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The Year of Grief & the marriage to Aishah

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he will be here, woman well,

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continuing on in sila

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we are in week three. And what I did with the other classes, and I suggest you may want to do the same is at the back of your book perhaps or the back of your notes, you do a prophetic timeline, prophetic timeline, where major events can be dated. So you can use this as a reference point in the future. So you may want to start from when the Prophet reached 40 years of age. And of course, we said prophetic timeline, meaning when he became a prophet, as for pre Prophethood, you may want to do a separate timeline for that.

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And that way, this will bring us up to date from where we started, when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam first received why, up until now, which was which is the 10th year. So we said

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from the first year to the third year, years 123.

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It was what type of

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secretive acid

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What about he for the fourth year? What happened? What is it?

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Correct public doubt

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that resulted in? How did the kuffaar react pleasantly very unpleasantly vonlee. So we mentioned many of the reactions of the kuffaar. And that was important. What did they do? boycott, mockery, insults, harming character assassination. And if you couldn't assassinate the character try to assassinate the person. And they tried to do that as well. So many of their reactions. And that was important. Why? Because the manager of the kuffaar is one, the manager of COVID is one like I go for one on one class, if you recall, we will learn about the techniques and strategies, the dirty strategies at that To try and diminish and put out and extinguished a lot of laws of origin. And

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it's important to understand that why because even in our day and age, they do the same, although they just change the labels. Back then they insulted and mocked the Prophet by saying is a madman and soothsayer. today. They insult the Muslims by just calling them terrorists. So it's the same methodology. They just change the labels. So that was the fourth year and it became so severe what happened in the fifth you?

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Correct. The minor migration were to

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What happened in the 62 lions into the slump?

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Oh, are they?

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Correct? Hamza and Ahmad, because Hamza was first?

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Correct. They entered Islam in the 16th. And then seventh year, which we talked last week, what happened?

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From the 70, up to 10 fee.

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There was a boycott the embargo,

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which was extremely difficult on the Muslims, sadly, but everyone said, it became so hard. We had to eat leaves off trees. Now generation said they had to eat

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the skin of dead animals panel. Imagine that you go home one day, there's no food, you're forced to eat the skin of your dead animal. None of us I'm sure have ever lived in a time in Sydney, where you open the fridge is nothing that they had to do that. So however, the best of generation because they were the best. Right? They were of course extremely troubled and get the best reward. They paid the price but they'll be rewarded in full Don't worry, don't worry about loss of a job. So that leaves us up until the 10th year and a quick revision of last week.

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As we said, every lesson will do that. And the second thing we're going to look at tonight is the 10th year Prophethood and that is it.

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What happened the 10th key a few major events

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namely the death of her

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essence, but who died before her deja avatar live. So number one the death of Abu Talib and then the death of her DJ.

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And then what prophet Allah has sought to slam was without a wife. So

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what happened?

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He married so who did he marry?

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So the scent

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and then after that he marries the sweetheart of his life. He shot the low on her while the Sahaba T h mine me.

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Now, a quick revision of last week we mentioned the boycott and how it was all abrogated due to the workings of one man. the efforts of one individual who was it

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john was the one who was of course the one who was against the Muslims and initiated the boycott. But he Shama since he shall even had it.

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He showed it in Hadith, and he was a cafe supinely. Yet, it showed you that what I personally can do even being a non Muslim. Because of his efforts, the boycott was abrogated. He went and recruited, he recruited them, we said, as a Muslim, you need to work. Don't just sit there and have wishful thinking, right? I wish, I wish, I wish I want to get married.

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Do something, do something, I want to get a job, your luck, however, yes, make to plant the seed and start working, cultivated water nourish it, then perhaps you find the fruits of your efforts, you need to do something, need to do something. So if you want good things to happen, now you're sitting there making goodness a possibility when you can make goodness a reality. And as the saying goes, if opportunity doesn't knock, build a door, you make it happen, make it come to you, it can come to you. And if it doesn't knock, if it doesn't come to you, you go to it, go to its door, knock on the open up, I'm coming in. And if there's an open bargain, you make it happen, you make it happen. So

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do you really want something that bad you will make happen? And if you don't, you'll make an excuse? Sure. People don't want something they'll find excuses. Don't be among those who was horrible either. excuse after excuse after excuse.

