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The First Revelation

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early he was so happy he woman will.

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Today's listen in Ceylon inshallah to Allah we're going to cover the following number one

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we're going to look at

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the opening revelation.

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from here onwards we're going to look at everything in the term of Rasulullah Prophethood. So, last term was pre Prophethood. From now on, it's post Prophethood. Then we're going to look at inshallah to Allah.

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cottages row or de la

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we're going to look at the importance of knowledge in Islam.

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Because the first word revealed was crop.

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After a Salli ala Moana taken up to Allah, the world remained in darkness, darkness of shirk, darkness of darkness of polytheism darkness upon darkness for approximately 600 years lm Rahim Allah, Allah except for the ones who are Lazarus, Joel had mercy on however, Allah azza wa jal decided to send His mercy to mankind, once again, in the final revelation of the Quran, because no doubt the Quran is a mercy from Allah, what's the proof? Or Rahman? Next is our lemon Quran? The one who taught the Quran in other words aside about Romans mercy, is that he taught and sit down the Quran. So he did so to the best of men, the best of prophets, best of slaves, best of worshipers and

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best of creation, Warhammer tulalip Selim, but how did it all happened? Before he received the way? He says for six months prior revelation, he would receive dreams that weren't true visions they would occur, as clear as the brightness of the day. And that was preparing the Prophet sallallahu wasallam of what was to come later on.

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He says before Prophethood, hopefully by Allah, Allah, Allah loves seclusion, he loves to be by himself. And what would he do, he would go to which cave as I mentioned, in the

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cave of Hara, and which devil, which mountain, who said, the mountain of light, and literally received the light of Allah, the light of the day as a lot of guidance. So the name is suitable, he would go to this mountain, and this cave, and he would seclude himself already do that.

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Kenny at the hand method says, commonly translated as he used to worship However, it's not county adopted, can 100 as the Hadith says, What's the Hadith mean? The way that the 100 comes from hence.

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Hence, his sin. Allah mentioned this was in the Quran, Allah hence Elohim. The great sin means that he used to go and Ward himself of the sins and filth of the people of Mecca that were engaging in via acts of worship. In other words, he'll go there to rid himself of the filth that he was affected by from the moose record in Mecca. That's a very, very important lesson for us, my brothers. The way we live here in the West is similar to how the prophet SAW Selim lived in Mecca amongst the Gruffalo we live amongst the disbelievers. And unfortunately, sometimes we were affected by their filth, whether it's the pubs, the clubs, the nudity, etc. Therefore, what do we do? We do what is loaded,

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we go to the massage and we seclude ourselves from them. But we stick together as believers, we remove this filth that we've been affected by via the Sunnah. In other words, the Salah is your spiritual purifier. It cleanses you of the filth of sin, just as showers and baths cleansing of the filth of the body. Very important, as rossella told us, if you've showered five times a day, you're going to remain dirty.

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Someone who shows five times a day and is still dirty is a problem with that person. And likewise with the solar. When you pray five times a day, you're going to be clean and clean believe a free of sin Allahu Akbar, there's wisdom in the solar.

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So he received this revelation. So what happened? He was there one evening, which evening in Ramadan, and he received a special visitor. Now he's alone in this cave, you can imagine it's dark. You're not expecting anyone. It's a terrifying experience. So who visits him?

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To prerelease pays him a visit. And what does he do? He says a crop recite read what is also the same manner because it is the profit response are not a reader. And he said Matt and Matt Arabic is used to negate all tenses past, present and future and be correct as opposed to caught it. The bat is useful Tolkien 100% no doubt about it. I'm not a reader. And you got me mixed up with the wrong guy. You know when the police pull you over, I think you're attacking

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Right. No, it wasn't me it was someone else. Right? So he said, No, no, I'm not this reader that you think I am. He grabs the Prophet sallallahu Sallam tightly, and Rasulullah says, I felt as though my soul was gonna come I was gonna die. And he grabbed him for a second time extremely hard. And he said, because I'm not a reader, same response. Third time read. I'm gonna read a lot. But then the opening a Yeah, a lot of were given to him. And he said, I thought that these eight were etched on my house, they were just there as though they've been engraved. And he ran out of that cave was a terrifying experience. He ran out and where does he go? He goes to his beloved wife, he's the wife

