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Muhammad Al Bizry
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah.

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Let's continue with Sierra the biography of Rasul Allah. Today's lesson is going to focus on the prophets birth.

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Number one, and

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number two,

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we're going to look at the many names of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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But is it?

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As for the prophets birth, we concluded last lesson by discussing the story of

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and how Eliza destroyed them with

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the birds. Did you end up seeing that? I'll show you the birds? Yeah, you should watch that.

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That's right. Yes. The homework question who has an answer? Allah destroyed the Christians although they are closer to Islam.

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Whereas Mr. Cohen, he left them and they are further away from Islam. How would you answer?

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And the pagans are further away from Islam. They're worshipping idols. So how would you answer?

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Number one, Allah azza wa jal is so just that he will destroy a nation that is unjust, even if it's a Muslim nation, as per the Hadith,

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and Allah will leave people if they are just even if they are disbelieving nation. These people, the Christians, they were unjust, they came to destroy other people's properties, other people's land, heritage and ancestry. Therefore Allah azza wa jal because he took retribution because these people are going to transgress the rights of the creation. A person can abuse the creator laws of jail may or may not forgive, you may let that go. But when the day when the rights of the creation are transgressed allows regions does not tolerate that. Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said dako, Tao and Muslim were in Kanika film Phaedra of the oppressed even if they go far. Yeah. Don't even a

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non Muslim, he said fee that derive that they make against you. He said, there's no hijab between that Tao and Allah it goes straight to

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the Tao of the oppressed to these people who are oppressed by Christians.

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In other words, if a Muslim press is a good fit, and like Kevin makes, yes.

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If it's taken without right, yeah, correct. So you should see that he said it duck without a Muslim and Kanika film. So don't oppress, because remember, we took one of the Hadith Allah azza wa jal said, in Toronto, FC, Allah said he's made oppression hard on himself. So if he's made hard on himself, imagine when people oppressed each other Allah doesn't tolerate that. Yes.

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Yes, there are other reasons good. Of course, they came to destroy the house of Allah. And another reason was already done actually. Pride and COVID took over Abra and allows Russia despises that greatly, whereas the Muslim kind of Christ did not have that pride and cupboard pride, boastfulness in Kibera. Allah despises that so much that he destroyed upon his army because of that. So pride in Kibera is something which Allah despises greatly. It was the first sin Allah azza wa jal was disobeyed with shaitan. Allah azza wa jal hates it therefore he loves the opposite so much, what is it?

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humbling humility. That's what the closest you can get to allies which position so do it because you're humble. you're placing the top out of the body to the lowest part of the ground for Allah, you're placing in the sand the dirt, the mud just for Allah, Allah loves that. So the Prophet said the closest you can be to Allah is when you are in frustration. so humble yourself before Allah and you will, he will raise you.

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Okay, let's go into the Prophet sallallahu sallam, his birth. He was born in the year of the elephant, as we know

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his father was named good

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is one that was named

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Amina bent. Good.

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So if you do have the sword nectar, where it goes into birth and childhood, that's where we are taking from the book Exactly. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, the master of the prophets, as per your note in the sealed nectar it says was born in Benny Hashem lane in Mecca. on a Monday he was born on a Monday. That's why he's the fast Mondays. Therefore when people want to have molded the nebby party hearty all night long with music and dancing and singing. They said we're doing this because the Prophet was born on a Monday. What did he do because of his birth on a Monday. He's the fast he used to fast on a Monday and did he fast

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Once a year, no, it was every week every Monday. So these people want to have dancing and singing once a year and Mola done every night. Well, he didn't do once he did it every week. He fasted every Monday. But to them, of course, doesn't go with their whims and desires. They want to party and sing and dance. So you can't talk to such people when it comes to evidence, unfortunately, sometimes. So he was born on a Monday in the year of the elephant, and his father was Abdullah and he died before his birth. In other words, he was born as an orphans patola yet him.

