Nouman Ali Khan – The Ayah of Ramadan – Part 9

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of completing the count and declare "sliver from impermissible and" swing from monads is essential to achieving greatness. The guidance of Allah is essential and should not be forgotten, as it provides psychological effects and a sense of one's thoughts and feelings. prioritizing one's actions and not hesitting to ask questions is key, as it provides guidance and gives opportunities to be mindful of one's thoughts and feelings. It is important to not missing important moments and not hesitate to ask questions, as it provides guidance and opportunities to be greater than others.
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hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Abadi Latina stafa Hassan Allah Allah him Mohammed amin Mohammed in El amin what Allah Allah He was happy

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as we close up this ayah just like in the beginning there were three descriptions of the Quran three states now at the end you have three purposes of the fasting three purposes of the fact that the three roles the Quran plays and the three roles that Ramadan plays that's how the is actually ending and the first of them I told you so that you perfect the count so that you complete the count and we talked about that in the last session. That is the first goal of the giving of Ramadan, that's for your benefit. The second goal which is what we're going to talk about today in this session is really took a bit of loja Allah Maha taco, so that you declare allows greatness based on how he

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based on his guidance to you based on how he guided you. Okay, so you know that phrases a little bit loaded, you declare a lot of greatness based on how he guided you. And this is a simple explanation of that. When you finish the Count 30 days, then there's need, when you're going to need what do you say you declare a lot of greatness Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar La ilaha illAllah. Everybody going to the prayer is declaring Allah as greatness. So obviously we're doing that literally, we're pronouncing that greatness at the end of the month of Ramadan. And that makes sense logically here, because he says complete the count and then declare a lot of greatness the way he guided you,

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meaning through the legacy of the Prophet, Sunnah. And then a prayer. But there's something more than just that ritual that's being talked about here. For 30 days, you trained yourself to recognize Allah has greater authority over your own body, over your own preferences over your own tongue over your own eyes, over your own thoughts. You declared a lot of greatness over all of those things, and you try to perfect each of those days. Now that these 30 days have been completed, the purpose of this month, is that you can continue to declare allows greatness in what he guided you meaning after fasting is over. Don't all of you feel when fasting is over? And you're about to just have lunch?

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And you just want to reach for that burger you stop for a second? Wait? Oh, yeah.

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So much easier now. Like there's this relief that things have gotten easier. You understand? Allah is teaching us. I'm not asking you too fast all year. So the things I want you to stay away from are not that hard. You were able to do much harder for 30 days. Now, based on the guidance, I've given you, the things that you should not go near and declare my guidance to you greater than all of those things. And you'll be able to prioritize and get away from the impermissible and get away from things you shouldn't be saying. And get away from things you shouldn't be looking at. and get away from monies that you shouldn't be earning behavior that you shouldn't be doing. Get away from

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harming other people, backbiting, slandering. Get away from trying to ruin somebody else's life, you're going to get away from those things because that's much easier to do now. He says I gave you these 30 days. So you really truly understand what it means when you say Allahu Akbar, when you say Allah is greater, of course, Allahu Akbar is something you hear in the oven, is what you hear in the prayer. Think about the psychological effects of Allahu Akbar. When the when the Muslim hears Allahu Akbar. That means I'm, you know, you hear the adon right? And you're busy like working on your school project. Or somebody in the middle of lunch or somebody else's just talking to their friend.

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They hear the around, hey, I gotta go it's prayer time. You wrap up the lunch quickly, you go, you finish a project you say I'm gonna put the project on hold I'm gonna go. Meaning for a lie is not just the greatest it actually means a lot is greater. What does that mean? Allah is greater than my lunch. Allah is greater than my conversation with my friend. Allah is greater than my nap allez greater than this movie. Allah is greater or less greater, Allah is greater, you dropped those priorities. That's why it's the comparative form. You drop those priorities and join the prayer. When you join the prayer. You say Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater. And then every motion you take is

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not the motions you do in your life. If somebody started talking to you, while you were praying you wouldn't you wouldn't say al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen hold on bro, let me just finish this I gotta.

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Allah is greater now for those moments until the prayer is done. Nothing else disturbs you. Your eyes don't go wandering your tongue doesn't go wandering. Your mind isn't supposed to go man. Your hands are submitted, your limbs are submitted. Your the motions of your body are submitted because you recognize that Allah is greater. When Allah says here when he took a bit of Allah Allah so you declare a lot of greatness the way he guided you. One implication of that is of course, from now on, you'll be committed to your prayers because the greatest declaration of Allah greatness is the five prayers from now on. Don't skip out on them prayers, Ramadan, those 30 days you were able

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to pull it off. Now no skip on those prayers truly declare allows guidance the way he guided you. Was greatness the way he guided you to that what I mentioned in the beginning. Now your priorities are going

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be dictated by Allah, you're not going to think of your preferences is greater than what Allah wants for you. And that leads me to that last point I lama haidakhan.

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When you declare a lot of greatness based on how he guided you, what that means is my preferences, my opinions, my thoughts, my feelings are sometimes going in a different direction. And what Allah is telling me after I've properly understood what a lie is telling me, after I've properly understood it, sometimes my feelings, my thoughts, my priorities are going in a different direction. And what Allah wants is going in a different direction. What does it mean to say Allahu Akbar, it means my preferences cannot be greater than a last position on this. So I'm going to submit my preferences. You know, how you're gonna have to be on the magic to be, the prophet said, Nobody

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believes. Nobody believes until they took their their what they desire, what they feel, and they bring it under what I have brought, meaning the Quran, Lita, punakha, Lima tala, here earlier, so the word of Allah could be in the highest place, you and I have to figure that out in our personal lives, nobody can do that for you. You have to think about what Allah is saying yourself, and where are you contradicting? Am I contradicting what Allah wants? And am I allowing myself to be greater than the word of Allah? Allah says, The purpose of the month of Ramadan is truly to declare a lot greater based on how he guided you meaning based on his words, are you weighing his words heavier?

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Are your preferences heavier? That's really the question you're gonna have to ask yourself. And I'm going to have to ask yourself, and that's the training Allah has given us so we can bring ease into our lives. You know, you might think that obeying the law is gonna make things harder, I can promise you, all the difficulties in your life are in a less control

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all of them, and you submit yourself to Allah and he's in charge of removing your difficulties. And even if he doesn't remove your difficulties, he's in charge of giving you the strength, the ability, the the versatility, to be able to stand against all of those difficulties. He will give you that you can't get that on your own. You're not going to you're never going to get that on your own. But you will get that if you become completely submissive and understand the greatness of Allah over yourself. May Allah azzawajal make us all those who truly mean Allahu Akbar, when they say Allah barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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