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So one man, he went to his mate first zohaib. And he said I needed help pray and another story. He goes, I don't have anyone. Because if you do me

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and he said, Yeah, for me a third he was up he went up to more time. Does it please you? He asked him the same thing that our brothers and our cousins are being oppressed and know what can I do for me a fourth, he wants to study and he went to the fifth. So and this upon law, he had the numbers and they went the next morning where did they go

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to the Kaaba and they went in particular, to the council and they said, we're gonna make it seem as though it's

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spontaneous. We're gonna we're not going to make it seem like we planned it out. So as your head stands up, and he starts saying this boycott is oppression against our nephews and uncles in our tribesmen. I never agreed to it. And then the second sentence Yeah, I feel the same way. I second that, and the third and the fourth. And then he Sham stands up last and he concludes with some rock remarkable words. But I will just add what I said had a bit of delay. Now this was planned No way. You could have just done this spontaneously, but it was too late. How long would it spread? It was already catching on. And then of course we know what happened.

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Abu Talib receives the news that Mohammed Allah is Allah to Islam, had received revelation that his boycott this document had been eaten up by and except bismack Allah home. And so Abu Talib struck a deal with him. And he said, If this is true, then in the boycott, and if it's not, then we'll hand over the profit of a job seeker. tempting offer? Yeah, sure. Why not? Surely this is a fake story. They went in, they found the document was eating apps, apparently, that's the boycott ended.

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In malossi, you saw

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the categories of California.

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No doubt there are

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categorized just as there are categories for believers, there are categories for this believers, you know, the believers have the project to confer have the rocket that a cat going lower and lower and lower. So like the mafia con, they are in a dark as hell, right? The lowest any of others. Those who attack Islam are worse than those who don't attack Islam, like I will call it who actually helped and supported the valleys. So now that there are levels, so that's a quick revision of last week 10th year Prophethood. In that ye, perhaps due to the boycott took its toll.

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And he became very ill. And he was on his deathbed. Who went to visit him of course his nephew the profiling is so slim had a deep love and admiration for his uncle, Aldo Bella, how can the Prophet lava cafe as some brothers say, there has to be there's that natural love, you can't avoid no problem. Sometimes your mother or father I prefer, we have that natural love for them because they your mom and dad, that's okay. You can't help that natural love that you have for them. However the love for and whether that is for the believers know that only stays for a lot in the messenger and then what we know that's different. So the natural love you can't help. For example, let's just say

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you go overseas, and the climate is difficult. They're very tough conditions. You throw up a lot, you get sick, you come home to Sydney, you get that sense of reassurance and relief when you land right and that's normal because it's your hometown. You grew up in Sydney all your life. That's okay. But the true love of Allah Of course you love the lands of Medina and Mecca and Buddhists, right because of the lens of Islam. That's different. That's different so you don't love the West lucky

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Those lenses are different. So yeah, the natural law, for example, especially because he supported the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So he's there on his deathbed, you know, and the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam is speaking to him trying to convince him say, let Allah Allah, yeah, but Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, I can use this, to argue with you on the Day of Judgment, I can play on your behalf. Imagine that the Messenger of Allah, and who's on the other side, trying to convince him otherwise, Abu Jihad and omega.

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So he's saying, How dare you? Are you going to leave the religion of your forefathers? Yeah. batana. So you can imagine, on his deathbed, saying the prophet like that, and it looks the other way and sees a Buddha right going back and forth. His last words were, I die on the religion of my forefathers, he dies as a gift for the Holland no matter calculon he dies as a disbeliever. And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said, I'm going to keep making steel fodder for my uncle until I'm prevented from doing so. And then, of course, as the wizard revealed, I add forbidding the believers from making still far from asking the Lord to forgive the gopher even if they are of kith and kin.