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Over and over in Quran Allah azza wa jal mentions the importance of looking after the the orphans, the uttama, the orphans over and over again. Because the orphan is fragile, vulnerable people can take advantage of the orphan, push them around, take their money, who's going to stick up for you her? A Lazarus took it upon himself to defend the orphan. or eight and Levy, you get people who didn't? Have you seen the one who denies the day of judgment? This person is so bad that deny their judgment. That's the first crime. But what are their characteristics for their legal team that push too often around, get out of here little brat take his money and take his inheritance? No one's

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gonna help panels a lot took it upon himself to defend often notice allies have adjusted your theme. Often not yet. Time and time or offense? What's the difference? singular and plural, you might ask in here, this is what Allah mentioned. Yet theme one often,

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Allah is teaching us that if we are not concerned about one orphan, then is a problem. In other words, this person is so bad. Forget about their concern of the masses. They're not even concerned about orphans in plural. They're not even concerned about one orphan. That's how bad they are. So if we're running for president about one, often there's a big problem. And that's the lesson that I mentioned that in singular, not plural alone.

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Yes, it's to do with no father, not the mother. So when they when they haven't reached the age of maturity, and they don't have a father, they're an orphan. They're often so he was born as an orphan, so I'll allow it or send them but never despair. Never despair. Because although he had no father, look what he became, he became the father of the orphans of the world. Salallahu alaihe salam, he became the orphan that inherited the dunya. He had the world that is fake sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. A lot of people that always worry this person has no father, we shouldn't be worried. But the person who should be really worried about is the person who has no Arab. No, God,

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not No, no, Father, that's truly the most worrying.

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And usually, when a person has a father, you're not worried about them. But what about when a person has a law? How can you worry about them? Of course, they don't even need if you're worried anymore. And his mother died. I mean, I've been to App when he was only six years old, a low IQ. Well, that's the age we send our kids to primary school.

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As the age we send them to kindergarten, and that's very hard. So she died on the profits of Los Alamos six as his father died, nee, Medina.

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Yeah, in your notes, it'll say ni f3 and f3 is another name for Almudena

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was known as that.

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And one day, Amina decided to go and visit her husband's grave. So she took her son Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, her servant on what a man and her father in law, Abdulmutallab. They all went on this journey over 500 kilometers. And she died on the way back. So she went to see her to give her respects to her husband's grave. And so Pamela she died I was called out of Allah. And then he was taken under his grandfather's care. It was his grandfather, Abdulmutallab. So after them after his parents, of course there was Abdulmutallab.

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He would look after him

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until he reached his age.

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Yes, absolutely. It was his great his grandfather.

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Yes, good. Because we said, I mean, I went with her father in law.

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So when he was eight years of age, Abdulmutallab also kicked the bucket panela everyone's dying with trauma center. So he's gonna take over now.

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Good when he was eight years old, now his grandfather died. So who took over Abu Talib good Abu Talib

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apatani his uncle.

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So from eight years onwards, eight years onwards

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and he looked after him for how many years the next 40 years.

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For the next 40 years, Abu Talib would be his supporter, financially, emotionally he was everything would support him so much.

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So he died when the profit was 48 approximately and

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The D he died was the ye that who was died.

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Khadija his beloved one. And that was extremely hard on rasulillah

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Yeah, it was cold anyone know?

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Yeah good. I'm frozen the Euro sorry, your grief, your sadness

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was in the year of sadness because he had his beloved wife supporting him for so many years and that's very important.

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Sometimes the brothers act or mature in a sell out and need June, I'll do fine without you. It's just all talk so hacky. Trust me. Tell her you love your wife. Approve, you know Dan, just always in a Mcdo macho Rasulullah would say it

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would tell his wife I love you. And once I'm gonna blast when he became a Muslim, he became Muslim light. Now he didn't Little did he know of the great character of Salah had, therefore, whenever rasilla would speak to him and speak in a gathering, he'd always look towards ama glass. Simon Roscoe. I'm so special. A Solo is always looking at me. But little did he know that also loves like that with everyone. So I'm gonna blast wanted to show everyone look, I'm the most sort of loves me the most. I'm his favorite. What's this guy's got a boys check this out. So love. Who do you love the most? Watch? He goes out.

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He goes, Okay. Not from the women. Okay, I was gonna say me now from the manyatta sulla.

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From the women. He goes, boo her her father. You know, it's amazing. I'm not sure what's more amazing. The first response to the second. The first response was linked to Russia. The second response was linked to Russia. He could have said our bucket but he said her father so he linked the first answer to the second answer. Salallahu Eleison Yeah, so he linked the second answer to the first Allahu Akbar who which man will do that today? Very few lm Allah him Allah I'm dead by the boys tonight for sure. They're all gonna call me up. So what did you tell my wife that will start abusing me over the phone.

