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are we learning Machito? No no James Miller Manor Haman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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Sayidina Muhammad Ali Yosef h minus Mr. de la vida cattle

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are you doing?

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Everyone looks tired. I think everyone feels tired, right? Seven days. This is the seventh first week of Ramadan done three weeks ago. And as I said, you can see in the masjid already the crowd has thinned out. This is when the enthusiasm waves of the members just three, three weeks between us and Jenna, through three weeks between us and all our sins forgiven, to attain the highest levels of gender three weeks before the doors of general closed, once again only have three weeks. So Subhanallah just push yourself, I speak to myself first. We are all tired, we definitely tired. But let's push ourselves to make it the most this we can have this Ramadan. And like we said, the

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workforce a little positive begins now we're not going to get it by luck. So we make the efforts now May Allah make it easy for us in the end of the Ramadan to give me

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some questions that came through on hamdulillah. A lot of people have to we these lectures are recorded and they go out on the WhatsApp line and on email as well. And people ask questions on the on the lecture. So one of the questions that was asked was regards to philia. We mentioned yesterday that the sisters who breastfeed while pregnant, they make up the day, and they don't pay a fee. Now, you'll find in the MTC sent a notice to the beginning of the month, about 50 of breastfeeding women and for pregnant women. Now why are we having difference of opinion? Okay, so long story, the issue of a lady breastfeeding. And if she's a pregnant woman, the scholars have three different opinions.

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One of it says that she should only make up the day that she must MS is the strongest and the most, the majority of the scholars say she is like the person who is ill weak, unable to fall. So she just makes the data. There's a second opinion as a chef, your opinion. And perhaps this is what the MDC saying that you make up the day and you pay a fee? Why? Why do you think that the the share fee might have would say you have to fold the day in PVD? Because you missed it, and you pay a failure? Why do you think so? Why does Domino double penalty high, a safer? Well, besides that, they they all humans, this is the argument that listen to this argument is that it's not because of you been

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unable to force it's because of the baby, you in reality don't have the option not to force but because you feel for the baby, that you actually have to pay a penalty as well to finish dinner. And so at hamdulillah there's no harm in paying that extra 10 grand, there's a very, very, very small minority view, it goes back to some Sahaba that said a lady doesn't even have to make up the day, she just pays a fee and I know many of the systems Alhamdulillah I'd like to just play the video, but understand that that is not the that is the weakest of the three opinions, the majority is only pay make up the day. These are Shafi opinions is make up the day MP of India in a very, very weak

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view that says that you should just pay a fee do a lot of them. And you know as I say these amongst the scholars are hamdulillah The second question was regards to if a lady receives an internal or you go for an examination. Now, if you were to put your finger in your nose or in your ear with this break your fast no so similarly in sha Allah going to the dentist or something like that. Just so long as this you know, an internal this will not break your fall. So don't worry about that. When untersuchen cap the last question the person asked on the one night you said that the youth they ran away from the community avoid fitna then yesterday you said that it is better to stay with the

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community and persevere under the fitna. So how do we reconcile this and when do we leave? Okay, so there's a hadith in Bukhari where the Prophet peace upon him says that a time will come when the fitna and tribulation will be so much that the best wealth a man will have the best he could do is to take his sheep and go into the mountains. I love the cloud. That's the best he could do nothing, nothing better than that. There is another Hadith that says, in theory, that it is better for the person it is it's best for the person to remain with the people and persevere through the annoyance goes through the hardship, but he's with him he mixes with him. And he perseveres, this is better

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than living like a hermit side, we reconcile these two things. So the scholars and this is the majority and this is what I mean the unanimous if you look at the example of the prophets, the MBA, none of them lived like hermits, none of them have packed up the stuff and lived in the desert and said we're going to stay away from you people are fitna which is gonna make you better. That is not the way Allah wants to want us to live. We live in society and we mix with the community. And we fight fitna as much as we can we avoid it when it doesn't mean that I live in a community now I need to be in the you know, in the in the worst of places. So you live in a society you know, there's

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certain areas where there's no good where there's only fitness, you don't go to those places. You know that there are people that this you know, they will only distract you

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Doing good that they will teach you, man, you avoid those people but you live within the community. Most people in most places most jobs, there is good and bad to it. So you interact with and you encourage the good and you forbid the evil that's that's how it should be. But if you're a man and your deen and your life comes under under persecution, you can practice you Islam freely. You might be killed for being a Muslim publicly. In this case, you need to flee. You need to make ijarah like the Prophet peace upon him. He made hegira so Salaam he made hegira one sees community want to do assassinate him then he lived to Medina. So this is how we balanced and as we see the we live in a

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community with good and bad avoid fitna as much as you can. Don't put yourself in the fitna, but we don't also shun the rest of the world. We don't say okay, that, that Buddha, you know, sometimes he makes jokes about like, that's just the doesn't dress correctly. So I'm not going to block all of them. I don't want to see any of them. This is not the way of a Muslim we encourage good and evil and we try to improve our society. That's how we balance this back to out of seat of suit and calf. So Allah subhanaw taala told us yesterday that these young men, they left the community and they ran into the cave one evening and they stayed the seven are not the number a letter given us the number

