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Muhammad Al Bizry
AI: Summary © The importance of practicing knowledge and practicing it in order to achieve success in Islam is discussed in various settings, including the secretive stages, the act of Islam, and the use of "monarch" and "monarch" in Islam. The use of sugar and spying on people for political gain is also discussed, along with the history of Mecca and Facebook's "assurance" message. The importance of practicing knowledge is emphasized, and media is used as a means of communication in various political settings.
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So, last lesson my brothers we ended up discussing the manhood of the believer if caught up pom pom, remember those three words? a crock pom pom, quick revision, what a crock homecoming. What do they stand for?

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current rates acknowledge.

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Correct. a crock rate meaning acknowledge as a Muslim. Then poem stand up and do what? convey one. In other words, give down

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when you got knowledge give Dawa. And then thirdly, stand up and pray. In other words, worship, you have to implement that which you learn. So remember those three commands given to the Salah, and by extension us, seek knowledge, give our but don't forget yourself. A lot of people, they give Dawa nonstop and they forget themselves. Just as you have to pay zakat on your wealth you need to pay zakat on your knowledge. And there's a cat of your knowledge is

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Tao, you see that just as your Zakat of money is given to the people, the God of knowledge is also given to the people when you teach them and use a cat of your wealth? Is it the majority of your wealth? Or is it 2.5%? small, small amount. Likewise, the Dow that you give is a small amount. In other words, if you're seeking knowledge, that should be more than your Darwin. seek knowledge five days a week, or two days a week, for example, or four days a week knowledge three days a week down. But don't turn it upside down with five days a week. It's Darwin you seeking knowledge two days a week No. Otherwise, you'll be shooting blanks. And you can't give that which you don't have. So if

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you don't have something you can't give it. So you have to have more ammunition than what you're firing. We're talking about down here.

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Otherwise, we'll get arrested tonight for sure.

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So tonight, we're going to look at after that those commands came and it came exactly in the time where we're going to look at inshallah, tada, it came at the right place of the phases and stages of the call, meaning the Tao of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And that was of two types in general. And then we're going to look at those in detail.

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And then

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the early converts, as it says in the sealed nectar, the early reverts probably be a better translation.

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And then it goes on to mention a solid, but I believe we've already discussed that.

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Okay, now we haven't. Then it goes on to mention the solar, the press.

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And then the reaction of the kuffaar

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when he was commanded to go and preach this message to the people.

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Firstly, as for the phases of the court,

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it says in your notes and the sealed nectar.

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There's phases and stages of the call page 94. You have the Green Book.

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What were the stages and phases of dour?

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There's two main stages. What are they

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maca. Good.

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And then the hydro. Almudena Good.

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Very easy. However, Mecca can be split into three main phases. What's the first

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the secretive phase?

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And that that was

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and that was from between

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the first year of the dour to the fourth year

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secretive? The right or the third? You?

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Three years sorry, three years? Yeah, three years. So you could say the end of the 30.

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So that was from

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the first year to the third year.

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And then it was after secretive.

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Public. And I was from the fourth year,

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up until the 10th year.

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And then it was beyond Mecca.

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masuleh would start to give Dawa to as you know, he went to a toy and he wanted to do other things give Tao outside of Mecca beyond Makkah. And that was from the 10th year

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to when he made his law some law while he was alive. And of course he was looking to go out because he wanted to of course perform hedra so he was giving out to see where he could make this very important migration.

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So as you can see, my brother's dour. There's wisdom behind the stages. So how you give out to people depends on the time era place who

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You speaking to so that's very important. I lead on the onset Hollywood NASA audio only him speak to the people according to their level of understanding. And that's something that the chef mentioned today that a lot of the times people haven't even understood the basics and fundamentals of a man cook for yet. They want to ask deep questions about tech feed that they haven't even understood its basic foundations yet. Brother who wants to make tech fear we asked him I'm not denying tech fear as we've said this over and over, but this should the truth conditions. For example, what attire will go for men and what are the conditions?

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If you can answer this question now will make you the shape of Mia

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what is the Taino bilco for main and what are the conditions? If a person you know if what you gave me that look like he gave us the answer, we're gonna make him a shape.

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Oh, good. Better to wake up. Honestly, that to make that clear on someone you need to know that. But as you can see, people don't even know what to look for is, and I'm sure it's the first time most of you probably even heard this tonight at dayenu will cover it came from the word I die. In other words to specify a tie in aiyana shocks you need to specify you are careful. That's good tie number four, and has conditions. So as you can see, it's a deep topic. It's not easy. Not easy.

