How many?

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It's a parable for the prey 244444 So three from every profession, you connect with Allah. So what happened? The Prophet sallallaahu salam returns, he told his wife, what did she say? She's Don't tell anyone.

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Or she said that. She does believe No, she believed. She said, because it'd be a fitna on the people, especially if they're not going to accept this. And it's going to increase them in their persecution towards the Muslims. is not I'm going to reveal the message. I have to proclaim and preach as of last week commanded me. So he begins to tell some of the Sahaba and news quickly spreads like wildfire. Who his scum of the earth himself.

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He is and he goes over to the Prophet a boastful manner is our Mohammed.

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any recent news? Anything interesting happen lately? frosted? Yes. What is it? I went to Jerusalem and back in one night. He said, Oh, Mohammed, are you willing to say declare this openly? He says, Yeah, sure. Well, he calls everyone from Croatia and the leaders and so forth. And they all come and listen to this man. Mohammed has got some news to tell you people have courage. What is a prophet says it with full confidence. I went to beta necklace and back in one night that people start to chuckle Hoot whistle laugh they're laughing so much they falling over each other Ah ha ha make a big mockery out of this whole situations Apollo, mocking the profile. So

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if you've been to the recent back, we're going to call some people who know what and mustered luck. So it looks like we're going to test you. They call this individuals over. They say, describe an actor, if you've been there,

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test them. The proper ally such Sam begins to describe it. And he stops. He said, I became vexed. I was confused. I couldn't describe it. Why? Because he was only there for a short period of time. He went he dismounted, he went inside, he prayed left, standing outside taking notes. Right. So I couldn't describe it. All of a sudden a lot displayed and Miss locker in front of me. And I began to describe it brick by brick pebble by pebble miracle given to us Allah, these men, and we'll set some of them were Jews on Long Island. They said he described Exactly, exactly. Suddenly Allahu alayhi wa sallam. I said, we still don't believe us very well. Let me tell you of some caravans that are

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coming into Mecca in the next few days, such and such with so many camels, and this caravan is holding this as Tom luggage. It's got this provision and that provision. He described these caravans coming into Mecca. Exactly. And he said also they lost one of their camels, and I guided them to it. And they also have some water missing. These people rushed to the outskirts of Mecca and they waited, waited, waited. When they came in eventually, they were exactly as the Prophet described exactly the amount of caravans they loads the provision. They had the number of camels, they said, Did you lose anything on this journey? I said, Yeah, we lost one of our camels. And what happened?

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We heard a voice from above telling us where it is. We went there and we found it. But what else happened? What else did you lose? We lost a lot of water also.

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The prophet of course, drank some of it. And he told them it's I drank some it's in this in such and such container. Now it's interesting research into astronauts when they actually

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ascend like they actually get dehydrated. Astronauts suffer from dehydration the silver came back here to drink a lot of water so Panama interesting interesting fact look it up amazing so he had to drink a lot of water when he came back because they went up out of space upon Allah sallallahu wasallam but it wasn't enough that's covered for you go for literally means a covering cafaro linguistically means satara to cover like a Sitara you know the curtain so a cover is such it's covering covering over the eyes they had sealed tight, sealed shot even if you bring the all the ads they're not going to believe this like frown frown he saw Musashi Salaam with a shining white hand

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click because it was dark skinned, took it out was why why it's upon law didn't believe he had his stuff turned into a snake didn't believe add up all the magicians so called snake didn't believe even saw the ocean split in front of him Allahu Akbar, the clear assigned didn't believe didn't believe he didn't believe that's covered for you.

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So blinded by the falsehood, even if the ayah was staring him in the face speaking to them Hello.

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Love going to believe believe in me No, I won't

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believe that's good for nothing that's good palolem Allah protect us from having these sealed huts and the other guru Bahama shower upon a lot. So that is basically an Asana Rajan is more to it. There's a hadith to indicate when he when he saw paradise in hell five, I'm not gonna mention everything will be here, any next five years of scrubbing the sealer, but just the main lessons behind it. And now the in your notes going on to mention the first pledge of Alaska? Yes, for those who have distilled nectar, you will see that as the next chapter, the first pledge of Alaska. But what's interesting is that I'm not sure why but the author didn't actually mentioned the lead up to

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that, then this comma, let's pledge and close were your allies. No, it didn't just happen like that. But rather, what I'm going to mention, my personal notes of the Prophet is sort of some searching for a base, and what happens who rejects him who accepts him and the lead up to the pledge of Alaska to lacava. And that, of course, is the build up to Al hydro. In El Medina, the migration to El Medina

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we know the 10th view, a lot happened. And this is where we're concluding where who died in the 10th year.

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I will call it bent. Khadija. So what did that mean?