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he just says they were at a group of youth they were more than three and they stayed in the cave and they had a dog with them. And they came to the cave and all they did was they made to Allah make it easy for us guide us. So Allah said I covered the IRS and they fell asleep. And we allow mention how the the cave was open and the sun rose from the from the right side on the east and it sit on the left on the in the waist and Allah subhanho wa Taala caused him to appear awake but if you came into the cave, you would they would be sleeping, but they looked like they were awake, they were moving, maybe even walking along and you would have been shocked Allah says you would have ran away into

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they look they will look very scary. So the cave became no one went into that cave. And in fact, perhaps even people covered it up and said look at some strange things in that cave. So then Allah subhana wa Taala caused him to sleep like this now How long do they sleep? Allah says Now we continue this evening Allah subhanho wa Taala back now who millia TESSA lubaina home. And thus Allah says we bath Now usually needs to resurrects usually in the Quran. Allah says Bertha is the resurrection. So and that we awaken them woken them meaning what actually we restricted them. That's why I usually use what liesa lubaina home. Now again, just pause for a second before you go through

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smash sisters have the notes open the brothers hamdulillah right. They they listen to the lecture, they don't

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hamdulillah these young men are like these are only our lawyers, Allah is causing a medical to come from in their own right. And now again, what do we imagine earlier? When they get together civil police have a law, what are they going to discuss? Look at what these young men discuss. So they wake up and they said, Let us go to the US be amongst themselves call call a call. It'll mean homecoming law is to call a misnomer. Nobody. So why don't we say Oh, man, how long do you think we're sleeping? How long we're so something a day or part of a day? Maybe a few hours? You know, we came in? Yeah, it was like, it was like a shy time, whatever. Now it's like a sort of time. So we

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spent a few hours right. And, and again, we know we know from the sort of spin many centuries in the cave. But Allah mentioned this is how pm is going to be when we look back at our life. Look at Think of your high school. It seems like it was only a few hours. If you add up all your memories, how short life is time becomes sort of irrelevant, that they look they felt like this was only a few hours we stayed in the cave. But now they got into a debate. You know, they're arguing and arguing. I mean, Cora, Colorado Kamala Madison, so one of them said listen, okay, Allah knows best. We don't ever watch just keep quiet. We need to talk about something much more serious than sleeping. Way

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more serious. What about Vickery? bada? No. Tobacco be?

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Calm heavy, Medina t Eleonora. us catarman let one of you take one of these coins and we'll get some food man we hungry. Right? A bunch of guys in the cave of this sleeping now they're hungry. And that's what they thinking about. Like they're not talking about Nevada and talking about decorilla they thinking look we are hungry to eat now. Right? What are we gonna do we we escape there's nothing to eat. So one of you take one of these queens they said to one of you, you you take the queen and go to the city finally and look and look at your scalp and and look for clean food. Obviously we know one of the Alhamdulillah you know like in Cape Town for example of not making

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*. The second most important thing is you eat halal food right? That's the second pillar of Islam that you eat halal food, but Allah it is one of the semat or one of the outward expressions of our Deen that we eat when you go in the world. We ask is it harder? It is harder, right? That is if you go on Earth, right? Muslims are always looking for that halal food and this is good and Allah mentions this year, and it's one of the reasons why, you know our community is on goodness is that we maintain that we will not eat it.

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places that are not hard and messy there's no such concept as halal friendly. There's only halal and haram unfriendly nothing else no in between. So we shouldn't compromise that which we have. So these young men again all the news, worship Allah and they said rich eat good food. So this is one of you take the screen and go and look for Pure Food for the secondary school and bring some of it back to us. Men who want the top off and be this is the middle word of the Quran is that middle word of the Quran? Allah tala. That's the sin, the center word of the Quran, and let him be gentle or discreet meaning be secretive. Don't let anyone know who you are what I had and no one discover you had to go

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secretly with a screen. Why in Yahoo.

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Oh, you do goofy me Let him do even better. Because if anyone captures you, they're going to arrest you. They're going to stone you. Or even worse, they're going to force you back into your old religion. And then you will never ever be successful in yo we can leave for now it's really clear why they were running away. There'll be persecuted, but because of the religion. So Allah says workaholic after 9am. And because of this, they were discovered. Now how do we link the two? So basically, what happened was the seven guys like to give us a look, we are hungry, we need to have some you know, let's talk about the masala of chicken. This is the thing we need right now most

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important thing, take they got the money together. You go and find something selected one of them. You go into town, and you bring the food. So now he goes he doesn't know he's been sleeping for 300 years. What's the dish like, is like imagine someone 300 years from the past coming at this like Shakespeare, you know, and he's got money. Like back in the day. I remember when I was younger, you had these infinitely big money, right? So he comes with us. And he obviously the town looks different. And he looks different. And he speaks the front. So he comes to the McDonald's is a good day. Oh, sir. Yeah, is this shilling? Could I have some tickets? Right? And obviously the guy is

