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rubbish actually suddenly we are suddenly Emily, Dr. Melissa Nia Coco Lee, but hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam, O Allah, Allah Allah, he was a marine about today's Doha belongs to sootel MBR. That's the 21st Sutra of the Quran. This is the daughter of a uvalde, salaam, Prophet about whom we weren't, we learned very, very little in the Quran, and in our sacred literature. And so the few things that are mentioned are worthy of notice. This is number 83, and 84 of the surah. One thing before I start with this dog, this is a dog, someone who, what we what little we do know about a university system is that he became extremely sick, so much so that you know, back in the day, when

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someone became too sick, they were quarantined. They were cut off from the rest of society because they thought that disease will spread, so they cut them off. So it seems the only one that remained with him was his wife, who was very loyal just to take care of him. But everybody else had abandoned him, essentially. So he was cut off. It's interesting that Eliza, which had mentioned the story of a uvalde salaam, in this brief way and talks about his prayer, right after he talks about soleimani, salaam suta lumbee. Allah first talks about Solomon Ali Salam and these ayat. And then he talks about a new value system. And there's a direct contrast between those two. On the one hand, Allah

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describes someone who Allah gave control over the winds, over Jin, over all kinds of things that had never been given before. And he's been granted all kinds of control and power. And it's been contrasted with a prophet who's entirely sick, and has been cut off from his family, and completely separated. The first thing to note here is, you know, when somebody gets sick, they're not able to do the normal things that other people are able to do, right. So they're not able to maybe go to work anymore, they're not able to go to college or university or study or continue their studies, like they used to be able to study, maybe they can't even drive anymore. Some basic functions that

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people do, as a result of that a person can start feeling that they're useless, right? That they used to be capable of so many things, and other capable of nothing. So they're basically a purposeless existence. You know, for for men and a woman a lot put inside of human beings different than animals. for human beings, we don't feel fulfilled, even if there's food on the table, even if everything else is okay, if we're not able to fulfill a purpose or be feel like we're productive, and something is inside of us that's missing. And so the feeling of not being able to do something because you're sick is a very powerful, negative feeling that can weigh on somebody, and really turn

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them into a pessimist as a result when people get sick and guy get diagnosed with a serious illness, especially an illness in which maybe they're hospitalized. Or they're separated from the family because it's dangerous, or it's infectious and things like that, or they're not able to do their previously normal tasks, what is normal, everybody else, they can't do any more. As a result of that they might feel like a lot does not care for them. Just like people have left them. Nobody else gives them any importance. They don't have any role to play anymore. It's not like they're contributing to the world in some way. So they start feeling if I can't contribute to the world in

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some way, it must mean that I'm worthless to Allah also. Because if I was worthy of something that Allah would have put me to use. So you've got this direct contrast between Solomon and you've been remarkably it's, it's incredible that allows origin describes both of them as prophets of Allah. You know, and prophets, the prophet what is the highest rank the most noble rank that can be given to a human being, you know, like Lydia, Allahu Allah him in the beam was the deity or Shahada Asante hain, Allah says the people that Allah favored and unlike gifted to Allah rewarded and awarded, the top of that list is profits, then the people who accepted the truth of those profits, then those who

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testify to the truth and gave their lives also. And then finally, it's all good people in general as the ranking that Allah describes, so the top of that rank is profits. And one of those profits is a YouTube and Instagram, who for much of his life is not able to do any kind of any kind of work. You would think what services he providing he's bedridden, he's basically sick, nearly paralyzed. Some Some even describe him as almost completely paralyzed. The only thing functioning is his tongue. That's all that's left. And so in that state, he calls on Allah. And he, he calls on the line this remarkable way he says it's adorable.

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aneema, Sania Lord and the Messiah

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Theodore, he calls on a liar, essentially. And he says harm has touched me. harm has touched me notice few remarkable things here. The word mass in the Arabic language, they say a coup de la gente Saba, the least amount of contact between two things is called mass. Okay? So there's no massage, there's massage, there's luck, or is there different levels of contact, like when two oceans clash against each other Mirage Albanian Tachyon elliptica is used because that's a clash, like two armies clashing into each other. But Canada Come on Fifi a tiny Takata but must is when something barely touches something else. The word he's using is saying I have barely been touched by harm, just

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strange language because he's basically paralyzed. He should be saying harm has flooded me. It's whipped me it's beat me. You know, baronial Bhavani adore you know, Katana Catalunya, Laconia bought, the horn has destroyed me harm has killed me harm has ruined me No, no, no harm has barely touched me. In this there's a realization from him that we don't we don't acknowledge. And that is as hard as my life can be. As hard as things can be, there is much greater harm that Allah prevents from me. And compared to the harm that Allah has prevented from me, this is just barely a touch. Whatever I'm going through in life, this is actually just a touch of what actual harms there can be.