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Elmo him Let's keep going. Let's discuss now in sha Allah tala, as it says in

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the CEO of nectar.

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Taking these stages in detail, the secretive stage, it says, strife in the way of the cough, three years of secretive dour. It is well known that maca was the Center for the Arabs and house the custodians of Aqaba. protection and guardianship of the idols and stone graven images that received veneration on the part of all the Arabs lay in the hands of the Mexicans Think of it as the headquarters of Kufa right there, Mecca.

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In other words, to go head on, and start charging with your dollar and saying this is before and this is 123. It's not a wise ID. So it says hence the difficulty of hitting the target of reform and rectitude in a place consider the den of idolatry, of course, wasn't the wisest decision so that to be smart, secretive, working in such an atmosphere, no doubt requires unshakable will and determination. And that's why you find the Mr. Lane was founded on the early believers, the Sahaba. Why? Because they are the core group. They are the core. Everything that comes after that is based on them the Sahaba or the lamb and the hard work. Therefore the core of something needs to be

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strong. It's like the foundation of a house, the foundations week what's going to happen, house will collapse. So the Sahaba were the core of this oma, Allah made the 100 night prayers obligatory in the early stages later on, it was abrogated. So as you can see the wisdom behind NUS and monsoon, we're going to take that input where Allah abrogates things why? Because Allah azza wa jal changes his mind because it wasn't really a good idea to begin with. No, Allah has a great infinite divine plan for everything. So therefore, he made it a bigger tree to strengthen them. And then after that was optional.

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So write your questions, if you don't mind.

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they had to work in a very secretive phase early on. So that was the phases and Alice to discuss. The early reverts no doubt the first muslimah was her

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Hadid In fact, she was the first person to accept Islam. It shows you that Islam was made up of 50% men 50% women in the early stage also ladies wife, and they say that we undermine the status of the female killer will not half of the deen was made up of women in the first early stage of Islam, and then the first man to accept Islam as a Auerbach rando, some say what type no foul and so forth. However, he didn't come out openly and say I'm a Muslim like Obama did the difference of opinion but no doubt. It seems our bucket was the first radi Allahu anhu and why wouldn't it be when that's the meaning of his name back back in Arabic When you have bad

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calf? Raw in that aura

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Baqarah means early.

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Did we discuss this

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early for example, how do you say early morning

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but get right back here and also Baccarat Baccarat Infoseek enforce ha is early morning book rotten well i'll see you know what's up baby Hamza Rebecca Bella, she won a cow. ashy night from Asia and Africa. Morning. It got in that order. I see. So, we're back here also means early if I said jell o stealth mode back here on those styles came early. And a big what's a big

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you want to

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Marry a big

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you might want to marry but in the linguistic

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what's the big Nana that's back?

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What's the big surely when you get married most likely you're going to marry big what's a big up car? virgin? virgin why early stage? She hasn't been pieced yet. That's what I said dude rock tubik I pearl is also called Big if it hasn't been pieced, it's called the rotten, Big Easy. Also our Don Beck land that is fertile hasn't been planted yet. See the word big being coming and used to mention early, and therefore our Buck was called our backer for two reasons because of his early acceptance of Islam early on, because of Bakili Dahal Islamic Iran that was called back and the word backer also means a young we said early young camel, young camel, so he was the father of the young lively

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camel, like Abu hurayrah was also named after an animal so that's why he earned that name a bobak for those main reasons and you can seize upon law he was early in so many things.

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How you may ask among them is he was the first to

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I kept Islam

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the first to accept Islam What else?

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First man now among the men

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first free man yesterday they've been fair bit was was the

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was the first free yeah for the first life. Yes. So free man. He was the first What?

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First califa

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after Rasul Allah good what else

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he was the first

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one to believe in masala after the Night Journey LS Robin mirage.

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He was also

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the first he's also the first who will enter Jannah after the profits.

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First enter Paradise after the profits.