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So he died as a Kaffir. However, due to his support for Ellis lamb and the profits of dry and intercession, Abu Talib is placed in a shallow part of Johanna shallow pot. However, despite shallowness it's still a great punishment. Indeed, the punishment is straps of fire sandals of fire that are so hot, what do they do?

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They boil his brain. That's a Charlotte puff that's shallow.

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What's the deep? What's the Don't be among those people who say, Len Thomason. And now am Mr. Duda. The fire will not touch us, except for a number of days. Yeah, I'll go in because I've been bad. I'll go in for a few days, I'll cook like a chicken come out. You don't even want to go into the fire for a second one of the sellers said if you were placed in the fire, and then taken out and placed into an oven i phi of this world in be able to sleep in it.

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You'd have to sleep in it. And the fire. Johanna isn't just physical torment. It's psychological torment as well. It's psychological. For example, Allah azza wa jal mentioned this sort of never levy thena fee here.

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What is a hub?

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The Hub is plural for hub, the hub is a period of time, some of the elements it's 70,000 years. It's a period of time. So I personally I think a harbor, right? It's may come to an ending. What this does, is that you can imagine you can imagine

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a child who is on detention. He says stay in halftime.

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halftime bill goes thing I'm off the hook goes to the teacher, can I leave now? No, you're gonna stay in for another half full lunch detention. Right? Then every single minute that goes Weiss feels like an eternity. So the kuffaar like was in jahannam, they're going to be placed for a period, they think they're going to get out another period. When that ends, another period when that ends another period. It just keeps resetting, resetting, resetting and that's found in the right lobby seen a fee here

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we're gonna stay and ally said lab a theme, right lab within and we're going to get into the white lab with him when we take the Arabic language course. right but allow us the name the noun right there mentioned the verb and the name indicate is Demerol continuation and stay there and stay there and stay there they're gonna earn a title that you're staying here Habibi. You know you get the name of Resident resident meaning Call of Duty for good. So you've got residency in Johanna. That's what lab Athena that's captured in that word lab within Fei. Baba. It's going to be keep on getting renewed. And when you go overseas, they renew your visa to stay. But you're going to have your visa

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of Ghana renewed every single time Bang, Bang Bang, there's not physical torture it psychological torture as well. And the torture which is physical isn't just fire, heavy, there's there's beatings, and it's also mentioned when they're taken to the fire. The way that they are chained up their head, the back of their head is chained up to the ankles backwards, and it's taken back so far, until the spine breaks. It's actually snaps it snaps the spine. So it's not just burning heavy this like torture, torture and all of the different methods of how to look. And guess what? It's called an automatic. What's an automatic comes from hepatoma. Crush. It's actually going to crush people. You

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know, when you take your car to those demolition, Ernie Oh, no, they call the junkyard, we're crushes the car. People are gonna get crushed literally. And imagine a human getting crushed until his guts come out. Yeah, and then he's gonna be recreated and recreate it and recreate it's Apollo. And we know that there's punishment mentioned when people are going to have their intestines out and they're gonna be performing the work around them.

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Other people yeah, other people are going to be swallowing stones. Other people are going to be

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hunk by the hamstrings for those who break the fast early other people are going to be placed in this big oven the fornicators and the fornicators is right there they're all naked inside you love to be naked in this world or have you begun to be naked in the next and you're going to be cooked together I suppose with various forms of torture yes

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yes those people who break the fast early there's a punishment for them

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No, no this is about the Ramadan

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but there's many right there's this Hamid Hamid from Hemet to boil boiling water. Imagine you know when you boil the water at home the kettle as soon as it finishes drinking.