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like, Is this like, are you is this Halloween or something? Why are you dressed up? and eventually the community? You know, that is he's trying to be discreet. But obviously he's made it he's making a scene. So the whole community surrounded him. And he obviously had to say look, and when they saw the Queen's policies, because of this, meaning the Queen that he had, now the queen is stamped usually with the emperor of the time, when they saw the Queen that he had this coin belong to this is the input 300 years ago. How did you get it? So then he obviously had to tell them, Look, this is where we come from. That's where I used to live. And all the people in the community had embraced

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Christianity. So then they went to the cave, right? The Alamo. So then Allah says that I did this this medical, Leah alamanda de la happen when a satellite Eva esns una binome amraam. So Allah says we call them because that the people with the city's people to discover them, so that they the city's people may know that the promise of Allah is true. And that the day and the hour is truthful, as a beautiful, yeah, this is a miracle of the Quran. This city, if it's us, after 300 years, they became Christian. And during the time when these young people woke up, there was a sick, there were different groups of Christians. One group will call the services Right, so the name of the services,

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and they came up with the ideas location, but they said, We don't believe in piano, it's not possible for Allah to resurrect you after, you know, 100 years, 200 years. So while they were having these debates year, this young man comes out and he has come to the back to life after 300 years. And if you look at the biblical or the Christian scholars, they will say, these young men, they went evidence which stopped this heresy of the sentences, the sentences could no longer defend themselves and Allah look at the ayah Allah says, so that they would know for sure, not the people of the cave. So the people or city with no lottery Buffy has that there is no doubt in the hour. So then they

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went back to the cave, they took this young man they went back to see the rest of them the other the rest of the gang in the cave, and within a few hours, they fell asleep and they died. All of them died. So now there's a bunch of, you know, seven, or group of earlier that have just died. These young men, the dog has died, is yet another onabanjo omraam. So now the community is disputing What should we do with him? What should we do?

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Now one of them is one group said let's build a structure over over the graves. We believe him and we build on this cave structure, Rahim Allah, Allah knows best about them, call them nothing available. to him. The group that defeated meaning the group that won the debate, they said that the hidden Allah He Machida we will build on the graves a Masjid. Now this again opens a whole new debate about bolding. Basically they said let's build a chroma key on them. That's basically what they said. Now this opens a whole new door of controversy. Many scholars have have used this and said this is

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permissible to build on the grave and another group I've said you see Allah says they were arguing and debating and the one that overpowered they said build a cupboard a Masjid on the cover. We shouldn't debate about this is very clear Hadith the Prophet peace be upon him says, both in Bukhari and Muslim, the prophet you know, his wives were talking so so a few of his wives before they married the Prophet peace be upon him, they migrated to a senior, and they they saw these massive cathedrals. So they're telling the prophets of Salaam you don't have a senior we saw this huge churches it looked so amazing. So the Prophet said that those people have the worst people why?

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Because when a pious man died amongst them, they would build a place of worship on his grave, and they put images in that magazine, and they are the worst of people in the sight of Allah. So very clear from our Sharia. We don't build machines on graves. This is what what the people of the cave what the city did was wrong, they shouldn't have built on those graves. And we don't worship, obviously.

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Also just logically, to build a massive shrine, a mausoleum on some Imam who she doesn't benefit the men at all. If you took that money and open an orphanage, in his honor, open the school but for his name, but with a Nia that goes to him, this will be far more respectful and rewarding to him. But another another side of the story. Why do we do it? hamdullah We are blessed with pious people that have died and we have shrines here in Cape Town. What do we do? We don't break these things down. We don't say oh, this is blasphemy and we destroyed them. No, we leave them Al Hamdulillah. In fact, you know up just up the road is the karma of Guru Rahim Allah, we remember the contribution and we

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respect them. And we use era we use era, the graves to make dua for them, not to them to remember the legacy that they left behind. But we never ever worship them. And we never venerate them to a level that is not allowed. We don't build monuments to them, statues or pictures and build things on the graves, what was done and hamdulillah was done. And we remember and honor them through our actions and following the pseudonym. So this is with regards to the people of the cave. Allah will continue the story inshallah and will continue tomorrow. Any questions? Any questions? No, everyone wants to go home. Correct the title? hamdulillah. Right. Me too. Me too. I also need to give him

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now. Yesterday's question was kind of a way to think about this. Which direction was the dog's legs facing in the cave, his front legs. Obviously the kiss the cave was facing or the cave, if you could work it out was facing the North. And his legs were pointed basically outside the door. And the fall he was posed with painting pointing to the north. The second question tonight's question? Okay. So how long? If you think about what did they say? How long were the seven youths asleep in the cave while they're asleep for one and a half days? One and a half weeks? One and a half years when none of the above? So, the trick question, of course, I didn't select the question, but it's the

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question. So inshallah, you can answer that and we will have our prize giving at the end of the week. zharkova feta, Salaam Alaikum.