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As you can see, my brothers is the first on many occasions upon Allah

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is also the first man to attack wage war on multiple nations simultaneously and defeat them. The first you find that this is I apply the rule that is well known in history that you do not attack multiple empires simultaneously big No, no. In fact, you find famous people of the past tried to do so and failed and failed like Hitler. That was the cause of his demise. He attacked two nations at once. Our backer was the first to do and when first in history to attack multiple nations upon law, and those who came after him the Muslim commanders they follow through and hamdulillah they're also victorious, but he was the first started as you can see first on so many occasions. And he is the

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first and early in all goodness as I Li You know, the man who said can I step back on frequently higher. He said he was the first in all forms of good. You want to know who was the first in doing a good day That was our back Rolando once Rasulullah Salallahu Salam was in the master then some narration say after Fischer pray. He asked me asked Mohammed Kumar leiomyosarcoma, who woke up today fasting now is putting up the hand. Our bucket put up season is it who woke up today and pray to Allah to janessa our bucket put up his hand who woke up today and given soda obaku represent who woke up today and visited a sick person over could put up his hand. Mr. Rogers was freaking out.

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Looking around on the hand that's going up is a look over.

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And he kept saying upon asking upon every question that the Prophet asked obaku said eurosla we just started out a little so we just started that a little sooner. We just started out there yet despite that Obama was putting up his head. He was the first in all goodness power over crow Delano. That's why the Sahaba elected him as the halifa.

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May be yes sir Backman cannon can a suburban setback from South Africa to beat and hastin acid. So that was among the early reverts.

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And of course, Khadija And what about the narration about Ali. What about Ali's reversion?

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So yeah, first child was Ali. First Man was our work obachan now that's if you even consider Ali entering into Islam because he was already a Muslim from day one. Why? Because he was still a child and he did not reach the age of

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puberty responsibility, therefore, it wasn't a calf or a mistake to begin with, because it wasn't old enough. So therefore, I literally grew up in a household of Islam of hamdulillah.

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I'm not sure.

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I'm not sure.

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Maybe, yeah. Hello, I'll just go on to the next part, which is the prayer. That's the reverse of the Salah. What about the Salah?

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Did this pray in the early stages? Yeah, they did. But not like the pray that we pray now, five times a day. The way they prayed as witches there was established as two prayers a day that is it. morning and night. And the Shia are used as evidence for the press today.

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Pray twice today. Three, if you're lucky.

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If you're a chef, you pray three, according to them.

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So that they pray twice. And the proof was, as I mentioned, there was a bit behind the Rebecca Bella she will call or she is not an app called morning, twice a day. And how many units per pray

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to that is it. So it wasn't four or three, just two. So two in the morning, two at night. That was their prayer. So Pamela, so it says it may say even hedger, it's actually even harder. So definitely the Prophet used to pray then before the Night Journey. And so we know that when he received the command of the five deadly praise, but he's to pray before that, as it Mahajan mentioned, however, is different than opinion whether that prayer was an obligation or not.

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So it was followed on the Muslims or not, Allahu Alem doesn't really concern us. And jabrill Elisa Lam taught rasulillah how to perform with the Maginot imagine jabril teaching you how to perform auto. So as it says there to be it was the one who taught us a lot of Formula a lot. But and if he told you, I forget, you forget it. And you know, with the widow, my brothers, there are amazing, amazing psycho physiological and psychological benefits, even medical benefits behind the pseudo medical benefits. And you look it up and you look at the medical benefits of odo, you'll be amazed. Among them, for example, washing the face, recharges the digestive system, and among them deliver a

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recharges upon law. Also, if you look at medical science today, the way the most clinical method to wash the hands and to remove germs, is after you wash them, by the way like this, in between the fingers, and that's exactly how you should perform the widow. After that, what do you do according to modern science, in medicine,

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the arms up until the elbows why because if you do it like that, the water falls from the elbow. And what happens after that there goes the germs. Now there is nothing going to be right. And that's exactly how they do it even in medical science today. And that's exactly how you do the Wu. Ji Ji, so I find it harmful. So there are many benefits. Now we're not doing it because of those medical benefits, but they're extra. But as you can see my brothers is always benefit, even if we don't understand behind the

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will do on the widow. So yes, with the hands, by the way, with the hands when you do it like this, that's also in the arms. So you can do like that in the beginning. And then you can do like that when you get to the arms. The arm is from the elbow. And this is something that a lot of people neglect from here, and it goes over to the fingertips, not the wrist.

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So you're going to learn more about that in focus.

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Not necessarily, but I'm not sure exactly. But it doesn't. It just says at an early stage of this summit call early stage for Allahu Allah when exactly, but it doesn't really matter because we know that once he went to the Night Journey, that's when the five daily prayers were obligated upon him. And

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that's really what concerns us.

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And today I read an article from I forgot which website but it's something that Jani is it's common with well known website that non Muslims of course, they mentioned the benefits of giving premature babies a sugar like substance when they are born.