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offense defense of the Prophet was last gone, finished sort of solo needed protection in its offense and defense. So he was searching for some allies for some support and protection. Where did he go? We said, he first went to a Thai for up and then

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they rejected Him, they kicked him out of the villa. Now after the Night Journey, he also continued.

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Darwin was at a stalemate, and the persecution and torture of the Sahaba increased. And now word was spreading that they wanted the head of the prophet SAW Selim, you couldn't get rid of the message. So let's get rid of the messenger or with a biller.

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So during Hajj season, the prophet alayhi salatu salam would visit each tribe, each campsite, and he'll go and ask them for protection azuri for him alone of the taboo and said, not a single tribe accepted the prophecy. Everyone rejected him.

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Why did they reject him? They said, based on the weak analogy, his people know him best if his tribe rejected him, why should we accept him? But we know sometimes your own family members, the closest people to you go against structure. Sometimes your own relatives are in your opposition and wait. So that analogy is weak. They said we're not gonna accept him because our own tribe rejected him. Then it's mentioned those tribes who rejected him were, namely, Ben hanifa

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was said about them. No one gave the rudest rejection to the prophet like Ben or hanifa. These guys were the worst, the most rudest and the most hostile towards the Messenger of Allah. In fact, what's interesting is that these same scumbags were to lead a revolt against the valley so to slap towards the end of his prophethood the same people led by who

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was saying the America that we're showing the ugly head from day one, like even the ruinous rejection. And as I said, these are the same people who led a revolt against also law and they allowed with masala al Qaeda or the Billa and they fitna only came to a halt and was finished and destroyed when the fitna moussaka during the title of a work I sent a while back Ron was Apollo, what a fitna, so they gave him the rudest rejection.

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Also among the tribes who abandoned me

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the leader was by huddle

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by Hara after talking to the profile, he saw two slabs of Hmm. I'm impressed. He was very impressed with the prophets eloquent words. And he said, If I had this man on my side, I would eat up the Arabs with him. The stinky politics fellow can get this guy on my team. This guy's grave, intelligent, smart, courageous, he saw qualities in ossola that were unique, like none other than get this guy on my team. He said, Dr. Mohammed, if we were to protect you support you help you and Allah grants you victory. Would we have power after you? What is your solo? Say? Yes. And no. He said, in an orderly law, the earth belongs to Allah. You refer to him as he allows to inherit

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whoever he wills. I can control this kingdom the diminished Four Laws of jail, he decides the matter. However, what I can promise you is this while are able to deal with

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the end result agenda is for them with the pain of taqwa you have done.

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And that shows you the honesty and integrity of the profile. So to them. It wasn't like these corrupt politicians of today. What do they do? They promised the world they promised infrastructure, medicine, money, resources, education, they promised everything what do they produce? nada, zilch. Zip, nothing. They provide nothing. Well, Scylla was like telling it promise you the dunya. And I promised the dean, look, I can't guarantee the dunya. So this man said, Dr. Mohammed, are we going to present our throats to the Arab in your defense? And then if Allah grant you victory, we see power will go elsewhere? No, thank you. At least he was honest, but he rejected also. Banner Ahmed

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refused. Then there was a ban on a ban. You may read some nations ban or shaver.

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What is it? None of the Arab Arab.

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But before mentioned Ben O'Shea. Ben, what's interesting is that Ben armour went back to their hometown after the HUD season.

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And they would go and they would tell people what happened and there was an elder amongst them, one of the elders of the community was a wise man. This man couldn't perform How do I because of his age, any sickness, so whenever they would come back, he'd asked them about the events that occurred during the HUD season. This time he asked anything interesting happen. But he said, Yes, we came across a man who claims to be from the descendants of Ishmael is also the grandchild of Abdulmutallab. Yes. Yes. What happened? He claims to be a prophet. And did you accept? No, we rejected? He put his hand on his forehead. He said, Could your mistake be any worse? Could you be so

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foolish? Could your mistake be rectified? inshallah what happened is that no one from the descendants of Ishmael ever made such a claim and they were lying. He said out of that it no prophet hood, I don't know. For them to claim it is something rare. It has to be true, but unprofitable to power. And the only prophet they came to really know was this mail over 2000 years ago, didn't have any books that have scripture, that has to be true has to be true. And here's the sentence of course, this man is unknowable, the only lineage nimble ancestry. And what's interesting is that the generation ends the Aloha Island whether they went back and they accepted Israel or maybe later on

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in Almudena, we may hear of them but I couldn't find anything else.

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So this guy was spewing. He said, Where are you? good judgment go, what happened to you? How can you make such a terrible mistake alarmist?

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Now banish a ban.