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That's how many nuts in the Hellfire and they're going to be eating a comb right, which is from the tree from the depth of Hellfire shadow to the form and they will be drinking the pass and blood of the people of the Hellfire and

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It says

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What is it? Yes And among the worst forms of punishment is that you don't see a lot I don't say hello some narrations. Some opinions are the ultimate said they will see a law but not in a good form. Just like as you see the execution of before you die. Like that. So you're gonna see in a terrifying state, you can see a law and you're gonna be angry with you. That's not good. Some rlms did they will bite in a bad state. Some said no, not at all. So let's continue on. So the death of Abu Talib, of course, he thought as a carefree. Yeah, he had a shallow part of Hellfire due to the intercession of Rasulullah.

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And two months later, two months later,

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the love of his life Khadija passes away.

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That must have been extremely tough. And it was so much so that he was called.

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I am a person the year of correct the neurosurgeon.

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It was a tough year, the 10th year probably was tough. so tough they call the Amazon the year of grief, the Euro of sorrow.

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Now many people believe it was called the year of sorrow because of the death of these two individuals. That's true. But there's more to it than that.

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I will always be doing foil Islam is providing What? protection. In other words defense, I was doing mostly providing financial support, right and also emotional support. So you could say that is offense. So these two individuals represented these two very important pillars of the deen offense and defense right? I was defending the Prophet by his clan, nice tribe, etc. How he was supporting the profit. Why her money, her wealth and also the emotional support. That's very important as well. You know, when the brothers come home from World War Two at work, the wife should make a world war three. And also if it was World War Two at work happy we don't make it world war three when you get

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home, right? It's a dual relationship. Husband and wife work together hand in hand, couple takes two to tango. That's what Allah mentioned both of them in knockout an hundun le bassel nachum we're anthem liebe es una de Haan the way you are garments for them and their garments for you. Both of them see, I wasn't just mentioned one side of the story. A lot of people think so that may have to be my wife. She has to serve me. No, no, you both go hand in hand. Allah has made us the maintainers of women and not the presses of women.

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And why garments are lost strikes and amazing parallel between marriage and clothing. So how does that go hand in hand? Well just as clothing.

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Just as garments are the most are the closest objects to your body. Your spouse is the closest person to you.

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And just as clothing is used to cover the shame of the private parts, the spouse needs to cover the shame of their spouses mistakes and since it only got exposed on Facebook until the whole world especially women get together sometimes like to tell

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each other about their problems no no that's not on it's not on and also Secrets of the bedroom should stay secrets. And their ultimate said a secret is no longer a secret once it passes to. What does that mean to two people know these two

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lips no longer a secret hobby once you tell someone that is it. And is it an amazingly in Arabic what's the bit cold? Not the hot the Tommy was the bit cold air sorry. Why study from Cirrus we said big words comfortable with said it comes from see it What's it secret? You and you want that's where the word came from city from city secretive? That's Arabic beautiful supanova and also just as garments protect you from bad weather hot or cold likewise your spouse protects you from Xena and adultery. See that amazing relationship between clothing and marriage panela clothing and marriage amazing. That's the Quran for you eliquid

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eliquid So,

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these two important pillars crumbled before the very feet of Rasul Allah alayhi salatu salam. So the Tuffy, Tuffy, some of our LMS said his great wisdom in both of them dying so close together a large region wanted the believers to rely on him as

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a low wanted the believers to start relying on him subhanho wa Taala. Therefore, he took away their means of support from the creation so they can rely on the Creator. So then the profiling is similar to St. Mary's soda. She was the first woman he married after the death of Khadija and she had a very tough life. She went and performed digital also to Ethiopia, who has been died on the way back, and she went through a lot of trials and tribulations, but Little did she know, Allah was saving the Prophet just for her. As we said, in the malossi, Yusra, Allah said there's no plan, firstly, for in Mr. Last Resort, in a manner, commonly translated, no doubt, very rarely after hardship, that

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relief, no doubt, rarely after how to this relief, yet, there's more to it than that, you notice, I lost has le flam use doesn't What does that mean?