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Yeah, that's true. And it actually helps the development of the brain and premature premature babies have low birth the doctor here, low blood sugar levels, glucose levels. So what is the sooner

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What is this one as a doctor? I call him Dr. Dr. Mahmoud. Because he deals with drugs. But the bad ones. The good ones. What? What? What did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam tell us to do upon the newborn baby's arrival? Yeah, to put date or honey at the in the mouth of the newborn? It's called Titanic. If you forget, then finish all

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then do you remember?

00:20:28 --> 00:20:41

Do you know when might have three children and hamdulillah? And the idea that every single time except for the first one? Why? Because first baby all excited, right? Oh, gosh, I can't believe it. So I actually forgot for the first one.

00:20:42 --> 00:21:23

And she was the only one. She was the only one that had to go had very low blood sugar levels and had to inject or something or give us a medicine because of that. So panel of the others had no problem. Why? Because you follow the sooner the safe, you're saved. As the saying goes, the sooner is like the ark of Noah mohalla. Salim whoever embarks upon it is saved, over neglects it is drowned. Think of the sooner like that my brother implement the sooner even if it's if it seems to you that it's trivial, nothing, no will lie. Every aspect of the sadhana is important. So don't undermine them in the least. So whether it's shaving the head of the newborn, and the arctica, and

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all of these other things, make sure you try and implement these etiquettes of the newborn extremely, extremely important.

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So that was the prayer that says the Quran shots, learn about the core. Okay, that's what it says the people of Quraysh.

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So what happened? It says the stage of the call, even though conducted in a private manner, on an individual basis, it's news leaked out and assumed a public interest all over Facebook.

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Trying to wake you up all over America, news went out. In the beginning, the Mexican leaders did not care much about Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and took no heed of his teachings. This guy is like a normal priest. Some whack job, right? fruitcake, who is just, he's a bit messed up and then didn't really care much about him. I just thought he is an A an ordinary person who? Giving Dawa. So they ignored him. But however, what happened? This attitude of indifference soon change into real apprehension.

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they feed the spread of Islam? Exactly like today, what did they do? The polytheist of Quraysh began to watch Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam his movements closely and anxiously for fee of spreading his call and producing a change in the Australian Government.

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remind you of spy agencies? Exactly. I've paid Asia and other government agencies what they do. They used to spawn or sue the Lumiere brothers, you think the godfather of terracotta spawn us? And you'll be shocked. You'll be shocked at what access they have in spying on you. Even in your own home. They're allowed with with warrants, of course, they're allowed to enter your home without you knowing and insert camera devices. So I'm going to put a post on my page soon about this. And you'll see

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maybe not Yeah, perhaps maybe the new bill Yeah, they don't have to. But as you can see, he got for his one manage doesn't change doesn't change back then is the spiral sort of law. And he was the best of men show that they're going to spy on us. Surely. Allah Halmstad. So for three underground years of activism,

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a group of believers emerged stamped by a spirit of fraternity in cooperation with one definite objective in their mind, propagating and deeply establishing the core unto Islam. For for three years, Mohammed de la jolla Sallam had been contented teach a rather narrow circle however, the time had come my brother's

00:24:02 --> 00:24:14

home for under one, the command to go out and reclaim it. From being as we said, secretive to public came when, when Allah azza wa jal revealed the ayah who knows when there

00:24:15 --> 00:24:16

are Shiraz aka

00:24:18 --> 00:24:35

Alok rabina, sent one unique 100 unique relatives kith and kin people you are shared or your clan, your tribe, one of the masala with that hollows. No more secret no more secret doorway. Now it's time to go Publix upon law. So what happens in Mecca and we'll end with this

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in Mecca.

00:24:39 --> 00:24:41

Do you think they had media back then?

00:24:44 --> 00:25:00

Who says yes, you're right. They had media. Yeah, of course. Media is not limited to Wi Fi, internet, Facebook, Twitter, magazine, write newspapers, etc. so limited to that. That's one form. However, media by definition

00:25:00 --> 00:25:07

is the mass means of communication of a message. That's really the definition of media. So back then they had that what was it?

00:25:09 --> 00:25:43

poetry sent mass means of communication. And they had also letters that would send them. So let us they had messages, they had poetry. And another thing they had very interesting was the sounding of the alarm. They had an alarm system back then. Not like the ones that you have today in your home, but it was different kind. Whenever a person wanted to warn his tribe or his people of some impending danger, what would he do? He would climb the top of the mountain of what?