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These were people who had experience dignity and honor. And Albert Rose with the prophet SAW Selim during Hutchison, and they saw them obachan was the one who would usually go and introduce and break the ice. He went over to them, and he asked them your better shape and yes, they said, Yes, correct. How many do you have? They said, We have 1000 strong, like butter. Sounds good. Now good stop. Because the after prediction, they've got 1000 strong 1000 men over karate lon who asked them, How are you in warfare? He said we go to the limit. Non Stop all the way cuz we are very hostile. And we love our steeds, our horses more than our son's law work, but our work is lacking this. So it caused

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the proviso to Islam and introduces Ben O'Shea back to the Messenger of Allah. Then the Prophet spoke to them and they were impressed. And after the Prophet recited Tim Ed, they admitted they said these are not the words of a memorial is have to be the word of the Creator. I said we are the most eloquent of people. Well, how about if these were words of men, we were we are the ones we would have been the first

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To identify, these are not the words of a man rather than words of Allah, they admitted. So the Prophet Elise was asking for protection. They said we can offer protection and are willing to do so from the side of the Arab. We can offer you protection against the Arabs, but we can't offer you protection against the Romans and the Persians. Why? Because they said, We have a pact, I truth with them. We have a truce with them. And they also in this practice agreement, that we do not side with the troublemaker, and what you're calling two kings and leaders don't like they knew. They knew they were wise. Why don't kings and leaders like this thing called Islam? Because kings and leaders only

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seek to control and enslave the people. Islam seeks to liberate the people not enslave them. So they knew that this is going to grant people freedom from what our hands are causing No, no, we can't have this Islam thing. This is what you're calling to, is actually something that kings and leaders and rulers don't likes upon others. Now we're honest, the prophet was replied in a very nice response. He said, Your answer is a nice one. It's a respectable one. He said, however, this is a religion that needs protection and is to be held in high esteem and needs to be protected from all sides, or similar demands except half a deal. And I chose my dear brothers Rasulo wasn't going to

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compromise. It wasn't going to compromise his principles. Even though the situation in Mecca was dire. And it was horrible being tortured. Rasul Allah was being marked to another one of these head associate as anything we'll do a quick half or do anything. No. Sula, was willing to put his own neck on the line for Islam.

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And that's the beauty behind all Yeah, I will care for you. Only if you don't call Allah saying you say this aku you all say hello to the solar is gonna do even if he's alone.

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Hello, Ireland was accepted, but they were willing to offer protection from one side and not the other, but the Prophet. He praised them for their honesty, and was a nice response. I left on very good terms. However, the prophet Alessandra Islam, most eloquently and only in a very nice manner. He declined also

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finally interested with the end and leads us into the migration to end Medina. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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sees the tribe of Laos when

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they had the unkempt swine, as we say, during Hajj season or sola will do this, because this is when all the tribes will come was like the spiritual headquarters of Arabia, will all the tribes will come outside of Mecca and so forth, and they will come perform the rituals and so forth. So allowes was 100 Raj with it. Yes.

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It was with our burqa, and some of the Sahaba, mainly Albuquerque, perhaps even early on. So one reason says there were six men

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from 100 other nations say, five from 101, from Laos, but regardless 100% there were six of them at the campsite of Anheuser Raj. Now, these were two Arab tribes,

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who lived where

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we lived in Medina.

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And they neighbored to

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the Jews, they live amongst the Jews, we're gonna see how that plays in effect in a moment, as a part of law, that winner Medina. And this seemed to be the perfect situation for us. Why?

00:23:51--> 00:24:30

Because if these accepted a lawsuit, haweswater asuma went to Medina, it served as a natural form of defense due to the rocky tracks in planes from the east and the west, and the trees from the south. In other words, if anyone was going to attack, they can only attack via the North that is in the north. So often this natural protection was like this fertile ground for a dour and Islam here. And because the neighbor, the Jews, interesting, we're gonna see what happened. The Prophet Allah sort of approaches them and he asked them, are you at loss with his Roger said, Yes. He said, Are you the allies of the Jews? I said, Yes. He asked them, may I have a word with you? I said, Sure. The

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profile so to slim sits down with them. He presents Islam to them. What do they say? We accept.

00:24:38--> 00:24:59

We accept and we are willing to offer protection for years. We'll just give us one year we'll come back next year with some others and we'll offer our protection and nobody Erica will give our pledge of allegiance and thoughts. That leads us into the pledge of Alaska and exactly where the notes are in the sealed nectar. And that's exactly what happened. They are

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The prediction in Medina and first the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam now starts his preparations to this, of course, noble city, the city of light. But before we end there, you might ask how come they accepted Islam? so quickly? What happened? We said Who are the neighboring who do they live amongst the Jews? So Reason number one.

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among the reasons why they accepted Islam

00:25:28--> 00:25:34

very quickly, because they had a natural inclination to to hate because of the hood.

00:25:39--> 00:25:41

So we're naturally inclined.