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But I'm sure your husband's a great Mashallah the beautiful brothers will light beautiful runs. Yellow Alhamdulillah. Let's go on to mention the prophets names.

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So that's the prophets birth. By the way, there's an authentic hadith where he said I'm a product of true marriage all the way from his ancestors, Adam.

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He was never a product of

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Xena, none of his ancestors had children by Xena none of them. So the Prophet salaallah salaam is a product of true birth marriage up until all the way Adam Ali Salaam hamdulillah.

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As for our lineage in our backgrounds, Allahu Allah and the prophet SAW Selim was protected, he was protected. So let's go into the prophets names. Rasul Allah had many names, and many names indicate what we can remember.

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Good highness, loftiness? honor. If I were to say to you, for example, sister Amina is a teacher and a designer, and an engineer, and a doctor and a nurse and a dentist and I went on and on and on and on sabbatical. Ah, that's very impressive.

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And that's really the best restaurant will lie if you recall the that I mentioned the four roles of the four Greatest Women. Yeah. Mother, caretaker, wife, daughter. So those really are the roles of role model women in our home. So he had many names. Of course, the most common we know is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And it doesn't just mean the praised one. It means the one who is good well done sister continuously praised. In Arabic, the shutter indicates that the shutter so it looks like that in Arabic and indicates continuous. And many people when you ask them, what does that mean? They'll say, praised by the people, but is it limited to that? No. What does it mean? Good is

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praised by the angels, Allah, inhabitants of the heavens and the earth both another name he has which is

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to try and Achmed and Mohammed.

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Both came from the word Hamed in Arabic and humaines.

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Praise ye Shakur is more thanks. So hummed in Arabic is praise. so mad is the one who is more praised, but a higher level of praise.

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He's also called animal stuffer.

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What does that mean?

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Yeah, good. It's tougher in Arabic is to choose to select. In other words, he's the chosen one.

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They're very three common names that we know we're never going to get into names that are uncommon. Not many people know Does anyone know of them?

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Okay, Taha, and yeah, scene and names like that. They actually not names in Islam. They actually from a horror film aka from

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individual color.

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letters. Would you name a child Alif Lam.

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Likewise, for her the letter store. If you have named your kid Taha and yacine leave it

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Yeah, Leave it, leave it No problem. Don't Now give me a headache and start going to new names and

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Mohammed busy said you have to change your name. Now leave it by hand. You seen it known the custom of the people. They're known as named banja scene, not a problem. But if now you know, then in the future, you don't name your child behind the scene. But this is an issue of difference of opinion. Some scholars said they are named some scholars said no. It seems most correct. There are not a lot of them. Like Alif Lam Him you will name your son Alif Lam Him you will name your son Hamming

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or find sod. Okay.

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So you want to name your children those letters? What's another name of lasala?

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What is it? Okay, good. Abul Qasim. Good.

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Boy Qasim. Now, are you allowed to name your children pass him?

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There is a hadith that says no.

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But also what about you? Okay, Mohammed, my child's name is Qasim. You weren't allowed during the time of the prophet SAW Selim to name your child costume. But after his death, yes, you're allowed. Now you're allowed. So I will cost him sorry.

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There's a difference of opinion as well. And I lean towards the opinion I was better not to like to be in and make a better not to but there's room for difference of opinion among the scholars.

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Another name of Rasul Allah.

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Okay, now, these are not uncommon names. He's he told us his name, they'll hash it.

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What's your will hash? Good. The Day of Gathering it's called Judgment Day is called the moral hazard because the data gathering, so he's the gatherer

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yes, on judgment day, mankind will gather to the Prophet Muhammad. In other words, on that day, people will gather towards him, and he'll be the only one to ask a lot to begin the intercession.

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And that'll be a very scary day. Imagine all the people rushing to the profits. They're saying NFC NFC. I'm just worried about myself here. Please, I've got my own problems to worry about. Go to someone else. NFC. NFC.

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Yeah, Ali, Mohammed. He'll say Anna Aloha, Aloha. I'm for this. This is for me, this is my job. I'll do it. He goes to the throne of Allah. And he prostrates for so long. And Rasul Allah, he said, he told us sorry, that he'll be given words of inspiration. He'll be given words of glorification and disappear, that have never been given to him before. He'll be inspired and be making disappear and glorification is under the throne.