00:25:46 --> 00:25:47

a surfer

00:25:49 --> 00:26:31

and they will take off the clothes and they would cry out yes over here sabaha ha Akbar what would they do that the word sabaha comes from Sabah and super What does that mean? Morning it means what a terrible morning is about to before you because when a thief strikes usually strikes at night under the cloak of darkness when our work is seen. So when do you find that you've been robbed? morning time you wake up he took my TV. So that's when you find how you've been robbed morning so what a terrible morning is about to before you that's what it means. Yeah, so about how Yamaha and they will do something additional to this. They will take off their clothes way. Right waving around in

00:26:31 --> 00:26:43

the air for attention for someone who can't hear sabaha they'll see someone in the distance with the clothes of the guy you know, some fruitcake has his clothes off. Let's go see what's going on. Oh, go so that's what that will do. So Mohammed Salah has

00:26:45 --> 00:26:56

implemented, implemented the mass means of media of his time some allow to sell them so what did he do? He went up to the top of the mountain he cried out yes about how he did that. Which party live out

00:26:57 --> 00:27:39

the shameful part the disgraceful part is that attack of his close ally celeb because he had dignity honor his son in law they will sell them so that shows us a very important lesson my brothers as Muslims are allowed to use the mass means of media and communication of our time whether it's internet phones Facebook, then we can say Tom no use it for the height but leave the sharp leave the bad it's very important lesson so use Facebook use internet for good for good works for good things however produce for the harem like themselves JC better coffee, if it's useful the Haram No, no. So use it for Tao and so forth. But once you find that it's becoming a fitna for you and you're using

00:27:39 --> 00:28:07

it for how long did he leave those aspects you leave those aspects but to give a hug of the internet How do I know firstly it's it's wrong and secondly very hard to apply. So he did the Yamaha Yamaha so people started to come especially when they heard look a saw the pole i mean is the one giving the message. So they went Professor Salim suddenly Hello alarm he said to them if I were to tell you that there's an army behind this mountain ready to attack you would you believe me? What did they say?

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said yes. Never heard you tell a lie Mohammed. He said in that case. Listen to this in Nina de la come back in a day are there been any I'm a plane wanted to all of you have a terrible punishment that is coming. I'm a messenger. You better listen up. A terrible punishment is coming if you stay on this way of course.

00:28:29 --> 00:28:35

This is now the opportunity for all of Mecca to accept Islam. Who sticks out his ugly head.

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Abu lahab he says tap Ballack. May you be destroyed and cursed panela. He just cursed the best of creation. That Ballack and he had a jamatkhana This way you gather us. I was making money. I was working. I was earning the dinars, man. It took me away from my business to come listen to this field that bollock said early on May you because for the rest of the date, and a lot of people of course listen to I will have why because he was a celebrity. Basically, he was. He was famous. He was wealthy, high lineage, high status in society. He was the leader. people listened to him and the treasure of Mecca. So he took a lot of people with him upon law, because of that disgusting

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despicable act. A lot of people were turned off so panela hearing the message of Islam. And soon after, he cursed the dean. He said that Bella Kira Sula, basically or is it a Bella Mohammed later on he actually said that Bella had the deen May this Deen of Islam because in our times, basically translate to stuff this religion. That's what he said. stuff this religion and Islam. So because he cursed twice what happened?

00:29:48 --> 00:29:52

Allah sent is cursed him twice with Sora

00:29:53 --> 00:29:59

Sora lava symptom so Tibet, sudo lab Surah Surah method, the bat yada I Billa happy

00:30:00 --> 00:30:42

tab 242 you curse twice Allah is gonna curse you to us, the first being that bat and then whatever, both come from tab but what does that mean? You're going to see how Allah azza wa jal used a word precisely to describe this filthy man's destruction and demise. Allah didn't say matter. He didn't say halakhah He didn't say don't mirror these other words to indicate destruction demise to perish. He said Deborah, what does it mean? Next lesson, you're going to see the destruction and demise of Abu lahab himself and exactly precisely how Allah is described in the Quran. So until then, my brother, Camilla Hayden, subchronic, Aloha, Mohammed, Shadow Allah, Allah.

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I want to keep you in suspense. That's good that you're looking forward to the next lesson.

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But if you can't wait, I gave this as a lesson in the memoirs of the life of Mohammed Salah wa sallam series, and less than five don't mess with the messenger.

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Online. I was here am I way komaki

Stages of the Call, Early Reverts & Prayer

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