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But you can imagine a man who's paralyzed who can't even get up, who's basically sick, sick, and he's, you know, cut off from everyone he knows and loves, say for his wife and that poor wife also just living a life of service. Not even not even living a fulfilling life, you know, in a relationship, you take care of the other the other takes care of you. It's not even though it's basically a one way street. So then how is this barely touched? How much worse could it get in it embedded, there's another powerful realization, and that is physical well being financial well, being social well being are all one thing. But spiritual well being my relationship with Allah, if

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this sickness got to a point where I started getting cut off from Allah Himself, that will be the worst thing that could ever happen. That's the ultimate harm. And compared to that harm, this is nothing.

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And you know, that's important, because when people do get sick, depression can hit. I mean, it can get clinically diagnosed, you can get clinically depressed. And then people around, you know, Muslim sometimes are very cruel to people that are sick, to children that are sick. If somebody family has a child with cancer, or somebody you know, with some kind of mental disorder or some kind of disability, then people come and they start pity. Pamela, you must have to have so much trouble is our parents need to hear need to be reminded that they're already going through a challenge. We have to be careful in how we talk to people, how we address them and not remind them of their disability

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or their sickness. It's insensitive to do that. So we end when all of that starts happening. Everybody comes and starts giving these like, artificial, it's okay, have solid wood, there's a It's okay, I've suffered and there's actual support. You know, there's actual care for somebody. And so when that doesn't happen, it could be that someone gets really disconnected from Allah. Yeah, I don't want to die anymore. I don't I don't care anymore. There are some people I've met who and young age, like I got a friend I knew, you know, in his 30s, he was much younger than myself is in his mid 30s, he had a heart attack, while making breakfast for his kids had a heart attack, you

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know, is perfectly healthy, no history of heart disease in the family, everything's normal. And all of a sudden, he's on the floor. And he you know, he lost brain function. As a result, he was bedridden family went into all kinds of problems. But whatever little he could speak, it would just be Alhamdulillah would just be that, you know, that's with all of that loss. That's an incredible game. That's a remarkable game. He says a NEMA sentence by the way door also, you have to understand water comes in the Arabic language originally from loosening something about how, for example, if a muscle becomes loose, or if you know, something of fruit that used to be ripe, and it becomes loose

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because it's becoming sour, that's actually called board something that's no longer able to provide a function and from it can be a bit of another number means benefit. Boredom means harm thing is no longer beneficial anymore. If somebody becomes a limp, or if somebody's muscles don't work the way they should they're supposed to, when he's using the word load, which commonly gets translated as harm. He's also saying my inability is starting to hit on me. My incapability is starting to mess with me. It's starting to affect me, and it's touching on me now. And the Messiah here is not even referring necessarily to his body. It's now starting to affect my heart, my incapability and my

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incapacity, my weakness, my flaw, is actually starting to affect my heart. And before it gets any worse, he declares something to Allah. He says, well, under our hammer, rahimian, that's the door. I actually in this door. He has nothing. He hasn't he didn't ask for healing. He didn't ask for relief. And I'm not saying you're not supposed to. You should ask

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Ask a live and if it's like, be sure to Tamra if you want to ask for the pit of a seed of a date you ask a lot, but in his personal relationship with Allah, his closeness and his love for Allah was so powerful as soon as he said yeah, a lot of harm and if the affliction and harm by the way, the word board isn't just referring to his physical body because he didn't just say NEMA, Sania murghab. He said a board which means the abandonment of family, the people that have left behind the work that he's not able to do hurts you, if you're not able to do the work that starts eating away at you, all kinds of pain is getting to him. And he says it's finally reaching me. And he turns to a lion says,

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Well, I'm Todd hamre mean, and you are the most loving, most caring, most enveloping in your care of any who can show care and love. The word rush mind Arabic isn't just mercy, it's to show love, it's to show care. The closest image to that in the Arabic language is the word Ram. Ram is the womb of a mother because the baby is completely surrounded in the care of the mother. Its food, its shelter, its protection, it's you know, it's it's cleaning all of its taken care of by the mother, the entire world of the child is surrounded by care. You have no worries at all. When you're inside the womb of your mother. All of its taken care of. You have no worries whatsoever. All of it's your mother's

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issue. from it. Allah gave the word Rama for himself he called himself a man. And in a hadith bootsy says to me to Kubus me. I called you meaning the womb of the mother. He's talking to the womb of the mother. He says I named you by my name. I named you by my name, just so we understand there's a connection between understanding a lobbying Rahim and Rahim and Rahman, and the womb of the mother, meaning complete, surrounding completely drowned and someone's care and love. And so he says to Allah, until tomorrow when you would think someone who's left like that, and the luck control sickness and health, like Ibrahim said earlier, salawa Melissa who ashvini when I get sick, he's the

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one who heals me. He kills me. We talked about that early on in Ramadan. He should be in our latest Salaam, turning to a lion asking Allah you're the healer. You're the one who cures. You're the one who provides you know, health strength. You're the one Kashif adore the one who alleviates harm. He didn't say any of that. He just said, You're the one who cares and loves more than anybody else. This This is going to take a little bit of maybe an example to help you understand. You know,

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out of love out of love if a child comes to the mom and says, Mom, I'm hungry. I love you. Getting a little hungry.

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I'm getting a little hungry. I love you.

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What does the mom do? Mom says, You didn't ask for food. You just said you're hungry.