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It means that the, the hardship mentioned in the first part is the same as the hardship mentioned in the second part. So it's the same hardship the right whereas the use in both areas are different. So I was telling you, for every same hardship, you get to

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know the first hardship you get nice and then the second if you know that hardship was referring to I'll write the one that you know about, you get another Ace for SubhanAllah. So this means according to the grammar and so forth, okay to get into it, but for every one hardship, you have to eases spatola. So she gets the ease of marrying the prophet in this world, of course, and also in the hereafter and the rewards therein.

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And then the Prophet alayhi salatu salam marries our Isha,

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he becomes a sweetheart of his life. And I'm going to spend the next 10 minutes just discussing the marriage of the prophet Isaiah. This is extremely important in our day and age, especially because the kuffaar love to attack the profiling sort of slam the best of creation, and our religion via his marriage to Ayesha. So I'm going to use this next part to just mention how you can easily refute the arguments and the abuse in 10 points, and I'm going to put these 10 points in student services. So if you wish to just sit there and take it all in no problem. Firstly, the prophet alayhi salatu was married Ayesha when she was nine years old, nine years old. So this was when of course, was

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consummation took place. And this is authentic mentioned, you know, Buhari. And for those who doubt it, it's in eight other books of sunon namely Sahih, Muslim Sultan, Abu Dawood, Solon unnecessary eleftheria.

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Therefore, we accept it. And we don't try to water down and dilute these bright teachings of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, this could say he was a womanizer, how can the Prophet be a womanizer when the first woman he marries was Khadija who was 15 years his senior? And on top of that a divorcee previously married? When he was an eligible young, handsome bachelor, you could have had any woman he wanted? How can you be a womanizer supine a lot? You know, it's funny that the same people who criticize the Prophet alayhi salatu salam have such disgusting terms. I didn't want to mention it. The same people live the most disgusting animalistic lifestyles, who go around and sleep

00:23:40--> 00:24:16

with hundreds of other people. And they have the nerve, the goal, the audacity to point their dirty fingers at our beloved prophet alayhi salatu salam, amazing, and many defeatist Muslims Unfortunately, they wish to water down and dilute these ahaadeeth aloha Stan, why you want to make Islam cute? For a couple of barking dogs of the orientalists When will lie these people are in the gutter of the J Hillier, both past, present and future. And since when the the standards of the kuffaar become the standards, who said that who made the values of the West, the ideal values to go by No.

00:24:17--> 00:24:52

Rather the values are the values of the Prophet alayhi salatu, salam, those are the values those are the standards for stop, nothing more, nothing less. If the Prophet said it is a truth. If the Prophet did it, that is the best way. No one I repeat, no one could implement and deliver the message of is better than the Prophet alayhi salaatu slum, he was the best. He was the best without a shadow of a doubt. You know, when we hear the story of an Islamic Maharaja, we're going to take next week when the Prophet went on the amazing night journey and he came back and people came to our back and what did I say to him? It's you know, your friend said, but Mohamed trying to put doubt in

00:24:52--> 00:24:59

his mind. No, your friend said What is that? He said he went to Jerusalem and back in one night and this and that. What do you say?

00:25:00--> 00:25:01

Let me go and verify.

00:25:02--> 00:25:07

Are you sure that maybe you miss Understand? No, he didn't really say that he meant this is that in all?

00:25:08--> 00:25:45

In all a half a console? If the Prophet said it is a truth, if we said it is a truth upon Allah, look at that a man he didn't back or break and shake our right as many of us do when they try to place the misconception, right and when we hear that story was that Allahu Akbar, right? Allahu Akbar. And we go into motion, we start crying. What an answer what to respond to Habibi? Why don't we implement that? What do we ever do that when I carefully wants to come and accuse the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the honoured of a last creation, the best of all US creation. We say Who are you? And it's all these ahaadeeth the sooner they have to be updated and say no, you have to be

00:25:45--> 00:25:50

updated my friend walk away. Right now you need a physical mental update, Omari.