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Khadija Rhonda. And that's a proof of his prophethood. Why? Because if a person was a fake an imposter and they received so called revelations, but they would have come out to the people, what would they say? They're going to say? I received revelations and I went back to my wife trembling when he said that people are embarrassed to say that right? Even when brothers get on the phone with their wives, and their with the brothers. They go to the site. They don't want the brothers to hear them talking to their wives in a squeaky tone happy

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right? They're embarrassed so no one is gonna say I ran home to my wife. What a chicken right Loverboy right. Got it. Got it. Got your wife right. Shot. Yeah, right. I say Rasulullah was truthful. It was a terrifying experience. If you had no one to go to you went home and your wife was there might you're gonna you know say Cover me up as well. That's what it is at the Milan is a Milan Academy up coming up. It was trembling in fee. He just had a meeting with an angel who wouldn't be in such a state. Japan was so powerful my brother's it's mentioned he destroyed a nation a town with a tip of a feather.

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So if you met up, you'd be packing it as well.

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It'd be scared as well.

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Allahu Allah, Allah Allah. But it's mentioned also in another generation that when he looked up, he saw debris that a sermon, it's original in his original form 600 rings covering the horizon, like a hot pan covered the entire horizon. And wherever he looked, he saw gibreel Alice, amazing. And so he said, so Khadija asked him why are you so scared? What's wrong? He said, I see. I show it on a devil has

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taken over me, I feel a devil has come to me and caused me harm. She said, No. You are a man. Who is you're a man who is honorable. who looks after the orphans, who takes care of the needy looks after the poor, the destitute you

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you What's the word? Any sort of?

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Yeah, you you connect the ties of kinship. A large region will never disgrace you will never humiliate you. It even shows how the US felt even before Islam. So you knew a person like Rasul Allah, so honorable and dignified Allah azza wa jal would not humiliate such a person. She gave us support, thus showing us my brother's the importance of a righteous wife. a virtuous minute, a believing woman, very important. Also law said at dunya Matera, this world is enjoyment and pleasure, while hieromartyr I have a lot to swallow her and the best forms of enjoyment the best. Mata is a virtuous woman, a virtuous wife, that's the best for our brothers who are not married.

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Make sure you don't go for the double pay potential party. She has the potential to be pious, not happy we don't settle for anyone and also for the sisters. Don't marry potential party. Make sure you don't settle for just anyone Rasulullah said Father Father be that the dean choose the one with Dean Terabithia deck you'll be successful. You want success Habibi, choose the righteous woman, because beauty will go money will go but Dean is going to show us how to last forever. And it said if you teach a man you've taught a man, you teach a woman you've taught a generation. Make sure the woman is righteous that you select the chautala and if she's not make dua masango in divorce, and

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likewise for the sisters, sometimes in America the best of men make dua Be patient, be patient and my brothers marry the girl you wish your daughter to be like. And sisters marry the man you wish your son to be like because they're going to follow suit. Children are going to take after their parents.

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So she provided that support that comfort that's very important for a wife and that's what you want inshallah tada and lay clear lay down the conditions of your marriage journey from day one. Now I want a second wife from the first meeting. No, you scare her off. You scare off Jani. You could scare off a potential a potential righteous, supportive wife and they don't do that. rather just get to know her. But tell her look, I'm interested in dour and I want to seek knowledge and I hope you know put those make those things clear. So she knows Okay, she's gonna marry a brother who's into his DNA.

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Therefore, if she's a woman of Dean, she'll marry you. And if she's not Alhamdulillah, you scare her off early, which is good for you. So you have to be careful in money making sure you are open and honest from the beginning.

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So we've taken now we've discussed with humbler, how long to go, perfect seven minutes. Excellent. We'll end off with

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the importance of knowledge. And a final point regarding women, women in no time said women, they are half of society, right? females as opposed to the other half males, right? So in society, you have males and females. So 40 some people in between, okay, you don't know what they are?

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What's going to go there? So females are half of society, and they give birth to the other half. What's the other half males? So they make up the entire society? That's the role that women have in Islam very important. Unfortunately, sometimes, we sometimes Muslim degrade the status of females No, don't degrade the status of females. Rasulullah said in the Mandisa, Shaka, original women are the twin halves of men, twin half compatible side by side. And just as when you walk out of your house, you're not going to be concerned with half of your body, right? You're only half. You're only on one half of your clothes. You only comb one half of your bead, you only brush one half of your

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head, right? You're not concerned with half it gives me both. Likewise, we're concerned with both in society we're concerned about the males and the females in Islam.

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If the feminists was that they'll say, Yeah, right. women's rights.