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And then it will be told Yeah, Mohammed arafat sec. Mohammed, raise your head

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ishfaq to shafa. make intercession and you'll be granted permission and then he'll begin to intercede for his own. May Allah make us among those who Rasulullah Himself intercedes for and that's a Chaparral kupala the prophets of wa sallam will intercede for his own for us.

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In every prophet came, and they made a draft that was entered, or Summa saved this

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for her. For us, for her call, he saved it for you and I, he saved his draft for us on the Day of Judgment, where he will make a lot to save us on that day. And it Look how much love he has for his own work.

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And that's why he is no doubt the greatest messenger of Allah. He saves his daughter for us. It's upon you Habibi. Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we know that on the Day of Judgment are so low have the Gulf out of the house, the pond, and he will be giving Muslims to drink. So make to other you among those who drinks from the blistered hands of Rasulullah himself. So he's the gatherer on judgment day.

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Another name is Alma coffee.

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Elmo coffee off in Arabic, is like Hello. What's the halifa?

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What was the halifa? What's that mean? califa Yeah, the rule of the halifa is the caliphate. And it came from Haifa. Because they Jacobo Hamada, they succeed one another. So that's what kafir means. coffer means Haifa to succeed. In other words, he is the successor. He is the successor.

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Basically successor

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who no one will succeed

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I don't know coffee.

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Final successor,

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no one will succeed him.

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Is anyone going to succeed the Prophet? No, he's the final prophet and messenger. A person may say, what about a Salah Salem, isn't he returning?

00:20:16 --> 00:20:23

Correct. He's not going to come as a new prophet and a new messenger. He's going to come as a follower of the Prophet Muhammad

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Sallallahu wasallam so he's not going to come as a successor of Rasul Allah is going to come as a follower of Rasul Allah therefore when he descends and a Salah his Salaam will descend and then menorah tail by bar shot of it mosque Rasulullah told us exactly where he's going to the send the exact place and the minority Bible near the white mirror Eastern white mirror in Damascus present day Syria

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so all the fit and it's happening in Syria is a good thing a lot purifying it and getting ready inshallah Faisal Islam to come and he didn't just tell us the place location and country of his descent even told us how he's going to look and what he's going to be wearing. And the color of his garments this Apollo Bay in Mr. Do the thing is going to come wearing to yellow garments to your ligaments and his hand while they're on cafe he Allah edgenuity Malik cane, you're going to be descending with his hands resting on two angels

00:21:22 --> 00:21:38

Imagine you're there and he's having a fragile time so glad turning to the brothers praying for that on that day where they see a Sally Sue them descend. How important is for pre med knows brothers that day so no Miss Fisher train the mosque never missed out. So yes, sister.

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Yes, it will be the time of the gel as well. By that time the gel has already come out and the melody has already come out. So he's going to come and eliminate Maddie is about to lead the prayer. So it is said to Teresa Elisa Lam you lead and you'll say no. And Alicia Maddie will lead a Sally slam in the Salah. He'll be praying like us exactly. A laws of the jungle will teach him the city of Islam in the heavens. So when he comes he will be applying the idea of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So that doesn't contradict this Hadith, because he's going to come as a follower of Rasul Allah and all the success of Rasul Allah. Okay.

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One more and that's it. And Murphy. We're done.

00:22:24 --> 00:22:28

And Maggie, what's Mohammed? Good?

00:22:29 --> 00:22:43

Yeah, it can be used. That's Masada wiping his muscle her by your clothes in Arabic. Risa was called and mercy from Massa heart. If someone was sick, he would merely wipe over them and they'll be cured. So the eraser

00:22:44 --> 00:22:56

This is called Mm hmm. From haha. So it's called a Murphy. The eraser of what the eradicate good or done the eraser of Shrek the Eradicator of Cooper.

00:22:59 --> 00:23:11

He's the only profit in which gopher will be eradicated from the face of the planet. But you say right now hasn't happened yet. That's right. It hasn't happened yet. This has not been fulfilled yet. It will be fulfilled in the time of ERISA.

00:23:12 --> 00:23:23

Go for would be totally wiped away and erased from the face of the planet. And we'll be following the Sharia of the Prophet Muhammad. Allah azza wa jal make us among his true followers. Me

The Prophet’s Birth & His Names

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