00:25:51--> 00:25:55

Give him a responsive, that's what we need. So we need

00:25:57--> 00:25:57

to know your

00:25:59--> 00:26:15

river up a bit. Right? That's important. Why am I saying this brothers because we have to feel honor and as a deed. This is something that many Muslims have lost, especially in the West. We have to feel honored to really believe Mohammed rasuna life we believe that we say everything he did. His revelation is why why am I young?

00:26:16--> 00:26:59

And when we learn soon, never as soon as what the prophet said, and what he did and what he approved of. So this is the way of the Muslim of the believer. So what are these 10 points? I mentioned them quickly. And I'll as I said earlier, we'll put these online number one, those who want to attack the Prophet alayhi salatu salam via his mercy. Number one, we say Ayesha wasn't this vulnerable, naive little girl, right? Who anyone can just take advantage of knowed? No. Rather, she was an intelligent, young lady, lady, mature young lady, not a young girl. In fact, did you know that she was actually engaged to a man before she married the Prophet? She was engaged to a man named Dubai

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did know Madame Pamela showed you that she was a mature young lady. Number two, with all the accusations that courage hold against Rasulullah magician, sorcerer, a madman, they never called him pedophile ever. They never called him why

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it was considered the norm back then. It wasn't considered taboo. So that was considered a norm amongst even the Arab and they never even dare to say that. It's number two. Number three.

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This is something that cnn published first of November 2013, they said in this country, African American and Hispanic girls tend to reach puberty earlier than their white counterparts. panela. They said they were very explanations for this. Globally, patterns of early puberty appear to be influenced by everything from economic conditions to climate to genes, even they are meaning that a woman Firstly, we know girls reached puberty earlier than boys. Right? And depending on the geographical location, they can actually reach puberty much earlier than that.

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Now, number four, this is also mentioned in the books of the self. To prove this Alabama Schaeffer, he said I saw a grandmother, not mother, grandmother by the age of 21. Was that for a moment? No.

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I sort of grandmother aged 21. So that means she must have got married when she was 10. had a kid at 11. By the time she was 21. Right? Her daughter also had got married had a kid.

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panel and even Roger said something similar.

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Why? Because in Islam are the brothers marriage is not based on age. It's based on maturity and puberty. Marriage is not based on age. It's based on maturity and puberty, you have some brothers were 33. Now they're still acting like they're 13. Right? So it's not age Ain't nothing but a number. Yeah, that's true, in a way, in a way.

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And so Pinilla to further highlight this shift, was once having a debate with a Christian about this very topic, about this very topic, this Christian priest, he was going off going off, right? He's saying, your prophet is like this and like that, and how could he and and of course, he's trying to speak to him, but of course, nothing is going through his head. So then, sure, Ahmed says to him, by the way, how does Maryam alehissalaam when she gave birth? Teresa? is I don't know. 1112? Something like that. She says, Are you crazy? Are you nuts? Is that torture? That's torture a 12 year old giving birth right? Very difficult. This is

00:29:29--> 00:29:42

the norm back then. So she said I feel like saying Tim is shut your mouth, just as it was a norm back then. For you. It was a norm back then. For us. Same thing. Yeah. So it's even in the in the books

00:29:43--> 00:30:00

suppiler so it wasn't taboo back then. That was five, six in Muslims. In Muslim Allah Muhammad in Mr. della Mohammed the sixth volume. It actually mentioned that whole lab into Hakeem was the one who suggested this to the Prophet. Hola. Wasn't a prophet to doing

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

That's number six, and seven. To further add to this, this marriage was a marriage that Allah commanded above seven heavens when he showed the prophet to dreams not one to dreams that he's married now, we know the dreams of the prophets are in Revelation. So this was a last command that he marries our issue. That was number seven. Number eight Alhamdulillah the Prophet married I shall because will lie This is one of the best things that could have happened to our oma. The scholar said no book effect is considered the book of faith, unless it contains a photo of Ayesha Ayesha was extremely intelligent and showed a sharp memory. She memorized over 2200.