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I'm not calling for feminism here.

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I heard this thing on Facebook. It was like,

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What was it?

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It was communist until you get rich, feminist until you get married. atheist until the plane starts falling.

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hypocrite diaries.

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Now let's go on to mention the importance of seeking knowledge.

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The first word revealed was a club

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will lie this word was revolutionary.

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This one word my brother's transformed a people who will mean illiterate couldn't read or write into the scholars of the world. This one word ekra. In a very short time, transformed this oma from being as we said, an educated to the most educated and scholarly nation on the face of the planet. And a nation that other generations in the future would take as role models were taken as as an example of one word if the number of scholars the number, quantity that this oma produced are unsurpassed, but not as quantity, quality as well will lie the quality of the quality of our LMS that this oma has produced will lie cannot be compared to any other nation on the face of this planet. And we

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challenge anyone, any religion to produce the number, the quantity and the quality that Islam has produced in its scholarship. We challenge anyone, no one comes close Have you no one wants a Christian preset, if we had the likes of Alabama al Bukhari in our religion would have worshiped him

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please just give us someone like a little hottie right making duck to the Trinity God right give us give us one person like gulbahar roku this year, I was Avila so I will lie the quantity

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and quality of LMR cannot be compared in any other nation except in Islam.

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And let me give you an example of such a dilemma. Number one Allah Buhari or de la Rahim Allah. And remember mahadi was amazing. His mind was extremely sharp. It was mentioned that when he was studying under reshape, he had of course other students with him. And later on, they began to complain about anemometer Buhari. They didn't Of course call him Andaman Bihari Baba, Mohammed the businessman. Why? Let's say

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our dear friend Mohammed bin Ismail, he's not writing anything but you're telling us to write everything Why? He said tomorrow bring me all of your notes and I'll show you they brought all of the notes after 16 lessons 16 lessons in they brought everything he said okay, recite. At the moment Buhari began to recite every single Hadith exactly in the way in order that they had written

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16 lessons. Try writing what I said just 16 minutes worth. And he that was an amount Buhari, amazing, amazing man and the amount of ahaadeeth will lie that he memorized that will even just life that he included in his books of that battle by Allah Akbar. Yani are amazing to say the least.

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Also, Mr. Mohammed, I remember him on one of the greatest scholars of this moment also happy that elf elf Hadith

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memorized 1 million. How do you find Alabama? Alabama chef?

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He had a photographic memory. Whenever he would open a book. He said I'd have to cover one half, because I would memorize both and then we'll mix each other I feed for that.

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Have to cover one half one page. So he doesn't memorize the birth at the same time fearing he may get confused. You have also the likes of him. This man mastered not just Luca, and not just Sharia, and not just Hadith, but so many other fields that when you read his works, you think about a law. He was a scientist in biology, geology, astrology, so many other fields upon law, ignored by him, by him he authored saddled mad, that are mad. I have it at home is a five volume illustrious set for volumes. Do you know how he wrote it? And when you read it, he said Alex, the hoof is tougher on a journey. And he didn't say get up too early. He said I love to who I made some commentary on it

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a lot. But if that's commentary, I imagine if you were to write, he wrote it on a journey as he was traveling from beta macness to Mecca, on Camelback. And it's extremely difficult to do. Have you ever ridden a camel? Try writing something probably can't even write a message on your iPhone on a camel, very difficult, bumpy ride and camels are extremely arrogant, or extremely arrogant beasts probably spit on you will get off me. So a big hand founder right like that very difficult. Five volumes that are mad provisions of the hereafter. You should read it. amazing book. Zed l mad

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it wrongly translated as provisions for the hereafter.

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This was by no claim.

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when he was traveling, he didn't have five star accommodation on the way stop at the novateur relax, get a good rest. Have a nice, you know, three course meal

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traveling and he wrote that and he was travel, traveling and he wrote his other mad like that. It wasn't at home also, we had all of his references and his books in an air conditioned office or from memory. Sad or mad has stories, narrations events, I had it and it all took it from memory Allahu Akbar, what an amazing man.

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And it's easy. It's even shown his children.

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Abdullah Abdullah, his son

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would lead the people at nine years of age was an Imam. And his son Ibrahim was a law Hawaii master in Arabic. And he shows his kids and one of his children. I'm not sure whether Abdullah or Abraham memorize suited are off in two days.