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The fact that the child says Mom, I love you. I'm hungry. You know what this is actually or my stomach's rolling just a little bit. Just a little bit. You know what that child is doing is the son this daughter, they're actually in this loving relationship. You don't even have to spell out your request. You can just describe what you're going through. And the one who loves you so much will do what they need to do out of love anyway. You don't have to spell it make a request. Actually. As a matter of fact, sometimes love is so intense. You don't even have to say anything. Your mom looks at your face book. Look at.

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Look, you're hungry. Yeah.

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You know, not during Ramadan, I'm talking afterwards, right? So. But the idea being here, he understands the loving bond he has with Allah. It's touched me. But you're the most you're a hoarder. I mean, you're the most loving caring of all those who can show love and care. You know, and it's such a beautiful, you know, expression to Allah as origin that he says, Don't think Allah that I'm complaining about you. I'm not saying you made me sick. Why aren't you hearing me out? Haven't you had enough? Yala, you're in control? Why are you keeping me this way? What's the point of me being a prophet if I'm just gonna be sitting lying in bed all day? No, no, I know you care

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more than anybody else possibly can. And he's, he's, by the way his wife is taking care of him. And he still recognizes as much as my wife cares for me. No one shows me like my more than Allah. In the masani a little until tomorrow. I mean, what does Allah do when he recognizes this loving attitude towards himself? First agenda, Allah who we responded to him. We responded to him. He didn't ask anything it's the Java is for so

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when you ask you get answered. Allah azza wa jal sees the question even though there wasn't a question, even though there wasn't a question, and he says, aka Chef nabeshima, maybe human loading. We alleviated from him whatever was afflicting whatever harm was touching him, meaning not just his sickness, but actually his loneliness, his abandonment. So Allah says what artina who Allah we gave him his family back when Miss lahoma Home and another one like it has family even grew. He got more people around him and more people you know, behind him and more people to benefit from his teaching than ever before in Indiana

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Rahmatullah andina as a show of Rama that came especially from us a show of love and care. He said you're off camera he mean, Allah showed him Rama, Rama, Tommy nandina. And finally the most, the most relevant part of this job for us was the Crawley Aberdeen. And we did this as a powerful reminder, Vicar in Arabic, reminder, the Quran is a kind of mobila an incredible reminder for all those who worship for all those who worship in this small phrase, what they call the RBD, there is a powerful treasure, and that treasure is that are a bother to Allah. When we worship Allah, you know, there are lots of feelings we have between ourselves and Allah, I'm afraid of Allah. I want to obey

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Allah. I'm terrified of his punishment. I obey him because he's my guide. But there's one thing here that Eliza describes that a servant when they turn to Allah, with one feeling over everything else, and what feeling is that that Allah cares for me more than anybody else does. That's why worshiping I turned to align worship, I put my head in such that I stand there in prayer before Allah, because no one will love me like he loves me. No one will care for me like a level of care for me. When a slave turns to Allah with that attitude, then whatever difficulty they're going through a lot, we'll remove it, I'll get rid of it. But it won't happen on your skill usage. You know, I heard this talk.

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And then I decided to stand in front of a law with a lot of care and recognizing how much Allah loves me. And after I was done, I still have a bacterial infection. You don't. That's not what that is. That's not on your schedule, you got a solemn, he had to go through a certain trial before the trial was over. And that schedule is decided by a large surgeon that's not on us. But we don't lose hope with Allah and we don't let our love and our recognition of us care ever go. And so at the end of this Darwin, Allah says, vichara, Aberdeen, he's talking about all those who will ever worship Allah, they should have this in particular, this attitude. In particular, I remind you, again, so

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little ambia, in the 80s, this is 82 and 83, or 83, and 84. Just remember one thing, what usually when Allah tells us that there are other prophets, he doesn't at the end, say, and by the way, in this door, there's a special reminder for everyone. We automatically know it's a special reminder for everyone. Whenever a hamster is there at the end of that Allah doesn't say and by the way, that's for you also, when he taught us to do all the other musante celebrity and he didn't say, by the way, that's awesome. It's not just a story, it's for you also, it's understood. But when Allah goes out of his way to say, well, the Crawley lobby Dean, that means you better not miss this one.

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This is a this is a really important one. This is like extraordinary emphasis placed on its relevance on you and me, by Allah mentioning what they call the lobby Dean. And so we should take extra care to make to incorporate this into our life, not just if you're sick, because the language of it is so beautiful. He said in a NEMA senior board, harm, difficulty, some kind of calamity has touched me and every one of us has going through some difficulty in life. We're going to some challenges in life and board can incorporate all of them. board can incorporate all and instead of complaining to a lot after even though I'm going through difficulty could have been way worse.

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You're up and I know how much you love me went out hammer rock. I mean, it's a very beautiful fundamental relationship we have with a lot no matter what difficulty we're going through in life. These words, they don't allow our heart to become, you know, hard towards Allah. They don't allow us to develop negative feelings towards Allah. And this is why this law is so so important. And so so fundamental to our ibadah to him what they didn't allow me to live within without giving barakallahu li walakum Fillmore and Hakeem when a family we accompany it with Santa Monica to light on over the counter.