00:25:44--> 00:26:17

Why? Because they saw the Jews, the Horde, as people who were learned, educated, they had scripture, they had books that former prophets, and as Arabs were illiterate, we can't read, we can't write, we've got no books, we don't have anything. And our religion is based on fairy tales, myths and fables phenomena. So they saw the juices up here, and they respected them. And because they're always talking about the hate, and so forth, they were affected by that. And it shows you that this natural inclination to go ahead, although that will confirm. But that shows you something important, my dear brothers, that you are productive you environment, you live amongst the kuffaar, you're

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going to be affected by them. You live amongst the Muslims, you're going to be affected by them. So these were our preferred, they were affected by the hate of the Jews, in the sense that the Jews, of course, unlikely pagan Arabs, that they don't worship idols and aufnahme excetera.

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and yeah, you know, what if it wasn't for the racism, bigotry and prejudice of the Jews, Allahu Allah, and most of them probably would have accepted Judaism. Because the Jews just like that a back then bigotry, racist, prejudice bias. They treated them like the dogs of the desert. I will say that, they will say that I treated them like lower class citizens. And leave us on to the second reason. Why else will Hans Raj accept Islam so quickly? Because the Jews would threaten them? Would they say, whenever there's conflict between the Arabs and the Jews, they'll say profits coming, a profits coming and when it comes, we're gonna side with him and we're gonna slaughter you, Arabs,

00:27:14--> 00:27:25

just like the people of Iran, Iran was slaughtered and destroyed. So they would threaten them. Thus, they were scared and the Arab world mentally prepared for profit.

00:27:26--> 00:27:29

They were prepared, they would hear a lot from the Jews.

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And that's why the Jews were in Almudena, they had no reason to be there. But because in their books, there were signs of the Promised profit in the promised land. There were signs of the Promised profit in the promised land. So that would here this prophet is coming prophet is coming. And when he came out, we'll go with you. Right now we can hire now we're gonna sort of use those other around the soil with the Prophet because of course, they didn't wanna get slaughtered, so that we're prepared for the Prophet that we're prepared for him. Some of the

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third reason are on appear due to space.

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Because they were from a smile and they didn't like that. They were expecting the profit to be from his heart, and of course, to prejudice and so forth. And hello, we'll take the comments in a moment.

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The Battle of wealth

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was another reason why else will Hans Raj accepted Islam middlee

00:28:36--> 00:28:38

what happened in the bathtub was

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the leaders of a house when hot rods were killed such a violent battle. The latest of these two tribes were killed thus they had no leader no leadership, no structure, they were looking for a leader. The panel also worked out perfectly I said that the Battle of Bath was preparation divine preparation by Allah azza wa jal to prepare the people of Medina for those who lifeless

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No, Adam exactly when but it was it was recent.

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So the Battle of Bath prepared them prepare them because they had no lead and I'm looking forward. So what

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is the lesson you may dislike something your lead is a killed you're fighting but because of that you get the Messenger of Allah, some of the low audience and then don't look at a situation as bad. Rather what I always say the misfortune of a believer fortunes in disguise, you just don't know it. Just like medicine. Sometimes the medicines better true. tastes bad. We take it anyway. Why? Because you know the benefits outweigh the harms.

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And that leads us on to the final point and we'll end here.

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An aos will houselogic craved unity. These were two tribes that were always at each other's necks always fighting. So they craved unity.

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They wanted it. So when I saw the profile, I saw two of them. So this is the perfect opportunity for a large bill to United through you. Yes, a lot. So they accepted they wanted unity. So how does that work? How do they find one unit at same time? That's like many massages in Morocco is true. Many groups, many massages, many centers that you find fit them between them, but they don't like it. They don't want that fit. True. Even in Sydney, we find many groups at each other's necks, but they all want unity happens sometimes. So they fighting. There's differences in dispute. We're inciting men fighting, right? We understand we've seen it, but people don't want that. So although there's

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disunity, people still want unity. That's what happened. That's why they accepted Islam. So they came back the next year. Next Hodge, they took the baotou lacava, the pledge of lacava. And in it, they pledged, of course, to accept Islam through our Commissioner to not drink alcohol to not murder their daughters and bury them alive. And this beta was called beta. And these are all you know, you'll see rollover, they are to Nyssa. What was it called the bay are the pledge of women.

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Correct? Because this was a pledge that did not include not stipulate any conditions of fighting. They took the bow, they took the pledge, we pledge allegiance to Universal Law, etc. But this one did not include any fighting the first pledge. So therefore, it's called the pledge of women and shows you that those who don't fight are women.

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So with that, that leads us on to now of course, the prophet Allison prepares for the migration to an auction house Roger who became known as what and saw elsewhere with accepted Islam and Rasulullah sallallahu CODEL and saw the helpers from Nasir to give help. ask Allah to unite us with alongside one Mohajer in Yama, Yama, woofie. Jenna me pranic Aloha, Mohammed ignatia