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How many pages is sorted out of 25 pages at a time son memorize a lot off in two days, we can memorize two pages in two days. In fact, one page in two days, in fact, probably two or two, you know into in today's part of last one. It shows you the and by the way, that the math is an amazing book on Ceylon cielo. Now usually books of zero are events in order as we're taking it, right. That's the classical approach. But it takes a different style, different approach. The way he authored it was he dealt it was that it delves into the personal life of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he goes into what the prophet wore his clothing, what he ate, how he used to name his

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children, what he used to do in terms of trials, how he should travel, his weapons, his armory, his and it goes into his personal life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So it's an amazing approach what he's doing, he used to wake up upon going to bed, how he's to eat, and he, he makes you live, he makes you live the moment as though you are with Rasul Allah in his household.

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So those are just some glimpses into their element of this oma. And finally, the importance of knowledge, my brothers, seek knowledge, knowledge is of the utmost importance. Allah is really teaching us because it's the first area first in your life priority, and it's going to be hard. No one said, it's going to be easy. You're tired, as I can see, you get hungry, you get thirsty, and that's normal. But you need to bear with patience and resilience. Because I shave, Mohammed Matata shot at he mentioned the wisdoms behind the beat Ali Salaam, holding Russell law, tights, when he told him he squeezed him hard. Why? To teach him to get him ready of the trials that he's going to

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face in this hour is to prepare him mentally, psychologically, physically, that is going to be tough pill to swallow, likewise, seeking knowledge.

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And don't think the aroma of today those who are on top of mountains today came from the heavens now Habibi. those mountains today. Were in the dirt yesterday. Don't think

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Man, if people can't get to know you can they're human. We're human. The difference between us and them is that they just worked hard on that is it? Work hard? Be patience. Bear these lessons with patience and you don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great

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and cold while still in law halali Millie welcome pastel Pharaoh who inaho hola from Rahim Allah Allah bless you my brothers. Does that come low Hayden Allah increase your knowledge and we'll see you next financial Santa Monica.

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Yeah, Abdullah you had some questions?

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Or is it

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you can ask. By the way brothers Can you remind me next lesson I wanted to mention one thing about knowledge but didn't want to keep you it's how to get your children to be readers. The first one was read how to get your children this remind me if you can follow him

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he had a question but if you have any questions I'll stay behind for you

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that's why I said write it down but

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yeah, yeah, look the clothing Yeah, the clothing

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the clothing and the there's difference of opinion on the imama and things like that allow other materials from the culture of the Arab to where but what is sooner is to dress modestly. So we dress like this because it's modest. So we can cover the hour and it's not wearing tight wearing to Article salon.

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So what this is we're following the sooner by dressing modestly. That's all but you know, as if some scholars said yeah, you're getting rewarded by for example, following the prophet and how we dressed whether it's the hair long hair, or the Imam and stuff like that, but it seems this is from the customs of the Sunnah of the Prophet so and of the Arab in general, therefore, by inshallah, if you're doing

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Yeah, you can ensure that you get rewarded the thing the only Allah will reward a person, even if atoms weight of good deeds, atoms way. Okay, so imagine if you do more than that.

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So, it's good to wear such closing.

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You know, what, also when you were like, when you dress like this, it actually affects your Eman. You know, the outer affects the inner, and the inner affects the outer. So when you dress like this, you you feel I'm not saying you can't wear a jumper and pants, it's no problem. But when you do dress according to like the suddenness of like, that makes you feel a bit more closer to

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salami going.

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Is anyone leaving now?

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Then only gonna walk down this one and walk Abdullah to

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our wisdom?

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Amina, is gonna are you going down?

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requirements Do you have to

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understand? You don't have to memorize it. But memorizing is better, as long as you can, if you're going to independence, what is the first thing I'm going to teach? Are they going to teach the Hadith in Arabic? Are they going to? I can read it? Or are they going to just read it in English and teach depends if a person is going to read it to others in Arabic, and it's best that they check that they can, they can read it properly, check with the sheriff have personal knowledge. And that's why, for example, we said to the browser, we encourage memorizing it so you can get it ijazah. But understanding is more crucial. So if a person can't read it in Arabic, as long as they can

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understand and also narrate it to others.

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No problem. I think you should do that small lesson then. The fact that you've done it in class is really good because now you can teach those same points. And by teaching it'll consolidate what you know,

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or actually make you

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memorize those points and learn them better.

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Punish Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah tala.

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Yeah, probably 10

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I'm gonna see if I can