00:30:41--> 00:31:13

She memorized over 2200 Hadith, and she ranks number four in the most prolific narrators of a hadith number four. In fact, she is the female scholar of oma, well, hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. So he said, if you were to place the knowledge of Ayesha in one scale, and all of the knowledge of the other females in another scalp, her knowledge would outweigh the risk of low equity. She had so much knowledge and fifth, right, not just memorization a lot of people can memorize. But she was intelligent she had

00:31:14--> 00:31:57

the Sahaba would come to her for fatawa after the death of Rasulullah, Medina Sahaba would come to and ask her for photo and on top of this element mazurka she Rahim Allah, He authored a book of all the instances where I should correct the Sahaba a whole book of all the instances in situation where I should correct the Sahaba Allahu Akbar. And always debate said on top of this, what law he mailed right to Allah be 15 What else would have been when I shot him in Arusha? I haven't seen someone more knowledgeable in the field of * understanding of the deen play medicine and share poetry than Ayesha. Once again, it highlights Ayesha wasn't just great at memorizing but she had some

00:31:57--> 00:32:44

understanding and intelligence. That was number eight. Number nine, we nearly done this one more, the double standards of the West double standards of the West. The West can even agree to the legal age of marriage themselves, even within their own countries. They can't even agree to as a panel law. Did you know that in America, the age of marriage varies from state to state. For example, in Mississippi, the legal age of marriage is 21. Nebraska, 19, California, 18, Colorado 16, Massachusetts, 14 for a male 12 for female, even today, so part of law. No That means you can get married in one state. And you cross the border and you get locked up in another Virginia and you get

00:32:44--> 00:33:20

married legally once a day. You go on your honeymoon another and you get locked up, locked up on honeymoon because you cross the border, part of law inconsistent values. merola look at Islam consistent values. As we said, marriage is not based on age but on maturity. And guess what even Australia, Australian history shows that the legality of one's marriage changes simply when crossing a border. So Garfield Barwick, then Attorney General wrote in 1962, at prison, there are nine separate systems of marriage law in the states and these territories Australia. Nine separate systems we have one Sharia of nine separate systems upon law.

00:33:21--> 00:33:51

And he said the marriageable age in Australian states and territories was the same as the age of consent, 14 for men and 12 for women. So Pamela, so Garfield Barwick, as we said, then Attorney General of Australia, as we said, My dear brothers, inconsistent values that are weaker than the web of aspira. We have a dean that allows us to sit down from above seven heavens, well, hamdu lillahi, Rabbil aalameen, we need to show honor, pride and Isaiah for this team. And the last point

00:33:52--> 00:33:58

is that their problem is not the marriage to Irish, I know their problem runs far deeper.

00:33:59--> 00:34:34

And that is that an accept Rasulullah as an abbey. That's the main gripe, don't accept the Prophet as a prophet. What's my proof? The proof is simple. If we were to answer them, like we just did with logical points, are they still going to accept? No, they're still going to refuse? It shows you their problem is not the perfect marriage to Asia? Because if you answer that, they'll look for something else to pick on. And there's another proof you can use ask them logically, logically, which sounds more irrational, to marry a young girl with the permission of a father By the way, or to be had your own son what sounds more rational, logically,

00:34:35--> 00:34:59

the beheading of your son, right? Who would do that it sounds more irrational, or who was ordered to do that. Abraham do they accept Abraham and accept the action they should do? Because they accept him as a prophet? So they accept that action because they accept this problem would so in life was with the Prophet Mohammed their issue is I don't accept His Prophet Horde. Yeah, that really their problem lies deeper. The problem lies deeper so don't worry when they try to attack Rasul Allah and he saw two snakes

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

I will end with this quote. His honor came from the heavens. No one on earth can take it away. panic alarm Mohammed ik Masha Allah, Allah Allah and myself. One or two, winning